Baby Total Box Office Collections in India, Overseas, Worldwide

Akshay Kumar’s Baby is still running on limited shows in Week 5, but the film is set to end its run with net box office collections of around Rs 94.5 crore. The Neeraj Pandey film has collected Rs 94.05 crore in 4 weeks. It is the only film since November, apart from PK, to have sustained long enough to have a month long run at cinemas.

Baby has done reasonably well at the domestic box office, even though pre-release expectations were of a much higher grosser. Unfortunately though, Baby has failed to attract the overseas audience as the film has collected 20% less than Special 26.

Day-wise net box office collections of Baby in India.

DayCollections (INR Cr.)
Day 19.3
Day 211.17
Day 315.6
Day 414.9
Day 55.1
Day 64.25
Day 73.5
First Week Collections63.82 crore
Day 82.85
Day 93.99
Day 105.81
Day 112.2
Day 121.92
Day 131.94
Day 141.87
Second Week Collections20.85 crore
Day 151.31
Day 161.56
Day 171.87
Day 180.65
Day 190.6
Day 200.55
Day 210.55
Third Week Collections7.09 crore
Fourth Week Collections3.02 crore
Fifth Week Collections1.07 crore
Sixth Week Collections0.56 crore
Remaining Weeks0.5 crore
Total Collections in India96.91 crore

– Baby India Gross Collections (Net Rs 94.05 crore + Entertainment Tax Rs 34.62 crore) – Rs 128.67 crore

– Baby Overseas Collections – $2.31 million (Rs 14.32 crore)

– Baby Worldwide Collections (India gross Rs 128.67 crore + Overseas Rs 14.32 crore) – Rs 142.99 crore

Verdict – Above Average



  • Baby is a disappointment overall. This was Akshay’s big film to shine. Word of mouth was incredible, best of the year by far and it also had 2 major holidays in first weekend itself. Huge opportunity for a big grosser has been lost, but it could also be because the industry is going through a dull phase.

  • Dear indicine please do not post about calculation of movie for becoming a u said 90cr for baby but now u gvng abv averg

    • @Bipin, for the last time, Baby would have been a HIT if it had performed better in the overseas markets, as well as fetch a good sum from Satellite rights. Before release, we expected the film to do better than Special 26 in the overseas markets. But it hasn’t. That money has to be recovered from India business, which again, it hasn’t. We are not here to respond to people who have absolutely no understanding of trade, but talk about verdicts.

  • to all akki fans those were saying that akki films not get holidays otherwise akki will break all records now see what happen also he had given flop on indepedence day release in the form of ouatim so akki fans pls accept that akshay does not deserve for holiday release.

  • Baby is a success after all because these kind films gets critically acclaimed but success not to all first 100 cr+ grosser of 2015

  • When off-beat films like Bhag Milkha Bhag etc work then why not BABY. Basically very few people are interested in watching Akki on big screen. In my opinion, Akki films should be released on TV via DTH. This way his films can earn more.

  • movies like baby talash type not loved by majority of people so it is nice collection, majority of ppl love brainless movies

  • feel sad for baby it was a v gd film that deserved to b hit but unfortunately couldn’t achieve wat it deserved.anyways badlapur will surely b a hit bcz of gd content and most importantly low budget as unlike greedy akki,varun doesn’t take excessive fees for his films as while signing a film he thinks about the exhibitors,dustributors and everyone

  • Once again an “A” rated film like Badlapur has better occupancy than BABY. Akki, please stop making films. 70 cr star

  • T-Series is the villain. They promoted a shit like ROY against BABY. Poor Marketing. Terrible Promotions. Akshay is responsible too for poor promotions.

    BABY almost had zero visibility among people. Even low budget films like ALONE, KHAMOSHIYAN & thrash like TEVAR had better promotions.


  • no doubt baby deserves to be in 100 cr grosser but neverthless it has done well .with no masala factor no songs no top heroine 95 cr is gud.

  • It is very sad that called Baby is an above average movie still whereas Baby collected 95 crore, every other sites are called Baby a Semi-Hit movie.

    For me Baby is Super Hit

  • Then indicine….Happy new year also lost money for some distributors…but you declared it as a clean HIT…Do you really think you have a better understanding of “Trade”?

    • @Waqas, How did Happy New Year lose money for ‘some’ distributors? YRF was the sole distributor of the film. India share was nearly 100 cr. Overseas share nearly 50 crore. Recovery from theatrical business itself was 150 crore. Does not include Satellite, Music and other rights. No question of the film not being a clean hit.

  • @indicine I request u to not waste ur precious time by responding to silly queries like y baby isn’t a hit,y hny is superhit!!!

    I also intially had asked u about the reason y baby not getting a hit status but when y made clear the reason I understood this logic.but this stupid akki fans hv zero understanding of trade just like their idol Mr.akki who is wasting his career by every doing craps for money which is the main reason behind underperformance of his films

  • what was there in the movie to promote???

    the makers did not have a clear vision what they wanted to say…!!!

    hundreds of films have been made on the same story… is neeraj pandey mad??? akshay kumar.. doesnt he see what kind of film he is doing??

    and they expect us to see such crap…

    the public is not mad though some websites and critics who are heavy patrons of anything bollywood are..!!

  • Ok! @Indicine, so how about bang bang?which budget 140cr and you declared HIT. Why?
    Bang Bang budget is 140cr.
    Bang Bang collection is 180cr.

    Baby budget is 72.5cr.
    Baby collection is 96cr end of run.
    As per budget, bang bang is double budget while Baby half of bang bang.
    Baby atleast deserve Semi-Hit.

  • @ indicine team i am always with as a srk fan.
    but i have asked many questions yet i have not gotten any reply!
    1st: can srk have eid 2016 for raees ?
    i mean salman sultan is also slated for the same date.
    2nd: if srk with rohit shetty releases on 25th of december, will it have a chance to cross 250 crore?
    or if srk releases on 18 of december a week before christmas which one is better date?
    25th of december or 18 december?
    i know u will say it depends on content.
    but dhoom 3 and pk released a week before christmas it waz trending well !
    so plz answer to my question kindly!

  • @ indicine team, plz give my reply kindly!
    i have been here in ur site since chennai express so i hope u will answer i asked the main question!

  • This guy “ARJUN KAPOOR FAN” is a douche bag. Whenever I open up an article…I get bombarded with his irritating comments.

  • Akki disappoints us this time since his movie collected more than 70 cr.
    Well, that is a huge achievement. congrats to all akki fans.

  • 90+ crore isn’t bad but certainly below expectations considering the fact that WOm was so good and the film had received praises from all critics.
    But if he does couple of movies like Baby just like Airlift he could restore the faith of audience in him.Waiting for Gabbar since it would be a good movie unlike some of the recently released masala movies

  • 70cr barrier star’s fan must be dissapointed.and some losers are also asking about HNY.some flopakki fans challenged me baby will cross 120cr,yeah its baby’s gross collection.varun is far better actor as well bigger star than akki.

    @javed,I can answer to those questions though I’m not an expert like @indicine.

    1st: EID slot is still not confirmed by any superstar.BTW salman got 2 big holiday release in this next year chance of of getting eid gain difficult for salman.if once EXCEL entertainment will decide to release RAEES on EID,YRF couldn’t release against KING KHAN.BTW RITESH SIDHWANI is planning to release RAEES in a big holiday.

    2nd: if “DILWALE” will have at least average content like CE ,then definitely 300CR is on.if better than sky is the pk doubled the ticket price so it did 340cr otherwise UT’s collection is leas than d3 considering normal ticket price.

    But if you ask me ,then considering Christmas +ROHIT-SRK COMBO ,than 300+cr definite.because casting even more star cast like varun will even create a big impact as well it resembles “DILWALE” has best definitely it will do 350+cr with out hiking ticket price like pk.and last but not least KING SRK-ROHIT combo is the biggest threat to even bigger films that we have seen in past ,it thrashed 3i with facing 3 releases.

    3rd: definite 18/19 is best because any how 1st weekend will collect huge and 2ndly CHRISTMAS will take the collection to even more height.while 25th release depends upon good content to trend well that only ROHIT can easily afford.

  • Indicine team is great so all akki fans plz stop and accept that baby is a failure bcoz TIPS invested 75 Crore and all recoveries are 65-68 Crore so a definite loss. If u or few paid critics liked the movie then that does not mean all people liked it. Next time RESPECT Indicine team.

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