Bang Bang Trailer crosses 2 million in 18 hours, sets record by beating KICK

The teaser trailer of Bang Bang has crossed the 2 million mark in 18 hours on popular video-sharing website Youtube, breaking the previous record set by the KICK – which was viewed 2 million times in just under 24 hours. It was also the fastest to 1 million (just 13 hours!).

The theatrical trailer of Hrithik Roshan’s last film ‘Krrish 3’ received more than 2 million views in 24 hours, but Bang Bang was about 6 hours quicker to the mark. Looking at the pace at which the views of the teaser are increasing, it could well cross 3 million just a day after its release.

To put things into perspective, the trailer of Ajay Devgn’s Singham Returns which released more than 13 days ago has 4 million views and Arjun Kapoor – Deepika Padukone’s Finding Fanny has 3.6 million views in more than 2 weeks. The official trailer of Mary Kom, which was released 5 hours after Bang Bang, has 0.47 million views so far.

The teaser trailer of Bang Bang has gone viral on every social platform including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The fact that celebrities have gone all out to praise it has also resulted in a tremendously high view count.

With around 92,000 views and 260 comments related to the teaser, The Bang Bang teaser page on our own website, Indicine, has also received the highest number of views for a trailer page. About 15% higher than Kick.

  • Number of views (2:30AM, 18.5 hours since release) – 2,056,109
  • Number of likes – 14,711 (poorer than Krrish 3 which had 17,903 when it crossed 2 million)
  • Number of dislikes – 958 (way better than Krrish 3 which had 2,602 dislikes)

Amongst the few who haven’t watched the teaser yet? Watch it now!



  • This is PURE AWESOMENESS !! Madness has JUST BEGUN!!

    Let’s BANG BANG Baby!!! #BangBangOnOct2!!

    GO Team BANG BANG!! You Killing it !!!!!!

  • No words! Coz Even if I praise hr. His fans would still degrade SRK. Just one nonsense creature babaji ka ullu showing his fake love for hr is even more entertaining than bang2 teaser

  • OMG. This is seriously better than my expectations which were already pretty high. Happy for Hrithik he finally gets to be appreciated in such a role again after Dhoom 2.

    Indicine now you must be glad you upgraded your servers when you did. :)

  • Well good for Indicine as they can make news on these sort of things…But at the end of the day it’s BO collection that actually matters…I hope Bang Bang will just bang the box office records..

  • Around 1000 views of the teaser come directly from the House Of Nipins….!

    That must be a record for that family as previously the record number of views by them were for the Jackpot, Nasha, Lootera and Lunchbox trailers… Go nipins go

  • Before Babaji goes completely doolally here n starts giving predictions about BO figures like Bong Bong collecting more than double of All of Akki Sirs crappy films in a year- let me say I have viewed the teaser some 20 times and love it immensely but word of caution- I like many ppl also loved the Rohit 3 trailer but that cartoon in theatres left us with thoughts of being cheated as we had seen X-Men cartoons better to look at from a visual point of view etc etc…! Teaser only and picture abhi baki hai mere dost

    Hope story holds up well…

  • HR going all commercial after a while, and it will certainly be worth a watch. Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Its getting better hour by hour new records and many more to see

    Bangbang and indicine were lucky mascots for each other

  • I have waiting to see how people like the teaser and Finally it create a record..
    GREEK GOD with his Style..
    His Bang Bang gonna rule over the World..

  • i was hoping that.
    btw @Indicine, it is confirmed Action Jackson (Ajey Devgan) VS Shauken (Akshey kumar) on 7 Novemrber.

  • as i told u a month ago that bang bang will be quality film will be far better than kick now u should admit i was right no offense to sallman khan fan but bang bang is indeed far better than kick ,

  • dis is power of hrithik roshan he can thrash any record when he comes in his most comercial avatar…we saw in 2006 D2 beat every film dat year nd nw its tym for BANGBANG

  • giving fake news… #kick crossed 3 million views within 24 hrs…. Get the fact right… I have all the screenshots…

  • Bang Bang is rocking!!!

    Feeling Sad for KICK as its trailer views record of 24hrs has been broken even before its release…

    I hope all this Euphoria converts into collections on 2nd OCT.

    Haider with all elements of a critically acclaimed film won’t be able to survive Bang Bang fever…
    I request UTV to reconsider their decision and don’t spoil a well made film like haider and a talented actor like Shahid…

  • Youtube in india is getting popular day after day which is evident from the no. of likes views views in a certain time frame… each movie is breaking the record of previous ones.. going by dis logic hny shd really beat that… n i dont believe pk had dat mass appeal or action stunts to garner views at dis level.
    foh now bang bang bangs left right n centre.. be prepared.. kick 220+ crore.. bang bang 240+ cr wid or widout clash doesnt matter

  • @indicine u forget to mention that teaser is just 1 minute .but kick trailer was 2.30 mints obviously people can view bang bang more because of length

  • KICK trailer views won’t be able to beat Krrish 3’s views ….

    I would like to ask @Navin Uncle,that you always talk about the youtube enslavement camps in paglapur,but the fact is that srk films’ trailers have not got a great reception on youtube in recent years except jthj…wats your explanation?

  • Good waiting for its trailer now.
    @indicine where is #HNY news, SLAM The Tour with HNY cast and with Malaika, Kanika and Honey Singh. Please post that article.

  • this is the real kick by bang bang….
    1 day to go for kick, but all r talking about bb……..

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