Bahubali 2 Box Office Collections: Creates History

S.S. Rajamouli’s Bahubali 2 has created history at the Indian box office. Words cannot describe how big the film has turned out to be, as audience across the country have come out in the biggest possible numbers to watch the magnum opus.

The collections of the Hindi version are historic, crossing the 40 crore mark, on-par or better than some of the highest single-day (holiday) collections of the biggest of Hindi films like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Sultan and Dangal.

Bahubali 2 has achieved this feat on a non-holiday Friday.

The collections from the Hindi version are set to come in around the 40 crore mark, with business from all versions expected to cross the 130 crore (net) mark across the country – which is more than the lifetime collections of the highest grossing Hindi film of 2017. The Day 1 India GROSS is set to surpass the 160 crore mark and we could be looking at the worldwide gross crossing 200 crore on a single-day!

There are reports that the main (Telugu) version of the film has crossed the 50 crore (net) mark. It could get to 55 crore when the final collections come in. It has set all-time records in each territory, with Day 1 ‘share’ of around 40-45 crore! The Tamil version which released on approximately 700 screens, could be looking at collections of anywhere between 15-18 crore (net). The collections in the state of Tamilnadu was affected by release issues between the producers and the distributors of the film.

In Kerala, Bahubali 2 has released on 300 screens and has set opening day records in the state. In Karnataka, it was the widest ever release for any film and the collections are mind-boggling. The collections of the highest opening day of the Kannada film ‘Hebbuli’ has been more than doubled, say trade sources.

In the North, ‘Baahubali 2’ has decimated the previous records set by all Hindi films, including all the Eid, Diwali and Christmas releases – featuring the top Khans in the industry.

‘Baahubali 2’ has performed the way a Rajnikanth starrer would in his home state – but here it has done so at an all India level. The 40 crore mark has been breached in Hindi and the 50 crore mark has been surpassed in Telugu. These are earth shattering numbers, with business peaking all across the country.

IndicineFBO: We expected ‘Baahubali 2’ (Hindi) to collect 33 crore on its opening day at the box office, a figure that we thought looked on the higher side – considering non-holiday and the fact that the film may not be able to sustain the high level of business throughout the day – but that figure looks like a joke now and we probably under-estimated the potential of film business in the country.

Baahubali has proved to be bigger than even a Khan release on the biggest holiday of the year – which is Diwali – and it has done so on a normal non-holiday Friday. It took a director of the calibre of S.S. Rajamouli and a once-in-a-lifetime film like Baahubali to show us the true potential of film business in India.

Note: All figures are estimates.



  • So it’s proved that holidays are nothing if you have a good movie. Collections will automatically come.

    So it’s time for Bollywood to think and decide. Whether to run for holidays or for great script.

  • Salman fans r d bunch of fools n illiterates
    Deir bhai in 28 yrs nvr ever try 2 do some thing path breaking n u guys r so frustrated dat u guys try 2 bring down dis epic , huh !
    What a bunch of loosers u guys r
    U guys clapped n cheer for dabang, bodyguard, kick s actipn scenes n now suddenly need logic behind a fantasy film?
    Just shut up guys
    N first tell ur bhai 2 do something new rather than playing an innocent guy in evry movie.

  • Lmao Khan fans are so mad that a Hindu film with proper Indian actors is outearning their precious Khans. Make more nepotistic trash films and Bollywood will continue to suffer. Not one Hindi movie has earned particularly well in 2017, only goes on to show how fade up Indians are of Bollywood. Hollywood films are already beginning to take over and regional films are doing better as well. Anyway, congrats to the Bahubali team, it was a visual delight and Prabhas+Rana look like real men, unlike bleached wannabe Bollywood actors.







  • what so over Pravas is biggest superstar in india now no matter salman , SRK or Aamir he is the king now . more then 120 collection in one day and non holiday over 40 cr in hindi belt is just wow .

  • Destroyed Galaxy Queen Dadajis Phankha n Raeesa Bhabhi opening wknd crappy records on day 1…!

    Big LOL on our dadaji

    First thing I am not jealous of its success.
    I had not made a single negative comment about it before I saw it. In fact I was the first guy on Indicine to say first day can go as high as 90.
    Second thing I have not watched Salman film since 2012. ETT was last.
    Third thing I know what good cinema is.

    I didn’t watch Bahubali in theatre but when I saw it on TV I liked it and hence decided to for Bahubali 2 even though trailer was disappointing.
    But when I saw movie then I was really disappointed. There was literally nothing good about movie except acting and charisma of Prabhas.
    Plot had loopholes. Kumar Verma agreeing to kill Bhallal was as childish as cartoon. Devsena falling in love with a mentally disabled. The way they enter castle in the climax. That scene I had scene in Oggy and the Cockroaches. That was cartoonish.
    Overall it was below average film.

  • @indicne
    You have already said in Q-A Section
    ” Christmas releases have two major advantages, that Diwali and Eid don’t …..Diwali is comparatively a weaker holiday as compared to Christmas and even Eid”
    And now you say
    ” the biggest holiday of the year – which is Diwali – ”
    Perhaps the next time Aamir releases his film on Holi or Independence Day. You will say they are the biggest holidays ever .

  • Through out the 2.40 hrs running time of the movie, I could see only dedication. Truly a pan India and a ” once in a life time ” movie. Hats off to all the cast and crew of Bahubali.

  • Watched BAAHUBALI 2 …think its more entertaining den 1 ….apart from minor glitches and few badly done over the top moments … assured its fckin spectacular…. And a big screen experience ..
    Abt tym now films are targetted at pan India ….be it from Bollywood or down south….having said dat not every film cn b like dat …..but few more ambitious projects shld b made which r big screen worthy ……congratulations to entire baahubali team …..mny months ago i saw chattrapati of prabhas …liked prabhas dr ..and only for him i checkd out few other movies ….dose kind of south films i dnt lk .but still i was invested in prabhas ….thought he was cool .he has dat screen presence …(same thing happened whn i saw bhaijaan on d screen first tym )..and a bigger better action film with him will b superb …..i think wd Saaho he very well may prove and break into d hearts of hindi movies fans alike if he already hasnt but here d movie is d bigger star dn him at d moment ….
    Lastly hindi movies starring biggest stars shld b marketed well down south . …i think dose markets arent fully exploited business wise …..And let Tubelight and Tiger Zinda hai trailer come …historic opening and stardom kise kehte hai pta chal jayegaa….esp TzH coz more commercial of d two

  • @1:27pm Riji

    Abey idiot first tell your dadaji to play a different character apart from continuously rotating between either being a Raj or Rahul ok…!

    As for bhai he plays an innocent character as he himself is innocent unlike your Criminal loving Dadaji who likes playing the role of a paki rice smuggler or wannabe Don of Paglapur …!

  • Disappointed to read some comments targetting salman in this thread unnecessarily …..its not prabhas stardom which is driving Baahubali franchise …he certainly adds value no doubt esp in 2 coz from 1 we know abt him ..saying he is bigger dn khans etc …guys who hv bn doing it over a long period of time and are still delivering esp salmir is wishful thinking …stupidity …illogical
    Even more disappointing is few comments saying hindu movie wd proper Indian actor…….soch badlo desh badlo yaaron …pic mein hindu muslim dhund liya aur proper indian kya hota hai ….religion ka Indian hone se kya lena dena ……pray dat god gives some sense to these people….

  • Poor poor illiterate Paglapurians are latching onto Baahubalis success like they personally had something to do with it or are gaining from it…!

    Abey idiots if you analyse this then you will come to the stark realisation that despite Dadaji having billions of devotees/ fans this south film has managed to beat your Dadajis best films crappy collections n that too withou maha manipulation…!

    250cr plus for Baahubali whereas your Dadaji cant even cross 200cr without manipulation…!

  • Humongous…This is the Real Capacity of Indian market for Movies!!!just Unbelievable🙏
    . Karan You r the Distributor of this magnum opus too…then why can’t you make such Grand Film with strong content in Bollywood…why?????You go and make SOTY 2,appear on AIB,declare Yourself gay for Ur Book selling…shiit…Come On Bollywood it’s High time to Make MAHABHARATA with an acclaimed Director and a strong Cast….plzz Indicine convey this request to YRF or Kjo…plzz!!
    . and BAHUBALI TEAM🙏🙏

  • Baahubali ne ek din mein hi Akki ke saare career ki Baja daali !!!!! Epic shame for @sunny toilet : ek badboo katha !!!!!!!

  • This movie has been watched by the fans all actors in Bollywood, that’s why it is making such kind of business. As far as Bollywood movies are concerned, the fans are more busy by trolling each other than going to watch the movie. Bollywood is finished!

  • All Salman, Amir, Sharukh, Akshay, Hritikh ka fans ka band baj gaya. So now tell who is the big boss of India. Prabhas smoked all of you. Well done.

  • Hahahaha Khan fans aur Bollywood ke bleached plastic stars ke fans ko mirchi lag gayi kyun ki sab ne comment kiya how authentically Indian this film was. sahi hain, prabhas aur rana sach mein asli mard lagte hain, unlike bollywood ke foundation/makeup waale losers. aur churn out karo useless romcoms and badly done masala with useless starkids and fifty year old khans. bollywood will continue to go down like it deserves to.

  • No wonder Aamir is working on Mahabharata, if this is the reponse…… it works to all section across India, then all records will be shattered…….we need Bahubali and similar big films that works across pan india..

    Congratulations to SS sir….I hope Robot 2 also makes good business.

    Bring it on !!!

  • Look at the comments of salman bhai fans… they are so irritating…They think that only salman has the right to break boxoffice records..Lol.. salman need biggest holiday to cross 30cr on opening day,…lol..bahubali hindi version collected 40cr on non holiday…Think who is more powerfull..Only script is the super mega star of india

  • @navin
    Arre ganpar, kyun dadaji. Tera Salman nanaji, kakaji, uncleji Sabh ko khatam kar diya Prabhas ne. By making A fool of SRK, you are trying to take the attention of That Prabhas also made Salman and Aamir look like beggars.

  • @Lolman fan let your eid made actor come out of his shell i.e. solo holiday releases and we all will see his real aukaat which is jai ho, main aur mrs khanna, marigold, yuvraaj. Lol. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Salman fans are really dumb. How easily they ignore the fact that aamir is their baapplication in stardom. Salman is chota mota star in front of aamir’s popularity and stardom. In box office lallu cant even touch megastar Aamir khan
    Thugs of hindostan will rape tubelight and bandar zinda nahi hai.

  • Salman fans are really dumb. How easily they forgot that aamir is baap of their tiny star in stardom and fan following? In box office lallu cant even touch aamir. Aamir is baap and real sultan of bollywood. Dangal raped sultan. PK raped kick. Now thugs of hindostan will rape tubelight and bandar zinda nahi hai.

  • @salman khan fan : sir you are mind blowing , what you said about those who criticise without any logic is right. They are those 0.01% germs and brother of JNU… hopeless.

    @salman fan you really inspire the youth as your revieWS about the movie is mind blowing.
    Those who dont like it for them “Neem ka patta kadwa hai …. “

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