Bajirao Mastani, Dilwale 3rd Day Box Office Collections

Bajirao Mastani has shown phenomenal growth in business on Sunday, what with collections of the film set to come in the 18 crore range. The Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed film picked up by around 20% on Saturday and then again by 20-25% on Sunday, giving the film a very good weekend of around 47 crore in India.

The historical is carrying excellent word-of-mouth and looking at the weekend trends, there are chances that the film could collect 10 crore plus on Monday. Usually, when there is 20% or more growth on Day 2 and Day 3, it’s also a sign that the film has been liked by the audience and will hold during weekdays.

The other release, Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale wasn’t so lucky. As far as protests and cancellation of shows were concerned, it was a peaceful day. But there were a few stray incidents, like in Mangalore (Karnataka) where some shows of the film were cancelled on Sunday and advance booking has been put on hold for the weekdays due to protests.

The average growth for Dilwale at most centres that we tracked was around the 15% mark, some were a little lower, others were higher. The impact of shows getting cancelled or resuming after protests is currently not very clear. As per estimates, the film should collect around 23 crore on Sunday, taking the weekend total to around the 64 crore mark.

For the industry, it has been a big day at the box office. The combined collections of both Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale is set to be around the 42 crore mark.

Monday and the remaining weekdays will be important for both films, as the better performing film will get more shows at multiplexes in Week 2. There is the much-hyped Hollywood film ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ which releases in theatres on Christmas day, it will occupy a few screens too. The fact that big ticket Hollywood films are performing well in India (especially at Metro cities), has encouraged exhibitors to allocate plenty of shows in recent times.

The battle for screens and shows will continue in Week 2, so steady / good collections during the weekdays will be crucial for both Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale.



  • Collection is very good if u see the negativity around DILWALE.
    the gap between two films are decreasing only because of the multiplex collection. DILWALE has the potential of collecting 27-28cr max. collected 24cr. BM also enjoyed a great release , can collect 25cr both so both films are liked by the targeted audience.
    and dear SRK haters, remember BM is a content reached good film.
    if a PRDP or Dabang 2 or Kick had clashed against a BM , the scenarios would be the same.
    Don’t waste ur valuable energy on badmouthing SRK or SRK Fans.
    instead don’t enjoy the inhuman activities. Remember, every dog has it’s own day.
    huge number of SRKians supported Salman in his hit and run verdict.
    SRK also supported Salman.
    I don’t see RAEES vs Sultan at B.O. bcz both are good friends , YRF will never clash with SRK.
    and if the clash happens then remember RAEES will be a content oriented film,unlike a mass commercial entertainer.
    Sultan is being projected as a mass entertainer. And now a days content is the key.

    and in terms of the clash , DILWALE will easily collect 200cr+ in Ind. Long way to go and people are loving the film.
    BM will find it hard in coming few days. so good luck both. If both films are good then they are bound to collect good. doesn’t mean anyone has lost.

  • @Aamir the megastar 02:03 pm : Who is giving excuses? Yes, Dilwale’s weekend total is 65 CR (10 CR less than the lower range of my expectations as well as quite less than trade expectations) and we accept that gracefully. Somewhere, Dilwale has under-performed but making an statement like “it didn’t work” is too early to say. Still both the movies have three open weeks and they might add good amount to their collections.
    But if you want to put something forcefully into our mouth, then I’m sorry, that’s not possible.
    I don’t know if you have watched Dilwale or not, but its definitely not a CRAP.
    Yes, it has the same old repetitive story and nothing new to offer, but more or less this is how masala movies work. Isn’t it?
    They will show some revenge story, few fighting scenes, comedy scenes and whoaa, you are done. So even if Dilwale wraps up within 100 CR, I won’t call it CRAP.
    Coming to protests, how much it dented the collections of Dilwale, that is different story and I won’t go into that.
    But if you put your hatred aside, even you know that such kind of incident took place very first time in recent times.
    Yes, MNIK, Jai Ho, PK all faced protests, but they were limited to holding banners and appealing people not to watch it on big screen. In this case, these losers have gone one step forward and forced people not to watch Dilwale. In most of the theatres of MP, tickets were sold out, they were about to exhibit the movie and at the mean time, Bajrang Dal goons came and shut down the theatre.
    So this is unprecedented and never happened before.
    And trust me, its alarming. Today it happened with SRK films and all are clapping and enjoying. Tomorrow it will happen with some other star. Because whenever politicians intervened in anything out of box, the conditions have become miserable. You can see the condition of cricket and various cricket boards in our country (Where politicians are in power) and if this trend continues, movies will, too, have the same fate.

  • @bond 007……ha ha ha…..plz give me a tution to learn english bro….frustrated srk fan….ha ha ha

  • @kalia nothing against Salman but prdp was an underperformer. It was hit only because of diwali weekend which benefited a lot. And also you are ignoring the fact that Salman’s films have been doing well only since 2010. Before that he used to give back to back flops. It’s the truth. I am not a Salman hater but I speak the truth. And also let me clear your facts that BB had the best WOM so far and others were either successful south movies’ remakes or kabir khan as a director. And eid festivals also helped his films. I like Salman and respect him so don’t get hurt, but truth has to be spoken.

  • @damn:
    Check anywhere (even ur favourite #indicine) PRDP opening day occupancy was more than 85%. Bajrangi Bhaijaan occupancy was around 70%…

  • Why people and experts spread negativity on SRK and his films. I have not seen him make one negative statement about India. He spreads love only whenever he is interviewed. This kind of skewed mentality of some current day Indians opposing people who are doing and saying good and instead supporting people who are doing and saying negative and outlandish things has to stop. SRK was always mature, he did not kill endangered species or people on the footpath. He always asked Indian youth to do hard work.

  • dnt understimate srk.. people call him king he is alone sufficient for these battles no need for support from bollywood; so just wait and watch

  • @ Abdul Muqeet then why in Pakistan ban on BM . Paki censor Board said its against Bajirao was Muslim hater . Paki also banned on ETT , Phantom , Baby because they were basen on terrorism . And please dot bark on Indian .

  • @Abdul Muqeet

    The fact that people from the minority community can get away with their lives after speaking ill about the country or the religion of the majority proves that INDIA is a secular country.

    Judging from your name, if the same is done by a minority in your country most probably he would be hanged/beheaded by the majority in a street square within no time

    So don’t give useless lectures on secularism and tolerance to us INDIANS….it’s due to our tolerance that some of our neighbours are still not decimated.

    And those who are suggesting that Aamir will be shivering looking at what’s happening to sarook, rest assured you morons…nothing will affect Aamir and Dangal……..he has more goodwill then any other Khan or actor in the political circles

  • @XZONE
    As I said earlier I am not against SRK but against SRK fans.
    I am feeling bad for SRK & DILWALE &
    YES,I am sure they will protest when DANGAL release
    But still I wont bash MODIJI & POLITICIANS at that time
    Bcoz again I am saying
    Controversies & Negative publicity always helps the MOVIE.
    MAHARASHTRA is huge for BM,& bcoz of protests few Shows were cancelled of BM in MAHARASHTRA,but still BM is GROWING day by day,
    Do you think
    If SRK would have made brilliant movie like CDI,MNIK,PK OR BM.
    These protests would affect it??
    According to me the WORST thing is still some SRK fans are not bashing SRK for doing MASALA films but they are bashing PROTESTERS.
    Still They are not giving credit to SLB who made BRILLIANT MOVIE & they are giving silly excuses.
    BTW I watched DILWALE & BM both.
    No doubt DILWALE is better than HNY,RA1,JTHJ
    DILWALE has some hilarious moments too (thanks to OSCAR & MONEY bhai )
    But I was expecting SINGHAM & CE type ENTERTAINMENT.(VARUN claimed this is going to be INDIAN ‘INCEPTION’) but they didnt offer what they promised,
    And BM is brilliant Movie FIRST HALF is OUTSTANDING & second half is slow but still good.

  • 18(Fri) = 21
    19(Sat) = 20.09
    20(Sun) = 24
    1ST WEEKEND = (65.09) Crore

    21(Mon) = 10
    22(Tue) = 8.91
    23(Wed) = 9
    24(Thu) = 8
    1ST WEEK TOTAL = (35.91) Crore

    25(Fri) = 16
    26(Sat) = 12
    27(Sun) = 15
    28(Mon) = 8
    29(Tue) = 6
    30(Wed) = 6
    31(Thu) = 5
    2ND WEEK TOAL = (72) Crore

    3RD WEEK TOTAL = (30) Crore

    REMAINING WEEKS = (27) Crore


    Overseas Total Collection (130) = Crore


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