PK creates history, becomes the first film to collect Rs 300 crore

PK has created history at the domestic box office, becoming the first film to collect Rs 300 crore in India. Not only has the film gone past some of the biggest grossers in the history of Indian Cinema, PK has literally smashed those records in less than 3 weeks.

Looking at the trends, PK is certain to cross the Rs 350 crore mark too.

PK First Week Box Office Collections

  • 1st Friday – 26.63 cr
  • 1st Saturday – 30.34 cr
  • 1st Sunday – 38.24 cr
  • 1st Monday – 21.22 cr
  • 1st Tuesday – 19.36 cr
  • 1st Wednesday – 19.55 cr
  • 1st Thursday – 27.55 cr
  • 1st 1st Week Total – 182.89 cr

PK Second Week Box Office Collections

  • 2nd Friday – 14.44 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 17.12 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 22.36 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 10.08 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 9.11 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday – 9.05 cr
  • 2nd Thursday – 13.48 cr
  • 2nd Week Total – 95.64 cr

PK Third Week Box Office Collections

  • 3rd Friday – 6.85 cr
  • 3rd Saturday – 8.32 cr
  • 3rd Sunday – 11.58 cr
  • Grand Total - 305.38 crore


  • Once again it has been proved that the content is the king.Congrats to Aamir for giving us such a lovely and wonderful movie.I don’t think any movie would be able to beat at least its third week collections.

  • simply extraordinary performance by pk has also broken the record of 3 idiots for being the only film to collect 120cr post 1st has now collected 123cr post first week in just 10 days!!!

    pk lifetime should touch 350 as predicted by me on December 19th,a comment which had then made everyone laugh at me.

    anyways congrats to team pk

  • Aamir movies collect 250cr, 300cr easily but our king and greek god need manipulation to surpass 200cr and 150cr mark……..too much fun.

  • the only film that I can realistically see in next 4yrs breaking pk record is sanjay dutt biopic directed by raju and starring ranbir given the film gets a release on eid/diwali/christmas/post ipl weekend(summer vacation).

    if that film performs on an expected level then rk will surely become the new king of bollywood afte its release.

    thank u rajkumar hirani sir for selecting RK in our next film that too sanjay dutt biopic whose content will definitely great

  • 3

    PK has grossed 27.50 crore nett inits third weekend to take its lifetime total to around 305 crore nett. The third weekend collection is as follows.

    Friday – 6,50,00,000

    Saturday- 8,50,00,000

    Sunday – 12,50,00,000

    Total – 27,50,00,000

    The third weekend is a record and the third week will also set a record with a 40 crore nett plus total. The film may go and touch the 350 crore nett mark….

  • Wow ! Fantastic !! Unbelievable !!!
    If someone would have told the same 4 years back that a movie will collect 300 cr alone in India, then we would have told he/she is on weed or something and simply blabbering . But it’s Amir , who always break the barriers with his new releases.
    First 100 cr, then 200 cr and now 300 cr.
    Well done champ !!!

    DISCLAIMER : I have nee noticing since a while, many suspicious IDs like Gautam,goutam,gowtham etc are roaming around at indicine. My sencere request to the readers , please cross check the spellings of the name etc. Because some of the comments have been made by these aforementioned IDs, which I won’t make ever.
    For example, yesterday someone called “Gautam” made a comment that only Amir can break his records and no one else can compete with him. I didn’t make that comment and I don’t agree with that Gautam’s view either. This race is open and with every new movie, records are meant to be made and broken.
    @indicine : Some one month back you said, you are going to introduce a system to prevent such piracy. What is the progress on that? I have been using the same ID and email address since beginning so you can verify the email address at least. Thanks!

  • wow wow wow congratulations to Ace khan and whole cast n crew also all those peoples who supported pk with full heart and watch 4or5 times in theatre this movie will bring huge change in our society and i hope all those mindless riots in the name of religion will finish in coming days and may people leave with peace in the country.

  • just amazing. .
    now this will be some record to break . .
    nd dont luk like anyone other than amir could do it. .
    hats off to the superstar. .
    taking indian cinema to diffrent level. .
    nd also to raju hirani. . the best direct of this generation. .
    party time fir team pk

  • all those expecting pk to affect tevar collections r leaving ina dream bcz both films r poles apart from each other and hv gd content so tevar will perform well while pk will continue its extraordinary run

  • Pk is performing so excellenyly because the movie has immense repeat value. Thanks hirani,aamir and the entire team for delivering such a classic.

  • indicine.u hv written wrong.u shd write the film crossed all of the biggest grossers instead some of the biggest grossers.

  • @indicine kindly look into the request I hv made to u regarding old hits in that ‘top 5 highest grossing fipms ssince 2000’ article

  • Har ke jetne walo ko bazigar kehte
    2015 belong to king khan
    FAN : 300 cr
    RAEESE : 350 cr
    raeese 1st week : 200 cr
    2nd week : 90 to 100
    3rd week : 40 to 50 cr
    remaining week 20 to 30 cr

  • @indicine i remember your tweet that it is safe to say kick will remain highest grosser now your redfaced. pk not only highest grosser it also crossed 300cr so indicine dont underestimate aamir khan he is the best.

  • yo yo aamir khan did it….
    300 cr which is huge collection in domestic…
    look records which brake by other movie
    sholay – 15 cr (1975)
    hahk – 69 cr (1994)
    gadar – 75 cr (2001)
    dhoom2 – 80 cr (2006)
    ghajini – 114 cr (2008)
    3 idiots – 202 cr (2009)
    ce – 208 cr (2013)
    dhoom3 – 274 cr (2013)
    pk – 325 cr (2014)….
    love u aamir…

  • @ARJUN KAPOOR FAN: For your info no biopic collects more then 150-CR in India and Sanjay Dutt is not Gandhi Ji that every one want to see his BIOPIC whoever the director.

  • Congrats Amir and entire Pk teams, Also congrats Amir fans , honestly i feel jealous as an SRK fan.

    Records are meant to be Broken…Let’s hope more..

    BTW these records are unbreakable and safe until SRK’s next release.

    The highest fist day collection
    The highest Single day collection
    The highest First weekend collection

  • Congratulations Aamir, VVC, Raju, Anushka and most importantly Aamir fans who have made PK a record breaking movie . Ghajini in 2008 started the 100 CR club, 3 Idiots in started the 200 CR club but i did not have internet at that time . After 6 years PK in 2015 started the 300 CR club and now i am having internet . Honestly it will take time to break this record . 3 Idiots record was broken after 4 years and now let us see in how much time PK’s record will be broken . Will it take 4 or more years like 3 Idiots or will it take 1 year like Ghajini and Dhoom 3 to break this record . If this happens then this record will be broken in 2015 .

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