Bang Bang, Haider, Mary Kom on Oct 2nd: Your pick?

Three big films are scheduled to hit screens on the same day this Gandhi Jayanti – Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang, Shahid Kapoor’s Haider and Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom biopic will all compete against each other at the ticket window.

Last year, Ranbir Kapoor’s Besharam got a solo release on the same day and went on to collect more than 20 crore at the domestic box office. A clash between three films would obviously mean much higher revenue for exhibitors, but producers of all three films are likely to suffer.

For obvious reasons, Bang Bang is by far the biggest film of the three and the most commercial too. The second choice for the audience is likely to be Haider, even though Vishal Bhardwaj’s last three films have failed at the box office. The Mary Kom biopic will rely on word-of-mouth publicity, which if good, could affect the box office prospects of the other two releases.

Sources say, the budget of Haider and Mary Kom is around 37 crore and 30 crore respectively, while Bang Bang will be made on a budget of more than 75 crore. The stakes are high for Bang Bang, more so because it will be Hrithik Roshan’s first release after the phenomenally successful Krrish 3 and Katrina Kaif’s first after Dhoom 3.

Which film would be your pick? Vote!

Which film would be your first choice on October 2nd?

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  • If the clash happens, then it’ll obviously be Bang Bang. Can’t miss Hrithik’s film.

    Prediction for opening day if clash happens

    Bang Bang – 22 crore
    Haider – 5 crore
    Mary Kom – 3 crore

  • Shit! Why r they aiming the dame day? I wanna watch all 3. But like Bwmg Bang slightly more than the other 2.

  • Buzz is comming action jacktion postpone to undecided date next year n merry com may pushed to 7 nov. Haidar sure come oct2, a long schedule of bang bang yet to be completed might come later. Anyway i’m egarly waiting for haidar after hny n bomby velvet

  • Your Pick ? :D Indicine Rofls me some times.
    #BangBang all the way. When HRITHIK ROSHAN is there to entertain you and that too with International Qulaity Stunts ! The Father of Khans , King Of Verstality, God Of Dance & Has Ocean Of Emotions ! Complete Package.

    On d other hand no 1 is going to gv a damn abt haider in front of offese to sahs they knw it too….

    BangBang Producers were d 1st to temporarliy block d dates, so they shud b given solo rls n thus helping bollywood in getting another blockbuster !

  • Solo rls is what we want,Vishal Bharadwaj can go to mars to rls his film.

    Mary Kom hs d potential but it shud rls on normal friday, giving PC her another accailmed perfmnc 2 b applauded.

  • With clash,
    bang bang 170-180 crores
    haider-20-30 crores
    mary kom 15-25 crores
    if each has solo release
    bang bang 230 crores
    mary kom 40 crores
    haider 60 crores

  • Haidar- all the way, shahid n vishal combo will recreate the magic like kaminey n expecting superb performance of shahid like kaminey

  • I’m looking most forward to Haider because it’s based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet and will likely have the best content.

    I expect at least one of them to postpone or prepone…

  • if dis 3 movie clashes the surely haidar nd mery kom will affect huge loss on boxoffice may it will flop or average, while bang bang easily make own way clear to made big success on boxoofice, nd if haidar nd mery kom postponed then definately we can say Bang Bang will be a 1 of highest grosser of the year

  • Obviously a normal thinking person will say that neither haider nor mary Kom can give competition to Bang Bang.
    Though slb films normally generate buzz,but it won’t be enough.And as we know Shahid Kapoor doesn’t have that star power
    Therefore, both Mary Kom and Haider will rely on WOM

  • Before Hrithik Fans can comment RomanceOldYear cms to every post related to Hrithik and writes negative everytime. Jealousy at it’s best. I Wonder Sm Times Why is Hrithik So Famous & Worldwide Worldwide, bcoz f fans like us & jerks like romance-hakla-yr !

  • And Those Who Say ‘ I Wanna Watch Haider coz f Shakespher work’ can buy the book/novel or issue it frm public library or dwnld d pdf ! No need to say such crap bullshit…we all knw magic remains in d books nt recreated in d movies !

  • Really tough choice. But I’d go with Bang Bang! loved Knight & Day so looking forward to it! but Vishal Bharadwaj is one of my favorite directors, So also excited for Haider! but I have a feeling that Haider & Mary Kom will be postponed.

  • be practical Admin,akeli katrina ki movie in dono ki movie se jyada kamayegi :D :p yaha to superstar Hrithik bhi h :)
    In logo ki movie sirf paper m hi badhi lagti h opng to inhe ghanta hi milti h :p
    shahid ki R…. Rajkumar ko hi dekh lo itne badiya songs,trailer or itna badha director hone k bawjud 6-7 cr ki opng milti h .. or inka compare tu bang bang se kar rhe ho ..
    agar haider or marykom ka bang-bang se clash hoga to dono haider or marykom mai se kisi ko bhi 3cr ki opng ni milegi :) n this time i m sure abt it

  • @nipun “Obviously Bang Bang”. So your fake Lootera chanting was just hypocrisy. Just trying to make people think you have great taste.
    If Lootera clashed with Krrish 3 you would have said “Lootera is overrated” “Krrish first choice etc.”
    My choice is
    2.Mari Kom
    3.Bong Bong
    And you are generalising by saying obviously Bong Bong. People with good taste will watch Mary Kom or Haider over Bong Bong.

  • Bang Bang first choice all the way.

    Hamlet aka Haider may be a Shakespeare classic but the old adage ‘Lost In Translation’ could well be applicable here bcoz the screenplay could become to sendationalised- suited more towards desi sensibilities thus losing all the charm of the original Shakespearean script/ play.

    Adaptations rarely work but ‘2 States’ recently proved it can be done well but regardless Haider n Mary Kom will rely heavily on good word of mouth publicity n critics review/ ratings etc etc.

  • Mary kom will become the best film of 2014 n will sweep all the awards praises n accolades along with priyanka’s brilliant performance n hope the fill will be sent for the oscars n might win big n hope it crosses over 100 to 200 crores worldwide

  • @Hrithik my hero:
    Hrithik “The Father of Khans” LoL…i can’t stop laughing…you made my day with this joke..haha

  • Waiting for all 3,just gonna watch bang bang in theatre,for others will wait for DVD…Best of luck to all 3:)

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