Bahubali 2 Box Office Collections: Creates History

S.S. Rajamouli’s Bahubali 2 has created history at the Indian box office. Words cannot describe how big the film has turned out to be, as audience across the country have come out in the biggest possible numbers to watch the magnum opus.

The collections of the Hindi version are historic, crossing the 40 crore mark, on-par or better than some of the highest single-day (holiday) collections of the biggest of Hindi films like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Sultan and Dangal.

Bahubali 2 has achieved this feat on a non-holiday Friday.

The collections from the Hindi version are set to come in around the 40 crore mark, with business from all versions expected to cross the 130 crore (net) mark across the country – which is more than the lifetime collections of the highest grossing Hindi film of 2017. The Day 1 India GROSS is set to surpass the 160 crore mark and we could be looking at the worldwide gross crossing 200 crore on a single-day!

There are reports that the main (Telugu) version of the film has crossed the 50 crore (net) mark. It could get to 55 crore when the final collections come in. It has set all-time records in each territory, with Day 1 ‘share’ of around 40-45 crore! The Tamil version which released on approximately 700 screens, could be looking at collections of anywhere between 15-18 crore (net). The collections in the state of Tamilnadu was affected by release issues between the producers and the distributors of the film.

In Kerala, Bahubali 2 has released on 300 screens and has set opening day records in the state. In Karnataka, it was the widest ever release for any film and the collections are mind-boggling. The collections of the highest opening day of the Kannada film ‘Hebbuli’ has been more than doubled, say trade sources.

In the North, ‘Baahubali 2’ has decimated the previous records set by all Hindi films, including all the Eid, Diwali and Christmas releases – featuring the top Khans in the industry.

‘Baahubali 2’ has performed the way a Rajnikanth starrer would in his home state – but here it has done so at an all India level. The 40 crore mark has been breached in Hindi and the 50 crore mark has been surpassed in Telugu. These are earth shattering numbers, with business peaking all across the country.

IndicineFBO: We expected ‘Baahubali 2’ (Hindi) to collect 33 crore on its opening day at the box office, a figure that we thought looked on the higher side – considering non-holiday and the fact that the film may not be able to sustain the high level of business throughout the day – but that figure looks like a joke now and we probably under-estimated the potential of film business in the country.

Baahubali has proved to be bigger than even a Khan release on the biggest holiday of the year – which is Diwali – and it has done so on a normal non-holiday Friday. It took a director of the calibre of S.S. Rajamouli and a once-in-a-lifetime film like Baahubali to show us the true potential of film business in India.

Note: All figures are estimates.



  • This is the true level of business in India… SSR , Prabhas take a bow u guys.. owned it.. u deserve each and Evry bit of d the success

  • Speechless !! Bahubali truly showed what can be achieved with a pan indian movie !! Alas Bollywood keeps on churning shit rom coms and big production houses like Dharma and yrf are such a Shame.. At the moment Only SALMAN KHAN and AMIR KHAN are the saving face of Bollywood.. if south indians also embraces their movies like Tubelight Dangal banjarangi bhaijaan like north indians have embraced bahubali and bahubali then bothe these khans also can do same amount of collection..
    congrats to team bahubali ,above all its an Indian movie.. tickets booked for sunday.. cant wait to watch it !!

  • Gazab ho gaya! Don’t think any film can break this record unless we see a film featuring both South Indian as well as Bollywood actors together!!! May be Mahabharat…only if it happens!!

  • But film is average. First is 4 times better. Some action scenes are literally childish. Bahubali acting mentally disabled, Devsena falls in love with mentally disabled and I was like WTF? Is this India’s biggest film?

  • It’s good that you are accepting your own assessment as a JOKE.Such has been the effect of this.PK record is going surpassed.
    Mahabharata should be given to SS Rajamouli and he will make that it as the Avatar of India.
    With a budget of around 300Cr for both parts ,SSR have achieved what directors do with 600 Cr(Hollywood movie budgets) for one movie.
    Imagine what SSR can do with 1000crore budget.

  • Hindi version lifetime= 400 cr.
    Total India=700cr
    Worldwide= 1500-1700cr .
    The record is stable .
    Aamir film have potential to maximum 1000 cr.but not beat BB2
    Salman maximum 700 cr.

  • Marvellous
    History Rewritten
    Unveliable Hysteria and Advance Booking shows that its gonna happen.
    Any Chances of becoming India’s 1st 1000cr Grosser??
    Plz do ans and post my comment as my none of the comments were posted earlier.

  • #Bahubaali2 has evrything dat an indian audience loved 2 see on screen.
    Some says its not up 2 d mark
    Mujhe lagta he un logo ko khud filmein banani chahiye.
    I mean really ?
    Dhamkedar, outstanding , exceptional s small words in frnt of this .
    We all expect something huge
    N belive me they delivered
    Itna humongous expectations pe khare utarna itself a huge achievement.
    U cant miss this #Epic
    social media mein illiterate , jobless n insane logo ki kami nahi he
    So just ignore them n enjoy the experience.
    Waiting for a bolly film like dis
    Maybe someday some1 will make such film
    But till then enjoy this epic

  • Hats off man..hats off..This is what we can call ‘Universally successful’ not to forget the overseas businees.

  • Bahubali set all time record in Hindi collection on day 1. Tight slap on the faces of all the fan bases of Bollywood actors. Whose so called megastars Salman,Aamir & Srk film failing to open 30cr on working day. Here bahubali2 being dubbed version opened above 40cr with lesser screens. These so called pre-eid, pre-diwali, working day,non-holiday,IPL etc are excuses. The facts we hardly made 2-3 film per year which can bring many people to theatres. Sour truth.

    Nothing new on Indicine, you have already under estimated the biggest film of last year. Have fun

  • Whatever Bahubali 2 does in weekend I will add it to collections of Bahubali. Rest will be achievement of Bahubali 2.

  • They had a story and they had to devide it in 2 parts. They intelligently kept best in first part so it works on WOM and second part works on hype.

  • This films has enough potential to decimate Dangal lifetime of Hindi version, forget about the all India version which will be unthinkable.
    I remember my first comment, after leaving the cinema hall to my friend
    Movie is superb and Dangal record might be broken. He don’t believe it, but you never know.
    Rajamauli and Bahubali ne aankhen khol di aankhen.

  • This film has enough potential to decimate Dangal lifetime of Hindi version, forget about the all India version which will be unthinkable.
    I remember my first comment, after leaving the cinema hall to my friend
    Movie is superb and Dangal record might be broken. He don’t believe it, but you never know.
    Rajamauli and Bahubali ne aankhen khol di aankhen.

  • Indian movies are on the path of hollywood movies. I think this is good sign for the industry & young talented actors. In Hollywood, Not so famous actors were cast in the highest grosser movies AVTAR & TITANIC (LEO & KATE were not so famous before titanic). Prabash was hardly knew by some outside AP/TELANGANA. Especially in Bollywood, We think if a new face is casting in a big budget movie then there is no hope to get the investment back. Therefore, Directors cast the stars & never consider whether he is fit for the role or not. It is directors who bring the audience in the theaters. Bahubali is so huge because of Rajamouli, DUTT is consider huge because of Hirani. Despite having different industry inside India, Directors & actors across the nation should make the movies by collaboration to make the Indian film industry huge. True potential is $150-170 million gross worldwide. This is huge…..

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