Akshay Kumar or Ranbir Kapoor – The bigger star?

Q. Can Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Main Gabbar’ cross 100 crore mark because on the same day one of the biggest franchise of Hollywood ‘Avengers 2’ is also releasing – Vishal Mehta

A. We can only answer questions about the box office prospects of films once the trailer has been released. The release of ‘Avengers 2’ will affect business at high-end multiplexes, but Main Gabbar is also targeted at the masses, so the impact is unlikely to be more than 10-15%. 100 crore or not depends on content.

Q. Can Roy break Gunday’s lifetime collection and become the highest grossing film of February? – Pratikshya

A. Roy has absolutely no chance of crossing the 50 crore mark now, so the Top 3 grossers of February will remain the same – Gunday (78 cr), My Name Is Khan (73 cr) and Special 26 (69 cr). This week’s release Badlapur has a chance if it does well for 2-3 weeks.

Q. Akshay Kumar or Ranbir Kapoor – the biggest star? – Vyom Mankad

A. Currently, it’s Ranbir Kapoor. The opening of his extended special appearance film Roy has bettered Baby both at multiplexes and single-screens. Akshay commands a huge following in smaller centres, but they wouldn’t come out in big numbers for a song-less thriller like Baby. As far as opening is concerned, Akshay has been fairly consistent but his following in bigger centres and multiplex dominated areas has dropped in the last few years. Brothers is his biggie, a film that could take a opening of 25-30 crore like Singham Returns (releasing on the same day too!). You can also check our latest ranking of stars – Top 15 Actors in India


Q. Since Shahrukh Khan’s FAN is a content driven film can it earn 300 crore? – Jaggu

A. The key for a 300 crore film is favourable festive release period, fantastic word-of-mouth and universally appealing genre. A film has to perform extra-ordinarily well in all circuits to earn 300 crore. Chak De India was one of the most acclaimed content-driven films of its time, but earned about 20 crore less than Om Shanti Om which was a commercial entertainer. The reason why PK earned Rs 340 crore was because Raju Hirani / Abhijat Joshi are arguably the best minds in the industry when it comes to picking subjects that content with majority of Indians. Hirani is a master director too, the undisputed best today. That’s not to say the others aren’t capable. A film like Andaz Apna Apna would shatter records today.

Q. Why Akshay Kumar films don’t get record-breaking opening. Is this the end of his super stardom? – Kritagya

A. Akshay has been in the industry for more than 20 years now and has firmly established himself as one of the top actors. One or two flops is not going to affect him. Having said that, because he has 3-4 releases every year, he needs to either reduce the number of films that he does or get the economics (budget) of his films right. The only way to get the economics right is to reduce his acting fee or produce the film himself. Most of his films cost around 60-70 crore to make and the average collections of his last 4-5 films is around 70-80 crore, which means most of his films do not recover investment through theatrical business and instead rely on satellite and other rights. The satellite market has crashed, which is making recovery even more difficult.

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  • If FAN releases on 2nd October, then it will get 3 OPEN weeks & 350 cr will be a cakewalk as content will be guaranteed good.

    MS DHONI will affect but not like big films. So till Diwali FAN will do superb business.

  • what a silly question-who is bigger star rk or akki??? lol

    for last 3yrs rk has been ahead of superstar akki who has past his prime long time back.but yes brothers can get 25cr-30cr thanx to the huge fan following and trust factor that sid enjoys in urban centers

  • @indicine
    why is everybody promotin badlapur ?? .. I also saw on twitter many handles like @zoomtv which r neutral handles …
    Also @taran adarsh .. Who is tweetin under the favour of badlapur continously although opening is low …….

    I also notice many strict reviewer giving generous rating to badlapur although film is strictly average (read my review 2/5 ) !!
    Why biased toward particular actor only ?? .. Why not praise other actor also in equal mount ?? ..

    Also @indicine twitter handle also showering excessive praises to get RT’s ……!! ..

  • @Arjun kapoor fan ….
    Sid ‘s hasee to pasee opening day is 3.2 cr biz …. How come he has dependable ?? … Ek villain opened due to ritesh n gud music …

  • @Arjun kapoor fan ….
    Sid ‘s hasee to pasee opening day is 3.2 cr biz …. How come he has dependable ?? … Ek villain opened due to ritesh n gud music … !! ..

    I think u r proven foolish commenter on indicine..

  • Waiting for Bombay Helmet to tank at the boxOffice…Budget has gone out of control bcoz of greedy RK…It won’t collect more than 70crs..
    It will be promoted heavily bcoz of RK and Mrs.KJo but will crash badly.
    Verdict:All Time Disaster..

  • that is silly question, akki’s best film struggled to get good opening at box office while Ranbir’s worst film Besharam collected more than 20 cr which is Akki’s dream so Ranbir is miles ahead of king 70 cr.
    Akki should retire soon otherwise he will make producers and the industry bankrupt.

  • Don’t worry Akki fans…Main Gabbar will open to a fantastic response inspite of clash with Avengers 2..Akki films always clashes with other films still emerges as a winner..Just we need few chartbuster songs .
    Waiting for Main Gabbar trailer.

  • Still wondering how FAN has already become a “content driven” film when even its release date is’nt confirmed yet???

  • Fan has a realistic chance of crossing CE’s collection.But it could be Srk’s most loved film in recent times.Want to see the “Actor” Srk back in the movie.
    Gabbar has a great script but the makers will have to rework on it since the tamil movie had some melodramatic moments which won’t appeal the mass audience.But if the movie has couple of good songs it would cross the 100 crore mark

  • Yeah finally! Indicine has given the answer to 60 cr star fanatics like Ajinkya. Ranbir has already beaten Akki long back. Now he is in the #4 position in bollywood, just behind the Khans.

  • Rohit shetty is anytime bigger than raju hirani. Hirani’s film work due to content n controversy, even a film like singhm2 got earthsheltering opening with ajay devgn. Dilwale will shelter pk record

  • Ranbir is a bigger than akki there is no doubt abt that only he can challenge the mega khans salmir
    andaz apna apna can do 400cr today
    fan 300cr what a joke indicine is it worth answering

  • Fan is a low budget film, if it do 150cr plus then it will a blockbuster, but acc to me fan will beat ce n chances to cross 250cr if it is as good as cdi.

  • can some1 pls tell me where this perception of “fan” being critically acclaimed has come from?
    I mean,wtf?No one knows anything about the movie… but…”its a content driven film”…wtf again?
    guys pls don’t act like illiterates monkeys…at least let the first look come out b4 jumping to any conclusion..

  • Fan crossing 300 crore- biggest joke of all time. SRK without Deepika/Rohit Shetty- 120 crore max
    SRK doesnt have the stardom to cross even 150 crore without Deepika/Rohit Shetty.
    Fan- 150 crore
    Raees- 100 crore
    Dilwaale- 200 crore max

  • no doubt akki is behind ranbir in terms of opening at least.
    no discussion on that faltu topic.
    akki fans can think whatever they like.
    result of each of his last films is infront of everyone.
    its upon themselves what they can think.
    and people like tiger the real king should mind their own business.
    worry about your sanskrit book type “remake ratan dhan payo” and “bhikhari bhaijaan”
    worry about your jaiho and your bhai’s overseas performance.
    our king is consistent enough to cross 200 cr twice in a row ,, 200+ worldwide 6 times in a row ,, 100 cr plus opening weekend twice in a row ,, 100 cr plus overseas twice in a row ,,
    people like legend will you explain the result of talash in overseas and india both??
    3.7 billion ka shot amrte rehte he navin tiger legend etc but they never see that despite of 2 cr + fake fb fans ,, jaiho didnt cross even ra.one in both india as well as overseas.
    u can have dreams.
    i believe in reality.
    reality is that srk is baap of all in terms of consistency be it india or overseas.

  • why not fan has best chance reason!
    5 days weekend: 140 or 150 crore
    1st week 185 crore
    lifetime 250 to 310 crore
    i know all srk fans will definitely watch this loved movie both domistic and overseas.
    the highest grossing movie of 2015 will be fan even i bet to indicine team make no mistake.
    ” don’t underestimate the power of a common man.”
    srk keep rocking
    now empty minded losers will say it will not cross 200 forget 300 crore.😛😛😛

  • Last time i published a comment which was about Top 3 Highest Grossers of each Month . It get a phenomenal response from both Indicine and the viewers . So now i will post an another interesting comment for all Box Office Lovers and i hope all people enjoy it thoroughly . Most people know the Top 10 Highest Grossers of Bollywood in India . But i will present befire you the Top 10 Highest Grossers of Bollywood in India released on a Non Holiday Period (Without Eid, Diwali and Christmas) . I hope you all will enjoy it …….

    1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewaani – 189 CR – Ranbir Kapoor .
    2. Bang Bang ! – 181 CR – Hrithik Roshan .
    3. Singham Returns – 141 CR – Ajay Devgn
    4. Rowdy Rathore – 134 CR – Akshay Kumar .
    5. Agneepath – 123 CR – Hrithik Roshan .
    6. Ready – 121 CR – Salman Khan .
    7. Housefull 2 – 116 CR – Akshay Kumar .
    8. Goliyon Ki Raas Leela : Ram Leela – 115 CR – Ranveer Singh .
    9. Holiday : A Soldier Is Never Off Duty – 113 CR – Akshay Kumar .
    10. Jai Ho ! – 112 CR – Salman Khan .

    Final Analysis :
    Akshay – 3
    Hrithik – 2
    Salman – 2
    Ranbir – 1
    Ajay – 1
    Ranveer – 1

    I hope you all like my comment . I am waiting for your interesting replies . Really Excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Indicine loved your andaz apna apna comment u guys hav ur own andaz
    we want a remake/sequel of this cult film aiyla ooyi maa
    fan will do 300/2

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