It’s great to be compared to SRK and Aamir: Saqib Saleem

Saqib Saleem, who made his debut in ‘Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge’ and then went on to star in films like ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’ and ‘Bombay Talkies’, is already being compared to stalwarts like Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan.

While Aamir played a teacher in ‘Taare Zameen Par’, SRK delivered an award-winning performance in ‘Chak De India’. Saqib will be seen playing the character of a Skating coach in his upcoming film ‘Hawaa Hawaai’.

“If people make such a comparison, why should I have a problem? I have only done four films and if I am compared to someone great like him (Aamir), it’s a good thing for me” the 26 year old actor said.

“But I am not inspired by anyone for the character. It is my interpretation of a young 24-year-old coach. Comparisons will happen, but it is a good thing for me. They are comparing me with Aamir and some also with Shahrukh Khan in ‘Chak De’. For a young actor to be compared to such great actors is a great thing,” added the “Mere Dad Ki Maruti” actor.

He also said that “Hawaa Hawaai” is a sports film about the underdogs.

“It is a sports film. This is world’s first film on inline skating. Ultimately, it’s an underdog story and everyone connects with the underdog. Like in ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar,’ when Sanju wins the race it is a sense of feeling for everyone. So, the audiences always connect with an underdog story,” said Saqib.

Hawaa Hawaai will release in theatres on May 9.

Saqib SaleemSaqib Saleem



  • SRK is the No.1 star in bollywood….SRK RULES BOLLYWOOD….SRK is known as the King of bollywood…as everyone knows he is the only global superstar…bow down to you BAADSHAH…

  • Good for him that people comparing him with Legend like Aamir khan and when it comes to films on sports then Aamir is way ahead of others by giving movies like JJWS and Oscar nominated great movie Lagaan which was just third movie of bollywood to make in top 5 final list of Oscars

  • Aamir was good in JJWS and Lagaan but our king also played hockey in CDI and coz of his terrific performance India lost to Pakistan

  • 1 – Shah Rukh Khan
    Now what can I say about this guy ??
    The Biggest Movie Star on Earth !! (The UK Times and Google)
    The Most Popular Movie Star on Earth !! (BBC News Network and Google)
    The Biggest Fan Following on Earth !! (The Times Magazine and Google)
    The Richest Movie Star on Earth !! (IMDb and Google)
    The Most Powerful Movie Star on Earth !! (The Los Angeles Times and Google)
    The Most Succesful Indian Actor Ever !!
    The Highest No. of Hits by any Actor Ever !!
    The Most Awarded Indian Actor Ever !!
    One of the Best, Greatest and Finest Actors Ever in the History of World Cinema !!
    This man is simply undescribable !!

  • What nonsense….

    Rubbish- what next…? Maybe tomorrow Shreyas Talpade will proclaim hes being compared to SRK by the media and how that makes him sad…. Sorry to say this but both Saqib n Shreyas are already better than Srk- future kings in the making.

  • @Romance New_yr yes the biggest movie star on earth takes 4 years to give highest grosser but not of earth just India and after giving it stays for just 4

  • @Sakhi If u will continue bowing like this everytime then u will suffer the same bone problems which your star is suffering

  • How r people comparing Saqib with 2 different actors.One does great acting while other does overacting,one is Padmabhushan while other is Padmashri,one is Oscar nominated producer and national award winner while other is filmfare,stardust,screen etc awards winner,one fights for the people on TV while other fights with the people on

  • Biggest movie star on Earth?- Biggest joke which Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Om Cruise, Leonardo Dicaprio, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Rajnikaanth laugh to.
    Most Popular star….? Is this any different from “Biggest star”? Why not create “Largest star” “Gigantic star” “Mammoth star” etc.
    And he is so big, Ajay, Akshay, Himesh Reshammiyya etc. have 0% scare when clashing with him.
    And He Is SO POPULAR, airport authorities fail to recognise him. LOL
    Richest star….? RDJ has made more money from Marvel series and Johnny Depp has made more money from Pirates series than SRK in his whole career lol
    Most Powerful…? Again another form of the “Biggest star….”. Come up with something new.
    And powerful? LOL. Thats why SOMEONE was banned from Wankhede stadium. :p
    Most Successful….? How many national awards has he won? How many ATBBs does he have? Does he have Padma Bhushan like Aamir? Does he have audience who worship him like Rajnikaanth?
    Most Awarded….? Hmmm. But unfortunately zeto love from Oscars, Nationaal awards who are the most valued and prestigious. Aamir has National award, Bafta Award nom (RDB) and Oscar nomination (Lagaan)
    And Acting? Apart from CDI and Swades, I didnt find any acting of his above average or honest.
    He has many hits, but hits are forgettable while ATBBs and BBs are the unforgettable boxoffice pinnacles. SRK has ZERO ATBBs since 15-16 years, while Aamir has 3 since 6 years.
    If Indicine is fair it will publish my comment.

  • Aamir played a school teacher in TZP. How can that role be compared to a coach’s role? The iconic coach is SRK as Kabir Khan in Chak De India.

    Aamir’s only successful sports film is Lagaan. JJWS just average and the legendary Awwal Number a super flop!

  • @Tyler Durden: I just wanna say one thing to you,Just Search google for “Most popular actor in the world” And you will find Shahrukh khan image along with Johnny Depp…I think i have said enough…you will find this hard to digest..
    I know Shahrukh khan is not the most popular actor in the world but he is certainly more popular than Salman and amir khan World wide,in India it may be salman but i Don’t know..

  • @tailor drain,no doubt akshay,ajay,salman clashed with THE KING,but they severely suffered and become loser after clashed.but what about this year all of them feared to release with KING KHAN and JOHN ABRAHAM is going to release his WELCOME BACK clashed with pk?

    every muslim checked in US during that time not SRK that’s not an insult though even salman said that,so you proved salman least SRK didn’t do some cheapest things like to divorce own wife and to put case against own father and brother for property like so called great amir,lol.

    he fought in stadium for children who mishandeled byt a 3rd class guard,he never gone any days after that nor he required as HE worshiped in INDIA’s BIGGEST EDEN GARDEN-baap of wankhede.kindly check in google RICHEST ACTOR ON EARTH,whether it’s your marvel’s heroes or THE

    amir-only 4bb(3atbb,1bb) in entire life,2nd bb delivered after 12 years due to shame.while KING KHAN has 11-12 BLOCKBUSTERS(3ATBB,8-9BB) ,each BB delivered in 2-3 years gap.this what is called a GENUINE STARDOM.

    amir’s acting is so weak,lagaan,in tzp as supporting actor are the only film that his acting seems to be average,rest of some films like mann,mp he tried genuinely but failed,while some overrated movies like jjws,rdb are really full of overact and really scared non of them even close to WORLD CLASS PERFORMANCE like CDI,MNIK,SWADES,DEVDAS,KHNH.

  • Leave Mr @Tyler Durden alone —- He has a high level of thought that EKALAVYA is better than CHAK DE INDIA.!!!!!!!……That explains all.about him.

  • Not to debate about topics like Biggest Star, Richest Star etc…..but certainly will in case of AWARDS…….



    (3) Cannes — DEVDAS

    1997 – Best Indian Citizen Award

    2002 – Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence in the Field of Entertainment

    2005 – Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian award from the Government of India

    2009 – Among the 10 recipients of the IIFA-FICCI Frames Awards for the “Most Powerful Entertainer of the Decade”

    2010 – Global Entertainment and Media personality Award at FICCI Frames 2010 Excellence awards.

    Leave aside FORBES, TIMES etc.

  • u can tell how successful and great a person is by the number of haterz who try to bring him down, case in point is SRK, on nearly every day on indicine there are loony toony SRK haterz always commenting rubbish trying to bring him down, however like an eagle SRK always soars above his crows (haterz)! I guess since u haterz like to call SRK fans goats, we shud start calling u all crows cause all I hear on SRK articles are “caw” “caw” crowing from u all! lol

  • @shaheer, I dont know about Middle Easter countries but in USA Aamir is clearly ahead of SRK.
    Reason, even his nonpromoted India based Talaash had bigger opening than promoted overseas shot JTHJ, Don 2 in the USA.
    In NZ his film D3 beats Chennai Express in 4 days and does double business.
    So dont blindly think that Srk is ahead of Aamir, there are countries where Aamir is 1st choice.
    Srk has many fans in Middle Eastern countries, but 95% of his overseas fans are NRIs.
    And if we go by BO collections, then Aamir is leading.
    Google is not totally dependable. I can myself write a blog “Most Popular Actor- Aamir” and it will appear in the Google search.

  • @s.a.s
    Also there are other types
    1)Salman fans 2)Salman haters
    1)Aamir fans 2) Aamir haters
    1)Right handed 2) Left handed
    1)Veg 2) Nonveg
    1)Einstein theory supporters 2)Hawking theory supporters
    etc.. list goes on.

  • @shaheer in India srk is most popular then Amir follows hritik 3rd and salman 4th. If salman is big in India how come kyuki, London dreams, yuvraj had low opening

  • Fool Sachin11 thinks he is funny again, what a joker. He must be a lonely fool with no friends. Thats why he is cracking his own jokes….what a fool.

  • hope Diwali and Dipika will save the film from flop,still NASA warned audiences to see the film at their own risk,after RA-ONE many Polio Patient fans are still remained in coma,for them doctors said they couldn’t watch Crappy Old Year due to mental condition,still some Eunuch Dogs awaited for this film,save them.

  • Just Chill SRK haters I will give you reasons to smile

    SRK Facts:

    1. SRK is NOT the Most Popular Bollywood Actor Worldwide – Salman and Aamir are.

    2. SRK did NOT make it big on his own – Salman and Aamir did.

    3. SRK did NOT excel in Negative and Romantic Roles – Salman and Aamir did.

    4. SRK is NOT known as King Of Bollywood or King Khan – Salman and Aamir are.

    5. SRK does NOT endorse most brands – Salman and Aamir do.

    6. SRK publicises his charity – Salman and Aamir dont.

    7. SRK bought all his Awards – Salman and Aamir did not.

    8. SRK does NOT have Most Hits in Career – Salman and Aamir have.

    9. SRK has MOST Flops in Career – Salman and Aamir do not have.

    10.SRK is NOT the Richest Bolly Actor – Salman and Aamir are.

    11.SRK does NOT own a VFX Studio – Salman and Aamir do.

    12.SRK can ONLY do Romantic Roles – Salman and Aamir acted in Darr,Baazigar,Devdas,MNIK etc

  • @tyler Duden SRK leads UK as well, the top ten highest grosser of Bollywood films in UK are all SRK films, go check if you don’t believe me, Also Dhoom 3 worked on brand name in all countries, everybody knows that,In USA I believe both Aamir and SRK dominate as my name is khan,Chennai express and many more,all did extra ordinary business In USA.Peace out.

  • @Tyler Durden — Who said that DON 2 and JTHJ was promoted ?dayThey are neither promoted in INDIA nor Overseas. And talking about D3 beating CE its not about popularity. ….its about screen size and hype…..just like MNIK opened huge in overseas beating 3IDIOTS by more than 100% all over.

    And FYI TAALASH enjoyed 3 day holidays in USA in its first 3 days while during JTHJ there were working days.

  • @tyler derden lol srk have 19blockbuster in oversease where amir have just 3blockbuster. Dhoom3 did well oversease due to brand rest of his films are hit to super hit zone in oversease

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