SRK, Aamir, Salman, Hrithik, Karan deserve credit: Amitabh

Amitabh BachchanLegendary Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan is happy that some of the biggest superstars in the country like Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan have helped realise the global potential of Indian Cinema.

While yesteryear filmmakers like Bimal Roy, Mrinal Sen, Satyajit Ray, Raj Kapoor and several others increased the visibility of Hindi and regional cinema in the overseas markets, the current generation has taken Indian Cinema to an all-time global high.

“Internationally, it is very heartening to see the interest in Indian cinema. For many years in the time when I started, cinema was not marketed or promoted the way it is now. We didn’t know about these markets. There were international distributors, but we never knew exactly what used to happen to a film – we used to give it at a pittance because we never realised that people outside would want to watch a Hindi film or any Indian film.” Amitabh told IANS.

With films like 3 Idiots, My Name Is Khan, Dhoom 3 collecting more than 100 crores from the overseas markets alone, Bachchan feels the international market has become a major territory for Hindi films.

“The international market has now become a major territory. It bodes really well because there’s a large expatriate audience and they have passed on their likes to their friends, and therefore this whole community, even foreigners, have started identifying with our films.”

“We used to have a stadium full of people where we used to sing, dance to numbers of the Hindi film industry – filling up the Wembley Stadium of 65,000 people – it was immense – New Jersey – 75,000 people. I saw the amount of love, affection and interest and that was really a revelation for us.”

“The generation that came immediately after us – Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir and Karan Johar too – they pushed this potential into the international world. So if you want to give credit for the recognition, these are the people who should be credited” Bachchan was quoted as saying.

“Shahrukh is as popular in Germany as he is here, Hrithik and Salman and Aamir are loved internationally in equal proportion. So, obviously Indian cinema is doing well.”



  • *SRK has 21 Blockbusters in overseas while Aamir has 3 Blockbusters in overseas.
    *SRK has 13 ATBBs in overseas while Aamir has 2 ATBBs in overseas.
    *K3G,KKHH,MNIK,KANK,DDLJ Are top 5 biggest hit in overseas.

  • Ignoring Akshay Kumar is now a trend among Bollywood Stars…….Have a heart…..AKSHAY KUMAR deserves a lot better……Yu are the best AK….One of yur Millions of fans…..:)

  • Yes stars like Salman and Aamir totally deserves credit.Movies like Hum aapke hai kaun(record breaker in overseas),Lagaan(Oscar nomination),3 idiots(worldwide blockbuster) and Dhoom 3(500+ crores worldwide) have not only done great business overseas but was highly appreciated.

  • Actually BIGB is very down to earth,ek do film internationally success hone se koi international star nahi banta,otherwise salman is popular in overseas it seems like harman is no.1 superstar in bollywood,lol.whatever KING KHAN is one and only GLOBAL MEGASTAR that India produced and rest are luck by chance type,kabhi kabhi ek-do haath to lag hi jaayega type,lol.

  • Salman known as a bhojpuri actor in overseas (lol! Actor :p )
    who spits paan here and there and degrade indian cinemas

  • King Khan is the King of Global Box Office. He is the face of Indain Cinema in International Market. He is the reason whay our films have presence and are earning good in US, Canada, Aus and Europe

  • no matter who is the biggest superstar in india but we all should thank SRK,AAMIR,SALMAN,HR,AKSHAY for making our childhood awesome…keep rocking.. <3

  • Aamir, Salman & Hrithik deserve credit. But SRK doesn’t deserve any credit. But Yashraj, Salim Khan & Dharma Production deserve credit for SRK. And now Deepika & Rohit Shetty deserve for SRK’ s success.

  • @king I know you are not joking.
    That King Khan is the king of cattle. Waiting eagerly for my my most awaited movies of 2014
    PK, Kick and Yeh Hai Bakrapur.

  • Surprising!! I am SRK fan but I wouldn’t love to see Shahrukh with Amir & Salman. Amir & Salman are genius. Shahrukh is nothing without Yash Chopra, Karan Johar, Deepika Padukone & Rohit Shetty. He has accepted. Perhaps Big B is promoting him just for Abhishek Bachchan. Very Sad.

  • Very nice to see Indian stars rising all over the world.
    I feel indian actors are the best,bcoz they can act brilliantly,dance and they are total performers unlike hollywood actors…

  • Well, Big B is right, and the fact remains that, all these names collectively cannot achieve what Amitabh did on his own.

    Kyunki Big B jahan khade ho jatey hain, line wahin se shuru hoti hai.

  • Instead shahrukh ..plz put abhishek here. It would be better. But don’t insult amir & salman. We love u Amitabh Bachchan. Shahrukh is selfish, insecure & self conceited man. I hate him.

  • Salman is genius. Lol wat a humourous line … !! Huhh haters just cant digest shahrukhs achievements.. If aamir is bigger(than srk in overseas).. Y talaash collectecd less in overseas(even less than Believed to b one of the worst movies of srk..though I dont agree)..?? N plzz dont give crap xcuses like bcoz of its suspense horror genre or blah blah…overseas audiences are familiar wid these kind of cinema. 3 idiots collected bcoz it was a masterpiece(coz of hirani) n dhoom 3 was high on production values which took bollywood to another level.. Aamir contributed nothing.but stil he is a big star in overseas..
    Shahrukh followed by aamir den salman/hrithik n den akshay/saif/ranbir.though I think ranbir wil climb the ladder very fast.

  • After the super success of HNY SRKs success will be credited to — FARHA KHAN.



    And it will go on and on and on and onnnnnnn…..

    Someday GAURIs brother or Abram will be credited with SRKs succes…..LOLLLLLL….:-D

  • Big B seems to be very afraid from self proclaimed king srk so he is saying like this. SRK is nothing without big banners or big heroine. He doesn’t deserve anything. Akshay SIR is better actor than Shahrukh.

  • Hrithik deserves to be in hollywood. He is perfect combo of looks,talent,physique,charm,dancing and singing skill .i don’t find any hollywood actors more good looking than hrithik. Srk is most popular in overseas market. But salman? ?seriously !

  • @vicky:hr isn’t popular in india? ? Lol. .i know u’re a salmanfan. .hr was a superstar right from his first film.but the year 2010 changed a lot. Kites was believed to be the most awaited film of 2010.but became flop. While tapori dabbang was atbb. Then this stupid media started giving more importance to lallu and amir. Ghajini ke pehle toh amir was nt even in top 5. Same goes wid salman before dabbang.but hr was in top2 from 2010 to 2008. Then amir came in top 3. Salman ko toh koi puch v nahi rahe the.tell ur tapori to do some gud films first.den come and talk.

  • Even amitabh doesn’t consider akki as a superstar that’s why he didn’t mention akkis name…bt i think akki deserved to be honored as a maximum flops giving star…

  • We akkians should not be disappointed with amitabhs statement as we know what amitabh said was completly true.akki did so many third class and bhojpuri films like cc2c ,khiladi 786,boss,joker etc.due to these films he lost his reputations frm neutral we akkians don’t care of anyone we should always give support to akki….

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