Aamir Khan : “SRK is upset because his films have not done well”

In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Aamir Khan talks about his rivalry with Shahrukh Khan, on him being number one at the box-office and his upcoming films. Read the interview and post your comments below

• What do you think about the recent Filmfare poll, according to which you are now the most powerful man in the industry?

I am happy that they have liked and acknowledged my work but honestly speaking, I am not really interested in power. I think it’s important to know what one can really do with the power. According to me, power is how one uses it. I can be very powerful but if I can’t use it for any good or can’t contribute to the industry then I am actually powerless. I would like to use my power by working with new directors, giving new actors to the industry and making experimental films.

• Don’t you think the success of Taare Zameen Par, Ghajini and the opening collections of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, which interestingly you didn’t even star in, has made you even more powerful?

Could be. Ghajini has gone on to become the biggest success of Indian cinema. The collection has already crossed Rs 270 crore. The three films that I have produced (Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par and Jaane Tu Ya JaaneNa) have all been super hits. Even as an actor, my strike rate has been quite good. Since 2000, all my films have worked except Mangal Pandey. Being a creative person, I want my work to be done and want people to love me for my work. To attain that, I don’t want to do anything that’s underhand. Neither do I want to influence or manipulate the media. After genuinely doing good work consistently, it is for people to decide if they like you or not. Once you strike a relationship with the audience through your work, numbers become unimportant. No one can change that.

• You were called the marketing king when ushers sported the Ghajini look during the screening of Shah Rukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

It was a good marketing gimmick. I think promoting a film with another films is the best way as you really get to know your target audience. Usually, people promote their film in a multiplex through promos or posters but when people walked into multiplexes and saw 50 Ghajinis around them especially with the film just two weeks away from release, it created a buzz. That it was done during Rab Ne… helped.

• But it also created a war of words between you and SRK.

I have been working in the industry for over two decades and I have never made any comments about anybody. However, over the years I noticed that Shah Rukh has been repeatedly talking about me publicly. In all fairness, I too decided not to remain quiet and respond to him publicly.

• In his recent interviews, Shah Rukh sounds bitter about you. For instance, he has said that his kids will never be your fans or that his dog refuses to be called Aamir.

Let me say one thing clearly, no matter what Shah Rukh tells his children, I will tell my kids to always love and respect him. What he teaches his children is entirely up to him. I can understand that he is bitter as his films have not done well. I have only have warm regards for him and wish him all the very best. I do understand that Shah Rukh works very hard and gives a number of interviews, which I think is a wonderful quality. I think he is upset as his films have not done as well as he expected them to but I wish him all the success he deserves.

• Now that you have dethroned him in the power list, will there be another war of words between the two of you?

I am least interested in dethroning him. He can be very happy with all the thrones and all the crowns. I am not interested in any of them. He has never hesitated in making fun of me. Even in his films he has made fun of Manoj Kumar and Dev Anand. It shows that he has a great sense of humour but where does it all go when I say humorous things about him?

I remember him saying in one of his interviews that he was joking about calling himself No.1. I find it very funny as I have never seen anyone proclaiming, ‘I am No.1’. Neither did Sachin Tendulkar ever say that he is No 1 nor did Lata Mangeshkar. Take any field for that matter, Vishwanathan Anand never says that he is the best and I don’t think Dilip Kumar or Raj Kapoor ever said that. I am saying all this in a lighter vein so he too should take my comments lightly. I think that his sense of humour suddenly disappears when it comes to me.

• Ever since the fight between Shah Rukh and Salman happened, everyone wants to know whose friend you are?

I find this very funny. I am quite friendly with Anil Kapoor, Rani Mukerjee, Shah Rukh and Salman. Akshay (Kumar) and Saif (Ali Khan) too are my friends. I have so many friends. I meet all of them once in a while and there is nothing more to it than that.

• You and Salman seem to be bonding more these days.

Not really. It has always been like this and it all depends on who is free and when. We have impromptu meetings. There is no ulterior motive when we meet and there is no point for anybody to get paranoid. Come what may, I would not want anyone’s film to flop. I am this industry’s child. My father has been a producer and my uncle has been a director. There are so many people involved in the making of a film and how it fares affects everyone be it the director, unit members, exhibitors and even ushers in the theatres. I want everyone’s film to do well, and our meetings are not about discussing anyone’s failure or success.

• There are also reports that you meet Akshay quite often to discuss the number one game.

I am not interested in this number game. I don’t even discuss this with anyone as it does not concern me. As far as I am concerned, my favourite star is Amitabh Bachchan and for me he is the number one. It ends at that. Akshay is my friend and so is Twinkle and yes, we do meet but it has got nothing to do with the number game.

• Coming to your work, you are producing three films simultaneously.

As an actor I am only doing two films- 3 Idiots and Kiran’s Dhobi Ghat where I play an artiste. As a producer, I have completed the shooting of Dhobi Ghat, Delhi Belly and one more film directed by Anusha Rizvi. These three films are extremely unusual and challenge the limits of mainstream cinema.

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  • ooops……bejul turns out to be a girl !! shit (pardon my language). what is this ? its getting more weird and wonderful by the day.

    sorry about that. i dont actually pick (i.e. take digs) on girls, so i shall end it right here.

    as for what type of name is spiderman. its a name of a superhero. its a name most people around the world are familiar with. its a famous name. no, its not a funny name, its a cool name.

  • Spiderman: I think that you should stop insulting other peoples names, you wouldnt like it if someone insulted you! would you?

  • Hello everyone:

    How come noone so far mentioned anything about Akshay’s Kumar latest movie 8 x 10 Tasveer?!

    Did anyone see it and liked it? I saw it today in cinema, and wrote a short review under “Kumbaqht Isheq Trailer” informing you if you would like to read it, just to have an idea about the movie.. I could not write a long one coz still Indicine Team didn’t write any review for the movie and because it’s a suspense one.

  • bejul – in what way did i ‘insult other peoples names’ ? can you explain, cos i dont think i have ever insulted ‘other peoples names’. show me.
    you also seem to be keen on continuing to argue. if that is the case then you should expect the same in return. knowing that you are a girl would make it difficult for me to start arguing with you. so please dont push it.

  • Fathiya and al I have put my thought on the movie Tasveer on “Kambaqht Ishq Trailer”
    if anyone has thr views to share can may b post it on the same link

  • If any actor is jealous of others,GOD shall teach him a lesson.God always does justice.An arrogant person is meant to be destroyed.Even in Gita its written…If people forget their basic purpose of life and indulge in insignificant matters,they are bound to fall down.Nobody is the king of the world.The supreme creator is only the supreme emperor and if he feels he can destroy the world.

  • 1st of LOL on the rules…. sayz rude posts will b deleted… but this thread seems to have MANY rude stuff

    2ndly… reading each n every comment has been VERY entertaining… thanks to all of u

    3rdly… i absolutely ADORE aamir khan… i do find him talented, good looking, versatile n smart. but i donot LOVE him that my boy-friend wud wanna kill him… i DO have a life n it does not revolve around AK.

    4thly… i think SRK is stereotyped as a Romantic Hero… as thats all he does… no offense but i cudnt sit for RNBJ for more than 15 mins. but thn i have liked DDLJ n many other of his movies (names of which i dont seem to remember now… but i swear i have).

    5thly… i do understand those two actors digging at each other… for popularity, hurt ego, etc etc… what i do not understand is why r ordinary people like us arguing about those two (for whom v do not even exist)???

    in the end… just the way no one can change my opinions abt AK, i dont expect to change ne1’s opinion regarding SRK.


  • Aamir is jealous of srk’s acting,stardom,popularity,intelligence etc!
    He can never b no.1 bec he is not srk! Is he gone mad? How cn he say dat srk’s films had not done well?

  • amir khan is a good actor bt he should learn basic manners nt to hurt other actor’s feelings especially wen their movies hv nt done well at box office

  • I think everyone is mad. I love both Amir n shahrukh… Both have gifted talent. I watch good movies of all actors. I like good actors with good acting skills. Am not bothered about their personal life… No one is perfect. I have watched srk shows, am not impressed as he doesn’t respect his fans and audiences. I have also attended Amir’s launch for peepli live in Bradford, and I find that Amir is articulate and eloquent. I am Brits Indian, I only watch real quality movies and my English husband who is a professional actor finds that Bollywood has got many talents, akhsaye khanna, om puri, nasseruddin shah, nana patekar, paresh Rawal, irfan khan, hritik roshan and many more, endless to list down. Why people are so paranoid about these 2 actors? Let them sort out their differences…go chill out and enjoy yourself…they are millionaires…they dont even know who you are and they aren’t going to share your grief.

  • Aamir Khan is the best his movies which I have seen r wonderful I am speechless his acting is amazing than SRK

  • Aamir rocks..!! The cute chocolatey guy.
    It is srk who is jealous of amir.
    Amir never took digs at anyone but srk always did which shows that srk is the insecure and jealous one.
    Amir is, was and will always be no. 1 in the industry. He is the most powerful guy in the industry.
    Amir has always appreciated other khans but srk never did.
    Actually shit ppl can never believe that there can be actually genuinely nice people in the world.
    In srk case, he knows that his dog deserves to be called shahrukh, which is why he refuses to be called amir. Even srk dogs respect amir khan.
    Moreover srk should open up his eyes that Amir Khan is the biggest brand in India who took his movies at an international level. The guy who earned hindi cinema respect. Amir is also biggest brand because he can take up any new comer and make him star but srk uses other ppl’s success to his advantage. Like he took deepika in om shanti om but she was already a reining model. And SRk career was going flop at that time so kind of deepika helped him.
    but in amir’s case he took asin who was a lesser known tollywood actress. Yeah asin decided to get married because she got a great guy while deepika had no choice but to work hard on her career.
    Also srk needs to depend on already bankable chopras and johars to give a big hit. But amir is himself a richie rich and his success is all his. Just look at this guys power and yet his modesty.
    Just love love amir.
    There was a time when juhi chawla used to insult srk because of his looks and praise amir, I think which is why he started to take digs at him. But Amir again triumphed with his amazing comments.
    Also, saroj khan told that salman used to feel jealous of amir because of the attention, better steps and screen time amir would get and salman used ro feel sidelined. And he would tell saroj khan that you do this partiality because i am not as big a star likevamir khan and one day i will also become a big star like amir khan then you would also give me bettr steps. And we all know that Amir had a more hero like role in andaz apna apna while salman looked like not even second.
    So that just shows amir was, is and will always be better than other khans.
    He was always more popukar and will always be than other khans.
    And this is an answer to some douchebag who said amir wasnt at top in 90s. Lol you could have instead said that other khans could not even compete with him in 90s.
    And Amir khan has maintained his no. 1 spot for the longest time ever and he doesn’t need to act desperate in interviews or joke about it like other khans. He is already above all this.

  • Aamir is damn jealous of srk. How dare him say such a thing about srk??? I think he is the one who’s upset cox his films is not well done.

  • Whattt rubbish!! Aamir is damn jealous of srk. Hw dare him say such a thing abt srk? I think aamir is the one who’s upset cox his films never work better than srk’s..

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