Bahubali 2 Box Office Collections: Creates History

S.S. Rajamouli’s Bahubali 2 has createdhistory at the Indian box office. Words cannot describe how big the film hasturned out to be, as audience across the country have come out in the biggest possible numbers to watch the magnum opus.

The collections of the Hindi version are historic, crossing the 40 crore mark, on-par or better thansome of the highest single-day (holiday) collections of the biggest of Hindi films like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Sultan and Dangal.

Bahubali 2 has achieved this feat on a non-holiday Friday.

The collections from the Hindi version are set to come in around the 40 crore mark, with business from all versions expected to crossthe 130crore (net) mark across the country – which is more than the lifetime collections of the highest grossing Hindi film of 2017. The Day 1 India GROSSis set to surpass the 160crore mark and we could be looking at the worldwide gross crossing200 crore on a single-day!

There are reports that the main (Telugu) version of the film has crossed the 50 crore (net) mark. It could get to 55 crore when the final collections come in. It has set all-time records in each territory, with Day 1 ‘share’ of around 40-45 crore! The Tamil version which released on approximately 700 screens, could be looking at collections of anywhere between 15-18 crore (net). The collections in the state of Tamilnadu was affected by release issues between the producers and the distributors of the film.

In Kerala, Bahubali 2 has released on 300 screens and has set opening day records in the state. In Karnataka, it was the widest ever release for any film and the collections are mind-boggling. The collections of the highest opening day of the Kannada film ‘Hebbuli’ has been more than doubled, say trade sources.

In the North, ‘Baahubali 2’has decimated the previous records set by all Hindi films, including all the Eid, Diwali and Christmas releases – featuring the top Khans in the industry.

‘Baahubali 2’ has performed the way a Rajnikanth starrer would in his home state – but here it has done so at an all India level. The 40 crore mark has been breached in Hindi and the 50 crore mark has been surpassed in Telugu. These are earth shattering numbers, with business peaking all across the country.

IndicineFBO: We expected ‘Baahubali 2’ (Hindi) to collect 33 crore on its opening day at the box office, a figure that we thought looked on the higher side – considering non-holiday and the fact that the film may not be able to sustain the high level of business throughout the day – but that figure looks like a joke now and we probably under-estimated the potential of film business in the country.

Baahubali has proved to be bigger than even a Khan release on the biggest holiday of the year – which is Diwali – and it has done so on a normal non-holiday Friday. It took a director of the calibre of S.S. Rajamouli and a once-in-a-lifetime film like Baahubali to show us the true potential of film business in India.

Note: All figures are estimates.



  • Action scene at the end, the way they enter castle using trees was my 3rd WTF moment in movie. It was really childish.

  • Come on Bollywood stop targeting holiday but target a good story,New concept on par with will equate into collection. Bahubali has made a joke of so called superstars like Sri Sallu Azmir hritk
    Akshay Kumar. Look at Saaho looks so different and m sure audience will go for it.
    Piranhas now will have a following on pan India.audience has changed give us something new please Bollywood.

  • This movie totally deserve this succes. Bollywood very behind now. Monday is also holiday. today Sunday and Monday collections no one can predict now.
    Sad for Bollywood regional movies give tough computation

  • BB2………….200 Cr worldwide Gross on Day one……..WOW…..amazing collections…………40 Cr nett in Hindi……really a Magnum Opus…really hats off to Rajamouli….Probably 1st 1000 Cr worldwide grosser is coming……….History Created in Indian Cinema :) Going tomorrow………….. :) :)

  • Only bad thing about Bahubali’s succes is now everybody will target Salman saying Bahubali did more than his holiday release on non holiday but they forget that ut has doubled their stars highest opener. eg Sunny Makkhiholic. Bahubali is not working due to so.e star and Salman is still biggest star in India. Get that into your a*ses haters.

  • Am speechless looking at these numbers..and BTW indicine forgot to mention that there were two IPL matches yesterday. Really happy for the whole team so much effort gone on to make this movie.. Well deserved????

  • Just unimaginable …..130 crore on Friday …..100 crore will be on Saturday and 150 crore on Sunday ….weekend collection will be 380 crore ….will beat the Dangal in just 3 days ….

  • Holy shhhiiieeetth ….well now we r talking. Unimaginable. SS Rajamouli …U hv created an another level fr urself. Take a bow.

  • Movie is fantastic 4.3*/5. I m proud that in 40cr Maine is 1k ?.
    Haters also gone watch this movie.
    My generation not seen sholey, but saw bahubali 2-
    My generation not seen “Maherchi Saree” but seen sairat
    My generation not seen Gawsakar batting but seen
    Sachin batting
    My generation seen
    My Generations seen the petrol rate changes from 42 to 74rs

  • Now a non khan(Muslim) has ruled the box office ,,and decimated all the records set by khans..this record will now remain for 20 years like sholay did in the past..

    Prabhas the HINDU (proud moment for a hindu)

  • if bahubali 2is such huge then one can imagine sky will be the limit of robot2.akshay kumar will show his real stardom this republic day and the records in north i.e in delhi , up and punjab will be such historic that it will not be beaten 4 next 10 years.the tsunami coming in 8 months be ready for it guyz .1000 crore in india and 2000 crore in overseas.

  • True Bollywood movie..
    This is the movie as an eye Opener to all.
    Indian Public will pay their hard earnd money to a value film makers and not the Stars

  • 350 cr looks possible. Always expected Bahubali 2 to be huge but never thought about such a huge response. Bigger opening that PRDP and Sultan!!!! Bahubali 2 proves that a film doesn’t need a holiday to set records. Last record openers on non-holiday were Dhoom 3, 3 Idiots and Singh is Kinng. Bahubali 2 joins the list and is the first ever regional/non-hindi film to create such a record in North.

  • all over india Baahubali is created history bt my point of view little different Baahubali 1 best 4.5* n more bt this one B2 2.5* vfx r not up to mark still I gave 1 * 4 that other than that is nothing new expectation not full filled at all. sry readers I didn’t like it the movie.

  • It will become the 1st ever Indian movie to gross 1000 cr. ww…I think it’ll finish it’s lifetime at 1200 cr gross ww…
    And then we have to wait till Jan 25th when this mammoth figure will look smaller…
    My prediction for 2.0—> 120 cr. in South India + 50-55 cr. in hindi if it gets 4000 screens movie…So overall a 170-180 cr. nett in India or may nett even 200 cr. on day 1…In overseas us+canada 10-15 million usd on day 1, uk 3 million gbp, China 50-70 million cny…Overall overseas gross 35-37 million usd…So I think 2.0 will gross 500 cr. on day 1 ww if gets the widest Indian release ever…10000 screens India 10000 screens overseas including 6000 of china…

  • *Bollywood should learn more from the South. Non has collected 1000 crdespite the so called big Superstars they have.
    *Sadly they need help from The 3 Afghanistan actors to ensure a bumper 30 c and above opening with only 1 Hindu Indian actor to join that Bumper Class. Sadddd. Both The letter J Indian actors can only dream to give those kind of openings. Jaddoo Boy Without Papa Shiver boy Calculator can only dream of passing 25 cr Boi figure while Joker desh bhakti dhukan boy is still chasing Sushant Singh and favourite Ranbir kapoor opening day record. Again very Sadddd. Wake up Bollywood

  • Awesome Just in My Sinhle State Bahubaali the conclusion has Triple 3 of Joket Boy SIB. I am expecting BTC Weekend collection to cross Joker boy Rowdy Rathode Lifetime!

  • My review of Bahubali
    1 or 2 doesn’t matter. Don’t judge this movie by reading any review. Just experience it in theaters.

    Bahubali Review
    Story: Average
    Music: Average

    Overall rating: Outstanding

    So if all things are just above average what is the outstanding in the movie?

    Thats where the director comes into the picture. S.S. Rajamauli.

    He has represented the one revenge drma in such a way that at any point of time you don’t get away from screen. And for me that where any movie works.

    Rajamauli’s creativity and imagination is at top in Bahubali, where it was war scene in Bahubali 1 or Bahubali 2. The biggest win for him is that he makes every frame in the movie believable. His story telling blow your mind.

    Otherwise who want to see Prabhas and Rana dubbed movie onto big canvas. Hats off to the S.S. Rajamauli, India’s one of the great director.

  • Baahubali has proved to be bigger than even a Khan release on the biggest holiday of the year which is Diwali and it has done so on a normal non-holiday Friday.
    Can’t compare this with khans films
    Even combined films of all khans on biggest holiday can only dream about that opening
    Now don’t ever say bollywood is nothing without khans
    Robot part 2 hurricane yet to come
    Finger crossed

  • This is really unbelievable figures…..Great going Bahubali 2

    Here few stupid’s are comparing Bahubali 2 collection with other actors collection……Bhai seriously have you all gone mad, comparing a movie which has high octane action sequences with lots of CGI work and which is also a sequel of another ATBB, (which release just 2 years back)with the Salman movie PRDP which is a family movie and which is not accepted by youth……How can you compare these two movies it’s nothing but stupidity……But still Salman’s PRDP manage to collect same amount of Bahubali 2……

    Also PRDP release in 2015 with much lesser ticket price compare to Bahubali 2…….Just check how much they hike the ticket rates for Bahubali 2 (at some places they are charging 3000 per ticket, this is insane, with this ticket rates they manage to collect equal to PRDP, that too in 2017……now you tell me who is bigger…..

    What Bahubali is collecting is humongous, but comparing it with Salman’s or other actors movie is stupidity……

  • one of the best movie of indian cinema…though heavily inpired by epic mahabharat!!
    dont miss the epic in theatres!!go and enjoy!!
    and i am sure everybody loved it..its better than the 1st in a very large margin.

  • Few Idiots are here bashing Salman because Bahubali collects more then Salman’s Holiday release, to all those Duffers atleast Salman movie cross 40cr mark but all other actors are struggling to even get close to this mark…….I am surprised that Akki fans are shouting on Salman, abe gadho first look at your own actor who is struggling to cross 18cr mark no matter whether it release on non-holiday or HOLIDAY…….

    All Bollywood lovers should thanks Salman, because of him atleast we are in race……

  • But I also want to say thanks to all those who are bashing Salman, because their bashing shows that they all know that only Salman can compete with Hollywood and Tollywood and every other market, and rest all other actors of Bollywood are just useless and they have no hope from them, even haters know that only Salman can compete, that’s why they are little disappointed……But don’t worry friends wait till end of the year end Salman will not disappoint you, he will show everyone with his movies Tubelight and TZH, that he is the real Sultan of Bollywood, and at the end its Bollywood movie which will be on top……

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