Jai Veeru Movie Review

Jai and Veeru – names of two legendary characters from arguably one of the best Bollywood movie ever, Sholay.  Inspired by these two legendary characters which stand as the best example for true friendship, director Puneet Sira presents ‘Jai Veeru’ starring Fardeen Khan as Jai and Kunal Khemu as Veeru. Just as one can gather from the name the movie is a comic take on the friendship that these two characters share. Can Puneet live upto expecations that the title brings along?

Jai Veeru Review

Without dragging it for long, let me put things simple and straight. There is no story in Jai Veeru. Few senseless sequences are knitted along with few songs, some horrible action and some twists. The two main characters (Jai Veeru) are highly disappointing and there is hardly any scope for us to bond with the two.  The first thirty minutes of the movie is just spent in jumping from one track to another, while a strong friendship blooms between the two main characters over just four scenes. Veeru (Kunal) hits on a girl at a club and in attempts to impress her he falls in trouble with her four brothers. Jai (Fardeen) saves him from the hefty men. And soon they become best friends over a silly fight and a can of beer. Then we are introduced to a gangster Tejpal (Arbaaz Khan) who is on the hit list of criminals of the Police Force. We hardly see him doing any brutal killing or a big illegal dealing except for a scene of some fake currency business, and he is considered a cold-blooded criminal. And his side kicks who look like ill-nutritioned grown ups just cant get one shot right.

In attempts to stuff in comedy, action, emotions, romance et al…  Puneeth Sira fails as a director. With a mindless story and a pace that picks up and drops periodically, Jai Veeru is a complete dud.   Dialogues are lame and don’t seem to have any spark in them. Action sequences are dull. Music by Bappi Lahiri that comprises most part of the runtime is average. Although the tracks are not very refreshing, ‘Tenu Leke’ and ‘Sufi’ stand out. Cinematography too is mere average.

Performances in Jai Veeru are a let down too.  Fardeen as Jai and Kunal as Veeru are a scorn to the legendry characters. Fardeen just as usual hams throughout the movie. Kunal is equally competent in putting across a poor performance. Arbaaz Khan sleep walks through the role. Dia Mirza and Anjana Sukhani are just eye candies and have nothing much to do.

Overall, Jai Veeru is a trashy film with absolutely zero entertainment. The opening at single screens (opened on Thursday) has surprisingly been good,  but the fall is inevitable.

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆


  • I haven’t seen the movie yet, but from the trailers the movie doesn’t look to impressive. I personally don’t like fardeen khan and can’t even remember the last time he acted in a movie, its not like he has ever given a great hit or anything. I probably won’t waste my time to watch this movie, cuz these are usually just time pass movies, but my guy like to just bring any dvd along so if he does and I end up watching I’ll let you all know. Just thought I be the first one to comment here.

  • Everybody knows what kind of movie to expect from Fardeen. He is cheap.

    Any idea about 13B and Gulaal. They looked promising.

    IBN Live rating for 13B 2/5
    Times Of India ratind for Gulal 3/5

    Better watch Gulal than this sick Jai Veeru. God why these movies are even released!!!!

  • I haven’t been paying too much attention lately to these two movies gulaal and 13B, but I think I will definetly watch them because I sometimes find that these off beat movies are much better than so called mainstream movies. In 13b I thinkk that actor mahadevan is in it, the guy from Ramji Londonwaley. I don’t know anything about the movie, but I love his acting he’s a really good actor so I just might watch just because of him.

  • dumb movie..senseless drama..nonsensical characters .slipshod directons pathetic screenplay and disrection..s do you still want to hear more..thankfully i saw it on dvd and i send it back within 5 mts of fast forward

  • Shame any movie with Fardeen real come s out bad,besides Darling and Heyybabe
    where he tried his best .Most Bollywood actors are talented just that they like wrong
    choice of movies.

  • OMG ! all these people are haters cause they aint famous…..and if you didnt see the movie dont judge it thats really dumb and noooooo they movie was GREAT ! and fardeen and kunal did a good job !
    And who ever said that fardeen khan is cheap
    you are so wrong you are cheap for saying that ! and fardeen has had hit movies look it up !
    THE MOVIE WAS REALLY GOOD ! and if you didnt like it dont even post a stupid comment if you didnt like it !

  • It’s okay for one watch. It was not so interesting at the start, but later it picked up speed and some of the twists were interesting. It’s a tension free movie so go ahead and see it once. Personally, I didn’t like a single song in the movie. Kunal acted better than Fardeen.

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