Best Actress 2012 – Who deserves the award?

Article by Bollywood trade analyst and film critic Joginder Tuteja

2012 would well go down as a year when award organisers can well find themselves pushed to the wall, what with number of leading ladies coming up with a bravura act. In the problem of aplenty, Sridevi’s tremendous comeback with ‘English Vinglish’ has done the trick, what with a unanimous verdict being passed that her performance deserves all the awards.

The trouble though is that such ‘unanimous verdict’ has been passed many times over right from the time when Vidya Balan impressed one and all with ‘Kahaani’. Later Deepika Padukone won everyone’s heart as Veronica in ‘Cocktail’. Also, Bipasha Basu‘s menacing act in ‘Raaz 3’ ensured that the film fetched a blockbuster status for itself. Just when one had settled down to the fact that it was going to be a three way competition, Kareena Kapoor struck with ‘Heroine’. And now with Sridevi not putting one foot wrong with ‘English Vinglish’, there are as many as five actresses in the run already.

Best Actress 2012

Best Actress 2012

This isn’t all as there are still quite a few performances waiting to be noticed. Though Rani Mukerji gets it perfectly right in ‘Aiyyaa’, the very fact that the film is intolerable could unfortunately keep her out of the equation. On the other hand Katrina Kaif has an author backed part in ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and time and again, Yash Chopra has extracted brilliant performances from his leading ladies.

With so many ladies in the fray, leave aside selecting the one who would win an award, even finalising Top-5 nominations would be a huge headache for the organisers.

However there is always a quick fix solution, courtesy half a dozen prominent award giving setups emerging in last decade or so. Ultimately, it would all boil down to ‘let’s make everyone happy’ scheme where no one returns empty handed. While one would get a popular award, another a critics award, third in the ‘best jodi’ award, fourth as a ‘best actress in a negative role’ award and new categories being created for the rest, the stage would be akin to a candy bar where everyone gets everything.

Still, would someone of Sridevi’s calibre actually like to make a march towards the candy bar?

Of course there would be some who may say – ‘In any case, who takes these awards seriously?”

Well, ask these leading ladies. We are sure they do!

Who deserves the Best Actress Award for 2012? Vote and tell us!

Best Actress 2012

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  • Joginder doesn’t know anything about acting , He didn’t even nominate Richa Chaddha of GOW . Her performance honestly is best till yet . NONE even come close to her performance .

  • Kareena kapoor khan deserves best actress popular award in filmfare…sridevis role in ev about 5 weeks role of her life..nd priyanka role very short length less than one hour…and kareena played very challenged nd full of stardom role how she ll be top and how her fall the career..kareena is true winner of filmfare ..

  • If sridevi was not in this category I would say it would have been tough. But sridevi’s presence make it the easiest decision. Here in Dubai her film and performance won all acclaims. She is great and has no competition among others. This should be a Sure win for her. The rest are way below her

  • Kareena deserves filmfare award for her brilliant performance in heroine…she is unbeatable this year i bet..

  • Everyone who got nominated did well with their roles but Sridevi is just beyond words! She was just amazing in English Vinglish!

  • Priyankaaaaaaaaaa chopraaaaa was really……ausome in barfi…n all her other movies…..she dessevrs the awardsz !

  • I believe Kahaani wasn’t Vidya film its the directors, she didn’t act much, role required minimum acting, nor PC as she’s a side-role in Barfii, I know she won’t get no awards.
    Kareena in heroine did perform well as having mix-review all critics said the film was weak but Kareena performace was powerful & worthy of awards+nomination. Apart from that sridevi acted well.
    Rani-aiyya or Bipasha Raaz, will be ignored…sorry to say!

    GUYS, stop being bias & vote Kareena my moneys on her, I know she’s bagging not one few awards this YEAR.
    Best actress- Kareena heroine + Talaash
    Critics Choice- Kareena Talaash +heroine
    Negative role- Talaash


    Apart from that Kareena also will be delacred as No1 actress for the 7th time in Box office india

  • there where very good performances this year. i think priyanka chopra pretty much just got another national award. vidya was good in kahaani but thats not the best performance this year neither is kareena in heroine.

    best actress priyanka chopra- barfi
    best actress critics sridevi-english vinglish

  • Sridevi just showed what ACTING is. She is a super performer. Others might do good for themselves but Sridevi’s performance is EXTRAORDINARY by all means

  • SRIDEVI is versatile actress.
    Kareena’s performance in heroine was monotonous while pc was side actress in barfi.
    best actress popular: Sridevi
    best supporting actress: priyanka chopra
    best actress critics: vidya balan
    best actress in negative role: bipasha basu
    matter closed

  • Its Sridevi all the way for her wonderful performance as Sashi. No one sees her as Sri, throughout the picture and sees as Sashi only. That is un-believable performance. I see only one movie per year and had chosen EV for 2012. But I do read all reviews of all films to decide to see which one.

  • I agree that vidya did not had to do much acting, it was the script orientated film than a performance orientated film, Priyanka had a good role where she had to act, sridevi had to pull of the role of tranditional indian mothers who suffer from language barrier, just watch the way she performs at the cafe, aeroplane and the climatic monologue, simply natural, wide range of expressions, reminded of my mother in UK. Kareena did good but the movie was not so much good.

  • The winner will be any one of the actress who can do the ‘Cafe Scene’ of English Vinglish better than Sridevi!..Or in other words, the winner WILL be Sridevi! :P

  • Off corse Bipasha Basu!! She acted most differently from all rest ! Two awards one is Filmfare best actress and one is critics Bips should win the main n Priyanka the critics

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