Verdict on Salman Khan’s Black Buck hunting case today

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is expected to be in Jodhpur today, as he awaits the verdict in a 16-year-old case of possession and use of illegal arms to poach chinkaras and blackbucks, both endangered species of deer.

“The case relates to both possession and use of illegal arms and the chief judicial magistrate’s court has kept February 25 for judgment” public prosecutor N.K. Sankhla of the court in Jodhpur, told reporters.

Salman along with Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre were accused of poaching blackbucks on the midnight of October 2nd 1998, while shooting for their film ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’.

The verdict of the case coincides with the shooting schedule of his most recent film with Sooraj Barjatya titled ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’.

Two blackbucks, a protected animal under the Wildlife Protection Act, were killed on the outskirts of Kankani village near Jodhpur.
Sources say, if Salman is found to be guilty, he could be sentenced to three to seven years in jail, but could be out on bail almost immediately.

Final arguments in the case were completed on February 5 2015.

Update: The date of verdict has been pushed ahead to March 3rd.



  • Why bother about an animal when an individual is contributing so much in terms of economic activity and hence, tax revenue to government accounts?

  • i want him to go jail not bcoz he did crime but he should be jailed for doing crap movies and irritateing audience & fooling his own fans he should learn something from ranbir kapoor

  • Apart from Black buck, Sexual Harassment, Hit & Run, Illegal Arms Case. Salman should be given punishment for Delaying/wasting Court Time.

  • Some records of others, which can’t be broken by SRK: 1. killing black buck 2. Giving blockbusters like Marigold and Mela 3. Charity showoff

  • put him to jail atleast for 10 year’s so that bollywood will not produce craps lyk his films are kick the biggest crap movie ever with so much overacting in that besharam is 100 times better than kick

  • That black buck gave nothing to India.
    Salman brings hundreds of crores of rupees to Indian economy. His Being Human does incredible humanitarian work.

  • nothing will happen to bhaijaan ye has millions of people,s well wish people adore him so much love u bhaijaan and best of luck to bajrangi bhaijan and prdp

  • The next week is interesting in various aspects :
    1. 2nd March – SRK once again will be seen on Television with his show Sabse Shaana Kaun . This will be the 4th time SRK will be hosting a show after KBC, Pachvi Paas and Zor Ka Jhatka . On the same day a new channel will be inaugurated which will be known as &Tv .
    2. 3rd March – The much awaited verdict of Salman’s Black Buck will be given on Tuesday . The case has been pending since 17 years and finally we will get the result . Whether Salman will be accused or will he be free only time will tell ?
    3. 4th March – The shooting of SRK and Rohit Shetty’s Next tentatively titled ‘Dilwale’ will begin from Wednesday . This movie will release on Christmas . Till now only SRK and Varun have been confirmed for the movie . Rumours are giving various names such as Kajol, Alia, Kriti or someone else . It is expected that this movie will have 17 Actors which will make it a Multi Starrer Commercial Potboiler .
    4. 6th March – Now 6th March is a really big day . Holi falls on Friday . Holika Dahan will be on Thursday and Rangwali Holi will be on Friday . Another important event is the match between India and West Indies which is expected to be a cracker . India after 2 Wins look Invincible and West Indies after losing to Ireland they have come strongly by beating Pakistan and Zimbabwe badly . Also Gayle became the 4th Player and the 1st Non Indian to score a Double Hundred in ODI’S . It was the fastest Double Century in ODI Cricket . So next week expect a lot of entertainment . I have also heard NH10 will release on Friday but because of Censorship Issues it has been postponed by a week . I am not sure hence i have not posted about it . @ Indicine Please post my comment as even i know it is somewhat off topic . All the Visitors have a good day and a great week from Saksham .

  • Salman and Sanjay Dutt will never be free from controversies. They are children of controversies.

    Indian Judiciary is less said the better.

    There is no case on the forest guard or officer who let Salman and others venture the forest in the first place. I bet they surely didn’t land on an alien aircraft directly in to the forest.

    There is nothing about why the officials never checked about the arms they were carrying, if it had license in the first place. Until ofcourse may be Salman has magic powers to make them invisible when the forest guard checked.

    There is no information on why forest officials are not informing people who visits the forest of endangered species.

    Finally, there is no cases registered against the Indian Judiciary for delaying justice in whomsoever favour it may be, because justice delayed is justice denied, which is a crime.

  • First of all people who are talking against Salman khan should it is the case of illegal arms act and killing of black bucks which salman denied always the arms which he kept with him is not illegal the license is expired moreover in many countries killing wild animals in not a crime even in india before the law came. Other things can someone tell me if he found guilty also and the verdict to go jail what will be people benefited from it??? if he found guilty put heavy panelty on him those money can be used for poor people and take a signed on warning paper if he found guilty of such act then he will go to jail for life time or 30-40 yrs jail.

  • Bad news esp for big time celebrities. These kind of stain in your career really has negative effects. Among d khans Aamir and Shah rukh in this particular aspect have really composed their superstardom well. and intact. Among d biggies too Ajay Akshay and Hritik to have handled their professionalism safely.
    My 1st time of hearing this particular case apart from d hit and run and really disappointed wit Salman.
    These r extinct breeds…!! Someone pointed out that Salman brought in millions of crores to industry hence shd b overlooked?? One of d most bizzared excuse I have ever come across here @indicine.

  • @js ok for u endagered species are not so important. U will have same views for that person who got killed because of our bhai’s drunk driving. Expected this only from a bhai fan.

  • @bhai ka fan : wat a comment bro ..!! Well I agree wid u hamara bhaijaan ho hi nahi sakta woh sirf srk ka kaam hai aur woh driver karan johar tha .. ..

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