Bang Bang Movie Stills: Hrithik and Katrina at their very best!

How can an actor look THIS good on-screen? The movie stills of Bang Bang is just getting better with each new image that the makers are releasing. Check out these exclusive new stills from the film and get mind-blown yet again!

The film looks like Hrithik Roshan’s show all the way.. the automatic weapons to add to the sexiness, wardrobe, production design, visual effects have all come together pretty well! And there is Katrina Kaif, who looks stunning too.

Which movie still do you like the most? Tell us!

How can anyone look this GOOD?

How can anyone look this GOOD?

Bang Bang Action

Bang Bang Action

Hrithik Roshan emerges from water - Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan emerges from water – Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif still from Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif still from Bang Bang

Screen cap from the teaser

Screen cap from the teaser



  • Brilliant Stuff from The Perfectionist :)

    Nailed it!!! Awesomeness Written ALL OVER IT :) Bang it On ahhh I mean BRING it On Baby!!!

  • HR looks so dashing..the most handsome Bollywood actor of our times..
    @Sickrum..he’s miles ahead of our King in looks..atleast he isn’t fragile like our King who gets injured by plastic doors also.. :P

  • @Indicine is srk nd Hr fan. They always add extra good word for them bt nt for SaLmaN, Amir nd akki y u so bissed?
    nyoe pics r ok nd treaser was good bt seems all actions are copied. Still this is my 3rd best treaser after #Ett nd #Don2

  • And about Katrina – no one can look as hot as well as super adorable at the same time at once other than her in bollywood. On one hand you will protective of her and the other you will be aroused by her. Super deadly combo.

  • Just now i’m see teaser of BANG BANG, Just mindblowing action sequence. I hope Bang Bang movie come my list ALL TIME FAV LIST,
    May be Bang Bang my list.
    I haven’t seen knight n day Hollywood movie but i surely see in 2nd October BANG BANG……

  • New record! It has broken the Krrish 3 trailer record of most views (2.3 Million) garnered in first 24 hours. It has cost a havoc on Youtube, it had already became the fastest Indian teaser/trailer to cross 1 Million views on Youtube last evening. Phenomenal response!

    That’s why I never underestimate Hrithik Roshan, whenever he comes, he comes with a Bang!

  • @indicine, ur posted each thing honestly.. Tagged, captioned, everything u did its justice to it and very loyal comments,
    and haters like @bhik-rum, @chomya new yr, @fake loki, @dark boy blacky :D
    getting very jealous, i dont think so tom looking that much good as Hrithik, y he called as greek god of looks?? Thats question and answer also to all jealous people.. Hr is definately most good looking actor of bolly, and 1 of the best looking in world,
    and yes vin, dwayne, depp, r they really looking good? L0l
    tom, brad, younger leonadro, brian green, david boreanaz, victor webstor, jose, jensen, armand they r true good looking star from holly still not better than Hrithik in many aspects,
    holly reporters declared hr more talented actor than brad.. Y? Its question plus answer also, :D

    i m huge fan of tom, depp, bale, n i knw abt them vry well as hr, tom never looks so fit, with so good physique, bradly pitt awesome actor + great looking.. Bt nt better than hrithik, john abraham even not close of them, use burnol haters

  • Thanks sunk for mentioning Bradley Cooper who your Hritik tries to copy. N seriously you’re comparing Hritik with brad pitt. God bless you kid

  • Each and every critic trade analysts are using one word JAW DROPPING to praise the trailer

    But to every hater are burning inside because they understood that their HOPE DROPPING

  • #Preety_Desai : Just watched # BangBang Teaser! Whaaaa! Super
    teased, action packed. @iHrithik is
    scorching!!! Go Hrithik!!! #Nargis_Fakri : @iHrithik Holy wow Hrithik! #BangBang teaser gave me
    tingles all ova my body!!! can’t
    wait2C da hell do u stay
    lukin like that #Anupoma_Chopra : #BangBang teaser is smashing! Is this the legal
    limit of how gorgeous actors should
    look in a film. #Priyanka_Chopra : Love the teaser of Bang Bang!! Katrina @iHrithik
    and Siddharth anand!! Killing it!!! #Dia_Mirza : Smouldering hot. These two can set anything afire. This
    TEASER is BANGING! #bangbangteaser @iHrithik jaw on the floor. No no. Leave it be;) #Abhishekh_Bachc han : What a great teaser for #BangBang loved it!
    Well done bro braz @iHrithik ,
    Katrina, Sid. #Punit_Malhotra : Knocked it out of the park! Truly #BangBang. What a
    teaser! @iHrithik @VishalDadlani @
    ShekharRavjian i #Karan_Johar : No this is what you call a TEASE!!! #BangBang The mind
    is blown!!!!! #Arjun_Kapoor : “@iHrithik wish I cld list the words I have used in
    60secs…F**K what a teaser #
    BangBang #Ritesh_Deshmukh : Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang
    Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang
    Bang Bang Bang Bang
    OutBANGintastic – Mummy ki eye teaser @iHrithik #Sonam_Kapoor : Why are they so good looking!! @iHrithik This is too

  • BANG BANG! Official Teaser | Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif
    14,640 953

  • Bang Bang teaser crossed 2 millions in less than 19 hours…
    A Record created by GREEK GOD!!

  • Finally it happened records are broken and then created new ones

    Fastest 1 million views teaser within 13 hours

    Fastest 2 million views teaser within 18 hours

    Dear Fans you rejoice yourself especially nipun,babaji ka thullu and r20

    Dear haters start your shivering

  • Rohit thanks for replying with respect. Tiger thanks. Even thanks to kid punk, but here’s one crazy fellow named babaji ka ullu acting as a fake hr fan. What he said I can’t stop laughing till now Hritik is better than tom cruise in physique n acting. Listen old man watch vanilla sky for physique n jerry McGuire, jack reacher for acting

  • Bhikan- oh yea hritik more handsome than brad pitt. Please !! You need mental treatment. See younger Tom cruise. Leo in titanic, Chris evans captain America, Bradley Cooper( whom your rohit copies) in hangover 1,2,3, silver linings playbook. I didn’t mention handsome actors like Aston kutcher, brad pitt, Chris evans,Bradley Cooper n names I can’t remember at the moment bcoz I thought hr fans had some sanity left in them

  • Top 5 most handsome actors:
    2.jONNY DIPP
    4.tOM CRUISE
    5.bRAD PITT

  • @vikram
    Ok,you fake tom cruise fan….watch Guzaarish and Agneepath for performances and K3 n Bang Bang for Physique…

  • Well, stop comparing hrithik with tom cruise.
    Both are great actors. But in terms of looks and physique, it has to be hrithik roshan. Just becoz cruise has fair skin doesn’t mean he is more good looking than hrithik.
    And leonardo is not even closed to hr’s look.laughing at those people who are leo very good looking. He looks only good. Not more than that.
    Bradley cooper and brad pitt are handsome guys. But still, i found hrithik more good looking. Imagine them in dhoom 2 looks. They will never look that hot and hunky.

  • Hrithik is the most handsome man in the someone calling leonardo better looking than hrithik.epic lol.

  • l0l seen srk fans comments wen their star cant compete hrithik in look acting, charm, physique, @BO, amir in acting for sure, classy movies @BO, salman in stardom in domestic, gals craze, blockbusters, atbb, look, they put hollywood stars here :p

    i dont think so cooper is better looking than hrithik, look at coopers eyes its like one is not parallel to other, up n down, n his face is far diff from Hrithik.. style? In bollywood Hrithik is style icon from last 9 year, wins many award for style icon.. He copies Cooper? L0l who known as greek god for looks… Hrithik is far above from srk who cant stand beside hr also l0l

    before hr definately salman is best looking guy in bollywood..

    truth been accepted from aamir fan.. Akshay also better than srk

  • @Romu Chomu and @Sickrum..are you guys racists by any chance!? If yes..god save you..

    No wonder our King gets bashed by everyone here thanx to his so called idiotic fans who are insecure about every other actor..

    @Dark fellow Aamirian..i agree with you w.r.t your first point.. But HR has done KMG no point of arguing about that transformation scene from D3..

    my request to all the Aamirians is lets not spread unnecessary hatred on just like that and lets enjoy the show.. :)

  • Babaji, I’m not a fake tom cruise fan dude… Tom cruise and SRK look n act alike plus if you think hritik is better than Tom cruise. Tom cruise’s fees for a movie is more than the budget of bang2 n k3 combined. Your Hritik is copying Tom’s flop movie n you think Hritik is better than cruise. Dude just shut up please

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