Aamir Khan – The Undisputed Box Office King

It has not been easy for Aamir Khan, for he never was the mega ‘superstar’ that he is today. The 90’s were dominated by the likes of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. Aamir crawled his

way, all along concentrating on quality and content, to slowly make it to the top league and now beyond!

The last decade, after classics like Lagaan and Dil Chahta Hai, Aamir took a 4-5 year long break due to marital issues and other personal problems. He returned with Mangal Pandey which didn’t do too well at the box office. Soon after, many in the media and trade wrote him off.

Aamir stopped giving interviews and never really promoted the commercially risky ‘Rang De Basanti’ – a film that not many would even risk after ‘Mangal Pandey’. The movie went on to do great business, soon after which Aamir returned with the record breaking Fanaa. He then decided to take up direction and directed the brilliant Taare Zameen Par and the rest, including the historic business of Ghajini, is now history.

Aamir Khan - Anushka Sharma PK

But no one in their wildest of dreams would have thought 3 Idiots would come close to Ghajini, leave alone beat the 116 crore record. The film not only went on to do record-breaking business, but became the first film to cross Rs 200 crore in India and Rs 350 crore worldwide – unimaginable for any film during those days.

After the historic success of 3 Idiots, Aamir decided to do yet another off-beat film, with little or no commercial appeal outside multiplexes in cities. A supernatural mystery thriller, no less. The response was mixed, as many returned home disappointed with the fact that Kareena Kapoor was in fact a ghost!

Then came yet another box office monster, Dhoom 3, which went on to be the highest grosser of all time collecting Rs 284 crore in India. The first film to cross the 250 crore mark. Dhoom 3 not only smashed every record in sight in the domestic markets, but also created records overseas – markets that were previously dominated by Shahrukh Khan for decades, now had a new competitor, who could not only challenge him, but also beat him.

A few days prior to the release of PK, we spoke to several distributors and trade experts. Most believed that the film would just about manage to cross the 200 crore mark, while most thought the film had absolutely no chance of crossing the universal success of Dhoom 3. On December 19th, the day PK released, the Rajkumar Hirani film took a much slower opening as compared to Dhoom 3. However, the response (read word-of-mouth) was so good, that the film came into its own in its first weekend itself. PK has now become the first film to collect Rs 300 crore in India and will soon become the first to gross 600 crore worldwide.

Aamir Khan has set the benchmark so high, that it would take nothing less than a miracle for other stars like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor to match. There are expectations that Bhajrangi Bhaijaan could challenge PK next year, and Shahrukh Khan’s film with Rohit Shetty – if it does release during Christmas – could also have a chance if the word-of-mouth is good. But for now, realistically, the only records that the others will be chasing will be the opening day and weekend. Like 3 Idiots, PK has raised the bar so high, that there are fears that it will take another 4 years for any other film to come close.

Box office milestones

  • First 50 crore film – Salman Khan and Sooraj Barjatya (Hum Aapke Hai Kaun)
  • First 100 crore film – Aamir Khan and A.R. Murugadoss (Ghajini)
  • First 150 crore film – Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani (3 Idiots)
  • First 200 crore film – Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani (3 Idiots)
  • First 250 crore film – Aamir Khan and Vijay Krishna Acharya (Dhoom 3)
  • First 300 crore film – Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani (PK)


  • This is great news, because, it reinforces the idea that content is king. Hence filmmakers can focus on creating quality movies which will ensure returns.

    In the last 5-6 years, quality lost itself to the masala genre. Yes we enjoyed Wanted, Dabbang and Rowdy Rathore, but soon after, it all became overdone and not entertaining altogether. It seemed as if filmmakers found a shorter shortcut.

    I say HR and the 3 Khans have the potential to rise above these collections, provided they raise the bar higher each time with an excellent movie, that would be the real measure of their stardom.

  • @Indicine you guys should also include 10, 25, 75 crore barrier as margin of 25 crores was equivalent to 100 crores these days. Please reply Indicine.

  • @gj007 can u pls make a list of ppl whom u hate.u hv previously mentioned ur hatred towards arjun,chetan,slb and now karan johar.plz gv a full list

  • oh yes … the box-office king cannot deliver a minimum HIT without Christmas. Talking of overseas, the whole world is in a vacation mood during Christmas , which is the ONLY reason behind his films doing well abroad …
    By the way, please post an article on ” ATHARVA – THE ORIGIN ” trailer, featuring Shahrukh Khan

  • Ghajni 116cr
    3idiots 202cr
    dhoom3 284cr
    pk will be first 400cr

    waiting for dungal and sarfrosh2
    dungall will be 500cr
    sarfrosh2 will be 600cr
    Aamir khan
    hrithik roshan
    salman khan

  • fact is clear all 3 khans have tremendos following… but aamir does best films with best directors.. salman has his own magic but SRK spoiling his reputation by over promotions, bad movies n running after money too much… cm on SRK cm back n show the world ur acting skills ..

  • A very honest article. Thank you Indicine! All Hail Aamir! The other two khans are his dogs! Salman struck gold at the B.O only after emulating Aamir’s Ghajini. And about SRK, less said the better! Dono ki ab lulli baji huyi hai.

  • Aamir’s last 5 films in India – 1000cr biz

    srk last 5 films in India – 707cr

    salman last 5 films in India – 800cr


    Aamir last 5 films – 100m$

    srk last 5 films – 64m$

    salman last 5 films – 43m$

    I think i don’t need to say anything more

    4 ATBB in his last 5 releases 4 All time grossser

  • amir in present tym is king of box office not due to fan following or stardom but due to script selection….hats off to amir…even i m salman fan i believe bb cant b near to pk….prdp hav good chance if its wom is good and compareable wid mpk,hahk and hssh….all the best salman bhai

  • Like “Mind over Muscle”, its “Content over Starpower”. I doubt any other actor even coming close to PK unless their movie create magic like HAHK/DDLJ/KNPH/Gaddar.

  • what really is so so commendable about Aamir is that he does such less films and still is ruling the box office…

    being a star and doing such few films is real risky as people may tend to forget who you are……Talaash came 3 yrs after 3 Idiots, biggest grosser back then…..it was really unprecedented for any actor not to sign films after such humongous success……but thats aamir for u

    even today, his next film isnt confirmed , something only Aamir Khan can achieve…..

    but its wrong to say that he wasnt a big star in the 90s……he was a superstar woth QSQT and then with many other films….

    whats amazing is that how is he such a big star with such less work……in the last 14 years, just 12 odd films…..its truly incredible…..

  • I am proud to born in a neighbor country of Aamir Khan.
    Love u Aamir, in future i think only aamir will be founder of 400 crore and 500 crore club in India.

    C0mE 0n Ba Bay . . .


    How could bang bang and jai ho both semi hit…

    No need to talk for bb and hny collection as

    The total business for 2014 will fall around 50 crore short of last year as December 2014 became the first month to go over 400 crore nett and took the year close to the 2013 mark. The cumulative nett gross for 2014 will finish at over 2725 crore while 2013 had grossed 2790 crore. The classifications of films in 2014 are as follows.

    All Time Blockbuster

    1. PK (expected share – 165 cr)


    2. Kick (share – 118 cr)

    Super Hit

    3. Happy New Year (share – 97 cr)

    4. Singham Returns (share – 77.5 cr)

    5. Ek Villain (share – 50.50 cr)

    6. 2 States (share – 48.75 cr)


    7. Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty (share – 56 cr)

    8. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (share – 35 cr)

    9. Queen (share – 25.75 cr)

    10. Heropanti (share – 25 cr)

    11. Ragini MMS 2 (share – 23.50 cr)

    Semi Hit

    12. Bang Bang (share – 75 c)

    13. Jai Ho (share – 58 cr)

    14. Gunday (share – 37.75 cr)

    15. Mary Kom (29.50 cr)

    16. Main Tera Hero (share – 26 cr)

    17. Yaariyan (share 19 cr)


    18. Haider (share – 23.50 cr)

    19. Hasee Toh Phasee (share – 17.50 cr)

    20. Mardaani (share – 16.75 cr)

    21. Hate Story (share – 11.50 cr

  • @sheheer, aamir is competing with srk really??? More jokes plz!! Ur srk is competing with ajay and akki for 5th place. The top 4 surerstars are….
    1. Aamir
    2. Salman
    3. Hrithik
    4. Ranbir.

  • Tiger till ghajini amir is below ajay and akshay so now enjoy the success of dhoom 3 and pk…dont forget the one who comes in 2000 let amir left behind him HR…amir come in big league only after 3idiots so amirfans just chill

  • soumya.dats y our global king failed to make any record in both india n overseas on christmas wid 2 open weeks wid brand don 2.n salman wid dabangg2 n akshay wid teesmaarkhan.atleast amir had not requested anyone to postpone their movie on chrismas.if anyone has courage let them clash wid him like welcome vs taare zameen par.

  • To Aamir Fans,
    Ignore srk & his fans. Do not reply to them. Aamir fans should maintain standard. Do not comment on srk articles too. Don’t waste your time. They are all over the place like a virus. Just ignore. Let them grow in their delusional world. If they grow up, they’ll realize the truths.

  • To Aamir Fans,
    Ignore srk & his fans. Do not reply to them. Aamir fans should maintain standard. The virus(srk fans) is everywhere. Let the lowest forms of earth grow in their delusional world.

  • BOI has proved now that it is a wrong number to follow:

    It has reported more collections on Sunday than the producer figure for PK…which is unbelievebale…they did the same for D3…

    BOI is one of the worst trade websites we have today which underreports collections of HR movies and overreports collections of Aamir Khan…

    Though i m big fan of both Aamir & HR, i can’t tolerate somebody trying to bash HR…he is gem in bollywood…

  • @salman khan ha ha ha . Giving excuses won’t work. Salamn’s stardom without masala movies is smaller than tusshar kapoor. Lol. Don’t dare to compare that non actor remake star salman with greatest actor and biggest megastar Aamir khan. Salman same me bhi Aamir ka record nah I tod sakta.

  • @sem stop barking. That Jadoo boy was nothing without his papa. Don’t compare him with megastar Aamir. Hrithik was washed out in 2010 and was far behind ajay and akshay. The fact is Aamir khan is biggest megastar in Bollywood. Period. He has way more fans than shahrukh and salman. No chance for any Srk or salman movies to break these records. Aamir alone will break these records.

  • pk wow 350 ,100+ more than kick and HNY. It looks impossible to break this record by others except aamir

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