Sabse Shaana Kaun? Shahrukh Khan’s New TV show

It’s official. Shahrukh Khan’s New TV show has been titled ‘India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun?’, a show where common people can show their street-smartness and win big.á

SRK won’t just be a part of the show, but will also be the face of the new Hindi entertainment channel ‘&TV’.

The show,áproduced by Big Synergy, will go on floors in the month of March. It will be aimed towards the common public who can participate in the show and will have to answer simple general knowledge question to win prize money.

More details soon. For now, check out the exclusive first look ofáSabse Shaana Kaun? featuring Shahrukh Khan as the host!

SRK's Sabse Shaana Kaun

SRK’s Sabse Shaana Kaun



    • @sambuddha aka Arjun Kapoor Fan: Stop it now,u are creating fake Id to bash Akki!! If you have dare then face akki fans you chameleon.

  • @indicine loving this new website interface, did not log on to your website since the last couple of days, logged on now and found an all new indicine ? with improvisation.
    Way to Go !! ?

  • An interesting news . Personally i thought he will come on TV but he has surprised me . Let’s hope this show becomes successful and popular . This can become successful if there is novelty but if it is same like other Quiz shows then it will not work . Because TV audiences are becoming intelligent so they are accepting new kind of shows .

  • Well he hve 3.7 Billions Fans !! Yes Dats y His Sh°ws Gets the lowest TRPs :v

    Grow up SRK fans !!
    he hve ghnta 3.7 billions fans !!!

    Akshay nd salman most popular superstar of country (y)

  • Shirish Kunder is the smartest for getting his revenge on King through wife farahs crapgiri HNY…. Movie made King look like a right LOSER n this show will only highlight that perception. FLOP

    • @Navin bhai great one. your jokes and satires always rock. but one thing I would like to add is that this one sounds much similar to the epic show called paanchvi pass se tezz hai. so this one might compete with KAPPSTH. LOL.

  • Answer to that question by King is pretty obvious… Aamir works with Hirani Sir n King works with Farah ji…. Dare we ask the question who was the smart boy in 2014…,,

  • Answer is @sss. He is Shana no. 1.
    @indicine what about his other show which was supposed to start on colors.Global talent etc.Don’t remember the name.
    But title is bad.Yesterday our complan boy complaining that movies like gabbar,khiladi etc are cheap masala film should be flop.What he say about this show title.
    Let’s see will srk able to have a great comeback on TV after poor jor Ka jhatka and KAPPSTH.

  • King himself is sabse shanaa. Because ndtv Imagine shuted down due to Zor Ka Jhatka but king charged huge money for the show. Now samething gonna happen again with ‘&tv’ and king will charge huge money…….KING IS SABSE SHANAA..

  • OMG! I can’t wait.let’s bring it on.I’ll be able to watch KING KHAN every week on small big boss,kbc’s trp record is going to break soon.haters are keep saying zkj/kappth like shows,but they don’t know these shows are more glorious then some cheapest shows like big boss which is successful due to it’s own controversy rather than some biased host like sallu,lol.

  • so the charlie is back , 0.3 TVR show oh oops sorry 300 TVR storm is coming :D let’s hope at least this show doesn’t flop as badly as his earlier shows KAPPH & ZKJ :D :D

  • SRK is going to rock with his new T.V. Show. It will get great TRP.

    Some interesting Real facts about Bollywood Actors….
    1. Sanjay Dutt can read but he can’t write.
    2. The letter ‘M’ is unlucky for Aamir Khan as Mela, Mann and Mangal Pandey didn’t do well at the box office.
    3. Abhisek Bachchan, who played a supporting actor to SRK in 2006 Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, again played a supporting actor to SRK in 2014 Happy New Year.
    3. Ranbir kapoor used to be very poor student and used to fail his exams.
    4. Salman Khan is half hindu half muslim as his mother is hindu and father is muslim.
    5. Akshay Kumar only takes Ayurvedic Medicines.

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