Analysis of Opening Day Collections of 2016

We are in the 9th month of the year, which is about the right time to look back at the year so far and analyse some films that opened well and films that disappointed.

Films that were above expectations on Day 1:

  1. Sultan (36.54 crore): At the moment, Salman Khan shouldn’t be compared to anyone else. His star power and choice of films is in a different league altogether. Not just the opening day, but almost all the first 5 days of Sultan was about two times more than the second best opening of the year. That says it all, doesn’t it?
  2. FAN (19.2 crore): Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN opened well at the box office. The film released on a partial holiday for Ram Navami, but was affected by the phenomenal run of ‘The Jungle Book’. Still, considering the fact that the film didn’t have too many commercial factors in its favour, the opening was good.
  3. Rustom (14.11 crore): Akshay Kumar’s Rustom, which was expected to hold appeal only towards the multiplex audience, managed to comprehensively beat the bigger film of the week, Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro. It was the first ‘excellent’ opening for Akshay since Rowdy Rathore in 2012.
  4. Baaghi (11.94 crore): The timing of release worked big-time in favour of Baaghi, as the out-and-out action masala film opened very well at smaller centres. The presence of Shraddha Kapoor, who has a strong fan-following after films like ‘Aashiqui 2’ and ‘Ek Villain’, added tremendous value to the film. The credit for the opening went to Tiger Shroff, but that came crashing down when ‘A Flying Jatt’ opened poorly all over.
  5. Dishoom (11.05 crore): At the beginning of the year, Dishoom was expected to take a big opening, but that changed after the release of the trailer (which received a mixed response). However, Varun Dhawan’s presence ensured a good opening for the film.
  6. Udta Punjab (10.05 crore): To what extent the censor board controversy helped the film is debatable, but Udta Punjab took a very good opening at the box office. It also had a strong star cast (Alia, Shahid, Kareena – with the added star power of Diljeet Dosanjh in Punjab) which helped the film cross the 10 crore mark on Day 1.
  7. Ki and Ka (7.3 crore): Ki and Ka was expected to be a word-of-mouth film, but the opening day collections did come as a surprise as the Arjun – Kareena starrer collected 7.3 crore. The film was about 17% higher than our FBO prediction of 6.3 crore

Films that disappointed on Day 1:

  1. Great Grand Masti (2.5 crore): The lifetime collections of Great Grand Masti (3rd film in the franchise) was about the same as the first day collections of 2013’s Grand Masti – which pretty much sums up how disastrous the opening of the film was. Piracy put the final nail in the coffin of the ‘sex comedy’ genre.
  2. Mohenjo Daro (8.87 crore): The Hrithik Roshan starrer was declared a disaster on the day of its release itself. When a film that has costs in excess of 125 crore, opens in single-digits, only positive word-of-mouth can save the film. Unfortunately, the audience had a better choice in theatres and they opted for ‘Rustom’. The Ashutosh Gowarikar directed film is the biggest disappointment of the year so far.
  3. Fitoor (3.61 crore): The lead stars went all out to promote the film, but the unexciting promos resulted in a disastrous opening.
  4. Baar Baar Dekho (6.81 crore): The music album was huge, Kala Chashma was a chartbuster overnight, the promotional campaign was aggressive.. but the audience weren’t too excited. The opening could have been even lower without good music.
  5. A Flying Jatt (7.10 crore): Tiger Shroff was touted as the next big mass hero after the success of films like Heropanti and Baaghi, but ‘A Flying Jatt’ – which released on a partial holiday – opened poorly.
MovieDay 1Response
MS Dhoni21.30Excellent
Housefull 315.21Good
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 13.30Excellent
The Jungle Book10.09Excellent
Udta Punjab10.05Good
Mohenjo Daro8.87Poor
Dear Zindagi8.75Good
Captain America Civil War8.53Excellent
Batman vs Superman8.32Excellent
Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 38.15Average
Ki and Ka7.30Good
Ghayal Once Again 7.20Average
Rocky Handsome7.16Average
A Flying Jatt7.10Poor
Kapoor And Sons 6.85Good
Baar Baar Dekho 6.81Poor
Raaz Reboot6.30Average
Force 26.05Average
Jai Gangaajal5.50Average
Sanam Re5.04Good
X Men Apocalypse4.51Average
Kahaani 24.25Average
Freaky Ali2.55Average
1920 London2.50Poor
Happy Bhaag Jayegi2.32Poor
Saala Khadoos2.19Poor
Rock On 22.02Disastrous
Teraa Surroor 1.79Poor
Sanam Teri Kasam1.25Poor
Love Games1.03Poor
Tum Bin 20.85Poor


  • Lifetime collections and trending of movies with less than 10 crores day 1 for 2016:

    neerja – 5 cr – 76 cr ……. ………………(15 times day 1)

    kapoor and sons – 7 cr – 73 cr…… ….(10 times day 1)

    ki and ka – 7 cr- 51 cr…………………….(7 times day 1)

    Mohenjo Daro – 9 cr – 60 cr…………….(6.7 times day 1)

    Udta Punjab – 10 cr- 60 cr………………(6 times day 1)

    azhar – 6 cr – 33 cr………………………….(5 times day 1)

    A Flying Jatt – 7 cr- 38 cr………………….(5 times DAY 1)

    rocky handsome – 7 cr – 26 cr……………(3.5 times day 1)

  • You are not getting my point .

    I am saying on what you said in akshays rustom paragraph >> ‘It was the first ‘excellent’ opening for Akshay since Rowdy Rathore in 2012’

    U said rustom was first excellent opener 4 akshay since rowdy Rathore, but he had given EXCELLENT opener in 2015 ‘Singh is bliing ‘ than how can you say Since Rowdy Rathore? ???????? Your mistake Sir …u can check Sngh is bliing was an excellent opener in your own openings table ..

  • Thumbs up for salman & akshay for ruling this year like kings now waiting for upcoming biggie shivaay bolo har har…

  • @xzone : If some Srk fans like @sss can compare Veer with Fan then comparing movies released in same year no wrong. If Anand’s thought is lallu logic then what should we call @sss (a die hard Srk fan) logic ? No don’t come back and say he compared in retaliation !!!!!!!

  • Right now Bollywood = Khans + Sex + Music.
    Where Bollywood is going. An industry which is capable of collecting 1000 crs is struggling to cross 300 cr.
    Regional industries like Telugu n Tamil r able to bring 10 – 15% of their population to theaters. Whereas for Bollywood it is 4-6 % of hindi speaking people. Why.. Why it is happening. Reason is simple. As @Indicine mentioned in one article, We r not making the movies with universal concepts. 90% of current generation film makers(KJO, Mohith Suri, Farhan Akthar, Joya Akthar, Bhatts, Adhi chopra) r came from ultra rich n high profile families, who couldn’t understand the common indian middle class life. Their metro sexual, western infulenced thinking never attracts max no.of viewers. How can we expect a common man to watch a movie like dil dhadkne do. Why the hell almost all the hindi movies r having a foreign backdrop(Tamasha, ZNMD, JTHJ, Befikre, ADHM,Ye jawani hai deewani, D:3,KANK and much more). If u people want a foreign trip please shoot some songs there. Our industry already given that chance to u. Is foreign lifestyle that common for every indian. Plz come out from ur westernized thoughts and see the real india and know what they really want. We r not watching hollywood movies bcz of their life style, we r watching them bcz of their technical brilliance and never seen before thoughts. If u want to take them inspiration, take their work style not life style as inspiration. Think different, come with new thoughts but present them as understandable to everyone.

    Why many small films and even so called critically acclaimed movies r always revolves around sex, abuse and crimes. They preaches that sex is very common thing and india is sexually obsessed but they them self sells their movies by highlighting sex. Yes sex is common thing, then show it as a common thing just like hollywood movies. But plz don’t make Sex as the main plot and then say we r sexually obsessed.

    Finally.. Don’t jump into the sky if our film crosses 100Cr or 200 cr. We r much more capable than this. If all the film makers comes with universal concepts and present them nicely, we can do wonders. It will definitely bring back the audience and increase the footfalls within 1-2 yrs.

  • @anand_the fake,such a big lallu logic having joker you’re,rofl.

    Yeah bhai has so much stardom,still struggling to surpass OPENING OF 2 YEARS OLDER HNY’S OPENING with the help of DEEWALI+EID with higher screen count+TICKET PRICE,rofl.

    Now you all please compare two movies—-FAN—-no heroine+no songs+ipl effect release+competition from hollywood+no entertainment —-south 2ND BEST OPENING IF THE YEAR

    sultan—-best release period+higher screen count+higher ticket price+2 EID FULL HOLIDAYS+2 POST-EID WEEK DAYS+Sunday,still unable to beat 2 YEARS OLDER HNY’S RECORD.

    If we still want to blame a non commercial Offbeat FAN’S failure—-then let me remind you a film called ‘veer’ becomes 37cr disaster on Republic holiday 2010 starring by same salman disaster khan,now you can decide who is bigger star.still you’ll not find such condition of INDIA’S BIGGEST MEGASTAR KING SRK.

    if still some illiterate finds salman has better star power after this analysis,that person must be a mentally challenged like @anand_the fake or he must have lived hisentire life in lalluland like @anand_the fake,rofl.

    During weakest period too,THE BADSHAH/KING OF BOLLYWOOD IS THE BIGGEST CROWD PULLING MEGASTAR TILL DATE—-THIS IS ENOUGH TO SHOW 1 rupee 2010 born gareebon ka star lallu khan and his fellow 3rd class fans,rofl.

    @anand_the fake,ha ha ha ha didn’t airlift,rustom has any songs?????what a hypocrisy?didn’t it has entertainment unlike FAN which has no comedy/any such highly entertaining sequences.

    If you really want to make remember —-he what about 2010 republic holiday 37cr disaster veer?????, becomes disaster even having all entertaining elements with so called classic word by you bhojpureans.

    And why you’re talking about post-ipl release and south remake ready?by going after your logic even Kangana and Ranbir is bigger star than salman as they have biggest hits during post-ipl release,rofl.

    And why you’re talking like a opportunist?????when your lallu even gave a hit with out EID/south remake??????answer is none,rofl.talking about masala genre,HNY is bigger hit than prdp and Tok bigger opening than crappy prem ratan dung khayo despite of critics thrashing.DILWALE becomes SEMI HIT despite of clash and huge negativity,w hose WW collection is bigger than almost all salman films except Harshali starrer bb,rofl.

    And FAN’S WW also higher than salman’s all ready,jail ho,veer and many more.still you don’t feel any shame??????

    KING KHAN came in ONE EID,all records trashed.and Lalu is keep coming in EVERY EID,and record always remains safe.

    This much is enough to show what’s the aukat of your 2010 born decade struggling bhojpuri star and THE ALL DECADE RULING MEGASTAR.


    and still BADSHAH KHAN’S flop comes in 85CR under which akki,sonam,and many more youngistan’s big hit comes with 85CR, see the aukat and then bark,rofl.

    and during the weakest period of salman,his films opened lesser than emraan hashmi movies,he was dependent on multistarrer films to give hit and was smaller star than even Abhishek bachche and Saif ali khan.

    That’s the difference between south remake decade struggler 2010 born non actor lallu and ALL DECADE ALL TIME MEGA RULER BADSHAH/KING OF BOLLYWOOD KING SRK.


    @hrithik,you lallutards even compared a decade delayed release YLJK in which evennKING KHAN’S VOICE also changed with bhai’s golden disaster.then compared to that this is nothing.

    And don’t forget after jail ho,it’s you shameless retards compared it’s collection with MNIK ‘S COLLECTION .at that time ,where were your shame?????,rofl.believe me or not nobody can beat lallu logic of you retard bhojpuris,which us epic truth,rofl.truth bites hard,better to accept it,rofl.

  • If srk gives huge opening then the haters give credit to actresses ; Now even with a film which doesn’t have actress , no commercial elements , no songs his movie is in 2nd place .. SRK the SELF MADE SUPER STAR…

  • There are many reasons for a films’ success and failure and you cannot pin point on one thing.

    I hope you guys leave out your silly biased, remove your rose tinted glass and the view the world.

    Not every film will be a superhit, so discounting Flying Jatt and BBD for their lead cast is simply laughable.

    FJ is not Krrish, which is well known franchise by now. Also, of all the Krrish, the lowest collections is the 1st part – Koi Mil Gaya, but the fact of the matter remains that the 1st part was by far the best of all the three. The same applies to Dhoom series.

    Flying Jatt was an experiment, and not every experiment succeeds and not every hero can give continuous superhit one after another. The production house also was not a big name, which plays a major part.

    Your childish conclusion of Sid along with Kat being the reason for dismal opening of BBD is silly and ridiculous to the least again.

    Put Sid with Deepika, the result will be the same. Now put Kat with Salman and it would have broken records. That’s the difference in the way people see a movie. The star power of an lead actor plays an important role and if there is a hot pairing like Kat-Salman, Srk-Deepika, records will break.

    You cannot insult a new chap for dismal opening. That outlandishly stupid.

    Sid and Tiger are still new and none of them, even Varun, cannot guarantee every film to be superhit.

    So, give the new kids a break.

  • Acc to Bhaitards their non actor and Flop king Salman is nothing without South Remake, Kabir khan and Sooraj and obviously EID. Lol
    BTW do you know that flop king has a memorable record to give 50 flops in his career 😂😁😁😂😂😜😜

  • @JC what did you say? Srk and deepika hot pair? LOL. They both look like father and daughter. They are completely mismatch. All though i agree with the rest of the Points you mentioned.

  • Jokey : what do you say? Flop king Salman and katrina are hot pairs? They both look like grandfather and granddaughter. But one thing is common in them that both can’t act. Lol

  • @flop KING salman,you rocked big time bro.accordimg to bhojpuritards ,a non actor like lallu khan having 50 flops also considering as megastar,then what the crime tushar Kapoor/zayed khan did.they too are non actor like lallu but only crime they did is they didn’t took part in Rajshri family movies in 90″s+multiactor movies in last two decades and south remakes in EID in this decade as well as only 3rd grade sadakchap masala movies,rofl.

    @video jockey,frkm which angle fatso swelled gorilla looking lallu is looking hot?we couldn’t understood,rofl.

  • srk fans go watch his movies in cinemas instead of wasting ur time here in net,true fans bn kar dikhao like us,we watch Megastar movies in cinemas n make them ATBB,not like u guys jin k star ki movie hit bhi mushkil se hoti hai

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