Aamir Khan : “SRK is upset because his films have not done well”

In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Aamir Khan talks about his rivalry with Shahrukh Khan, on him being number one at the box-office and his upcoming films. Read the interview and post your comments below

• What do you think about the recent Filmfare poll, according to which you are now the most powerful man in the industry?

I am happy that they have liked and acknowledged my work but honestly speaking, I am not really interested in power. I think it’s important to know what one can really do with the power. According to me, power is how one uses it. I can be very powerful but if I can’t use it for any good or can’t contribute to the industry then I am actually powerless. I would like to use my power by working with new directors, giving new actors to the industry and making experimental films.

• Don’t you think the success of Taare Zameen Par, Ghajini and the opening collections of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, which interestingly you didn’t even star in, has made you even more powerful?

Could be. Ghajini has gone on to become the biggest success of Indian cinema. The collection has already crossed Rs 270 crore. The three films that I have produced (Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par and Jaane Tu Ya JaaneNa) have all been super hits. Even as an actor, my strike rate has been quite good. Since 2000, all my films have worked except Mangal Pandey. Being a creative person, I want my work to be done and want people to love me for my work. To attain that, I don’t want to do anything that’s underhand. Neither do I want to influence or manipulate the media. After genuinely doing good work consistently, it is for people to decide if they like you or not. Once you strike a relationship with the audience through your work, numbers become unimportant. No one can change that.

• You were called the marketing king when ushers sported the Ghajini look during the screening of Shah Rukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

It was a good marketing gimmick. I think promoting a film with another films is the best way as you really get to know your target audience. Usually, people promote their film in a multiplex through promos or posters but when people walked into multiplexes and saw 50 Ghajinis around them especially with the film just two weeks away from release, it created a buzz. That it was done during Rab Ne… helped.

• But it also created a war of words between you and SRK.

I have been working in the industry for over two decades and I have never made any comments about anybody. However, over the years I noticed that Shah Rukh has been repeatedly talking about me publicly. In all fairness, I too decided not to remain quiet and respond to him publicly.

• In his recent interviews, Shah Rukh sounds bitter about you. For instance, he has said that his kids will never be your fans or that his dog refuses to be called Aamir.

Let me say one thing clearly, no matter what Shah Rukh tells his children, I will tell my kids to always love and respect him. What he teaches his children is entirely up to him. I can understand that he is bitter as his films have not done well. I have only have warm regards for him and wish him all the very best. I do understand that Shah Rukh works very hard and gives a number of interviews, which I think is a wonderful quality. I think he is upset as his films have not done as well as he expected them to but I wish him all the success he deserves.

• Now that you have dethroned him in the power list, will there be another war of words between the two of you?

I am least interested in dethroning him. He can be very happy with all the thrones and all the crowns. I am not interested in any of them. He has never hesitated in making fun of me. Even in his films he has made fun of Manoj Kumar and Dev Anand. It shows that he has a great sense of humour but where does it all go when I say humorous things about him?

I remember him saying in one of his interviews that he was joking about calling himself No.1. I find it very funny as I have never seen anyone proclaiming, ‘I am No.1’. Neither did Sachin Tendulkar ever say that he is No 1 nor did Lata Mangeshkar. Take any field for that matter, Vishwanathan Anand never says that he is the best and I don’t think Dilip Kumar or Raj Kapoor ever said that. I am saying all this in a lighter vein so he too should take my comments lightly. I think that his sense of humour suddenly disappears when it comes to me.

• Ever since the fight between Shah Rukh and Salman happened, everyone wants to know whose friend you are?

I find this very funny. I am quite friendly with Anil Kapoor, Rani Mukerjee, Shah Rukh and Salman. Akshay (Kumar) and Saif (Ali Khan) too are my friends. I have so many friends. I meet all of them once in a while and there is nothing more to it than that.

• You and Salman seem to be bonding more these days.

Not really. It has always been like this and it all depends on who is free and when. We have impromptu meetings. There is no ulterior motive when we meet and there is no point for anybody to get paranoid. Come what may, I would not want anyone’s film to flop. I am this industry’s child. My father has been a producer and my uncle has been a director. There are so many people involved in the making of a film and how it fares affects everyone be it the director, unit members, exhibitors and even ushers in the theatres. I want everyone’s film to do well, and our meetings are not about discussing anyone’s failure or success.

• There are also reports that you meet Akshay quite often to discuss the number one game.

I am not interested in this number game. I don’t even discuss this with anyone as it does not concern me. As far as I am concerned, my favourite star is Amitabh Bachchan and for me he is the number one. It ends at that. Akshay is my friend and so is Twinkle and yes, we do meet but it has got nothing to do with the number game.

• Coming to your work, you are producing three films simultaneously.

As an actor I am only doing two films- 3 Idiots and Kiran’s Dhobi Ghat where I play an artiste. As a producer, I have completed the shooting of Dhobi Ghat, Delhi Belly and one more film directed by Anusha Rizvi. These three films are extremely unusual and challenge the limits of mainstream cinema.

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  • no hes not ronnie srk is the best!!!. why are you so jealous of srk??? do you know that he is the 41st powerful person in this world?????

  • @Fathiya & Bejul

    What are you guys writing :D :D:D :D:D :D .. lolzzzz

    Come on yaar dont act like a loser .. how can u think that I care enuf abt SRK to be jealous of him .. first aamir was jealous now I am jealous .. next bigb will be jealous .. hahahaha
    Are you guys really this brainless .. no wonder you dont like Aamir .. half of his movies would have gone above your right
    Both of you dont have anything worthwhile to say .. you always say SRK is the best SRK is the best .. what is this national anthem of Bahrain ??? .. lolzzzz
    And Fathiya get a life as Meela said .. you dont have to tell me all this stuff abt some guys liking you and wanting to kill SRK ..what the bullshit is this .. if you are this obsessed with SRK then you definitely need a shrink.

  • Dear Fathiya. I can’t agree with you that people love SRK therefore he is handsome… only))) He has huge talent and he’s great amazing actor! There are a lot of really normal clever men over the world who love him! Not only females and young girls:))

  • @ Amir midget Fans.

    I Think your so called Aamir needs a shock Treatment after ghajini.. becouse he iz considering himself king khan He himself admited he is a short term memmory loss lol.. and listen u sick ppl.. ghulam ghulam hota hai aur baadshah baadshah hota hain.. samjho ghadho. SRK is padmashree, french honour, malaysian honour and madam tsuades.. making couple of hits cant make aamir superhero. accept the fact.

  • ABD: Just agree that SRK is the best!!! Why are you guys so jealous of Shahrukh??? Hrithik does not act really well ok ABD…. Srk is the most talented and knows how to act really well, he always does deserve the best actor award! ok!!

    Ronnie: Rab ne… was not crap, ok.. he acted like a cool guy and thats what all the movies are about in bollywood. If you dont like SRK then why do you watch his movies? Then you say really bad things about him… Hes a guy so just like stop gossiping about him ok…..

  • Ronnie: Just stop it ok I aint not loser you are!! You are jealous of SRK thats why you start saying bad things about him..so just stop! Aamir DOES NOT know how to act he acts like a little kid… he doesnt know anything about PR or marketing, so I think your brainless ok… Aamir hes already old now hes 44. And he acts so silly in his films like a little baby crying for milk! haha!!

  • Aman, compadre, your post is great)). LOL. I completely agree with you. Aamir’s words is the delirium of mad man. And I so glad you are not a girl))). Folks, you can see – men love SRK too)). And else… Aamir’s fans have so gross manner. You are so malevolent people. I’ve seen awful insults here. Why? What terrible SRK had to do? He has two children who can read this dirt. Can you think about anything besides your gall? It’s a pity my English is ugly and I can’t say ALL what I think. But I really sad that here is a really war of fans. Aamir’s actions are unmanlike and unseemly. Accept the fact! (quotation of Aman :)) )

  • Meela & Ronnie: Don’t worry.. I’m living my life and happy and I’m just on the net during my free time.. what?! What do some of you mean by saying: get a life?!!! On every website I visit I read people tell others the same sentence!! and I think when u hv no reply so that’s the only one to end any discussion with (get a life!!) haha.

    I’m happy with my life and also happy that there’s someone like Shahrukh in this world.. he’s my ideal.

    Bejul: Don’t care about what they say.. keep writing good stuff about Shahrukh, he’s the best whether they liked it or not.

    Yana1911: you got it all wrong!! just read again my last comment and you’ll know that I meant to say, while comparing other actors with him the following: Shahrukh is the perfect actor.. he’s charming, loveable, talented, handsome, popular, etc… so noone can deny this fact that he’s really the best in bollywood.

  • @All

    Why are making personal attacks (everyone who is not a fan of shahrukh is jealous of shahrukh) .. I am simply not able to understand .. Do u guys really think that ppl have this much time to be jealous of someone whom they dont even know .. why cant you discuss this topic like a sane person rather attacking some1 personally .. No one is jealous of shahrukh .. I like aamir only because he makes excellent movies .. I am not obsessed with aamir like you guys are with shahrukh .. So I am sorry but if you want to have a discussion of their movies, i am a game for it, otherwise you can keep on chanting ‘SRK is the best SRK is the best’

  • @Ronnie Oh yes, SRK is the best))) And his fans NEVER told such dirt like AK’s fans did. Look at the top of this page. It’s so vile. I made a stupid action – and I receive all new comments on this post. These are so sad :(( How I can delete this subscription? ))) So foolish discussion… What’s the difference who is the better? But actors talent and successes are no the reason to make ignoble actions. I mean Aamir Khan of course. And anonymity in Web chat not the reason to insult each other. Then I bow out)))

  • yana1911 , get a life or get a brain. be objective about things, not subjective. that goes for all you other shah rukh ‘lovers’ too. you are all so blinded by your immature way of thinking that anything you say can be taken with a pinch of salt. none of what you say is credible or makes any sense.
    rab ne was one of the worst films of shah rukh i have ever seen, and his portrayal of the raj character was really awful. it made me ill. technically the film was inept in many ways. whereas amirs performance in ghajini was mind blowing and his career best as far as iam concerned. and iam sure many film critics have a similar view.
    so, get the facts right, or go back to sleep in your ignorance.

  • Ronnie,

    You are right but I would advise you to state your point and leave it at that. Never argue with fans. SRK fans really LOVE him and can see no fault in him. Love is really blind and stubborn. So there is no logic in arguing with these fans to and forth. They will never relent because of ‘pyar and magic’..Its magic, its magic its SRK *sings*…!!

    “Although he is dull,
    he is their Pearl,
    he cannot act
    and that is a fact,
    But to them,
    he is a gem….

  • @ABD

    well said yaar .. nice poem .. lolz .. you can write very well .. Neways I just wanted to comment on this topic because many of SRK fans were saying that aamir is jealous of SRK .. well I find that preposterous thats why I commented and I said that Aamir should not fall to SRK’s levels (why I said that is also mentioned in my earlier posts) .. he should rather concentrate on his movies .. I have not targetted any of SRK’s fans personally .. I never said that they are jealous of Aamir’s success [:D].. I am just slightly disgusted by their behaviour .. why are they as insecure as SRK I cant understand .. they are either targetting aamir’s fans or akshay’s fans .. its sad actually [:D] .. Neways my fav actor is not Aamir but Hrithik but I like Aamir because of his versatility and yes its not like I didnt like any of SRK’s movies .. I loved Chak de and swadesh .. but come on these guys expect you to like trash like Rab ne and OSO .. what do u have to say abt these movies and can you compare these movies with RDB, Lagaan and DCH

  • ABD: No.. Ronnie is wrong, so are you.. if shahrukh couldn’t act, then how could he win the title of King of bollywood all these long years?!! Why did people love him so dearly and adored him?!!! If he couldn’t act.. how could he do a hit after a hit and successful movies?!!! If he couldn’t act, do you think that producers/directors would’ve given him any chance?!! Harman Baweja failed although he’s a good looking guy but failed to win the audience coz he couldn’t act, if Shahrukh was as bad as him then he’d never been able to win and be a successful. Most of Shahrukh’s movies are super hits & blockbusters, few of them didn’t work at the box office although some of them were sooooo good e.g. Dil Se & Asoka.

    Do u think that Shahrukh couldn’t act in DDLJ, Dil Se, KKHH, Chakde India, Swades, Veer Zara, Asoka, Rabne, etc.. If Shahrukh isn’t a good actor then which actor other than Aamir you really think is good?!! Akshay Kumar or Salman Khan?!!

    We’re not blind because we’re his fans, we admired him because he’s a perfect actor and as a humen being, therefore he deserved to be titled as a king of bollywood.

    He’s a pearl and not a dull
    And in fact he can act and he’s a gem!

  • @ABD – Well said……………….on the other hand it seems that all (sorry some) of SKR fans suffer from OCD………Obsessive Complusive Disorder call SKR. ……………

    @Fahiya & Bejul – You have the right to remain silent. So please shut up, until your’ll have something worthwhile to say…………LOL. SRK is living proof that man can live without a brain……ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …………. chow chow

  • Fathiya: Yup I will! So do you!! Srk rocks! Let them just be jealous of him!

    Meela: Why dont you? You have been saying so bad things about SRK meela… dont you think it hurts us?Try make us shut up you wont be able to!!! HA HA!!…Aamir is too old now okay! He cant act anymore to stiff and ugly!! haha!!! Srk is way stronger then aamir because srk is the 41st powerful person in the world I think you should have know that! He is atleast way smarter then you and Aamir dont even have a brain so get that! ha!! Aamir is acting lazy now dont think he has won any best actor awards!!! Admit it! Just shut your big mouth up! exactly! Dont tell Fathiya and I to shut up did you get that?

    AND AS I SAID BEFORE SRK IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fathiya, since you like admire and love SRK so much i have to respect that. The song from film Gharana “mere bane ki baat na puchho mera bana hariyala hain..” is fitting. A cd of this song will arrive by DHL at 12noon tomorrow in Bahrain.You pick it up at DHL counter at the airport.

    Dear fathiya, i hereby pay you my respects…

  • SKR fans out there – I respect your point of view. It’s our personal opinions about who we think is the best…….. and there’s no need to dis anyone. We all need to chill. Actors are only famous becasue of people like us who support them….We tend to forget that that is their jobs….they are just entertainment for us to enjoy. (Eye Candy – yum yum) Its so sad that every inch of their lives are scrutinized…. by the likes of us. People have pre- concieved idea’s of how good these actors are based on looks that actual talent does not get recognised. I myself can be found guilty of this as I am personally crazy about Arjun Rampal. But honestly he’s acting needs improvement, but none the less I think he one heck of a cool yummy yummy hot dad sexy dad. Chow Chow guys…….No need to for me to argue about who’s better than who, cos as I said, they are just there to entertain the likes of u and me…….for me AR Rocks……….

  • Meela: Since when have you started respecting us? You have been really rude as I said earlier…are you trying to copy what ABD said? You have been dissing srk so much… and I will never forgive you for that. Because Srk is everything to ME!! I love srk!!

  • hmmm……arjun rampal is an awful guy in real life. he is nothing like what he appears on screen. on the two occasions i met him , he was very cold, miserable and a bit nasty. i was very dissapointed along with a lot of other people who went to see him. he is not as good looking in real life as he appears on screen. an example of how the camera favours certain people.
    he is an average guy with a very sinister and cold personality. this is very true iam afraid and iam not being nasty or joking when i say this. no wonder his acting is pretty bad ! his acting is a reflection of his true character. so iam afraid MEELA your choice of favourite actor is a bad one. sorry to dissapoint. he isn’t that yummy in real life !
    personally i would even choose shah rukh khan over arjun rampal as choice of actor.

    bejul you say srk is everything to you. surely your family must be everything to you instead of shah rukh ?? if not, then you are indeed living a shallow life my friend.

  • @Bejul – Intelligence does not seem to be your strenght. As I said we are all entitled to our own opinions. Its seems to me u think your opinion is correct. ……………I appreciate when people disagree with me, as long as it’s a healthy disagreement and not malicious. Whether u forgive me or not, means diddly squat to me……..All I can say to u is that in life we get various types of people – Like dum…..dummer and then we get Bejul. Personally I think this will be my last comment to u cos, It’s just a waste of time even responding 2 u.

    @ Spiderman – hey there thanks for the info. I’m intelligent enough to take a hint. I can’t stand arrogance and cold, nasty jackass type people. So after all as I said in my previous post, It’s really not worth it to make up our minds about people based on their looks. So if he’s (AR) a person of that nature, then I think he has just lost an admirer…..I know 4 a fact that his acting is pathetic………….he should have just stuck to modeling – Okay guys this is were I draw the line…Just got to work now and got loads of stuff on my desk to sort out. Chow Chow guys – Happy blogging

  • Spiderman: Just shut up spider…. haha!!

    Meela: You seriously need a life!!! You are like seriously boring me out now! Of course I`m smart atleast way smarter then you! Yup it is! Who will agree with you? Because you are always wrong! Do I care about your stupid forgiveness thingi…NO I dont and I am not intrested in them okay! You are way dummer then me trust me because, dont think you are doing good in school lots of complains right from your school? Ha ha! You just cant say anything thats why! Girl learn how to debate dont think you do!!!

  • @ Spiderman, Ronnie, ABD – I pray, plse don’t even bother to respond. It will be a waste of time – I don’t think she got the line “I just got to work” I work for a coporate company………..I’m pretty amused to think that she thinks I sound like a teenager- wow……………………I feel good, no actually I feel great.

    And I think more people on this forum &^%* agreeed with me. The only people that agreed with Bejul is that Chick from Russia and the one from Bahrain

    Oh another thing, since when are people’s opinions wrong – she did’nt get that one too…………………..so sad. Poor Bacha

  • Meela: haha! omg!! dnt start a fight ok! do u even know how to spell your words? doesnt look like!!! I never said you sound like a teenager I said that you sound like a little child crying for milk! HAHAAHA!!! Stop gossiping now ok dont think it doesnt hurt otherS? Yo girl dont think you are freaking smart because you are not!!! get that girl!!! awww thu thu thu!! cant even do anything!! feel sorry for your future husband!!! hahaaahahahaahahaha!!

  • bejul my little retarded friend. just to let you know, iam learning how to spell and construct sentences properly by reading your comments. thanks for teaching me how to do this and making my IQ automatically dissappear to near zero. i give you credit for this. and i hearby hail you as the king of the retards on this blog. well done for this huge achievement. you have a right to be proud, very proud. all hail the king of the retards !

    MEELA. hi, what type of work do you do ? and what age group are you in ..young, middle aged, elderly ? are you of indian background but bought up in america ? what is your opinion on amitabh bhachan as an actor and human being ? and what are your 5 favourite amitabh films, or your 5 favourite bollywood films of all times ?

  • @ Spiderman – Well done – lol

    Let me give this debating thing a try – Here I go, lets see how good I am……………..Oh SRK I just love u, I love u more than anyone else, u are so cool, u are so handsome, Oh SrK you are so good…I love u, I just love u…………………….SrK u are my life. I can’t live without u, u are the best. I think about u day and night, I can’t sleep. I love u…………OMG SRK I need u, OH yes Oh yes u are the best. …………….Now how intellegent am I – sounds good hey? (like hell it does) ……..

    And I am at age were I’m drinking my mummies milk………..and I love old men that are 100 years………………………………..Give me a break.

    Spiderman – my personal e’mail – ameelabhika@yahoo.com – let’s talk

  • Meela: As you said earlier I though you will never reply my messages again? What in the world is your freaking problem…huh? If you cant keep promises then dont girl! Feel sorry for your future! And you are sp crazy by giving your email addresses on web. Anyone can hack your account!!

    Spiderman: Is that the only thing you know how to say! Your STUPID!!

  • bejul my little friend. why do you say iam stupid. do you even know the meaning of the word stupid ?
    if you are calling someone stupid without any rational explanation whatsoever then – surprise surprise, there is no change there, is there ? anyways i say you should keep up the good work of being the only retard on this blog and making everyone else feel stupid. sooner or later you will eventually win the title of the king of the kings of the retard. now, that my friend will be reason enough for you to keep up your good work.
    hip hip hooray for bejul , my little friend. a great guy. a gentleman and a scholar. and one of the finest inteklligent men around.

  • Spiderman: Will you stop telling me what to do and what to not. Its my personal life I can say whatever I what did you get that? yo I am not a man ok I am a girl. Dont think that boys are named bejul are you just jealous? And by the way ha ha what type of name do you have Spiderman….OMG!! Such a funny name!!

  • Hello everyone.. just cool down.. stop fighting with each other, Meela, Bejul, Spiderman except ABD.. I always respected you ABD and honestly, I didn’t understand your last comment and what you really meant.. could u translate the sentence which you wrote it in English please?

    Bejul: I understand your feeling when u told Meela that it hurts when she talks bad about shahrukh because I too used to feel the same way, but trying to defend Shahrukh won’t stop the haters and they’ll continue their abusive words.. just chill and love him, respect him and think the following: Shahrukh got millions of fans in this world and never bother about these people who never respect him.. we love him, respect him and never care about what other people would say about him.. I heard the worst about him, tried to defend him in every possible way, but that would never work as we are different in our views, in our taste, in our evaluation for any actor, in our way of thinking, therefore we “always” disagree, and that’s natural.. that we disagree, I think that the colour blue is better than red, and others would think vice versa.. if we’d continue argue about that.. which colour is the best we’ll never end any discussion and then we will start hating each other and fight.

    So just chill everyone and end this conversation, the 3 top actors in bollywood are: Shahrukh, Hrithik & Aamir, and noone can deny this fact.

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