Which actor can beat Salman’s 100 crore distributor share record?

Q. Can Anyone beat Salman’s 3 back to back 100 crore distributor share record (which would become 4 back to back after Sultan). And what will be the opening of Sultan on Holiday?

A. Records are meant to be broken. About 3-4 years ago, 100 crore (net) was a massive achievement. Now, it’s no big deal. With increase in the number of multiplex screens and ticket prices, 175 – 200 crore will be more easily achievable in the near future. So 3 back-to-back 100 crore distributor’s share, shouldn’t be difficult to achieve in a few years from now. Aamir might achieve the same record with the release of Dangal. He already has two back-to-back 100 crore domestic share films (Dhoom 3 and PK). As for Sultan releasing on Eid holiday (certain now, otherwise YRF would’ve announced a final date if they were not targeting Eid holiday), it should record the highest single-day and opening day collections. The target would be 45 crore plus, but a total of more than 40 crore looks certain.

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  • There’s a reason they are releasing trailer of #MohenjoDaro at 08:57 it converts to August (8) 12 (5+7) – Star Network is HUGE! trust UTV ?


  • @mekanik:

    Bhai’s disaster collects 40cr (acc to u) and bhagodi’s flop collects only 40 lakhs. That’s the difference between Megastar Bhai &2rs sadakchap Overactor.

    Where have you found that Nishchay collected 30lakh, post the link you moron!!

  • Which actor can beat Salman’s All time disaster of indian cinema ‘marigold’ Record??
    I think no one can be Able beat that Disaster Record #power of Lallu

    #Fasal kerala

  • @Tiger

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  • After 40 years from now people will remember Srk just like they remember Dilip Kumar toaday(Lot of hit films and awards), Salman like Big B(Huge stardom, huge blockbuster films and crazy fan following) while Amir will be remembered like no other actor, he is one of his kind.

  • Okay, agreed that Srk is King of bollywood but Salman is EMPEROR of bollywood.
    I hope you understand the difference between king and EMPEROR.

  • @5:19pm Chullu

    In all fairness it was a legitimate Q but obviously for a dumb idiot like you the answer was unsatisfactory bcoz we all know the answer didnt include Teesra Khan who is struggling at this monent in time to even reach 100cr let alone contemplategiving his distributors a 100cr share…!

  • @7:57pm Abhi The Real Kindergarten THUG

    Have to agree with you…

    Cant believe Indicine were quick to pick out for example an Aamir standout performance like the one in PK but for Joker Boy they reckon its harder coz hes had too many…!

    What a joke that it… King of comedy my foot- king of 60cr club n king of maha craps YES

  • @Navin I was responding to this question asked by your friend

    Q. Who is the most successful actor in the history of Bollywood, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan or Salman Khan? Can you please give me list of Top 10 most successful actors in the history of Bollywood.
    Do read the answer if you haven’t:)
    @Bajaj I am so relieved that you didn’t curse me this time

  • @challa:

    Duniya ka sabse bada superstar your respect him the most and makes way for him to release his movies on Eid. Aur kiska respect chahiye???

  • @fasal kelawala:

    Whatever Marigold collected I.e 2.5 times more than bhagoda’s ATBB cum ATHG classic YLJK collections…LOL

  • @ 7:46 am

    nipun as awkward and foolish?

    challa as chameleon?

    tiger in entertainment? at no. 2 ? WTF ? who the hell laughs at his comments or you intend to say his serious comments are funny

    A biased list by a sallu or ajay fan or perhaps ajay fan who is a chamcha of sallu fans …… there are 2 many around here …… tried to show himself as unbiased but the choices in list open you up ……

  • @I AM FOR INDICINE: at 7:46
    I think you are mistaken here I am not “Deadpool”, I am here from last 1 year and I only use one ID “Salman Fan”, I am not like others who use multiple ID…..

    One more thing, another user use ID “salman fan” but he/she is someone else, only difference is I use Capital “S” and “F” in my ID…..

  • @ i am for indicine

    NEGATIVE LISTS (chameleon, foolish & multiple id) REVIEW : Comprising only akshay, shahrukh, amir and arjun fans.

    Sallu fan = 0 and ajay fan = 0 (Is that a co-incidence or bias?)

    POSITIVE LISTS REVIEW: Majority comprising sallu and ajay fans. A co-incidence?

    This list all the way by a sallu or ajay chamcha fan and gotta get a liking from sallu and ajay fans only. Poor attempt.

  • @Reality bite. What’s wrong with you and Sallu fans? or Ajay fan. Positive how many Ajay fan only 1 @aisha which should not be surprising. Beside her I only have @Floppy at entertainment from his comments being rated and indeed laughable. How many Salman fan are in Positive? most are Hrithik Aamir Srk @ Deadpool Akshay fan and 1 Ajay fan. Multiple ids everyone knows Akshay fans having the most with different names new. Not new. Chameleon everyone knows @Babaji and @Challa to be big chameleons so if you have a problem with that then have my middle finger. If you think @Nipun is not irritating with his Lootera ideology then have my middle finger.

  • @ i am for indicine

    comeon dude not be angry. will delightfully take that middle finger. just a view shared. you established that view to be invalid. taking my review back with the two fingers. okey-dokey?

  • Akshay Kumar can beat that.
    For Robot 2.0 he has brought in 167 cr share overseas.
    can anyone beat that?

  • Only Aamir is biggest megastar. Don’t compare Megastar Aamir Khan with chota mota stars like salman who struggled for 2 decades to give hits and gave 10 back to back didasters. The question is can any actor break salman’s 10 back to back flops record? I am sure no one can do except for salman. Aamir is much bigger than salman.

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