It’s great to be compared to SRK and Aamir: Saqib Saleem

Saqib Saleem, who made his debut in ‘Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge’ and then went on to star in films like ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’ and ‘Bombay Talkies’, is already being compared to stalwarts like Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan.

While Aamir played a teacher in ‘Taare Zameen Par’, SRK delivered an award-winning performance in ‘Chak De India’. Saqib will be seen playing the character of a Skating coach in his upcoming film ‘Hawaa Hawaai’.

“If people make such a comparison, why should I have a problem? I have only done four films and if I am compared to someone great like him (Aamir), it’s a good thing for me” the 26 year old actor said.

“But I am not inspired by anyone for the character. It is my interpretation of a young 24-year-old coach. Comparisons will happen, but it is a good thing for me. They are comparing me with Aamir and some also with Shahrukh Khan in ‘Chak De’. For a young actor to be compared to such great actors is a great thing,” added the “Mere Dad Ki Maruti” actor.

He also said that “Hawaa Hawaai” is a sports film about the underdogs.

“It is a sports film. This is world’s first film on inline skating. Ultimately, it’s an underdog story and everyone connects with the underdog. Like in ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar,’ when Sanju wins the race it is a sense of feeling for everyone. So, the audiences always connect with an underdog story,” said Saqib.

Hawaa Hawaai will release in theatres on May 9.

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  • Srk is an inspiration for all the newcomers . No doubt to be compared with srk is itself a great achievement.

  • @queenshuk
    Ofcourse Eklavya is better than CDI. Anyone who has watched Eklavya knows that it is an uncompromisingly good film.
    CDI is Srks best film, so fanatics like you think it is the greatest which it sirely isnt.
    Ur incapable star fails to rose above hits so u r just whining everywhere.
    No need to whine, he will never give more ATBBs than ATBB megastar Aamir.
    I know the whole truth about Aamir and his brother and it was made clear by his family.
    Srk misbehaved and insulted elder watchman after being drunk and then used daughters name to save himself. Such cheap and evil behaviour. Very happy what BCCI and Wankhede did to this coward. Well deserved ban!

  • Aamir is clearly #1 in overseas.
    If Srk is bigger than he should beat him in overseas.
    After 3 Idiots Srk had 4 years and 5-6 films to beat SRK but EVERY single film failed to beat 3 Idiots.
    Then Aamir came with Dhoom 3 and broke his own records overseas.
    If SRK is #1, then he should beat Aamir which he failed to do since 2009.
    From 2009 on Aamir is the Overseas king and till the end of both SRK’s and his career he will stay at the top.

  • @Tylerr Burden – Sorry to say that very few people had watched EKALAVYA :P
    Even the Oscarwala s threw that out.
    And your so called ATBB megastar fall flat when it comes to TAALASH…..Simply because there were no RAJU HIRANI or CHETAN BHAGAT or DHOOM brand……:v

    Whereas SRK delivered ATBB with just 6 days free run.

    Bring Rohit…..I have GOLMALL SERIES.

    Bring DEEPIKA…..I have OSO.

    Bring Festive season…..I have ETT against it.

    And talking about overseas… took 2 3 IDIOTS release overseas to beat MNIK.

    CE is the first masala film to earn 100 crs overseas.Now take that as an achievement.

  • Talking about WANKHEDE brawI……It was nothing but the revenge of the MUMBAINS against KKR for MI loss…..greatest proff….FIR loged by MCA against SRK produced no results……the police even refused to cooprate MCA to not let SRK in Wankhede. …..Case dismissed

  • @queenshuk
    So what if very few people saw Eklavya. Quality is not decided by boxoffice. At least it was considered for Oscar, CDI was not given even that. LOL
    Bring Srk………..I have, JTHJ, Don 2 and MNIK all of which did <120 crore.
    Srk couldnt give 200 crore himself but needed help from Deepika and Rohit (both of whom had 100 crore grossers previously)
    Srk fell flat when MNIK did <80 crore

  • @Tyler Durden, I respect ur namestake from the Fight Club movie, but ur rantingw are runing the awesomeness of tthat name!!

  • @tyler drain,eklavya?is such films exist in bollywood?I didn’t listen such film’s name.if that film holds good quality then also that would be nothing in front the quality of MNIK.when talk about quality you talked about ATBB,when we talk about blockbusters you talked about eklavya.I mean what’s your problem,man?are you out of your mind?

    let me clear 1st blockbuster doubts:

    amir has 3ATBB(rh,3idiots,dhoom3),1bb(ghajini)


    now you got the difference,what is the position of amir in front of KING KHAN?SRK leads amir in a distance way.yes SRK’s almost all films are BIG HITS with 32% flop in lead roles,while amir’s almost all films are averages and 45% flops in lead basically SRK is a HIT GIVING STAR and amir is an average star.

    2nd comes to quality,you chanted eklavya.was amir is the leading actor of eklavya,if not then talk about amir’s film.amir’s tzp only outstanding film in which the difficult character played by darshil.while similar character played by KING KHAN in MNIK.but amir couldn’t play such roles.even amir couldn’t play the role like SRK played in BAAZIGAR,DARR,ANJAM,KHNH,VZ,RNBDJ and many more.still our so called great star amir couldn’t give single great films like VZ,KHNH in romantic forgot CDI,MNIK,SWADES,DEVDAS-that is out of reach of your star,lol.

    last but not least both 3idiots and dhoom3 are MULTISTARRER,why are you claiming sharman’s film as amir’s film,as sharman’s screen presence is higher than amir in 3idiots.dhoom3 is only due to YRF and dhoom craze.while MNIK,CE and 6 out of TOP10 overseas list are ONLY SRK STARRER,while only amir starrer film talash couldn’t get entry to top10 overseas list,why?because amir’s alone star power equals to talash,lol.

    last comes to some haters’s false allegation on KING KHAN.1st comes to wankhede issue,in that case I only could say INDIA is not safe place for children and girls as long as some cheapest peoples like you and those guard of wankhede exist.shame on mca and 3rd grade peoples like you alleged to a LEGEND who tried to modify 3rd class behaviour with children and published false news of of being drunk,even he didn’t drunk on that whole day, haters.

    but I couldn’t understand why some cheap actors divorced their wife?even if divorced then why got 2nd marriage?now biggest question is for you @tailor,please don’t take me wrong just answer,how you gonna feel if your dad divorce your mom in front of you and will married to another one?will you celebrate as you got a new mom?, there what message amir wants to give to society on this fact?

    this what the difference between a GLOBAL MEGASTAR and an average giving one decade active star raised after 2008 in terms of quality,lol.

  • But still all those films except MNIK earned d more than AAMIRS TAALASH and SALLUs JAI HO……Now bring on your Genere and non masala film theory……lolllll…….
    And if ROHIT can make SRK earn 200 crs lets see how much business Singham 2 do……And FYI DEEPIKA made her debut with SRK…..Before that she rejected Salman Khan…..Her first film with SRK is BB…..While her last film with SRK is ATBB….She was made star right from thr first film by SRK….So SRK owns all thr credit here…..but we will give DEEPIKA her due credit because we are SRK fans..we respect woman…..he is neither an actress beater not a wife betryall or have an extra marital affair…..also we give proper credit to each and every person involved in KINGs film unlike someone who steals credit from others….:-D

  • CDI was not selected only because the jury committee consists of Vidu Vinod Chopra friends……even a case was registered against them by Bhavna Talwar for ignoring her film.

  • Aamir’s success overseas started only after 3 Idiots. What was he in overseas market for 20 years before that? 2-3 years of good run are no match for 22 years of dominance that SRK has. It is SRK who is honoured by Yale, UNESCO, governments of UK, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia…and not Mr. flash in pan Aamir Khan. The world acknowledges consistency. Domination is a norm for SRK and exception for Aamir who has only 11 hits in a career of 25 years!

  • Comparing to shud be proud….its a great thing ..check his awards man…but comparing to aamir its ok ..normal..nothing big…

  • @sht : you are still living in some era. I
    can also say if srk is biggest then why maya
    memsaab, oh darling yeh hai india, guddu,
    zamana deewana, yeh lamhe judaai ke but i will
    give you more recent example with, don 2
    & jthj failing to become top grossers in 3 festive
    release n finally not to talk about ce which stood
    on top for not even 4 months !!!!!!!

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