I don’t think I’ll be good as host of Bigg Boss: Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has said that he doesn’t think he is good enough to host a show like Bigg Boss. SRK was said to be in talks for the recently concluded season of Bigg Boss, but it was his good-friend Salman Khan who continued as host.

In an interview to a local daily, Khan said “With due respect to all the other shows, I donít think I am fit for anything other than the shows I have been associated with. As for Bigg Boss, no itís not my cup of tea. In terms of how the contestants lead their lives and all, itís a beautiful show. And I think Salman does it really well and Farahís done it really well too. I see snippets of it. People in my house see it. I have never been intrigued to host it. But yes, watching it as an audience, I am open to seeing Bigg Boss. As a host, I donít think I will be very good at it.”

SRK also praised Salman and Aamir for their stints on television “Salman, I believe is fabulously watchable as a host. Even Dus Ka Dum was very cool and now heís doing Bigg Boss… People enjoy themselves on the small screen and thatís why Salman or Aamir do it. Aamir really loves the social service stuff that he does and is very pertinent of his ideas. Heís happy doing it. For me, I am a television star hoping to be a film star. So when I become a film star, I will try to be a TV star again. I am still struggling, but these guys are good at their job”

When asked about doing a fictional show like Fauji or Circus, he jokingly said “If they can afford me! But I doubt television can afford me”



  • Well said srk…he was really honest with his opinions…even i never thought he could be a good host for big boss..bcz he isnt loud as salman…

  • Incorrect:….!! ..
    LEGEND srk can host good …..!! ..

    LEGEND Salman also good host on big boss ……!! ..

    Akki hosted a very good show Khatron ke Khiladi strongly……!! …

    Legend Salman,Legend Srk and Akki .. All are the Pillars and Fort-holders of indian cnema…….. ..!!

  • bigg boss belongs to Salman and Salman only…
    I think sallu will definitely host KBC after 4-5 year…
    srk well said..
    sallu n aamir rocks

  • SRK you rock man…very truthful and honest…but I don’t think you are too bad as a host…KBC was killed by comparison with BIG B…ZK JHATKA was a money raiser for RA.1…only pannchvi pas failure totally rest upon you…but don’t worry…tv people didn’t even gave much trp to Satyameva Jayate also..so irrespective of failure I wish yoi best of luck for Shanpatii

  • Even BB is getting low trps…seems like people are fade up with it…@shaggy – Big boss belongs to 1st Arshad Warsi then Shilpa then Big B and now Salman…its main driven force is shilpa winning Big Brother…lol…

  • Lool srk “if they can afford me” I still think he is the best host possible as he is the wittiest and the funniest person in bollywood. He does great job as a host during award shows aswell.

  • Wah wah wah wah wah!!!!!what a big heart HE has?how can a man could be so kind hearted,soft spoken an down to earth even after cahievung all things.hats off to you that’s why you’re deserving to called the “THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD”.BTW I don’t when the other 2 khans even can achieve 10% of the grest persona you have.

    BTW big boss has us a hit show by itself hardly any one could impact more/less.smj is social show for the reason why opportunist choosen the show to show his acting talent is there.BTW KING KHAN is the 1st actor among all time gibe a hit t.v show FAUJI.

  • Srk is surely the best host.Nobody in the industry has the wit of Srk.He is unmatched when it comes to entertaining his fans and making them smile

  • well said our king.
    if akki host big boss then 70 people would watch it every weekend. poor akki.
    I”m afraid that akki will follow ice vanila’s footsteps.

  • SAROOK To Release His 90s Blockbusters Duplicate,Trimurti n Guddu in 3D to earn some goodwill nd appreciation before FAN Release

  • Srk’s stardom seem big against such cheap and vulgar big boss, actors like salman can host such shows but srk is well respected man who doesn’t hav match with such cheap shows

  • he’s good for nothing.
    pathetic flop actor. all his movies for last 4 years awarded with golden kela awards.
    an actor who should now..atleast switch his profession. its all over.

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