Tamilians protest against Salman Khan in Mumbai

A few Tamil people staged protest against Salman Khan in front of the Bollywood superstar’s residence here Sunday for supporting Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Some Tamils are upset with the “Wanted” star, who recently visited Sri Lanka to campaign for Rajapaksa, ahead of the presidential election in the island-country.

Security has been increased outside Salman’s Galaxy apartment because of the protest, which began Sunday morning from around 10 a.m.

An official from the Bandra police station told IANS: “Yes, today (Sunday) morning a few police were present for protection at Salman’s residence during the protest and a few people who protested have been detained by the police and their inquiry is going on”.

Salman was present in Sri Lanka along with his “Kick” co-star Jacqueline Fernandez, who is a former Sri Lankan beauty queen.

Mahinda Rajapaksa, Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez

Mahinda Rajapaksa, Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez



  • But what was the need to campaign for Sri Lankan President despite knowing the fact that there is a political tension between India and Sri Lanka over the fishermen issue

    • @thebhatta, if you know nothing about news agencies, please don’t comment here. The news is from IANS (Indo-Asian News Service). Just like Indian Express, TOI, Hindustan Times and others, we also pay and subscribe to their news service.

  • Personally i feel Celebrities should stay away from politics . Because of money they campaign for parties and people think they support such parties . Even if Salman does not support Mahinda Rajspaksha there was no need to campaign for him . Indian Tamils hate Rajapaksha . Instead, he should have gone to Sri Lanka with Jacqueline for a holiday rather than for campaigning . Celebrities should cast their vote and set an example for their fans but they should not support parties . When they retire they can enter politics if they want to .

  • That’s really shameful that a Super Star involving a political Campaign only for the sake of money.
    At least he should understand the feelings of Indian people.
    No wonder if we see him in next political campaign of BJP.

  • @pathan + @sheheer

    He can express his personal preference for any political leader or party if he chooses to do so – nothing wrong with that- happens all the time in the USA and here in the UK- only difference here is that opposition party workers/ backers dont go out on the streets making a racket and say nonsense like:- “oh he didnt choose our stupid party to campaign for so we gonna cause a nuisance and disrupt everybodys daily routine bcoz firstly we are illiterates and secondly we are unemplyed bcoz we are unemployable bums…’

    Get a life you two unemplyed undesirables…!

  • @thebhatta

    Indicine is right. Go and check TOI. In many cases, TOI and Hindustan times have same news word to word because of IANS. (Now I wont tell you that TOI gives more gimmicky headlines than HT because it’s a known fact LOL)

    And about this harebrained protest, I wont say anything because these are not real Tamilians, they are politically motivated people trying to create an issue out of nothing to grab attention.

  • @gj007 what benefit would the people they get by protesting against Salman.Everybody in India knows how evil minded Rajpaksa is.Stars shouldn’t get involved in such political matters just for the sake of money.

  • It his choice to to campaign for anyone. Its their choice to protest (As long as it is peaceful and not affecting security of Salmaan).

  • Guys i’m also tamilan… But more than salmankhan fan… but this time he disappoint me… Because that mahachor rajabakse killed over 3lakh tamil people in srilanka… Is he human being?? I don’t think so… Bhaijaan need to know our feelings…. Because he has more fans in tamilnadu…. @indicine please post this comment… Because most of northindians doesn’t know what happened in srilanka… Don’t support rajabakse chor…

  • @Sidecinemafan well said.It is a shame on his part to be a part of his campaign.I don’t think salman would be that dumb to not know about the true colours of Rajapaksa(killer of innocent Tamilians).

  • Haters like Pathan n Sheheer are waiting for opportunity. Salman went there as a good gesture for his co-star n friend Jaqueline not for Rajapaksa or Lankan Govt. Dumb people doesnt understand this before jumping to useless conclusions !!!!!!!!!!!

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