Deewar completes 40 years, Bachchan calls it the ‘most perfect script’

Yash Chopra’s Deewar has completed 40 years today. The iconic film released in theatres on 24 January 1975, but trial shows of the Amitabh Bachchan – Shashi Kapoor film had begun earlier in the week.

Bachchan who was just 32 when the film released, called it the ‘most perfect script’.

40 years ! 40 years ago, this day, DEEWAR was released !! 21st Jan 1975 .. Thank you Salim-Javed Saheb for the most perfect script.

Deewar 40 years

Deewar 40 years

Deewar also featured Parveen Babi, Neetu Singh and Nirupa Roy.



  • Deewar is a iconic movie in Indian Cinema . It is a fabulous movie and a Cult Classic . The direction is superb, the performances are unforgettable and the Dialogues are exceptional . What a brilliant performance by Amit Ji !!! Hats of to you . Nirupa Ji and Shashi Kapoor have also given top notch performances . I just love the dialogues of this movie . Mera Paas Maa Hai . Aaj Khush Toh Bahut Hoge Tum . Main aaj bhi pheke hue paise nahi uthatha . Congratulations to Amit Ji, Shashi Ji, Nirupa Ji, Salim – Javed amazing screenplay and outstanding dialogues . Last but not the least the legendary directors of Indian Cinema – Yash Chopra . This movie proves that Yash Chopra was a versatile genius . Thumbs Up to Deewar !!!!

  • and your acting too! he was bloody perfect. his performance in deewarin my opinion
    is his best till date along with black and agneepath!

  • For me its Sholay… Way more punchier dialogues n memorable performances from all the cast- dialoguebaazi was unmatched… Greatest script, story, film ever made.

  • One of the best film Bollywood ever gave. Such intense acting from all the cast members with of course BigB signing among them. It had some of the best dialogues and most stunning scenes ever written for any movie ever. Whether the confrontation of Amitabh Bachhan and Shashi Kapoor or Amitabh’s monologue in the temple. This was just perfection.

  • Deewar the most memorable n powerful movie !!!!! Can be watchable numerous times or amazing repeat value like Sholay !!!!!!!!!

  • @shaheer…. Both of them did superbly well. Yes he overshadowed amitji with a dialogue or some more but from beginning to end it was Amitji that overshadowed and won d heart of many wit respect to shashi sahaab (one Hindi cinema most talented actors his era).
    Namak haram
    Kala pathar etc
    Amit dominant was massive but no doubts even he knows that there is only one Shashi… Shashi kapoor d evergreen humble star!!
    Congrats hats off DEEWAR!! well articulated blockbuster!

  • Deewar is the milestone in the Bollywood history.It made Big B the superstar that time who is unstoppable in this age too.
    Deewar,sholay,janjeer,trishul,Don,Mukkaddar Ka Sikandar,AAA were the huge success that time made big b the biggest superstar if Bollywood.
    Epic dialogue like “Main aaj bhi fainke hue paise nahi uthat”.His conversation with Shashi Kappor and when he entered temple first time and also in climax was the epic scene.
    Big B “Khush to bahut hinge tum aaj”.

  • SRK- Aaj mere paas paisa ha, awards hai, king ka title hai tere paas kya hai…??

    Aamir- Mere pass kutta hai jiska naam hai……….!!!

    Jokes apart, Deewar is one of my favourite Amitji’s movies….

  • such a great film watched so many times directed by my favourite director of all time YASHJI.YASHJI’S every film has such story that touches HEART.I like and respect just more than A LEGEND—-YASHJI that much that I have for MY KING KHAN SRK.WE will miss YASHJI forever till JAB TAK HAI JAAN.

    JTHJ is the best CLASSIC movie for me along with HAIDER in this decade so far.still JTHJ bashed by many heartless peoples only because it did less collection due to clash.HE has perfection in HIS work to represent what TRUE CLASS is?VEER-ZAARA is my favourite love story among all bollywood films even bigger than DDLJ.even my favourite director-hero jodi is always YASHJI-KING KHAN.even YASHJI said once that KING KHAN who rejected films like lagaan,3i,robot,ghajini never asked about any script when HE offered a film by YASHJI and even HE agreed to do movie with out any fees.that much TRUST and LOVE like for a Family Man has remained in the heart of KING KHAN for YASHJI.

  • Best performance ever by Amitji though this movie is copy of dk’s Ganga jamuna
    Top performance of superstars (as a performer not success of the movies)
    Only powerhouse performance

    Dilip kumar
    1. MEA
    2. Naya daur
    3. Devdas
    4. Aan
    5. Shahid
    6. Ganga jamuna
    7. Ram aur sham
    8. Shakti
    9. Vidhata
    10. Kohinoor

    Amitabh bachchan
    1. Deewar
    2. Trishul
    3. Mukaddar ka Sikander
    4. Lawaris
    5. Sharabi
    6. Don
    7. Majboor
    8. Black
    9. Zander
    10. Sholay

    Shahrukh khan
    1. Darr
    2. Bazigar
    3. Swades
    4. Chakhde
    5, devdas
    6. MNIK
    7. Mohbbatein
    8. Veer Zara
    9. Don 2

    Sanjay dutt
    1. Vastav
    2. Khalnayak
    3. Sadak
    4. Munnabhai mbbs

    Amir khan
    1. Rangeela
    2. Lagaan

    Salman khan
    1. Tere naam
    2. Dabaang
    3. Karan Arjun

  • I think trishul was a full entertainer than deewar and had more comprehensive like than deewar.? Those days I didnt want amitabh to die in the end..he used to die in every film….muqaddar ka sikander too and get totured.. in deewar he was tortured many a time.? So my vote is to trishul

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