Bang Bang Movie Stills: Hrithik and Katrina at their very best!

How can an actor look THIS good on-screen? The movie stills of Bang Bang is just getting better with each new image that the makers are releasing. Check out these exclusive new stills from the film and get mind-blown yet again!

The film looks like Hrithik Roshan’s show all the way.. the automatic weapons to add to the sexiness, wardrobe, production design, visual effects have all come together pretty well! And there is Katrina Kaif, who looks stunning too.

Which movie still do you like the most? Tell us!

How can anyone look this GOOD?

How can anyone look this GOOD?

Bang Bang Action

Bang Bang Action

Hrithik Roshan emerges from water - Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan emerges from water – Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif still from Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif still from Bang Bang

Screen cap from the teaser

Screen cap from the teaser



  • every image is furiously hot n sexy….d most stylish film of blywd is cming on d most peaceful day of d year…nd dat weekend is d bigest weekend of 2014

  • In the first pic. Indicine has written how can any one look so good. Indicine you seriously need to look out of Bollywood n watch some Hollywood movies knight n day the movie from which they’re remaking has an actor called tom cruise. Just watch him in mi4 n knight n day you’ll get your answer. Hritik has made a good physique doesn’t have an overall charming personality. John has made way more fat muscles he isn’t toned down like hritik otherwise he’s a no match in action sequences n looking good

  • Indicine in the first pic, maybe he’s looking very good but how can anyone look so good while fighting n firing rifle gun. With all perfect clothes. One has to look raw n blooded not all glamorous as if he’s in a photoshoot rather than a fight

  • hrithik is far better than hollywood actors… in acting,action, look,body…every thing is perfect…BANG BANG

  • Now yrf will brink hrithik in DHOOM 4
    hrithik is far better than hollywood actors… in acting,action, look,body…every think is perfect…BANG BANG

  • Speedo, dude in the world buhahaha go n watch Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio,Dwayne Johnson,Orlando broom,paul walker(R.I.P.), vin diesal n many more

  • @Indicine you havent seen christian bale,
    di caprio,cruise,john abraham,sidharth malhotra I guess

  • @Vikram
    Dwayne johnson is handsome???Lol
    Stop licking hollywood actor’s feet Vikram bcoz you have no answer for HR in bwood…

  • For me, hrithik is most gud looking actor ever.
    Ofcourse, i expected #BangBangTeaser to be great. But i didnít expect it to be this great ! Seriously? ? How can a bollymovie teaser which is even less than 1 minute be so CATCHY? ! !
    Hrithik, The GREEK GOD IS LOOKING DAMNN GREAT. Kat is SEXY as well! !the background music is rocking. Cinematography works a big time.
    Over all, simply WWWOWWW ! !
    All the critics including rajeev masand and anupama chopra and trade experts are admiring the teaser. I just imagine what would be the expressions of hrithikhaters! I have seen all the genuine fans of other actors like salman,srk,amir,akki,ranbir,ajay,emmi are admiring bang bang teaser !
    Thank u all for the support !
    And dear all, this is my first comment after the day i left the site temporarily. Those comments in bang bang teaser articles n humpty sharma articles are not mine. Some people were misusing my id.

  • @kunaal: huh. .jealousy at the top! ! Look at the last pic. I feel hro-kat is the hottest pair! But u cann’t see anything special as U ARE BLIND.
    @vera:yeah. .they luk great together.

  • For those who watched nite n day earlier will skip bang bang mostly tom cruise fan, anyway haider will win the clash as haider budget is 35cr plus a well made film whether bang bang is a crap

  • indicine updated their server for kick…
    but looks like indicine is flooded by bang bang wave……..
    my second favourite actor after srk….
    luv u hrithik……

  • hahaha haters nw taking names of holywud actors…seriously guys face d truth…hrithik is one of d most gud luking actor in d world

  • so good this film will sure cross 200-250 Cr … this will be on top position after end of the year … seems like Bollywood has golden days at the end … will having mamonth businesses.
    I think
    Kick 230cr-250cr
    singham 2 160-190cr
    Bang bang 240-270cr
    Happy new Year 240-280cr
    Bombay velvet 150-190cr
    Shaukin 100-140cr .
    it is looking that 1000-1500cr coming to Bollywood so everyone get ready for BangBang

  • It seems HR is the new fav of indicine i cant understand how can indicine use such words

    sorry to say but this all seems HR PR materail instead of indicine article

    @ paid marketing

  • this is d hottest pair i hav watchd aftr Dhoom2 they both r so luking smoking hot in the teaser nd the posters ,both r luking awesome , hope both the producer of haider nd bang bang do smethng to avoid clash otherwise it will be bad for both

  • Today has been one of my best days in recent months . First i saw a power packed, Adrenaline pumping, Jaw dropping teaser which was much much better than most or all the Bollywood trailers then after so much months i saw traffic on Indicine related to a Hrithik topic and after all that these are the brilliant and superb stills . @ INDICINE You have made my day . What to say more ? According to me he is looking best in 2nd, 3rd and 4th pics . The tagline of the movie is just kickass : On the most peaceful day of the year, Bullets will fly . 2nd October don’t go anywhere we are coming to Bang all records with Bang Bang . # Handsome Hunk and Greek God Hrithik Roshan .

  • Hrithik-Katrina is the hottest pair in Bollywood today. Nobody can look as cool as Hrithik with a gun in first picture, flyboard scene was one of the highlights, and hotness reloaded in last picture.

  • Sorry HRfans, but I have Zero interest in this film. This is a movie, not a fashion photoshoot.
    Hrithik looks good but lacks the gritty look any action hero should have.
    Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and even John Abraham look 10 times more compelling and tough in action movies.
    People dont go to cinema to watch glamourous actors.
    Bang Bang/Ping Pong will be a HUGE disappointment. Indian people are not fools to be dragged into theaters to watch such a mess. Knight and Day was a crap movie and Ping Pong will be even worse.

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