Rajnikanth, SRK, Aamir, others cast their votes: Photos

Rajnikanth, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and several other celebrities came out in numbers to cast their votes in the 3rd phase of the Lok Sabha Elections in India.

Also spotted were Aamir’s wife Kiran Rao, Shilpa Shetty, Vidya Balan, Sonali Bendre with her husband Goldie Behl, Raveena Tandon, Sunny Deol, Farhan Akhtar, Dia Mirza and others.

Check out the photos.

Shahrukh Khan after casting his vote in Mumbai

Shahrukh Khan after casting his vote in Mumbai

Aamir Khan with wife Kiran Rao after casting their vote

Aamir Khan with wife Kiran Rao after casting their vote

Aamir Khan casts his vote and talks to the media

Aamir Khan casts his vote and talks to the media

Rajinikanth casts his vote

Rajinikanth votes!

Vidya Balan casts her vote

Vidya Balan talks to the media after voting

Shilpa Shetty casts her vote

Shilpa Shetty poses for the shutterbugs after voting

John Abraham casts his vote

John Abraham shows off his finger with the ink mark

Varun Dhawan casts his vote

Birthday boy Varun Dhawan casts his vote

Sonali Bendre and Goldie Behl after casting their vote

Sonali Bendre and Goldie Behl after casting their vote



  • I too casted my vote today for the first time…
    Great to see srk,aamir coming,they can inspire others to vote also.

  • It is the moral responsibility of every Indian citizen to vote. If you do not vote you have no right to complain about bad governance. Salute to all these stars for setting the right example. And shame on all the stars who went away for IIFA awards and the cricketers playing IPL in UAE, for not casting their vote and staying away to make more money. You get this chance once in 5 years only. So everyone go out and vote.

  • @X, no need to put your baseless stupid comments here. shame on your srk who must have voted for corrupt congress, it would have been better if he had not voted itself.
    @akki, What do you want from Akshay ?? Hrithik,Saif,Kareena are promoting indian cinema in world platform, so they are doing good for our country’s art. if khans had done this , you must have defended them like their pet dogs, isn’t it ?

  • @punk – Please keep your immature comments to yourself.

    “Hrithik,Saif,Kareena are promoting indian cinema in world platform, so they are doing good for our country’s art.” LOL, they couldn’t take time off once in 5 years to vote? They can promote Indian cinema on all the other days. This just a

    Immature idiots like you are the reason why the country is a mess. You don’t vote for a proper government when you have the chance so what right do you have to question the inefficient elected government when corruption, rapes and terrorist attacks happen?

  • They should have send the EVM machine in our kings house afterall our kings is biggest star on earth and his 1 vote will decide who will win this election

  • Why these people are fighting over this topic?hritik and his parents have voted today. Also,priyanka chopra voted.

  • @akki: hrithik preferred money over duty? ? Are you a dumb? ? Hrithik has already voted today. I have seen his photos in fb. If indicine doesn’t post his pics,then it’s not hr’s fault.

  • @punk stop your nonsense. Shivering star did not go for voting and you are given stupid reasons like corruption etc Lol. Such an irresponsible actor. Should be exterminated from bollywood.

  • @X zip it motor mouth- as much as everyone has the right to vote they also have the right to abstain from voting if they have no preference/ like/ association for a certain political party/ politician. In Britain only 25% of the electorate voted for David Cameron I think and that was on a voter turnout of less than 60%…! People are disillusioned with politics the world over n morons like you chanting ‘moral responsibility to vote’ etc etc is a real turn off. Vote if you want but let others make up their own mind. Jai Ho

  • On a light hearted note Sarkar went to cast his vote but returned without casting his vote after he failed to see any option to vote for “KING”….!

    Same was the case for “sss khan”, “trini”, “geewan”, “sakhi rawant” n our beleaguered friend “beinglungifan”…,!

    Guess thats 6 minus votes for the BJP…!

  • @dynamic Nice to know you are of voting age but I guess I was wrong to assume for all these years that you were still in kindergarten…!

  • Aamir khan,Rajnikanth,John etc casted their vote and also surprise package leap year blockbuster star also voted.Looks like he got inspired from somewhere maybe from last episode of Satyamev Jayate.lol

  • @punk
    did srk told u to whom he is voting? on what basis u decided he has voted for congress?
    frankly who r u to decide whether he should vote to congress or any other party? its his decision to vote any party of his choice.
    go tell ur hritik to at least vote who ran away behind money.

  • @bulli — Yea they should. ……After all he is the KING…..and you are. …..aaaaaaaaaaaa………BULLA KI JANA MEY KON……:-)

  • @Navin —- I think you are blind…..so you missed the ink spot on SRK s hand….Let me remind you that its SALMAN who failed to cast his vote as he is still hanging from the 42 nd floor while the entire SALLU family consisting of two mothers and two useless brothes returned without casting vote as they unable to find the option BHAI…..ROFL

  • @Sachin 11 — SRK is a responsible citizen and FYI he votes regularly…..He doesn’t need to attain or get inspired from any show to vote…..Instead you need to attain some classes regarding giving proper respect to successful person and to vote with real name not using somr legends name…..Lolllllll

  • @x: your comment would have been different if srk couldn’t vote.
    @praveen: hrithik is not dying for money.he was already commited wid iifa before the voting date was announced.
    If hro was a money seeker,he wud have attended filmfare,screens,zcine,stardust also .but he wasn’t there. Hence,it proves that those ur akki and srk are bigger seeker of money.

  • @nipun
    poor baby! ! hritik getting money for performing in iifa so he ran away. He was not invited to attend filmfare screen.
    at least srk got inspired but what about bhojpuri lallu,? may be he is less than 18 years like he is virgin.

  • Salman didnt vote. I hope his fans too didnt. Our country will do really well without the opinions & choices of the idiots.

  • Kudos to all who casted their vote today, Aamir,rajni,ajay,srk,big b all casted their vote. Actor who didn’t miss a chance to elect govt for themselves. I don’t want to blame any but those who miss just because they have to perform in IIFA get a life. @legend khan your link will make our complan kid sleepless as he was the one who counted himself 3.7 billion time to declare Srk fan following. The time magazine included more than 3 billion Bakras with .5 billion human being.

  • Haters, Salman had committed to shoot before Voting dates announced you wud have come with lakhs of reasons like keeping words, saving producer from loss, professional n many if srk was shooting in abroad n had not voted it. Srk fans suck$ !!!!!!

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