Happy Birthday Aamir Khan

Arguably the best actor in the Hindi Film Industry, Aamir Khan turns 44 today. The last year of his life has been quiet eventful for the star with Ghajini raking in the moolah at the box-office, with Aamir receiving both critical acclaim and appreciation from the audience.

So what does Aamir look forward to in the 45th year of his life? The perfectionist Khan has 2 releases this year, Dhobi Ghat directed by wife Kiran Rao and the biggest release of the year – 3 Idiots – directed by Rajkumar Hirani of Munnabhai fame.

Aamir is also producing Delhi Belly starring nephew Imran Khan in the lead.

So with lots to look foward to; for Aamir and his billions of fans all over the world, we wish him, on behalf of the entire Indicine Team, a very very Happy Birthday.

Post your Birthday wishes below, we will try and send some of the sweetest messages to Aamir!



  • @ very very #@ppĀ„ Birt#d@y to Aamir…

    I wish him all the best for 2009, to prepare smilingly for facing 45th year of his life next year.

  • Aamir Khan it certainly talented actor. But he’s very malicious and envious. His success has been caused by deadly jealousy to SRK. I adored Aamir Khan earlier, but he has completely lost my respect. And…why AK is the best actor? What about Irfan Khan for example? And… Amitabh Bachchan. Do you call AK is the best to hurt SRK? Who the best is solved by public. And SRK spectators worldwide love. Happy birthday, Aamir Khan, I wish you to become more kindly and to be released from arrogance.

  • I adore Aamir Khan; he is an incredibly talented actor and way back to Raja Hindustani all the way to Fanaa, all the emotions he portrays in his characters, literally jump out of the screen and grab your heart. Happy Birthday Aamir, you are amazing x.x.x

  • Happy Birth Day “Amir”
    I wish ths year become more successive for you best of luck 4 ur future life

  • happy birthday to sunita happy birthday to you !

    baar baar din yeh aayey, baar baar dil yeh gaayey, tu jeeyey hazaron saal yeh meri hai arzoo !

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to sunita, happy birthday to you !

    (oops, sorry, i meant aamir, happy birthday to aamir).

    and yana191, you are totally wrong. aamir khan is not envious. shah rukh khan clearly is. aamir does not need to be envious, he is a superior actor and has given the biggest hit in indian cinema. aamir is far more sophisticated. shah rukh has problems and barks at aamir all the time and makes nasty comments. aamir only responds to shah rukhs silliness. so why is aamir labelled the anti-hero ?
    so, get your facts right yana.

  • many many happy returns of the day……aamir khan…..im 25 yrs old n watchin ur movie since many years.you have been different all these years and u r the one of the finest actors india has ever produced.In de future i and all the people of our country and offcourse all over the world would like to watch you in an artistic movie….a very powerful performance yet to come in near future.plz…..plz……fullfill this dream of all the people of the world………thts all………thankyou……

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY AAMIR MAY YOUR LIFE BE FULL OF HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • happy birthday aamir and best wishes 2009.
    may all ur films be successful.
    yana1911,i think this article is meant to wish aamir on his birthday.If u want to criticize him and try to stand for the superstar of overacting, srk ,why choose this article.You can find many such articles where all of u die hard srk fans can try to belittle aamir,least to my interest.

  • @spiderman. These are no facts but your opinions. @kanishka. Are you really think I’ve wrote to YOUR interest? OK, each person prefer his own hero. My love and homage to Aamir Khan is over. And I also go out. You can enjoy yourself kicking my back all together)))

  • Hi Amir! A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. I look forward to have some high quality films in the coming years also. All the best.

  • hi aamir! how are you now? im jhelo from bataan philippines, im yoyr #1 fans here! i love your film… and i wish to meet you someday! love you! ;)

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