Bollywood Biggest Grossers

With the boom of multiplexes, the life of films at theaters has reduced drastically. Gone are days when a film needed a silver jubilee (25 weeks) or a golden jubilee (50 weeks) to be considered a success. These days, most films are out of theaters in a week, yet recover their investment. Films that run longer though, go on to earn bucket loads of money and are termed money-spinners or blockbusters by the trade.

Below is a list of 5 such films, which are Bollywood’s biggest grossers ever! (Figures include collections from both overseas and India) 

  • Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (160 crores) – Rab Ne marked the return of Bollywood’s most famous actor-director jodi – SRK and Aditya Chopra. The film released just after the 26/11 attacks and film buffs came out in hordes, not just in India but overseas where SRK films always do well.
  • My Name Is Khan (188 crores) – The Shahrukh Khan starrer underperformed in India, but was Bollywood’s biggest hit ever in the overseas market. The overseas collections of the film, just fell short of 100 crores.
  • Ghajini (190 crores) – For a film that released in 2007, Ghajini is a box office monster! It was the first film to break the elusive 100 crore nett mark in India and the worldwide gross almost touched 200 crores!
  • Dabangg (215 crores) – Salman always commanded a strong following in the B and C centers, and his films did great business on Single Screens. Multiplex was a different story though as films like Wanted and Veer failed to make any impact. Dabangg changed all that! Chulbul Pandey charmed audience world-wide and was Salman Khan’s biggest grosser ever!
  • 3 Idiots (340 crores) – While 3 Idiots was expected to beat Ghajini, noone expected the film to almost double its collections. The collections were so strong and the repeat value so high, that 3 Idiots broke the Ghajini record in less than 2 weeks. Its undoubtedly the film to beat and we expect it to remain at Top 1 for quite a while. Maybe until Aamir Khan returns with Dhoom 3?

Some points

  • The list is dominated by the three big Khan’s of the industry. Aamir has two films in Top 3 and the total of his two films world-wide is a mind boggling Rs 530 crores!
  • Shahrukh Khan has two in Top 5 but what’s interesting to note is that, both of his films released during the ‘non-festive’ weekend. Of the other films – Dabangg released during Eid, 3 Idiots and Ghajini during Christmas.
  • Salman’s Dabangg was a huge grosser. Will Ready make it to the Top 5 of Bollywood’s Biggest Grossers?

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  • After my research I am definately betting on the no.1 Spot to be taken by Ra.One and 3rd or 2nd spot to be taken by Don2
    Ra.One’s gross would be shattering specially overseas where it may do rab ne bana di jodi’s total gross just overseas..and India more or less like Dabangg.

    Also MNIK’s total gross is par 200 crore not 188 and its overseas is 100+ cr..lately due to 10 cr gross in south korea..

  • oh there is no doubt ra 1 will break all records for sure. It will make history and may be don 2 will break ra 1 record as well.

  • this is for salman khan’s fan. I dont know why r u so scare of srk’s success as an actor and as a person. Could you make me count superhit movie by salman khan in past 4-5 years. Apart from Daabang, and partner. And sirji WANTED = BILLU in terms of box office collection. SRK’s superhit movies IN past 4-5 Years, OM SHANTI OM, RAB NE BANA DE JODI, MY NAME IS KHAN, CHAK DE INDIA, DON AND KABHE ALVIDA NA KEHNA. It is just when srk has appread only in these movies in a leading role in past 5 years.. NO FLOP MOVIE LIKE AMIR AND SALMAN. AND MARK MY WORD “AFTER RA.ONE SUCCESS ALL ARE GOING TO COPY SRK’S FORMULA OF SI-FI SUPERHERO MOVIE. MIND IT


  • non of an actor have had ever copied shahrukh its only him who has copying from the day he enter bollywood………………… first he used to copy dilip kumar and now he is copying rakesh roshan bcoz rakesh roshan was a first man to make sci-fi film………… not srk………but srk is good

  • forget about dabangg, 3 idiot all r history just cheer for salman his new blockbuster movie ready….. salman at his best…………….hip hip hurray

  • Ra one ko chdo don ko chodo yedono word soch nese hi man darr jata hi .ready ko pakdo bodygaurd ko pakdo yedono soch nese hi pata chal ta hi salman u r the one like dabangg

  • The biggest block boster forever wanted dabangg now ready then bodygaurd kick mr india2 ,,,,,,,salman u r the best best and best

  • no one is like salman dabangg khan and again he rocked the world through his best acting and his great looks in readyyyyyyyyy

  • I start my day wth the name of sharukh coz for me he is lik god..
    He is nt like aamir nd salman,SRK is one women man..
    He is nt rang mizazi,and bewda lik aamir nd salman.

  • Shatrujit AGAR TU srk ko dad manta hai toh ye bata bollywood main sabse bada smooker,cheater,chance marne vala,chicundar,copy karane wala kon hai woh hai tera baap SRK.are uske aur amit sale woh 2 saal se banane main hi laga hai kahi hai sachi ka ravaan toh nahi hai..SALMAN ne toh 3 film bhi banadi aur super hit bhi ban gaye..aur uska t.v record bhi flop hai aur salman toh t.v ka bhi king hai…u all stupid will be flop..agar chali toh ek baat batata hu….salman bodygaurd,kick mr.INDIA 2 Banakar is ka vad karenge…sure Ready rocks…

  • salman at his best ………..i hope he continues this for all his life long,.,,,,,,he is the best and he is not only a hero in his movies but also in his real life,,,,lets not look at the past coz its gone and in the present there is only one actor i can see in the bollywood and its salman/////

  • Madarchodun all salman fans zindagi mein ek hit film kya dedi apne aap ko bhodika pata nai kya samajhne laga hai randi wala apni aukat bhul gaya hai aa rai hai uske baap ki film ra 1 dat will be the biggest blockbuster of all time

  • The undisputed king srk’s Ra 1 & Don 2 will break all the existing records & it will become highest grossing film ever in the Bollywood history.

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