Beginning of the end of a phenomenon called Shah Rukh Khan?

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I’m sure this is a question that would be asked often. Yes, the last 3-4 years or so have not been great for Shah Rukh Khan. And when I say ‘not been great’, I mean by the high standards that the superstar has set for himself. Yes, I may buy the argument that he may be going through a ‘bad phase’. Yes, his films have not been able to cross the box office figures of Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. Does this mean that he has lost his charm or the box office pull which he has enjoyed for 23 years. HELL NO.

As people these days only look at the box office figures of stars to judge them, let’s have a look at the figures of some Shah Rukh Khan films in recent years:

  • Dilwale- 148 crores
  • Happy New Year- 204 crores
  • Chennai Express – 227 crores
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 121 crores
  • Don 2 – 112 crores
  • Ra One – 125 crores

I’m not even talking about overseas collections here as it is futile to discuss this. The simple reason being, it has been SRK who took Indian films to a global platform with films like DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Till a few years back, people would know about Hindi cinema due to SRK. It’s only the last few years where we see that his films in the ‘domestic market’ are underperforming.

SRK's selfie with his gathered Fans outside Mannat

SRK’s selfie with his Fans outside Mannat

In the overseas markets though, he stamps his authority all over. Even a film like Dilwale, which is not considered to be a great film, is among the highest overseas grossers of all time. Okay, people may argue that the SRK-Kajol factor surely helped. But to what extent? It was competing with Star Wars (a big franchise) and our very own Bajirao Mastani. Still, it opened big.

Coming back to the point, his films in his ‘bad phase’ earn more than many stars’ films in their ‘good phase’. To shed light on this, the highest grossing film of Akshay Kumar (Rowdy Rathore) earned 134 crores. Ajay Devgn’s highest earner (Singham Returns) was 140 crores.

My question is, isn’t it too early to say that Shahrukh’s career as a lead actor is waning? To put this into perspective, the opening day collections of his last 3 movies were excellent if not record breaking. Dilwale earned 21 crores with clash. In comparison, last Christmas, PK earned around 27 crores. It was directed by Rajkumar Hirani (who, by the way, has a huge following of his own). It brought together the Hirani – Aamir combo. But still it didn’t open Huge (by Aamir’s standards of course). If it wasn’t for the clash, Dilwale had a good chance to earn 6 crores more out of the 12 crores earned by BM. Let’s not even talk about Happy New Year and Chennai Express. They were record openers earning 44 crores and 33 crores respectively.

In no way am I comparing the two stars. I’m just giving the perspective. The point I’m trying to put across is that isn’t it too early to lose hope and say that SRK’s career is waning? His upcoming releases looks promising. It marks the return of SRK to content-driven cinema. We do know the magic he creates when we get to see SRK the ‘actor’ (read Chak De India, My Name Is Khan, Swades, Kal Ho Na Ho).

This article is not written to defend him in any way. The simple reason being, he is too big a star to need it. By writing this article, I just want to say that it may be too early to say that his career as a lead actor is waning or Dilwale is his ‘Mrityudaata’.

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  • Excellent article Kingo.
    SRK was, is & will forever remain the undisputed Numero Uno of this era.
    Thank You for your contribution towards Indian cinema which is immense to say the least.
    Take a bow KING !!

  • Superbbb bhai there is no end to phenomenon called Shahrukh khan.. FAN will receive critical acclaim and collect somewhere near 150cr..n.. RAEES with clash above 200cr n without clash it may collect 270-320 cr

  • Brilliant article.The problem with SRk’s movies in recent times is that they haven’t trended well once the initial euphoria subsides.Had Happy new Year been as good as Chennai Express it would have crossed 250 crores and could have easily challenged Dhoom:3’s collection.Similarly 200 crores was a given for Dilwale had it not clashed with a better and superior movie.But the good thing about the under performance of his recent movies is we will get to see him being part of good movies where his true potential could be tapped.

    Once content meets superstardom records are bound to be broken.I am absolutely sure about Raees doing phenomenally well even if it clashes with Sultan.

  • Nice article by a normal user…SRK is the brand and he don’t need anything to prove him as an actor as well as a superstar….he was greatest and most inspirational story in india… from nothing to everything..

  • Typical Bhai fan spotted @Virat Kohli.. only two possibilities for Bhai fans

    1. Only read the title, but not the article
    2. Read the article, but nothing went to the empty top floor (most likely)

  • For all those Bhai fans mocking Srk for losing to Bajirao(even though Dilwale did more business globally) Bhai was thrashed by a newcomer who had just set his foot in the industry in 2008.And let me remind you BAH was strictly an average film and wasn’t a classic by any means.But still it thrashed a multi-starrer GTGH.

    And talking about Don vs Jaan-e-mann clash it was the most one-sided clash witnessed in Bollywood.I mean Don’s overseas business was way more than jaan’e’maan’s domestic collection

  • Bad article. Nobody has questioned the bo of srk films except the half mad salman fans. Everyone knows his stardom. So the SRK fan who has tried to defend his box office should rather ask Shahrukh to do better movies. In the recent past, His films have disappointed more than his box office. His fans should encourage him to do more content driven cinema like Airlift.

  • forget about collections footfalls of his movies will tell you clear picture his movies don’t offer much to middle and lower class peoples. he is and he was hero of high class and nri’s. real superstar of india was Salman and is Salman and will be Salman in terms of footfalls.

  • There is a known saying that class is permanent and form is temporary. So yes he has been a bit out of form and that is it. But as the author says that even that out of form performance is better than many inform players.

    When Hrithik had arrived with Kaho Na Pyar hai ppl said that succesor of Srk has come and his time is over. Then ppl said the same when ranbir went up and now ranveer. All this kept happening but he still today remains in the top 3. That is what u call Class.

    Srk and also the other 2 Khans have the capacity to remain at top for at least another 7 to 8 years. Eventually age will one day catch up and then they will tread the path of Big B doing awesome roles.

  • forget about collections footfalls of his movies will tell you clear picture his movies don’t offer much to middle and lower class peoples. he is and he was hero of high class and nri’s. real superstar of india was Salman and is Salman and will be Salman in terms if footfalls.

  • ultimate megastar king khan Srk will back with Raees & Fan… And also he is will return his First position with 2 Award winning performance from fan & Raees…
    After loltan ultimate king of disaster lallu will going to his old struggling days… And also he will beg supporting Role for SRK movies….
    And also Fan less Aamir will end with after his crap movie Dangal..n I m sure that Dangal will be another…
    King khan Srk rockzzzz…
    duniya ka sabse bada superstar ka sabse bada Fan…
    #Fasal kerala

  • And who published this article I want to say his movies not becomes higher grosser more than 7-8 years do don’t tell wrong thing that only 3-4 yr – it’s showing clearly that this article defense srk

  • Srk is lyk sachin and salman amir are lykes of ganguly lara dravid ponting…a bitter truth for salmirs…as srk says ONCE A KING its ALWAYZ KING

  • I don’t understand y the fans of salman and srk fight each other…. I just wannt to ask what srk has taken from salman fans and what salman has taken from srk fans….they have diff. Name , different style nd different acting pattern….then y should we compares both of them…..both are heart of india nd we love both of them

  • @ challa – i am sure indicine will never stop you because they are too from high class but if your father is criminal doesn’t mean you are also criminal. first salman makes movies for normal indians not for high society so it doesn’t mean his fan watch his movies are brainless.

  • @yuvraj do you pretend to be stupid or are you just plain stupid ?
    Why don’t you consider the footfalls of Veer, Marigold, God Tussi, a huge list of his (you know whom) craps etc.
    Except for Bajrangi, Dabanng, his movies footfalls haven’t been awe inspiring at all. Its only the content which guarantee big footfalls in the lifetime collections. A Superstar can only bring audiences to the theatres in the 1st weekend & SRK holds that record.

  • Actually we SRK fans have been hearing this crap for many years now …
    After Swades and Paheli could not meet expectations , everyone said the same thing -SRK is over . Result ? SRK kept ruling .

    Now after Dilwale everyone is saying SRK is over . Even in 2025 , everyone will be saying SRK is over . And what would be the result ?


  • If SRKs films start taking poor or below the mark openings only then we can say that this is the beginning of the end of the Phenomena called Shahrukh Khan..All.his films in this decade have opened very was probably his worst received film in recent times but the film managed the biggest single day collections of 25.10 crore and that too on the second day of its release when all the reviews were out..isn’t it amazing? Chennai express shattered the previous opening weekend record holder (Dabangg 2-: 65 crs) By a margin of more than 40% (93 crs)..Happy new year broke dhoom 3 opening day record by 25%..Dilwale collected 21 crore on 3000 screens..
    Only the content of his films need to click with the target or universal audience and then these huge 250-300 crore lifetime numbers will come for sure.

  • He is the only actor who has competed from the great Amitabh Bachchan to Ranveer Singh era… that itself is enough to declare him as the best among the rest. Achieving success is possible but sustaining it for 25 years is impossible and that too with a continuous media presence and domination.

    Calling SRK just an actor would be unjust and comparing him to Salman, Amir, Hrithik, Akshay and all other actors is a disrespect as all these people are just ACTORS.

    SRK is an educated soul, excellent mind, superb host, exceptional actor, successful businessman, an entrepreneur, a global Superstar – unarguably one person who made bollywood global and above all a very down to earth human which keeps him rooted and strong to combat any phase of life and succeed. His journey from a common man to the king of hearts is enough to prove my statement.

    Where legendary actors breed like Amir, Salman, Hrithik, Akshay, sorry if I am missing any one else… are doing a single movie at a time or maximum two… SRK is active and performing each and every single day either in a movie, commercial ad, brand promotion, attending interviews, or something… the media presence of this man is a naked proof to all fools who are thinking of him waning, there is never a print/electronic cine media work without his mention. I think almost every day if not then every week there is something that cine media gets to write about him where as other legendary list of actors get a mention once a month or few even once a year at the time of their movie release.

    SRK charisma has never faded out nor has seen a low or gone through a bad phase ever in last 25 years except in the minds of some SRK haters. For fools who compare his stardom by BO numbers, note that his flops are over 100 cr grosser.

    All SRK haters, please do watch FAN. Thanks.

    Love you SRK, proud to be a SRKFAN!!!!

  • Nothing New. This article only insults akshay and ajay and shows that SRK is still bigger than RR & SR Stars. However SRK has lost Top 5 Star Ratings… 1. Salman Khan 2. Aamir Khan 3. Ranveer Singh 4. Kangna Ranut 5. Varun Dhawan …

  • SRK can never achieve what aamir has achieved. srk will need to take 100 births to come even close to aamir’s achievement. srk is no match. bollywood=Aamir and Aamir= Bollywood. period. srk’s movies work due to yrf, dharma, rohit shetty and top actresses. while aamir doesn’t need all that. his name is enough to pull the crowds.

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