Badlapur Total Box Office Collections

Badlapur has collected Rs 24.25 crore in its first weekend at the box office. The film started well on Friday, showed excellent growth in business on Saturday and held strongly on Sunday even though it was competing against the India vs South Africa cricket match.

Last week’s release Roy had dropped by around 35% due to the India – Pakistan match, but this week the drop was less than 10% – like we mentioned in our report in the noon yesterday.

Badlapur is carrying good reports, which should help the film sustain well on Monday too. The morning shows today have started well, the drop is around 35-40% at multiplex centres that we tracked.

The Varun Dhawan film has already recovered around 50% of its investment in 3 days and has the best chance of going on to be the first clean hit of 2015. Varun’s first three films – Student Of The Year, Main Tera Hero and Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania were all major hits at the box office. If Badlapur does succeed, he will be the first mainstream actor in recent memory to deliver 4 back-to-back hits to begin his career.

Table below has the day wise box office collections of Badalpur. This page will be updated everyday with latest collections.

Day 4 Update: Badlapur has passed the dreaded Monday test with flying colours. The film has collected Rs 4.25 crore, which is a normal drop for Monday as multiplex sell tickets for a cheaper price during the weekdays.

Day 5 Update: Badlapur continued its steady run on Tuesday as the drop seems to be around 10% as per early estimates. The film has collected around 3.75 – 4 crore on Tuesday. The actual figures will be updated in the morning.

Box Office Collections in India (Crores)
Day 1 (Friday)7
Day 2 (Saturday)8.50
Day 3 (Sunday)8
Day 4 (Monday)4.05
Day 5 (Tuesday)3.35
Day 6 (Wednesday)3.01
Day 7 (Thursday)2.40
Day 8 (2nd Friday)1.4
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)2.07
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)2.55
Day 11 (2nd Monday)1.01
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)0.9
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)0.8
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)0.8
Day 15 (3rd Friday)0.8
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)0.8
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)0.9
Total Collections48.34 crore

Badlapur has also performed fairly well internationally. Breakdown of overseas collections for the first weekend below:

  • USA and Canada – Rs 1.42 crore
  • UAE – Rs 2.91 crore
  • Pakistan – Rs 1.27 crore
  • United Kingdom – Rs 0.42 crore
  • Australia and New Zealand – Rs 0.15 crore
  • Total Overseas Collections in 3 days – Rs 6.17 crore

Verdict – Pending (Likely to be the first HIT of 2015)



  • Now monday will face huge drop… Of around 55-60percent ….

    It need another 30cr to becum hit… Becoz even if it does 45-50cr official figure.. BOI will be much less … So it will not be hit by BOI just like MTH,SOTY which were not HIT by BOI …….

    So it need 55cr .. So that boi fig comes 45-50cr .. N it will be clean hit by all source ….

  • @indicine
    SOTY n MTH are not HITS …. !
    He as 1 clean hit in HSKD … And other 2 are above averages(Semi-Hits)

  • I have not seen Badlapur and though i don’t like Varun much i agree that he is the most popular young actor after Ranbir . All his movies have been Hits and that is a brilliant achievement . I didn’t like SOTY and MTH . While HSKD was an average movie but in the movie Varun was good . I have heard lot of appreciation for Varun . I hope whenever i watch Badlapur i like it .

  • Watched Badlapur.. Me and my roommates had the same opinion that the movie was awesome but the climax was ridiculous!!! 3.5/5

    Btw Hi Indicine readers.. Commenting here after a gap..

  • Varun is next Salman…
    Even Salman gives back to back 4-5 hit in his starting career…
    but our hr Gives back to back flops after knph…

  • Varun now trying to choose sensible movies,one actor among whole youngistan I like,I don’t even have interest in other’s movies except Shahid,Ranbir.

  • @ Indicine not chnged their verdict other website saying baby is semi-hit . Really i have lost faith on indicine . Anyway akki sir u are great . Airlift will be good film u rock sir .

  • baby was tagged by superhit by producers itself.
    no more debate on that( 96 crores domestic + 12 crore overseas).
    now badlapur as all you told, yes facing huge drop from today.
    it’ll maximum collect 36-38 crores. another flop from varun.
    pity for him, and all young stars…they never sustain.

  • I know @indicine speaks too much in favour of Varun Dhawan. ….
    Becoz Varun Retweets indicine Tweets And godfather of Varun Dhawan is Karan Johar who is Indicine’s Favourite person !! ….

    I have noted @indicine always do Favourism for Varun Dhawan n Siddhart Malhotra ….. Becoz they declared HTP, SOTY , MTH as hits …
    Becoz these actors r created by KJO ……..!! …

    Even Sid, varun were bad in films like Soty,MTh,Ek villain but they were praised by @indicine

  • Yes it deserves to be a HIT..although it is’nt that good..but still feel happy for VArun as he dared to try something out of the box such early in his career and gave a spirited performance..

    @nipun::I am addicted to Judai and Jeena Jeena too…Beautiful songs,I will rate Badlapur’s music album better than ROY.

  • @Maggi: Both Varun and Sid follow indicine on they have good enough chances of following their tweets and site..So indicine praise them but this praise is well deserved though.

  • i only like varun and ranbir among youngistan but i was expecting much more from badlapur.
    dissapointed !!!

  • He will get the biggest blockbuster of his life this christmas and he will get a substantial role in the movie because SRK is generous with other actors sharing screen space with him

  • @ shaggy : Varun has not yet been kicked out of someone’s life , unlike your bhai , (remember Ash, Kat, etc etc ) lol …

  • Badlapur Review:

    Sriram Raghavan known for some gritty and thriller films is back with his fourth venture. Thiugh, this time after a flop Agent Vinod (could have been made really well, had he executed the material well).This time he makes a film which he is quite capable of handling which happens to be a taut Suspense-Thriller.
    The movie revolves around a guy named Raghu who loses his family to an accident caused by Laik (Nawaz). How, Raghu wants to avenge his death of his family done by Laik is the ultimate premise of the film. The film’s premise is like any other Revenge Story but the way Raghavan treats it with a beautiful and a layered screenplay is what makes this a different film.
    Though, for a movie as such a genre, the thrill factor and a screenplay which needed to be flowing quicker, this films, ticks those boxes as well. It keeps you on the edge of the seat till the end moment on how the next twist and turns unfurl. This is what you expect from a Suspense-Thriller. Intriguing is the word, it never bores you a minute! The beginning of the second half made me little impatient but the Pre-climax and the climax portions take the movie back to that same excitement that had unravelled in the first half. Though, movie was a little slow for this genre and had it been edited a little crispier, it would have been a near perfect film! WATCH out for the CLIMAX.

    Varun Dhawan who sheds his lighter roles and takes this complex character at such an early stage is quite commendable and he does full justice to the character of Raghu, who wants to take an avenge on the ones who killed his family, no matter what. IMPRESSIVE! Nawas Bhai again delivers a stellar performance one after the other, this guy is taking the characters he portrays in each film to an altogether different film. What an ACTOR! Rest of the supporting actors including Vinay Pathak, Divya Dutta, Yami, Huma and Radhika Apte deliver superb performances and are true to their characters. Another plus of the movie is a great direction by Sriram who once again ignores the cliches’ of this genre and traverses through newer areas. BRILLIANT!

    Overall, a very satisfying film, which keeps you on the edge of your seats and a film that tells the same old Revenge story albeit, in a very different way. Great to see, Bollywood experimenting with such styles of film-making. A way above expectations. Do not miss this guys!
    My Rate: 4/5.

  • Badlapur is a good film, but not the best. But it will become first clean hit of 2015.lifetime will be around 50-53 cr. For me 3.5 starsstars out of 5.

  • I watched Badlapur and believe me i had really enjoyed, movie deserves instead hit a Super hit.
    and jealous peoples shut ur dirty hole for speak about Varun Dhawan he is really very promising actor.

  • @Babaji Ka Thullu .. Ohh so.. They follw them on Twitter …..

    If that is the case ….
    Then @indicine won’t be rating any varun-sid film below 3 stars. ..

    It is ridiculous that @indicine was the 1st to declare HTP as a hit.. Even though it is not a HIT …….
    Then film opened to low 3.2cr …..
    It is declared above average by all other site …..

    And so be prepared .. Every film of them will be rated above 3 by @indicine ….however BAD it maybe ….

    Sid was pathetic in Ek Villain still he got more praise by @indicine than Bandwagon RITESH …thatzwhat i m saying ……!

    • @Maggi and Babaji, just because certain stars follow or retweet us, doesn’t mean we praise whatever they do. Ranveer Singh and few other stars follow us too, but Kill Dil got 1.5 stars and box office reports were negative too. When a film does well at the box office, we praise it. Simple as that. Badlapur is doing well and several other critics rated it 4 or more.

      And finally, Hasee Toh Phasee was not declared a HIT. Check this page

  • @maggi

    Plus our nipin n kshitij too get favourable treatment by Indicine bcoz they follow n retweet tweets etc etc

    Sadly I cant get bash the chameleons bcoz the firewall that is Indicine protects their fav chameleons/ commenters…..

  • @sid

    I wont say welcome back as I was far too busy combatting the insanity / jealousy shown by Aamirs haters post PKs success…. A job I must say should have been done by his hardcore fans…. Now that you back please deal with Complan Boy as I must get back to the day job of defending Salman bhai against a new breed of orcs like javed, pathan etc etc

  • @soumya

    Ash got Vivek n then abhishek after bhai… Success right…

    Kat got Ranbir after bhai n numerous sleepless nights wondering if the next call in the middle of night will be from Deepika or Simi Garewal telling her of their one night stand with RK… Great going indeed whilst our bhai has reached newer heights of success never seen before in history of indian cinema… Heights jaadoo boy will never see despite having papas homemade movies and a manipulative kalkulator…

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