Akshay Kumar, Tamanna Bhatia give interviews for ‘Entertainment’: Photos

Akshay Kumar and Tamanna Bhatia were in Sun n Sand, a five star luxurious business hotel in Mumbai, for press interviews of their upcoming film ‘Entertainment’.

The film is sandwiched between two big releases, as it comes two weeks after Salman Khan’s Kick and a week before Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty’s Singham Returns.

Akshay said he wasn’t worried about the possibility that the two films could negatively impact the box office prospects of his film. He also seemed confident that his film would entertain the audience and do well at the box office.

Entertainment is written and directed by Sajid-Farhad, who first started off as lyricists for Munnabhai MBBS and then went on to write the dialogues of several Rohit Shetty blockbusters.

Akshay Kumar at Entertainment movie interview at Sun n Sand

Akshay Kumar at Entertainment movie interview at Sun n Sand

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Tamanna Bhatia at Entertainment film interview

Tamanna Bhatia at Entertainment film interview

Tamanna Bhatia

Tamanna Bhatia

Tamanna Bhatia at Entertainment movie interview

Tamanna Bhatia at Entertainment movie interview



  • I can’t understand why producers are wasting money to promote Entertainment Film can’t do more than 60 Cr business whatever they will do.

  • I hope they are also bringing that dog who is the Hero of film in interviews.lol
    @sakhi if entertainment becomes a hit then credit goes to that dog.lol

  • I am bet here that Entertainment movies lifetime collection will be first day collection of PK . and first week collection of Worst New year

  • I don’t have much hope from this film but i will be happy if it grosses 60-70crs and become as above avg/avg.
    @aamir khan
    And PK won’t do 60crs on day 1 you stupid.

  • Its akki coming 3rd time in the year with Shaukeen in nov.
    Hats off to akki for working so hard n giving us films consistently…

  • Feeling sad for Tammanah bhatia, first himmatwala then hamsakals and now entertainment. Her career got doomed even b4 started. Hope south will wellcome her again with open arm.

  • Where r akshay? Why don’t they r commenting here. They will blame indicine for not publishing any news about akshay movies. Now come on guys and grab this opportunity instead of wasting time in other star article

  • why they are promoting..no one have intrest in this movie..my some frnds dosent even aware of this movie..

  • Sakhi rawant nd all her “WOH” will watch it to make hit. Nd Kick wil flop bcz all the WOH wil busy wid sakhi at home.

  • i don’t know what is wrong with Akki. we all remember when he released Fungly and now he is desgroying another movie althought this movie is lime TMK.

  • This movie will definitely affect the hopes of Kick movie to cross 200 crores… akki gonna rock big time this time :)

  • @Arjun kapoor
    You might be right this time…but some of ur predictions will surely go wrong like 34-37crs 1st day kick n 300crs lifetime…
    And others that followed 325,350,400 lol

  • @aloe VERA
    Vera=2paise useless looser
    he might not be above Salman currently but definitely above Ajay…

  • @baba &@arjun
    lets see whom prediction will gone right…as earlier said ‘ebtertainment’ will gross 90cr.+ in domstic &100cr.+ worlwide…
    Dude check the article & read it once again i din’t talk only abt the akshay..i want incidine publish every article on every actor…!!!.

  • Dun underestimate the power of Indian Family audiences….Wil come in huge numbers to watch it……Wait n Watch………IE will b a Hit……:)

  • In the second pic we have the exclusive image of the fat ugly bloke standing behind Akki Sir as being none other than the ‘bhojouri babajee minus his mojo n lungi’…!!!

    Clearly the old man looks confused as he doesnt know if he should be at another event where his current fav star Ritik is launching the Bing Bong teaser or where his Lungi King aka Sarkar is meeting Jerry Bruckheimer to announce plans to remake the 1980 Richard Gere cult classic The American Gigolo…!

  • @ all the haters of akshay kumar, out of all the so called khans, roshans and the new kids only akshay has the guts and confidence to release his film between two hugely awaited movies of the year, whether it is hit or flop time will only tell that, but hats off to akshay for his daredevil acts, no one can match him, even the so called devil from kick.

  • i don’t expect very big things from entertainment but if it crosses 100 cr then KHILADI will be in top 3!!!
    wese v GABBARRRRRR is coming

  • don’t know how can any body say that akki is useless
    He is most versetile actor in bollywood.
    his some films disappiont.but he is always impressive in every film.he needs only a good script & he can give best films of year like Holiday.

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