Badlapur Total Box Office Collections

Badlapur has collected Rs 24.25 crore in its first weekend at the box office. The film started well on Friday, showed excellent growth in business on Saturday and held strongly on Sunday even though it was competing against the India vs South Africa cricket match.

Last week’s release Roy had dropped by around 35% due to the India – Pakistan match, but this week the drop was less than 10% – like we mentioned in our report in the noon yesterday.

Badlapur is carrying good reports, which should help the film sustain well on Monday too. The morning shows today have started well, the drop is around 35-40% at multiplex centres that we tracked.

The Varun Dhawan film has already recovered around 50% of its investment in 3 days and has the best chance of going on to be the first clean hit of 2015. Varun’s first three films – Student Of The Year, Main Tera Hero and Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania were all major hits at the box office. If Badlapur does succeed, he will be the first mainstream actor in recent memory to deliver 4 back-to-back hits to begin his career.

Table below has the day wise box office collections of Badalpur. This page will be updated everyday with latest collections.

Day 4 Update: Badlapur has passed the dreaded Monday test with flying colours. The film has collected Rs 4.25 crore, which is a normal drop for Monday as multiplex sell tickets for a cheaper price during the weekdays.

Day 5 Update: Badlapur continued its steady run on Tuesday as the drop seems to be around 10% as per early estimates. The film has collected around 3.75 – 4 crore on Tuesday. The actual figures will be updated in the morning.

Box Office Collections in India (Crores)
Day 1 (Friday)7
Day 2 (Saturday)8.50
Day 3 (Sunday)8
Day 4 (Monday)4.05
Day 5 (Tuesday)3.35
Day 6 (Wednesday)3.01
Day 7 (Thursday)2.40
Day 8 (2nd Friday)1.4
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)2.07
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)2.55
Day 11 (2nd Monday)1.01
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)0.9
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)0.8
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)0.8
Day 15 (3rd Friday)0.8
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)0.8
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)0.9
Total Collections48.34 crore

Badlapur has also performed fairly well internationally. Breakdown of overseas collections for the first weekend below:

  • USA and Canada – Rs 1.42 crore
  • UAE – Rs 2.91 crore
  • Pakistan – Rs 1.27 crore
  • United Kingdom – Rs 0.42 crore
  • Australia and New Zealand – Rs 0.15 crore
  • Total Overseas Collections in 3 days – Rs 6.17 crore

Verdict – Pending (Likely to be the first HIT of 2015)



  • Lots of people r here comparing these new actors with superstar like srk aamir n salman…they can be great in der own ways…but achieving feat like khan…der is long way to go…srk salman aamir has great fans following…fans r always there in their bad to good moments….dats y dey r still ruling box office even after 20 yrs…d same thing you cannot say for these wannabe actors…one flop n nobody will give damn about it…think b4 comparing these actors

  • At max it will be above average or Semi Hit bcoz 5 releases next week —ab k chappan2..Badmaashiyan…Zor lga kr haisha….Lakhnawi Ishq …Hey bro…….+ such adult film usually drop in weekdays

  • wowwww………..very happy
    varun will shine.. In SHA Allah his 5th movie will be a hit too…..n this time an atbb coz this young heartthrob will unite with the king of romance..hurray

  • @Indicine plz make an article on these topics 10 young actors 10 self made superstar 10 film series 10 film sensation( like u know what happened
    during kaho na pyaar hai,tere naam, chak de india)
    Think about….filmlovers will surely love these articles…!!!@Indicine plz give reply

  • thats why i again say – after srk hrithik ranbir – varun is the one i feel that will become a superstar.
    huge potential he has.
    best of luck for better future.
    btw now both srk nd varun are coming in rohit’s movie.
    cant wait.

  • ye picture ya chutiyapa hain.?…..full bakwas movie…pata nehi chalte varun hero ya villain hain.Only saving grace is nawaz…..from my side- it is 1 star movie…..

  • @babaji …. I didn’t snarl for Badlpur.. I raised concern against films in which Sid,Varun were bad i.e. Mth,villain.

  • @ Navin : Thanks for bashing Hrithik Roshan.
    By the way , I think you’ll be happy to know that I am a fan of Shahrukh Khan .
    … ha ha ha , now don’t start crying after reading this . lol

  • y r u acting so miser @@indicine?y hv u put the 4th day collection also in this article.u should b posting separate article for the 4th day collection.plz

  • I a gut feeling that badlapur will emerge a blockbuster.

    now where is thullu hiding who had predicted it will b just a hit as its a so called ‘disappointing’ film!!!
    now he us the same guy who had given bang bang 4/5,raja natwarlal 3 and jai ho also 3 and had fought with each and everyone who had criticised the movie only to change his rating to 2.5 couple of months later!!!

    now I m sure he will do the same once badlapur emerges as a huge hit

    such a CHAMALEON u r @kshitiz Srivastava

  • Hahha indicine trying hard to call baby an average .. It has 250+ screens in 5th week also….it will run till 7th or 8th week nd will touch 100 cr like sighm . 96 cr till 5th weekend !

  • Its an intense dark movie. Family audience may not like it but its worth a watch (at least once). It may collect 45-50 crs to emerge as a Hit. Varun is superb n Nawaz was outstanding. I like the climax too but many people may feel it could have been better.

    Moral : Forgive n move on. If you get involve too much into Revenge there wont be anything to revenge for.

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