Baby Movie Review: Akshay Kumar – Neeraj Pandey Film

After PK, we all hoped for a shift towards good content oriented films and the combination of Neeraj Pandey and Akshay Kumar had already raised hopes (after their previous outing in ‘Special 26’) in delivering yet another gripping film. The theatrical trailer of ‘Baby’ had created the much needed buzz in promising a sleek action thriller film. Unlike most films featuring a superstar in the lead, Baby wasn’t marketed aggressively as the makers were super-confident of the product and always believed that the content will speak for itself. Does ‘Baby’ live upto those expectations? Read the review to find out!

Story: The country is constantly under attack by terrorists, and while we always see the forces battling the terrorists during the attacks, a newly-formed elite team decide to tackle the terrorists when the attacks are being masterminded!

Akshay Kumar (Ajay Singh Rajput) is an officer who is a part of an elite team chosen by Danny Denzongpa from amongst the best in the forces to form a confidential Counter Intelligence Unit. In the course of foiling one terrorist attack bid, Ajay discovers a major threat to the nation – a plan to cause damage and strike fear at the heart of our very existence. The plot is masterminded by a maniacal leader Rashid Naz (Maulana Mohammed Rehman) whose organization has its tentacles spread across the world. As days progress, the unit goes through constant leads and challenges to pin down the main mastermind.

Baby Movie Review

Baby Movie Review

Since the movie is an Indian espionage action thriller film, there is always a risk of one weak scene or one dull moment ruining the pace and mood of the film. However, the script and every scene in ‘Baby’ is so well crafted that it leaves you speechless. Ajay’s (Akshay) interrogation sequence with Jameel Khan (Taufeeq) where he clearly explains the difference between religion and nationality will be greeted with whistles and claps. The last 35-40 mins of the film where Ajay is helped in his mission with Om Prakash Shukla and Jai Singh Rathore is without doubt the best climax scene in recent times.

Baby Review: Performances and Character Analysis

Baby is one of those rare films where even characters that have just one scene have managed to stand out. Akshay Kumar as Ajay delivers the performance of his life. From his dialogue delivery to his body language while handling the emotional sequences with his family, Akshay lives the character of Ajay. It’s his tribute to the many unsung heroes of the country who have sacrificed their lives on their undercover missions.

Anupam Kher as Om Prakash Shukla appears towards the last 40 mins of the film, instantly bringing a smile to your face. A shift from the serious roles he plays, watch him when he refuses to leave the gang behind. Tapsee Pannu plays Priya Suryavanshi, an outstanding shift from her character in Chashme Badoor, watch her in the sequence when she fights Javed (Sushant). Not one frame in the entire fight will look exaggerated. Rasheed Naz (Maulana Rahman) is the find of the film. His character, his look and his speech will establish the fact that there could be no better villain for Baby. Towards the end of the film, as an audience, you begin to hate him so much that you actually applaud when he is pinned down. Hallmark of a great movie.

Kay Kay Menon (Bilal Khan) may have less screen time but his performance reinstates the fact that great performances are all about quality and not the length of a role. Danny Denzongpa is cast to perfection and delivers a mature performance. Watch him in the scene where he explains to the minister that we do not do enough for those who sacrifice their lives for the country.
Madhurima Tuli as Ajay’s wife and Mikaal Zulfiqar are good too.

Baby Review: Technical Aspects and Background Score

Baby is definitely one of the best shot and visually appealing films in recent times. The film is shot across Kathmandu, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Delhi and Mumbai. Across every location the cinematography is beautiful and every sequence is captured with such grandeur and scale that it enlightens the experience of watching a high adrenaline film. Special Mention to the DOP (Director of Photography) Sudeep Chatterjee. This is probably the first Indian film where an Octocopter Drone (like helicopter cameras) is used to capture aerial shots. Also, a lot of scenes have been shot on live locations like busy streets to keep the authenticity of the script intact.

The background score by Sanjoy Chowdhuary is perfectly in sync with the mood of the film. Editing by Shree Narayan Singh is crisp and the length of the film is optimum.

Overall, Baby will not only be one of the best films of the year but will also be remembered as one of Akshay Kumar’s finest works. If Rajkumar Hirani is the king of slice-of-life feel good films, then it would be safe to say Neeraj Pandey is the king of the thriller- drama genre. Absolute must watch!

Rating: ★★★★½



  • What a great review by you Indicine . I don’t remember when was the last time you gave a movie 4.5 stars please tell me . 4.5 stars means the movie is almost perfect . Neeraj Pandey take a bow you are a real gem of a director . A Wednesday and Special 26 are both brilliant movies and i love both these movies . Trailer dekh kar hi samajh gaya tha yeh movie faadu hogi . We need such kind of movies . This movie will be damn awesome . I am hoping that this movie will have fabulous action sequences . Iss Saal Bahut Saari Diwali Kab Tak Rok Sakoge !!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs Up for the review !!!! You Rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @saksham i think they gave 4.5 to the lunchbox…besides that don’t think they have ever given 4.5 to a film.

    • @ Saksham

      One more dialogue
      Sushant Singh: Bata toh diya! phirr kyu maaara…
      Akshay Sir: in a serious mode Aadat hai! …. lol

  • @ Indicine

    You are right Akshay sir told at an interview that Ba By’s last 40 mins will be remember to everyone and push movie to different level, also Akki sir said that last 40 mins u can not move anywhere from ur seats.

    4.5 is Excellent ratings by indicine and other sites sure movie will be superhit.

  • Fantastic review….also read the reviews in bollywood hungama and midday…all praised the movie…sure to watch it!!…there was a special screening for the mumbai police force and they all gave thumbs up to the movie and it was mentioned that all of them stood up and clapped at the end..the video is available online….cheers Akki ,Neeraj and team….

  • Baby Movie review so far by some others
    Taran Adarsh – 4.5/5
    Kiara Sandhu – 5/5
    Bollywood Rate – 5/5
    India Cinema Magazine : 5/5
    Joginder Tuteja : 5/5

  • So the movie has lived up to its pre-release hype.If we go by the reviews it has a possibility to collect more than 150 crores

  • Woah!!! one of the best review Which I read from Indicine. I hope this lives upto my expectations. I am Hrithik fan but if this movie is in league of something like A Wednesday then I won’t mind it breaking Agneepath record. To give its record to a worthy successor is always welcomed.

  • Will watch it here in Australia. Akshay ia sucha versatile actor. If he stops doind nonsense masala/comedy and Sajid foolish khan then he would be in the top of his game. Sign good scripts Akshay, u deserve more.

  • is movie shot in Istanbul ?? the famous blue mosque that was in saiyara song as well is highlighted in the poster..just under the title,

  • neeraj pandey redefined the gener of thriller film in india, hope that action in movie should equal to Hollywood. akki is at his best. looking forward to the film. expectation at its high level. last but not least, review is good..

  • Wow..!!
    4.5 !!
    Will catch up on republic day. This movie can be turned out a path-breaking movie in Akshay’s carrier. I have been telling from the beginning that Akshay is not less than anyone in any context – whether it is drama,action or romance. But he was simply wasting his talent signing 3-4 movies in a year that too movies like Entertainment, Joker etc. Looking forward to see more Holiday, S26 types of movies from Akshay.

  • sss su…su…… khan is it u , really praising someone other than srk? can’t believe it all!! perhaps its the 1st time u commented something sensible on indicine but kya yeh tere kudh ka comment tha ? I doubt it, u must have copied it from some akki fan .

    ya I already commented ‘baby’ to be akki’s career best performance in a serious role and it really turns out to be true, I want its sequel baby 2 to star ajay D or hrithik R in it, I am expecting baby to gross more than RR & become akki’s highest grossing movie, it should happen for sure :)

  • Looking from some other website reviews and our very own indicine review , I think this is the 1st film that didn’t have any bad points or thumbs down section in any review section…unbelievable…sorry to be little optimistic but i think this movie deserves to be in the coveted 200 crore club…not for akshay or neeraj pandey but that good film club as mentioned earlier by vidhu vinod chopra…i will watch this movie especially on 26th January, just wanna feel that patriotic feeling on that very day…

  • Baby will rock. I am eagerly waiting to watch this weekend. Republic Day on Jan 26 should give boost to collections. I wish this movie becomes first 200 crs for Akshay, more than collections it will be one of the best thriller in the history of Hindi Cinema. Now wheres @floppy @Kunal Kohli & @Sambudhha (Arjun Kapoor FAN) ?? who were bashing Akshay for his flop movies !!!!!!!!!!

  • this film is a solo hero film, its lead protsgonist akki has given good performance, rest give a good supporting role performance. for example jai had danny, tabu, or kick had mithunda but we don’t call it multistarrer, because we know salman is the lead protagonist that doesn’t have second hero, same way baby’s lead protagonist is akshay, rest come in the last 40 minutes, danny was brilliant though as he was in jai ho.

  • 1st Day-14Cr
    1st WeekEnd-50Cr
    1st Week-90Cr
    2nd Weekend-25Cr(Total-115Cr)
    2nd Week-30Cr
    Total after run ends-150Cr Superhit!!!

  • @Indicine How many WorldWide Screens does Baby have and how much would it collect on 1st day in Overseas

  • judging by the promo alone I feel akshay’s performance acting looks a lot better than holiday. holiday he was good but baby he looks even better. he looks like the serious khiladi in main khiladi tu anari. akshay kumar used to be some dashing looking hero in his 90s and mid 2000 period and now he has aged well despite not looking the hunky khiladi before he has turned into a better qactor.

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