Bajirao Mastani, Dilwale 3rd Day Box Office Collections

Bajirao Mastani has shown phenomenal growth in business on Sunday, what with collections of the film set to come in the 18 crore range. The Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed film picked up by around 20% on Saturday and then again by 20-25% on Sunday, giving the film a very good weekend of around 47 crore in India.

The historical is carrying excellent word-of-mouth and looking at the weekend trends, there are chances that the film could collect 10 crore plus on Monday. Usually, when there is 20% or more growth on Day 2 and Day 3, it’s also a sign that the film has been liked by the audience and will hold during weekdays.

The other release, Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale wasn’t so lucky. As far as protests and cancellation of shows were concerned, it was a peaceful day. But there were a few stray incidents, like in Mangalore (Karnataka) where some shows of the film were cancelled on Sunday and advance booking has been put on hold for the weekdays due to protests.

The average growth for Dilwale at most centres that we tracked was around the 15% mark, some were a little lower, others were higher. The impact of shows getting cancelled or resuming after protests is currently not very clear. As per estimates, the film should collect around 23 crore on Sunday, taking the weekend total to around the 64 crore mark.

For the industry, it has been a big day at the box office. The combined collections of both Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale is set to be around the 42 crore mark.

Monday and the remaining weekdays will be important for both films, as the better performing film will get more shows at multiplexes in Week 2. There is the much-hyped Hollywood film ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ which releases in theatres on Christmas day, it will occupy a few screens too. The fact that big ticket Hollywood films are performing well in India (especially at Metro cities), has encouraged exhibitors to allocate plenty of shows in recent times.

The battle for screens and shows will continue in Week 2, so steady / good collections during the weekdays will be crucial for both Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale.



  • BM get benifit in other state due yo cancellation shows of dilwale and safty issue but Christmas weekend is imp for dilwale

  • Bajirao mastani has shown 50% jump from Friday’s collections. Dilwale’s collections of Sunday at the same range of Friday. It is a clear indication that Bajirao mastani is the Lambi race ka Ghoda…!!!

  • Dilwale’s First half was Good But second half was better 😍 Comedy scenes 😂😂😂 Loved Johnny lever N SRK’s friends Shakti and Anwar In the film😂

  • @IamAKN Asad Kaun Nanga, dont cry baby. Nobody has asked your queen to give a statement on intolerance and keep reminding people with paranoic apologies and taking U Turn.
    Nobody has asked to clash with BM, a film that was first declared to release on 18th Dec.
    It is the ego and conceit your queen Ram Lal.
    Bite your own medicines.
    BM is also facing protests.
    Pk also faced.
    Many people boycotted Jai Ho coz of Modi issue and Muzaffarnagar issue.
    Accept the outcomes graciously unlike bad losers.
    Remember its ur queen’s 1st film in 14 months. Yet failing miserably

  • Actually the protests of “bhakts” is helping Dilwale by giving so much free publicity & sympathy. Without these so called protests Dilwale’s weekend collections would be less than 60cr..

  • It means what I said is coming true. I said BM is a Lambi Race Ka Ghoda. Now BM is slowly going to ovetake Ram Lal Dhobiwale.

  • So 200 crores won’t cross from here…..n might not cross 150 crores… Sad to see it’s all happening with khans 1st talaash with aamir
    2nd jai ho with salman
    And now dilwale with shahrukh

  • Some of his retard fans predicted 60cr opening day for varunwale. But it managed to go past the figure on its whole weekend…LOL.

  • @indicine: don’t you think, if Dilwale shows are getting cancelled? People have no other option but to watch BM… therb boosting its collection

  • Will never understand this stupid protests right now in India against SRK and Dilwale. Like the people are not able to make their own opinions on issues, only following what leaders are saying – it makes me so angry!!!!

    I never belived in this saying in europe but now I am going with it: India don´t deserve SRK
    Without SRK no one in europe or US would be interested in Bollywood, he opened the way for it. Nowadays other actors have a strong fanbase there too but it would not exist without SRK..

    And it may sounds stupid but the love for India from oversea visitors has a lot with the movies of SRK do to – they showed a beautyiful India and more important secular thinking Indians which are open for everything and free from hate..

  • Super successful director + multistarcast+ hit music. Still the collections are really disastrous….is it the so called stardom of srk???

  • Hats off India for this great job thats how u deal with the global, mega star who is doing his best to elevate his country name higher.. shame

  • Where one of the greatest Indians;the son of a freedom fighter is calld a traitor.Where criminals/murderers r calld golden hearted.My India.

  • Varun alone can give 50cr opening weekend (eg-Abcd2). Varunwale has collected around 60cr on its weekend. SRK’s presence has added only 10cr to its total… Hahaha.

  • Political parties disrupting Dilwale screenings just prove what SRK said.
    You don’t like SRK or his thoughts, don’t watch the film. Nobody gives a damn.
    What are you trying to prove by protesting against something as trivial as a movie? You are just proving the statement what the man you are revolting against said.

    Live and let live!

  • Dilwale’s disastrous collections clearly indicates that srk is nothing without Deepika, even with the help of multistarcast + Rohit shetty…

  • Deepika revived srk’s career with CE & HNY. But SRK forgot/underestimated Deepika’s power and dare to clash with her Bajirao mastani…. Abb Bhukton….!!!

  • If I know SRK, then am sure one day he will destroy Banshali. Dats for sure… Srk wanted to release this mass entertainer in the best weekend of the year even though he had two masterpiece in his kitty… It was very sure that srk was targetting for lifetime collection this time… But because of BM all went in vain… Protest would not have dent this much if it get solo release.
    Banshali just wait and watch, you hurt the ego of King.
    Good Luck Ahead

  • #indicine had predicted around 80cr weekend collections for varunwale. But it managed to collect only around 60cr on its opening weekend. 25% less than what #indicine predicted…

    Too much fun!!!!!

  • The disastrous collections indicate crossing even 150cr mark lifetime will be difficult task, forget 200cr and beyond…

  • Cute how you guys said the industry should speak out against intolerance, and made headlines when SRK did, but now that theaters are being.. ..vandalized, and people are being stopped from watching a film, and fans are being beaten up, no one’s covering it raj deep , DUTT. Great to see no one from media standing by SRK when he’s being bashed for absolutely no mistake of his..

  • And then you blame Khans for thier Intolerance statement. This show that they were Right and Weare really creating intolerance for them.
    Thatswhy SRK change His statement bcoz he was afaid of public reaction toward Him. Grow Up India. Live and let everyone to live.

  • Combine screens of Dilwale & BM over 5000.

    Average occupancy of Sunday around 85-90%.

    Ticket prices are higher than HNY.

    Total collections- 41-42cr.

    The question is how did HNY collect 45cr on opening day with lower ticket price, same kind of occupancy and 1000 lesser screens???

  • An open letter from a die-hard SRK fan:

    I really hope that Raees does not clash with sultan. The risks are way too high. It would affect both films. What’s the reason for a clash? I guess the only ones who would be beneficial would be die-hard SRK and Salman fans, who just want an opportunity to create fan-wars. I admit I’m a die- hard fan of SRK, but I would not take potshots at salman’s film, irrespective of how it performs.
    If you want to compare stardom, then just compare their movies which releases in the same year (which would diminish the rant about higher ticket prices, other economic scenarios, etc)

    I know that there are only three really huge periods for releasing films, but still, the risks are way too high for two huge films to release on the same day.
    1. It’s rare that both films will collect similarly (like Lagaan-Gadar, JTHJ- SOS(domestic collections).
    2. This one takes the first point forward. Both films will definately have Huge budgets, so there is a huge risks for both producers as well.
    3. Fans will be divided. I admit I’m a SRK loyalist, but I just can’t forget the following which Salman has in the interiors. SRK too, has a huge following in the B and C regions, but if both the films release on the same day, they would give the first preference to sultan.
    4. It would affect the exhibitors. If BM and Dilwale gave a tough time to exhibitors, just imagine what would happen to them if Raees and sultan clash.

    I really want both the films to release separately, so both the films can achieve their true potential.

  • this scenario just reflects a dialogue from baazigar:
    “Haar kar bhi jeetne wale ko baazigar kehte hai”
    BM is unlikely to go past dilwale’s collections, but still does not let them work too.

  • @1:59am aWOman

    Our bhai faced equally disruptive controversies in recent times like pre Jai Ho release n then during the summer for support of that terrorist n at both times he was being bashed by you lungiwales n some ‘inhouse’ fans too so dont give us your petty warnings….! We know when bhai is in trouble he gets no support from other fans n thats fine by us n hence we give no support to other actors like your Queen.

  • @2:04am aWOman

    Then the overseas can have that so called gem as we tolerant indians dont want his intolerant persona here anymore!

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