Best Actress 2012 – Who deserves the award?

Article by Bollywood trade analyst and film critic Joginder Tuteja

2012 would well go down as a year when award organisers can well find themselves pushed to the wall, what with number of leading ladies coming up with a bravura act. In the problem of aplenty, Sridevi’s tremendous comeback with ‘English Vinglish’ has done the trick, what with a unanimous verdict being passed that her performance deserves all the awards.

The trouble though is that such ‘unanimous verdict’ has been passed many times over right from the time when Vidya Balan impressed one and all with ‘Kahaani’. Later Deepika Padukone won everyone’s heart as Veronica in ‘Cocktail’. Also, Bipasha Basu‘s menacing act in ‘Raaz 3’ ensured that the film fetched a blockbuster status for itself. Just when one had settled down to the fact that it was going to be a three way competition, Kareena Kapoor struck with ‘Heroine’. And now with Sridevi not putting one foot wrong with ‘English Vinglish’, there are as many as five actresses in the run already.

Best Actress 2012

Best Actress 2012

This isn’t all as there are still quite a few performances waiting to be noticed. Though Rani Mukerji gets it perfectly right in ‘Aiyyaa’, the very fact that the film is intolerable could unfortunately keep her out of the equation. On the other hand Katrina Kaif has an author backed part in ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and time and again, Yash Chopra has extracted brilliant performances from his leading ladies.

With so many ladies in the fray, leave aside selecting the one who would win an award, even finalising Top-5 nominations would be a huge headache for the organisers.

However there is always a quick fix solution, courtesy half a dozen prominent award giving setups emerging in last decade or so. Ultimately, it would all boil down to ‘let’s make everyone happy’ scheme where no one returns empty handed. While one would get a popular award, another a critics award, third in the ‘best jodi’ award, fourth as a ‘best actress in a negative role’ award and new categories being created for the rest, the stage would be akin to a candy bar where everyone gets everything.

Still, would someone of Sridevi’s calibre actually like to make a march towards the candy bar?

Of course there would be some who may say – ‘In any case, who takes these awards seriously?”

Well, ask these leading ladies. We are sure they do!

Who deserves the Best Actress Award for 2012? Vote and tell us!

Best Actress 2012

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  • kareena kareena one can beat our mahie arora.she will sweep all the awards this year..she is the unbeatable queen

  • what a joke priyanka in second place priyanka voters be fair on voting we all know here role too short and pc is worst in that role

  • Her role in barfi is small bt more powerful than karena…so c is 2nd positin and very sun c vll win…PRIYANKA AGAIN DOMINATE KAREENA…

  • Betwen KAREENA AND PRIYANKA.. priyanka is more better..dat c prove in AITRAAZ..c win al award in dat movie…PRIYANKA is winner

  • Some one hacked poll and vote for pc within half n hour she get 200 votes plz dtop pc fan we all know sri and kareena r more deserving suman and panvi are same person plz dont irritate us

  • I agree pc fans more dan kareena and c is d real winner and also no chance 4 Kareena….pc is best

  • Yaa…PRIYANKA is real winner…and yes Again kareena dominated by pc powrpack performance like…priyanka priyanka

  • PC will win, we PC manics will make her. Come on all PC fans. Priyanka was great in Barfi. If you watch her say her few dialogues she just blows your mind away.

    But I think the biggest achievement on the list is Parneeti Chopra, im not saying she will win but she is nominated on the list of best actress from her SECOND Movie and all the other actresses have beed acting for at the least 5 years. Imagine where this girl will be from a few years from now.

    My List.

    1. Priyanka Chopra
    2. Shri Devi
    3. Vidya
    4. Parneeti
    5. Rani
    6. Kareena
    7. Deepika
    8. Bips

  • The power of Priyanka she does not need a female oriented script to sweep all the awards. Even by being in 60% of the movie she managed to show us her how versatile she is as an actress and I truly think she deserves all the awards this year.

  • I think Priyanka should win the National Award. I have not seen any other actress perform like the way she did. She won my heart. Just an amazing performance. This girl seems to keep impressing. When you think after movies like Fashion, SKM, Whats Your Rashee, How can she top this all? She comes with Barfi. A true master piece. The movie is already going to the oscars and Priyanka just made me love the movie even more by her amazing acting.

    Priyanka Chopra should win all the awards.

  • Why don’t you make another thread about Best Actor 2012 as well? Anyway, I think these 6 will be nominated-

    1. Ranbir Kapoor, Barfi (Winner)
    2. Irrfan Khan, Paan Singh Tomar
    3. Hrithik Roshan, Agneepath
    4. Manoj Bajpai, Gangs of Wasseypur 1
    5. Aamir Khan, Talaash
    6. Shah Rukh Khan, Jab Tak Hain Jaan

    I also hope the jury, critics, and people who nominate in these awards won’t forget the fantastic debut performances by-

    – Ayushmann Khurrana, Vicky Donor
    – Parambrata Chatterjee, Kahaani

  • Sridevi is versatile actress.
    she needs no wig and sypathy gathering autistic role to show her talent.
    she pulled the EV on her own in this male dominated film industry in perticular and society in general.
    she is real Durga that’s why some website has dedicated first day of Navaratri utasv to Shridevi.
    Awards are too small a thing for her stature, although all the awards this year are destined to be hers.

  • some body is hacking that site or doing some techical craft. how this PC can get 200 votes within half an hour. Daal mein kuch kala hain.

  • How come suddenly Priyanka became 14211……………Some gadbad…..morning she was faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar behind Sridevi and now she is eual to her…

  • “How come suddenly Priyanka became 14211……………Some gadbad…..morning she was faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar behind Sridevi and now she is eual to her…”

    I was shocked too, in fact it was strange that it happened in such a short time she gained over 250 votes. Unless the votes are being hacked so sridevi doesn’t win the poll.

  • absolutely disgusted by the corruption of this poll. how on earth sri is losin after scrolling the poll and being far ahead and that also 250 votes for PC in 30 minutes.

  • dont worry sridevi always first and always great, i know she will at the top soon,,,,,
    sridevi ur the best of all of them

  • Anyone else apart from Sri, who (if by some stroke of luck) wins the award, will in all their humility hand over the award to Sri! :)

  • I to agree after sri but kareena in second place Fake pc fake pc fans dont worry awards not consider this site best actress sridevi critics kareena priyanka good too but best supporting actress

  • Priyanka is number one and she deserves it her performance was amazing and second of all at the person that said she gained 200 votes in 30 minutes is blind because it took her one and a half days to get that much and she was never too far behind Sri Devi. PC and Shri Devi both did amazing jobs and they will both end up taking the awards this year and most award shows have either 2 or 3 best actress awards so most likely PRIYANKA, SRI DEVI, AND VIDYA will get an award.

  • Kareena fans are getting jealous because they thought Kareena was going to win the National Award this year for Herione but both SRIDEVI and PRIYANKA OUT PERFORMED HER.

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