Baby Total Box Office Collections in India, Overseas, Worldwide

Akshay Kumar’s Baby is still running on limited shows in Week 5, but the film is set to end its run with net box office collections of around Rs 94.5 crore. The Neeraj Pandey film has collected Rs 94.05 crore in 4 weeks. It is the only film since November, apart from PK, to have sustained long enough to have a month long run at cinemas.

Baby has done reasonably well at the domestic box office, even though pre-release expectations were of a much higher grosser. Unfortunately though, Baby has failed to attract the overseas audience as the film has collected 20% less than Special 26.

Day-wise net box office collections of Baby in India.

DayCollections (INR Cr.)
Day 19.3
Day 211.17
Day 315.6
Day 414.9
Day 55.1
Day 64.25
Day 73.5
First Week Collections63.82 crore
Day 82.85
Day 93.99
Day 105.81
Day 112.2
Day 121.92
Day 131.94
Day 141.87
Second Week Collections20.85 crore
Day 151.31
Day 161.56
Day 171.87
Day 180.65
Day 190.6
Day 200.55
Day 210.55
Third Week Collections7.09 crore
Fourth Week Collections3.02 crore
Fifth Week Collections1.07 crore
Sixth Week Collections0.56 crore
Remaining Weeks0.5 crore
Total Collections in India96.91 crore

– Baby India Gross Collections (Net Rs 94.05 crore + Entertainment Tax Rs 34.62 crore) – Rs 128.67 crore

– Baby Overseas Collections – $2.31 million (Rs 14.32 crore)

– Baby Worldwide Collections (India gross Rs 128.67 crore + Overseas Rs 14.32 crore) – Rs 142.99 crore

Verdict – Above Average



  • Disappointed !!!! It deserve a clean Hit. Baby impacted due to 2 reasons : Akshay’s recent string of ordinary movies n PK storm !!!!!! I dont agree about low promotions and no songs. Almost same genre from same director with Naseeruddin sir did wonders – A Wednesday !!!

  • those full who are calling that akki has lost his stardom this is for them
    After 2009 they said akki lost his stardom He back with housefull hit in 2010 even his ghatiya film TMK became semi hit , they again repeated the same thing in 2011 that he has lost his stardom he back with houseful 3, RR ,omg and average k786
    In 2013 they again repeated but in that year he give a semihit special 26 ,
    even outimd get 90%to 100% opening,
    but he again give a hit holiday …
    Now in 2015 they again repeating that akki has lost ……
    But Baby has mainy negatives facts like —
    1 no song,very less promotion ,less repeat value because its a suspense film and In this genre once you know the suspense ….then thier is nothing to watch again ….., title is not mass friendly even their are many people who does not know about this film …
    multiplex film which became week side of akki because of his some nonsense film… max buisness came from multiplex …
    but after all this negative facts film collected approxx 95cr…..
    But haters this time akki bring backs his multiplex audience and his single screens hold is also good …….. so keep quiet ….
    akki fans dont reply the haters in a bad way ….. inke kehne se kuch nahi hota jo sach hai wo nahi badalta ….akki is always a superstar saal me 4-4 filme release karna aasan kaam nahi hai ….
    Even before release of CE they say the samething about my king khan even indicine pridicted 125 cr only for ce but what is the result you all know that …..
    This is not with only akki they say to every actors like
    Amir after talash they became silent after pk
    sallu after jai ho but they became silent after kick ..
    hrithik after kites and guzarish they silent after krish 3 and bang bang
    Ajay after himatwala but he back with S R..
    Most recent about rk but they will again became silent after sometimes …
    and arjun kapoor fan first see opening of HTP before saying anything about stardom of akki and sid and listen sid is bigger star than yor arjun kapoor …….and you are a Girgit this is right.. by the way you are a very funny man….hahaha sid is a bigger stardom than akki hahaha ….

  • @sss bro, thanks alot ! agreed with u!
    but if hope dilwale releases on 18 december really nice date.
    if it releases on 18 dec then i can challenge all movies records.
    but if it releases on 25th of december then 300 crore will be too hard to get becoz of christmas falling on friday that is why it will have 3 days weekend not good.
    and i hope fan release this year either on 23th of sept or 2nd of oct but not 2016.
    i hope raees gets released on eid 2016
    don 3 christmas 2017 .

  • how baby is a flop movie,think the website is fooling to public,the makers are not so fool to celebrate the success party of the movie if the movie was loosing aafair, seems these websites has problem with the Akshay starrer movie always verdict it on low side,and the next thing is films verdict is given by looking net indian collection rather than judging to the overseas collection of the movies.

  • @megha bae.,, yea wat was there in the movie to promote cos indians r amature to understand movie like this ,, nd yea wat’s in the movies like “HNY” & “CE” to promote .,, yea cos they have deepika, i dont want to excise on “EBOLA FACED” GRK .,,

    Beta ab main reason batata hu “kyun khans or hritik or ajay” ki movies 100crrs jaldi cross kar leti he aur akki k nahi !!!


    1) all khans can do 1 movie max per year so their fans eagrly waits for their movies.,, and also they realses their movies only in festiv seasons like “EID”, “DIWALI” & “CHRISMAS”
    – besides salman’s 2 films had released on non festive days in last 5 years nd amir nd srk has none .,,

    – so verdict is here khans’r superstar only on festive seasons as their movies are solo released on 4000-5000 screens with twice the price nd multiplexs have to run their movies non- stop 2 weeks .,,
    – pk’s price was double till 3rd week

    – so now think who’se real superstar ⁉️
    – does any khans can give hit like baby wich released only in 2250 screens in india with only 2 holidays .,,

    – so all khans r coward ??
    No they’re not then real reson is below

    Khan’s can’t do more then one or two movie per year it’s not because they don’t want to do, it’s because they’re getting old, easily injured and can’t do more then two films per year .,

    > SRK injured on the set of “till i live” & now on the set of “fan” (getting old quickly)
    – can do films 3 years max.,,

    > Salman injured on the set of “1 tiger😜”, “Jai ho” & “Kick”.
    – can do films 4 years max.,,

    > Amir injured on the set of “2lash” & “d3”.
    – can do films 5 years max.,,

    > AKKI injured !!! When !! Never heard 😜
    – AKKI is the unstoppable horse, he never tires & can’t be stopped At Least next 10 years👍

    (All 3 khans & even AJAY will no more in Bollywood after 5 years but AKKI will go long as he’s so fit & his passion about films.,,)

    # Bollywood without khans after 5 years, RIP_KHANS.,,

    # AKKI will going to make 2007 again at the B/O this year in 2015.

    1) BABY
    2) GABBAR

    AKKI CAN MAKE 1000 CROREs IN 2015.,,

  • u crazy srk fans nvr understood what acting is..
    u just lk entertainment Nt moral
    bt youngsters like real story action like Hollywood
    people like u nvr gvs chance to enter bollywood to Hollywood
    Do u thnk movie like hny.Chennai express give us Oscar
    the dubbed movie of south like kick.ready bullshit
    growup preper ur self to watch some different kind of movie like lunchbox,baby,satyagrah.badlapur etc
    Nt masala movies
    for peoples lk u overseas market down..
    akki u doing a good job in baby
    and srk made a wrost in hny
    dats true and every1 knws dat
    bt dey had Fav actr in mind..dats just vad attitude guies

  • In india people loves only dhoom type movie.
    Totally disaster but total collection is approax 500 crore

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