Aamir Khan – The Undisputed Box Office King

It has not been easy for Aamir Khan, for he never was the mega ‘superstar’ that he is today. The 90’s were dominated by the likes of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. Aamir crawled his

way, all along concentrating on quality and content, to slowly make it to the top league and now beyond!

The last decade, after classics like Lagaan and Dil Chahta Hai, Aamir took a 4-5 year long break due to marital issues and other personal problems. He returned with Mangal Pandey which didn’t do too well at the box office. Soon after, many in the media and trade wrote him off.

Aamir stopped giving interviews and never really promoted the commercially risky ‘Rang De Basanti’ – a film that not many would even risk after ‘Mangal Pandey’. The movie went on to do great business, soon after which Aamir returned with the record breaking Fanaa. He then decided to take up direction and directed the brilliant Taare Zameen Par and the rest, including the historic business of Ghajini, is now history.

Aamir Khan - Anushka Sharma PK

But no one in their wildest of dreams would have thought 3 Idiots would come close to Ghajini, leave alone beat the 116 crore record. The film not only went on to do record-breaking business, but became the first film to cross Rs 200 crore in India and Rs 350 crore worldwide – unimaginable for any film during those days.

After the historic success of 3 Idiots, Aamir decided to do yet another off-beat film, with little or no commercial appeal outside multiplexes in cities. A supernatural mystery thriller, no less. The response was mixed, as many returned home disappointed with the fact that Kareena Kapoor was in fact a ghost!

Then came yet another box office monster, Dhoom 3, which went on to be the highest grosser of all time collecting Rs 284 crore in India. The first film to cross the 250 crore mark. Dhoom 3 not only smashed every record in sight in the domestic markets, but also created records overseas – markets that were previously dominated by Shahrukh Khan for decades, now had a new competitor, who could not only challenge him, but also beat him.

A few days prior to the release of PK, we spoke to several distributors and trade experts. Most believed that the film would just about manage to cross the 200 crore mark, while most thought the film had absolutely no chance of crossing the universal success of Dhoom 3. On December 19th, the day PK released, the Rajkumar Hirani film took a much slower opening as compared to Dhoom 3. However, the response (read word-of-mouth) was so good, that the film came into its own in its first weekend itself. PK has now become the first film to collect Rs 300 crore in India and will soon become the first to gross 600 crore worldwide.

Aamir Khan has set the benchmark so high, that it would take nothing less than a miracle for other stars like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor to match. There are expectations that Bhajrangi Bhaijaan could challenge PK next year, and Shahrukh Khan’s film with Rohit Shetty – if it does release during Christmas – could also have a chance if the word-of-mouth is good. But for now, realistically, the only records that the others will be chasing will be the opening day and weekend. Like 3 Idiots, PK has raised the bar so high, that there are fears that it will take another 4 years for any other film to come close.

Box office milestones

  • First 50 crore film – Salman Khan and Sooraj Barjatya (Hum Aapke Hai Kaun)
  • First 100 crore film – Aamir Khan and A.R. Murugadoss (Ghajini)
  • First 150 crore film – Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani (3 Idiots)
  • First 200 crore film – Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani (3 Idiots)
  • First 250 crore film – Aamir Khan and Vijay Krishna Acharya (Dhoom 3)
  • First 300 crore film – Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani (PK)


  • @sem r u a fool?u r saying there were only 15 hits btwn 2000-2005 and year2005 had just 2 hits-no entry and buntyaur babli!!!

    how can u ignore hits like parineeta,sarkar,bluffmaster,maine pyar kyu kiya,saalam namaste,black,dus,waqt that were released in 2005.

    I m sure btwn 2000-2005 there were around 50-55 successful releasesjust to showcase supremacy of ur king u shouldnt insult Bollywood by giving wrong facts

  • @sem I hv read that comment of yash but i very well know the indian box office model but nothing in this world can justify someone calling widely accepted hits like dch,hera pheri,dhkmn,sarkar as avg or flops.

    it’s not just me but entire india has remembered these films as hits so y don’t u go door to door and try to make everyone blv that those films were actually failures???


  • @arjunkapur find that films which i given for 2000-05

    Rank Film Year Nett Gross Adjusted Gross Verdict
    1 Gadar Ek Prem Katha 2001 75,50,00,000 286,55,00,000 All Time Blockbuster
    2 Three Idiots 2009 202,57,00,000 269,50,00,000 All Time Blockbuster
    3 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 2001 47,00,00,000 172,70,00,000 Blockbuster
    4 Ghajini 2008 114,67,00,000 170,50,00,000 All Time Blockbuster
    5 Dhoom 2 2006 80,25,00,000 146,78,00,000 Blockbuster
    6 Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai 2000 38,00,00,000 138,76,00,000 Blockbuster
    7 Om Shanti Om 2007 79,42,00,000 133,21,00,000 Blockbuster
    8 Koi Mil Gaya 2003 42,50,00,000 130,09,00,000 Blockbuster
    9 Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi 2008 86,78,00,000 128,70,00,000 Blockbuster
    10 Krissh 2006 69,25,00,000 127,40,00,000 Blockbuster
    11 Lage Raho Munnabhai 2006 71,00,00,000 124,78,00,000 Blockbuster
    12 Mohabbatein 2000 33,25,00,000 122,41,00,000 Super Hit
    13 Devdas 2002 32,50,00,000 112,10,00,000 Hit
    14 Welcome 2007 70,75,00,000 118,14,00,000 Blockbuster
    15 Chak De India 2007 67,26,00,000 105,48,00,000 Blockbuster
    16 Lagaan 2001 29,00,00,000 103,40,00,000 Hit
    17 Partner 2007 61,19,00,000 103,37,00,000 Blockbuster
    18 Singh Is Kinng 2008 68,48,00,000 100,92,00,000 Super Hit
    19 Veer Zaara 2004 40,00,00,000 100,08,00,000 Super Hit
    20 Kal Ho Na Ho 2003 35,00,00,000 97,09,00,000 Hit
    21 Fanaa 2006 52,00,00,000 95,22,00,000 Super Hit
    22 Race 2008 61,80,00,000 94,14,00,000 Hit
    23 No Entry 2005 43,00,00,000 93,69,00,000 Super Hit
    24 Don 2006 51,00,00,000 93,58,00,000 Hit
    25 Rang De Basanti 2006 50,00,00,000 93,25,00,000 Hit
    26 Taare Zameen Par 2007 62,48,00,000 91,01,00,000 Super Hit
    27 Jodhaa Akbar 2008 59,02,00,000 90,75,00,000 Semi Hit
    28 Love Aaj Kal 2009 66,89,00,000 89,00,00,000 Super Hit
    29 Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na 2008 56,41,00,000 84,70,00,000 Super Hit
    30 Mission Kashmir 2000 22,25,00,000 84,05,00,000 Semi Hit
    31 Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani 2009 62,94,00,000 83,75,00,000 Super Hit
    32 Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2007 49,74,00,000 82,88,00,000 Hit
    33 Main Hoon Na 2004 33,00,00,000 82,82,00,000 Hit
    34 Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna 2006 45,75,00,000 82,09,00,000 Hit
    35 Wanted 2009 60,69,00,000 81,25,00,000 Super Hit
    36 Heyy Babyy 2007 47,78,00,000 79,86,00,000 Hit
    37 Indian 2001 21,00,00,000 79,75,00,000 Semi Hit
    38 Raaz 2002 22,00,00,000 77,52,00,000 Super Hit
    39 Phir Hera Pheri 2006 41,75,00,000 76,84,00,000 Super Hit
    40 Bunti Aur Babli 2005 35,75,00,000 76,62,00,000 Hit
    41 Golmaal Returns 2008 51,77,00,000 76,25,00,000 Hit
    42 The Hero 2003 24,50,00,000 74,61,00,000 Average
    43 Josh 2000 20,00,00,000 74,46,00,000 Above Average
    44 Mujhse Shaadi Karogi 2004 29,50,00,000 74,20,00,000 Hit
    45 Guru 2007 43,88,00,000 74,14,00,000 Hit
    46 Bhagam Bhag 2006 40,00,00,000 72,90,00,000 Hit
    47 Dhoom 2004 29,00,00,000 72,47,00,000 Hit
    48 Refugee 2000 18,75,00,000 69,95,00,000 Average
    49 Kaante 2002 19,50,00,000 67,05,00,000 Above Average
    50 Dostana 2008 44,42,00,000 66,00,00,000 Average

  • @sem uff I m telling pz don’t tok about boi in front of me.ok I accept srk is the king of world cinema.there were only 15 hits in 2000-05,films like dch,hera pheri,dhkmn,hum hai rahi pyar ke,black,sarkar,khakee,tere naam,parineeta,dostana maine pyar kyun kiya,gangajaal,bhoot etc r not hits at d bo!!!i

    happy???now plz share this info on fb,Twitter and also share it with ur colleagues in office and also with ur

    then wait for their reaction.


  • @sem oh Mr. Fake who are you to analyze reality? I can also tell the reality, Kank was semi hit, Bra.one was disaster, don 2 was above average, JTHJ was semi hit, crappy Shit year is semi hit. This reality will not change. The fact is Aamir is much much bigger star than sarookh. No one cares about 1990s. Everyone looks at present. At present Aamir is much bigger star than srk. No excuse. Period. Srk also gave many disasters in 1990s and 2000s. That means even he has never been the so called consistent. Aamir’s last flop was mela way back in 2000, while srk’ last flop was Bra.One only 3 years ago. Lol. Shame on that flop actor’s fans.

  • @sky, being Aamir fan you should be ashamed of your self to agree on that Mr. fake’s fake analysis. Even srk was not consistent. In 1990s he gave hits only with YRF banner, and dharma. Without them he gave countless disasters. Samir’s RH despite not being YRF banner was third highest grosser of 1990s. Aamir worked with many different directors. While srk mostly relied on YRF, dharma and now he has taken rohit’s Sahara to survive. The fact is Aamir has been more consistent than srk, and fact who’ll never change that Aamir is much bigger star than media puppet overrated shahrukh.

  • @sem let also discuss some flaws for ranking system you given.
    Big B who was no. 1 from 1976-1991 in boi ranking that Big b is the best.So when I said zeeshan why he called Big b as Gavaskar but srk is sachin,you come to support him and bashing me.
    How come you think that time as srk is bigger than Big b.
    Now talk about flaw of Big b ranking.Big B remain big superstar at numerous one till 1986, he got subsequent failure after that when only Shehanshah was clean hit in 1988,But for boi he remain at no.1,never come down on even no.2, when actor like Anil Kapoor,sunny deol,sanjay duty etc giving bigger success.In 1989 Salman as lead hero debuted with MPK which became highest grosser of that decade and it was only release of Salman in 1989.Forget that no.1 he wasn’t come even in top 3.With debut giving atbb is not a joke.Hrithik in 2000 with one blockbuster became no. 1 but Salman never come at 1 not with mpk nor with Hank in 1994.
    Aamir who in 1990 given highest grosser that too solo not come in top 3, but srk from 1992-1993 had 3 hit while in two film he wasn’t Lead actor,he was side actor both in darr and deewana.But still boi put him in top 3 in 1993 and with not single hit he was at 1 in 1994.
    In 2004 as per boi Salman at no. 2 but he remain at no. 1 in 2005 when his no entry was biggest hit,Maine pyar Lyon kiya at no.4, srk paheli wasn’t in top 10, so with this way Salman should at 1 in 2005,as srk solo release was flop so his last swades.Than hrithik should be at no.1, while in 2007-08 srk was 1 with 3 BBs that absolutely fine. Not interesting for you.is it?

    You asking me that I never said Arjun kapoor a nuts,why would I.Did you called zeeshan nuts when he made srk ahead of big b.Arjun kapoor never talk bad for Aamir so why I saying him bad.
    I don’t know you were silent visitor before pk arrived or you left Indicine.But you know he had a long argument with Indicine about verdict of some films which not hits but in public memory that not less than hit.That time I also said him that his verdicts is wrong so is Indicine but he never accept that.Than why I argue with him over again and again for same thing.Regarding zeeshan he never criticise pk but there is time and time he said bad about Aamir.So yes I commented on him when he said big b is lesser than srk.

  • @sky I request u to ignore ppl like @sem.they r too intelligent to make them understand simple logical things.

    @sem all hail our king.srk-the ruler of world cinema!!! now kindly leave us,sir.

  • @ suchit u r talking yrf dharma to sky ROFL
    I never denied mr suchit that srk also has flops and disaster in 90 s but he have given hits and superhits constantly from the start that s why he z king…b brave to accept the truth…present is important but u have to remind history also…
    @sky that top actor list and many verdicts which hurts amirfan given by boi not by me which may never suit amirians….whats their criteria for top actor hit superhit bb or specially atbb its up to them its not in our hand…oso ce dabbang ghajini and hssh biggest example for that…atleast i m not fool myself with wrong verdicts….

  • http://www.indicine.com/movies/bollywood/jai-ho-second-week-collections/comment-page-9/#comments
    suchit checkout that comment section u will know What iz YRF DHARMA ???
    relax and enjoy the success of amir as other actors fans enjoy theirs favs at their time….i m srk fan dont need to call a single word lyk duffer or nuts to hide fustration and reality…DHOOM TO MACHTI HI REHET HAI BOLLYWOD WA ME KABHI JADOO AATA HAI TO KABHI DABBANG KHILADI IDIOT BANKE AAT HO DON KO PAKADNE K LIYE PAR IS GOLE PE SAB JANAT HAI DON KO………..Enjoy buddy its never the less amir fans tym….WHETHER ITS SRK AMIR HR SALMAN AKSHAY OR RK they speak with their work…by calling srk puppet or amir span superstar with showing his failure nothing going change…enjoy fan war with healthy and right way

  • @sky i know you from one year and what really hurts you is srk compare with sachin not amir…and i know that better…

  • @suchit if u want i can provide you srk and salman analysis also with boxoffice numbers….but let it leave and happy enjoying yours fake verdicts of your star…sky know me very well and may each amirfan

  • @suchit first of all you are no one to judge me that o should ashamed on myself.I am a true Aamir fan and I loved that I am an Aamirian.There is no doubt that yrf and dharma was two banners who gives srk solid presence whenever srk any film underperformed or flippers,a yrf or dharma came and it satisfy srk last debacle. In year 1994,1996,1999 srk had no yrf film and he had no hit that year.
    But other important thing is also that srk suited best in films made by yash ji,karan or aadi.Because srk had a romantic hero aura that always works for him in their film.It is mutual benefit for both not only for one.
    Regarding Aamir he wasn’t delivered big success apart from dil and RH.But even in 90s he had classics like dhkmn,qsqt,jjws,rangeela,sarfarosh,AAA.It shows that those days Aamir is not a idol actor who didn’t contributed but these film made him strong in post 2000 era.And now he is coming miles ahead than his contemporizes.If Aamir was successful Like srk that time we don’t get the perfectionist box office king Aamir in these kind of way.
    Giving 5 atbb or 4 all time grosser in last 5 commercial film is never a cake walk for any actor,no matter how popular,big or consistent some one is.Srk consistency is admirable so is aaamir these achievement.

  • @sky why are you fighting with me???? The reason why I said so is because srk’s hypocrite fans never accept aamir’s achievement, so why should we support their manipulator star???? srk fans are united, and because of fans like you there is no such unity in aamir fans. All I want to say is just be yourself and be loyal to the star whose fan you are. and if Yrf chose srk again and again in same repetitive romantic movies, than raju choses aamir because he can play any kinds of role. srk can’t go beyond romantic genre. he was looking like a clown in don 2.

    @Sem, before calling aamir’s movies verdict fake, you must be aware of you manipulator star’s fake verdicts. so better to shut your mouth. don 2 was semi hit and ra.one was flop. period. anyways I am laughing at moron haters like you as aamir is officially much bigger star than that manipulator overactor.

  • @suchit look at cry baby is crying why should amirians fight

    Mr suchit sky is honest enough that he can accept the fate of movies not lyk you who make your fav star shame demanding & believing wrong verdict…u can happy with fake verdict not me that s difference between some sensible fans lyk sky…
    Sky its alwz great to take on with you buddy

  • @sem lol, you idiot, cry baby, before calling me cry baby you have proved to be bigger cry baby than your cry baby manipulator overactor srk. your IQ is less than 3 years old kid. first grow up and than talk to me you. SRK is the king of manipulations, fakeness, mand buddhi, and what not????
    these are the official verdicts of that manipulator over actor.

    MNIK- semi hit
    ra.ONe- Flop
    Don 2- Semi hit
    JTHJ- hit
    CE- Manipulated Blockbuster
    HNY – semi hit

  • @suchit if u have some sense left or some knowledge then u accept & amir movies data is accurate not fake as you given for srk…grow up and dont make yourself fool…what amir is doing today that have done years b4 by srk,salman and HR also did that..

  • @sem you duffer, aamir was, is and will remain biggest star of bollywood. don’t even dare to compare srk, salman and hrithik to their baap aamir. hrithik was nothing without his papa, neither he is witout his papa.same thing goes for salman who is nothing without masala remakes or masala original movies. and srk????? who is he?? always riding in heroines’ shoulders or YRF/Dharma/ Rohit shetty’s shoulders. aamir has given mega hits without all these supporting factors. no one cares about salman, hrithik and haklu srk now. aamir is baap of them. period. you better grow up. some small past events doesn’t make srk, salman and hrithik bigger than aamir. aamir was, is and will remain much much bigger than all these 3 talentless useless actors. I gave you official verdicts. now get some brain first and then comment.

  • Ha ha ha, this idiot @sem was comparing Lagaan with Kabhi Whisky kabhi rum!

    Kaunse gole de aaye ho Bhai?

  • Yes……I am really proud to say that I am an Aamir Khan …..My favourite. Aamir Khan evergreen filim is Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander…Pehla Nssasha…..that song is best loveble song which I have ever seen & my favourite star is the No : 1 actor in bollywood…..Aamir ji….the entire nation is with you….continue with blockbusters…love you so much….
    your No : 1 fan Ranjith frm Kerala…

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