Aamir Khan’s P.K Release Date announced

After Ghajini, 3 Idiots and Dhoom 3 – every film ended up as the highest grosser of its time – get ready for the biggest film of 2014 this Christmas, as Vinod Chopra Films and Rajkumar Hirani films have finally announced the release date of P.K.

Like Dhoom 3, which released a week before Christmas and took advantage of the extended 2 weeks leading to New Year, P.K will release on 19th December 2014.

“Vinod Chopra Films and Rajkumar Hirani Films, in association with Disney India, confirm that ‘P.K.’ shall release on Dec 19, 2014,” an official statement read.

Apart from Aamir Khan, P.K also stars Sanjay Dutt, Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Dhoom 3 got close to being the first film to cross the 300 crore mark, so P.K has every chance of doing so, unless films like Kick, Bang Bang or Happy New Year manage to do the same before the Aamir Khan starrer hits screens worldwide.

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  • What else can this selfishly clever perfaketionalist do? ?bombay velvet was booked first. But he postponed his movie to christmas

  • Happy new year can cross 200 crores because of Deepika and Bang bang can cross 250 but only PK and Kick can cross 300 crores

  • it will crash between WELCOME BACK and BOMBAY VELVET,amir couldn’t go with one date,he time to time changed,whatever this time opportunist will suffer a lot,lol.

  • Well done.Now ‘PK’ is sure to break many records.’Dhoom 3′ made 188 crores in a week including Christmas holiday so now ‘PK’ will make more than 200 crores in just 1 week and it will get good reviews as Raju hirani is there along with Aamir.While ‘Dhoom 3’ collected 241 crores in 12 days of 2013 in the same way ‘PK’ can collect more than 275 crores in 13 days of 2014 bcoz Aamir and Raju’s movies do well even on 2nd and 3rd week.So without any doubt ‘PK’ will be the 1st 300 crores movie of bollywood if ‘Kick’ fails to cross 300 crores and also worldwide gross can be more than 650+ as Dhoom 3 is 530+.

  • This year will again end with a Dhoom with ‘PK’.Currently Aamir khan has 2 biggest overseas grossers “Dhoom 3” and ‘3 idiots’ in top 3 and after ‘PK’ the top 3 overseas grossers will be in front of his name.

  • After that:
    6.Bombay velvet-130cr
    7.welcome back-120cr
    9.Action jackson-80cr

  • Ball is now in Ranbir’s and John Abraham’s court – Will they change Bombay Velvet and Welcome Back release dates or go for a head-on clash against Aamir? If they do, all will suffer losses.

  • Ghajini – 100 crore
    3 Idiots- 150 crore
    3 Idiots- 200 crore
    Dhoom 3-250 crore
    P.K.- 300 crore
    P.K.- 350 crore
    Aamir is currently ruling the overseas box office, with top two overseas grossers being Ace Aamirs while rest being Minions Srks.
    1.Aamir (AceKing)
    2.Aamir (AceKing)
    3.Srk (Minion)
    4.Srk (Minion)
    5.Srk (Minion)
    Now Srkfans will talk that SRK has more bbs in overseas, so what?
    There is only 1 King and he has 10 minions. Who is bigger, AceKing or minion?

  • This year will be the epic battle between the three megastars for #1 to #3 spot:
    Aamir vs Salman vs Hrithik

    There will also be a small match for 4th to 6th spot:
    Akshay vs SRK vs Ranbir

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