Aamir Khan : “SRK is upset because his films have not done well”

In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Aamir Khan talks about his rivalry with Shahrukh Khan, on him being number one at the box-office and his upcoming films. Read the interview and post your comments below

• What do you think about the recent Filmfare poll, according to which you are now the most powerful man in the industry?

I am happy that they have liked and acknowledged my work but honestly speaking, I am not really interested in power. I think it’s important to know what one can really do with the power. According to me, power is how one uses it. I can be very powerful but if I can’t use it for any good or can’t contribute to the industry then I am actually powerless. I would like to use my power by working with new directors, giving new actors to the industry and making experimental films.

• Don’t you think the success of Taare Zameen Par, Ghajini and the opening collections of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, which interestingly you didn’t even star in, has made you even more powerful?

Could be. Ghajini has gone on to become the biggest success of Indian cinema. The collection has already crossed Rs 270 crore. The three films that I have produced (Lagaan, Taare Zameen Par and Jaane Tu Ya JaaneNa) have all been super hits. Even as an actor, my strike rate has been quite good. Since 2000, all my films have worked except Mangal Pandey. Being a creative person, I want my work to be done and want people to love me for my work. To attain that, I don’t want to do anything that’s underhand. Neither do I want to influence or manipulate the media. After genuinely doing good work consistently, it is for people to decide if they like you or not. Once you strike a relationship with the audience through your work, numbers become unimportant. No one can change that.

• You were called the marketing king when ushers sported the Ghajini look during the screening of Shah Rukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

It was a good marketing gimmick. I think promoting a film with another films is the best way as you really get to know your target audience. Usually, people promote their film in a multiplex through promos or posters but when people walked into multiplexes and saw 50 Ghajinis around them especially with the film just two weeks away from release, it created a buzz. That it was done during Rab Ne… helped.

• But it also created a war of words between you and SRK.

I have been working in the industry for over two decades and I have never made any comments about anybody. However, over the years I noticed that Shah Rukh has been repeatedly talking about me publicly. In all fairness, I too decided not to remain quiet and respond to him publicly.

• In his recent interviews, Shah Rukh sounds bitter about you. For instance, he has said that his kids will never be your fans or that his dog refuses to be called Aamir.

Let me say one thing clearly, no matter what Shah Rukh tells his children, I will tell my kids to always love and respect him. What he teaches his children is entirely up to him. I can understand that he is bitter as his films have not done well. I have only have warm regards for him and wish him all the very best. I do understand that Shah Rukh works very hard and gives a number of interviews, which I think is a wonderful quality. I think he is upset as his films have not done as well as he expected them to but I wish him all the success he deserves.

• Now that you have dethroned him in the power list, will there be another war of words between the two of you?

I am least interested in dethroning him. He can be very happy with all the thrones and all the crowns. I am not interested in any of them. He has never hesitated in making fun of me. Even in his films he has made fun of Manoj Kumar and Dev Anand. It shows that he has a great sense of humour but where does it all go when I say humorous things about him?

I remember him saying in one of his interviews that he was joking about calling himself No.1. I find it very funny as I have never seen anyone proclaiming, ‘I am No.1’. Neither did Sachin Tendulkar ever say that he is No 1 nor did Lata Mangeshkar. Take any field for that matter, Vishwanathan Anand never says that he is the best and I don’t think Dilip Kumar or Raj Kapoor ever said that. I am saying all this in a lighter vein so he too should take my comments lightly. I think that his sense of humour suddenly disappears when it comes to me.

• Ever since the fight between Shah Rukh and Salman happened, everyone wants to know whose friend you are?

I find this very funny. I am quite friendly with Anil Kapoor, Rani Mukerjee, Shah Rukh and Salman. Akshay (Kumar) and Saif (Ali Khan) too are my friends. I have so many friends. I meet all of them once in a while and there is nothing more to it than that.

• You and Salman seem to be bonding more these days.

Not really. It has always been like this and it all depends on who is free and when. We have impromptu meetings. There is no ulterior motive when we meet and there is no point for anybody to get paranoid. Come what may, I would not want anyone’s film to flop. I am this industry’s child. My father has been a producer and my uncle has been a director. There are so many people involved in the making of a film and how it fares affects everyone be it the director, unit members, exhibitors and even ushers in the theatres. I want everyone’s film to do well, and our meetings are not about discussing anyone’s failure or success.

• There are also reports that you meet Akshay quite often to discuss the number one game.

I am not interested in this number game. I don’t even discuss this with anyone as it does not concern me. As far as I am concerned, my favourite star is Amitabh Bachchan and for me he is the number one. It ends at that. Akshay is my friend and so is Twinkle and yes, we do meet but it has got nothing to do with the number game.

• Coming to your work, you are producing three films simultaneously.

As an actor I am only doing two films- 3 Idiots and Kiran’s Dhobi Ghat where I play an artiste. As a producer, I have completed the shooting of Dhobi Ghat, Delhi Belly and one more film directed by Anusha Rizvi. These three films are extremely unusual and challenge the limits of mainstream cinema.

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  • mwaahahahahaha!! then wt type of guys do u like 100 yr olds!! haha!!! ur more then welcome n i will keep on insultin aamir cuz hes a loser!! hes an idiot like U!! c ur brain is 2 small to recongnize these thingz!! n i thought tht u dnt like 40 yr olds while aamir is 40+ hes gettin old!!! haha!!

  • Fathiya: Dear .. I am sorry but I have to say this .. what a load of crap you have written in your last comment .. I want to laugh at your comments .. but I will refrain for now .. Actually let me tell you something .. My brother’s friend is an assistant director and he has worked under many big production houses .. He has known almost all the guys in there .. well first thing is you are writing as if you know SRK personally but to tell you the fact he is not as cool a person in real life as you may think him too .. the friend I am talking abt is one of the biggest fans of SRK and he himself says that the only bad thing abt him is his insecurity .. he never wants to work out of his comfort zone .. he will work with Yash raj or karan or with any of his friends only .. Now look at Aamir what he has done for the industry .. He mostly works with down and out or budding directors

    Sarfarosh – John Matthew Matthan
    Lagaan – Ashutosh Gowariker
    DCH – Farhan Akhtar
    RDB – Rakesh om Prakash Mehra
    Ghajini – AR Murgadoss
    and many more.

    I dont want to talk abt their personal life because I dont know personally .. But let me tell you though none of them is clean as you might percieve .. My earlier comments were not personal .. I just commented because I cant digest the fact that Aamir is jealous of SRK professionally

    And yes as I said in my earlier comments SRK is a self proclaimed no 1 .. If Aamir would have marketed himself as SRK did by buying awards and making public appearances more he would have beaten SRK by a big margin .. as he showed in case of Ghajini .. The quality of his films was enough to keep him in top 3 all these yrs .. I believe even Hrithik is much much better than SRK.

  • @Ronnie
    Damn it! My English is disgusting and I can’t write everything, that I feel. But I’ll try. You’ve written bosh. You have the right to accuse Shah of purchasing awards (ha ha ha) but you should know – I became his mad fan when I didn’t suspect about existence of yours ‘FF’. I live in Russia. Here don’t show Hindi movies in cinemas. DVD only.Bu? I love hindi movies since the my childhood. For ex. ‘Zeeta and Geeta’, ‘the Tramp’, ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’… Yours classics. And one day I have accidentally seen SRK. He has subdued and has fascinated all my family. We didn’t know who this person, we did not know about his moral qualities. We have simply believed to him.
    His movies bring gladness and light into our life. They help to believe that the happiness is possible for all. If you in your warm company with ?? don’t like his movies please don’t look them. Shahrukh will not be crashed if admirers of ??mir don’t go to see his films, his own will suffice him. Why you and your hero throw mud to the Shah? And… why yours intelligent hero suited a striptease on the verge of a pornography in his last film? Is it an intellectuality sign? Or may be, at least, it’s beautiful – the small man with a huge beefy thorax?))) look at violence and cruelty in Ghajini – ??mir with the years has grown morally very much)))). We will look at a philosophical parable about force of love the simple person which makes his equal to the God. And please, stop this dust.

  • SRk is better in every way. Aamir had a huge ego problem because of his recent success.
    Aamir khan needs to realise that you cannot judge an actors entire film life by a few box office collections, success comes and goes, and you only to look at SRK’s body of previous work to work out who is the more accomplished actor. it is not rocket science .

  • Ronnie: Do you think if you’d tell me that you ( yourself) met shahrukh and found him a bad guy, not a very cool guy.. do you really think I’d believe what you say?!!

    I just believe what my heart and my eyes would tell me.. that’s all.. and whatever people would say about shahrukh, shahrukh can’t cheat us.. shahrukh is excactly like Dilip Kumar.. if you or anyone else would ever say that Dilip was a bad guy and he was a hypocrite in fact.. do you think that his fans would believe that? No ofcourse.

    And.. do you think that Ghajini was a quality movie?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whether it did 20 or 200 crores.. we’ve our own eyes to judge any good movie.. Ghajini was full of shits, a crap, just a pastime movie, but Rabne for Shahrukh was just excellent.. I saw it 4 times and I still want to see it..my neace saw it 5 times and it worked for 3 months in our cinemas in Bahrain but Ghajini worked for only 2 weeks ( I like some of Aamir movies e.g. Dil Chata Hai, Lagaan, Fana and I consider Mangal Pandey which was average in India better than Ghajini, better even than that stupid Rang de Basanti)

    When I watch any movie, I concentrate on the script, direction, prodcution, etc.. and if I didn’t find the movie good even if it was Shahrukh’s.. I never say it was a good one, and If I see a movie which is so good for any actor which I don’t admire, I never say it was a bad one.. so I love Aamir Khan’s movies but didn’t like some of them, and when we talk about any actor himself, it’s nothing to do with his movies, his performance.. yes.. Aamir is a very good actor, but I don’t like his personality, but I do love Shahrukh’s.

  • i make meela and ronnie very right. shah rukh khan indeed does have a big problem with other successful actors. huge insecurity complex he has. and freely mouths off at other actors without due care. but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a good actor. but i make amir a better actor.
    meela seems to be the only intelligent person on this forum (apart from me that is !). i hate everyone else, including srk’s dog called amir, rocket science, amirs dog called shah rukh, 40 year old men, sucker, hahahaha, mawahahahah, bahrain, wrong day basanti, murgodass, and the list goes on.
    in fact iam so jealous of other people and want to talk trash about them, that i have even started feeling jealous of myself !!! i hate everybody including myself. i have a huge superiority complex now.

    a can of beer anyone ?

  • @ Spiderman – I chilled with a bottled of Red Wine last night, and I must admit, lets give SKR some credit. He has launched a few new stars. In OSO, it was SKR and then he launched the other guy who played the role of Om Prakash…….What was his name. Oh yes it was SRK. Then in RDN…whatever, It was him and then he lauched the other actor, what was his name…oh yes I remember now……It was SKR. He loves himself so much that he actually goes for roles where he can play a dual role. I think he gets paid twice for each role.

    @ Bezul, the language u write in, is it the official language of “Planet Dumb”……..Or ja, now I remember it’s called “Dumbglish”. And by the way, I don’t have to live in a fantasy world, I have the real thing…..

    Oh oh I just remembered, that six pack SKR boosted in OSO, that was a body double. What a natual actor. Carry on insulting me Bezul, cos I give a rats ass. I’m actually insulting my intelligence by continuing with this. Back to work for me guys. Chow Chow – Amore, Pace Fuori
    (Love & Peace out)

    @ Spiderman – Try Heineken, great beer

  • @Fathiya

    I am not asking you to believe me. I am just saying that there is no need for you to comment that SRK is a one woman man and aamir is a cheater without knowing them is a load of crap. And abt Ghajini I never said it was a good movie but I am saying that with Ghajini Aamir showed that if he uses his power and effect over people like SRK is doing for the past two decades he would easily outdo SRK like he did with Ghajini. And yes abt Rab ne please dont start me. Rab ne was the crappiest movie I have seen in a long time. SRK was so annoying as Raj and the movie was too boring and long with no story at all. Atleast Ghajini flaunts that it is a revenge saga and still entertains the viewer for 3 hours.

    And you liked Rab ne thats your personal choice. And who the hell cares whether SRK is famous in Russia or Bahrain :D . He can gladly move there and make films there if he is so famous there. I will tell you whats the scenario in India. Though people may not say that Aamir is there fav actor and they love Aamir but almost all the movie lovers go for Aamirs movies because they know that they will get to see some quality work which is never expected of SRK who is making one crappy movie after another and surviving just because of his loyal fan base. The exact words of people here is:

    ‘Are yaar Aamir ki movie hai achhi hi hogi’

    And yes abt rab ne going on for 3 months and blah blah blah .. You should have seen the queue in theatres when Aamir’s worst movie of this decade (Mangal Pandey) was released .. I wont even mention the scenario for Ghajini .. You know the black rates of tickets for Ghaini was 500 for a ticket of 150 .. So as filmfar printed in bold letters, Aamir is definitely the no1 but then neither Aamir nor do I care where Aamir’s no 1 or not as long as he is churning out good movies

  • @Yana

    1 thing I would like to say to you is please dont judge Aamir by Ghajini .. You should see RDB, Lagaan, TZP( if TZP doesnt move you than I have nothing to say and its his directional debut .. just look out for the scene when he confronts Ishaan’s parents and you will know who is a better actor ) and there are many more .. And SRK will be crashed if Aamir’s fans dont go for his movies

  • @Ronnie
    Thank you for a good advice. But I do not judge Aamir Khan by Gadzhini. I was true Aamir ‘s admirer for a long time. And I’ve seen ALL his movies, except Holi. ??mir was my favourite actor. It’s not necessary to write me about his successful roles – I know about them. And I keeped love to both splendid actors.
    Last spring was became the really shock for me. ??mir has started to compare himself with SR?, Aamir has told that Shah is ? 2 after him. After that Aamir has offended SRK in a blog. Nowadays he brings new ridiculous accusations.
    The morally qualities are very important for me not only talent. I consider that the behaviour of Aamir is unworthy, shocking.
    Marketing company Ghajini has been spent ignoble. And the film – a step downwards. Such my opinion.
    And about TZP… The first part by Amol Gupta is superb, but second… when AK became the director is a shame. A sentimental bosh. ??mir has simply spoilt magnificent idea. For boxoffice. Yea, Aamir is really verrrrry clever man)))) chess player…

  • @Yana

    Well what can I say if you think TZP as a sentimental bosh. You must consider OSO and Rab ne to be master pieces right. Its your personal choice what can I say. But going by the box office figures it is one of the biggest hits of 2007 even though it was released with a monster named Welcome.

    Anyways abt aamir’s comments SRK is no saint himself as I said in my earlier comment. He himself was taking potshots at Aamir khan as I mentioned earlier. Its a good thing that he decided to stand upto him.

    And if Ghajini is a step downwards for Aamir then I can safely say that Srk is much much below Aamir because he gave us OSO, Main hoon Naa, Hum tumhare hai sanam, Kabhi Alvida na Kehna, and many many more which are all as bad as ghajini if not worse than it.

  • SKR only know to act in love stories – boy meets girl, they fall in love, then theres another hero or heroine that in love with same boy or girl………………. bla di bla di bla end of story……….. I heard that in SKR next release he is going to be falling in love with himself.

  • Meela: I think you didn’t watch Swades & Billu Barber.. he played different roles in these movies.. and what do you think bollywood is all about?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    95% of bollywood movies are based on love stories, music and songs, and 5% only are in the category of action & horror.. even bollywood horror movies got love stories in them e.g. Raaz1, Raaz2, 1920 except Phoonk, Bhoot & Kaal which were different.. even the action and comedy movies got love story in them.

    All Aamir Khan’s movies got loves tories in them.

    All Akshay Kumar’s are the same

    All Salman Khan’s too, as well as Hrithik and other actors except Naseeruddin Shah & Anupam Kher’s movies aren’t coz they’re old for these kind of roles.

    So why are you concentrating on Shahrukh only?!! I think I got the answer for my question which you don’t have to answer.. Shahrukh is the most bollywood actor who fits in romance, melts girl’s hearts, therefore they give him romantic stories.

    If you don’t like him, don’t watch his movies.. that won’t affect Shahrukh in any way!!

  • hahaha!! meela! i do hv proper english im jst writin it in short form…if u knw wt tht is…cuz doesnt look like u hv a BRAIN!!!!!!!! hahaha! i knw tht u lyk my name soo much meela bt see my name is 2 good for u to knw! so get tht u meela!! haha!!

  • Bejul: Hi.. we’re friends now.. I got 2 friends on this website Kiran and you Bejul, Kiran isn’t Shahrukh’s fan or anyone’s, and she just loves any good movies but I love people who love Shahrukh.. and you do.

    Ronnie: Well if you find Rabne.. as a crap movie, thousands of people loved it in India and outside India, Shahrukh got millions of fans everywhere and he’s the most popular actor after Amitab Bachan, and hollywood called “Shahrukh” to present the award for the best motion picture in Golden Globe and didn’t call “Aamir” Akshay or Salman.. and Shahrukh was selected as one of the most powerful men in this world and he’s at no. (41), and he did a hit after a hit, except Billu which was an average movie.

    Don ‘t try it Ronnie, you can’t convince us as we’re shahrukh’s fans and we know who shahrukh is..

    In short.. bollywood is nothing without shahrukh.. he’s the only one who raised it to the top after Dilip Kumar & Bigb.

  • @Fathiya

    Rab ne is a crap movie, in which Shah rukh is hamming in almost half of the movie, and yes its story is sooo meaningless that it is hard to believe that it written by the same person who made DDLJ. And may be thousands of people liked it but almost ten times that number of people hated it. If Rabne is a good movie, then I can say Ghajini is a master piece.

    And abt SRK being one of the most powerful men in the world, well that was such a big joke that any one in India who would have read it must have laughed abt it. Even your beloved SRK was bemused. He is not even among the 100 most powerful men in India that I can tell you for sure. May be those guys would have done this survey in Bahrain. LOL

    I agree with you that he got millions of fans but so do Aamir, Salman, Hrithik or Akshay. And I am not trying to convince you. I am just saying that you dont have to compare two men’s character without knowing them personally.

    And finally you said that,
    “In short.. bollywood is nothing without shahrukh .. he’s the only one who raised it to the top after Dilip Kumar & Bigb.”
    Yeah for you thats true but for us no its not. Boys hate SRK’s movies but as the girls like to see him crying so we have to tag long. And yes he hasnt done enough to be compared with Amitabh Bachchan. Neither is he versatile nor he has that charisma. He cant just cry in every of his movies and think of being compared to bigb.

  • This battle will continue but even the Mahabarat had to end. The fact is that Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan are very good actors. The fact is SRK is not a very good actor. So, no matter how long this battle continues, in the end it is only the best actors who will triumph, and those who cannot act very well, like SRK, will be relegated to the sidelines. This may even take another ten years but it will happen for sure because he is just not a very good actor.

    That is why I am disappointed with Aamir Khan. Why stoop to SRK’s level and fling veiled insults to and fro? When that happens, what is the difference between the two? Aamir is a superior actor and should be secure in that knowledge, and should continue with his fine work as Hrithik does. You see, this face-off with SRK will just distract him and his quality will come down. So, Aamir, this is the best advice for you: Turn your back on SRK, do not get provoked by him, or by anything he says; concentrate on your films and make sure that they do not have any flaws and you will see, inshallah, the time will come when people will be forced to acknowledge you as the true King of Bollywood.

  • ABD, you say amir should ignore shah rukh’s vile insults. are you serious ? amir is a real man. if someone shouts abuse at him, he will hit back. thats what fearless men do. are you saying if someone was to call you a dog or shout vile insults at you, you would sit quite and do nothing about it ? well my friend in that case you may as well wear a few bangles and stay at home and behave like a woman. i definately would not keep quite if someone insulted me. i have too much self respect, integrity, and moral values to let someone abuse me in that manner.
    amir is right in not letting people walk over him, even if its shah rukh khan. amir is right in standing up to shah rukhs absurd behaviour. hakla shah rukh needs to learn some manners. especially as many hail him as the king of bollywood, he should learn how to conduct himself in the correct manner. amir is the right man to teach shah rukh those manners, given that most of the other bollywood stars are too scared to even raise an eyebrow at him. too chicken. but amir is a real man. he isn’t afraid of nobody. go amir go, teach hizre (transvestite) khan a lesson in manners.
    those of you who dont agree with me that shah rukh looks like a hizre type aadmi (i.e. looks like a transvestite – half woman, half man), just watch the film ‘bhootnath’ and see how he looks in that with his ponytail and girly features. typical hizre.

  • @ABD

    Pretty well said. It is exactly my point. He shall not stoop to the levels of SRK. Rather he should concentrate more on giving us more good movies like Hrithik do instead of blabbering like SRK.


    What ABD said is perfectly correct. We will rather enjoy some quality movie from Aamir than this stupid SRK type comments. He is already proven himself a perfectionist and one of the best actors in the country, why stoop to SRK’s level when he had already achieved so much in his life. He has already delivered the biggest blockbuster of Indian cinema. SRK never did that. Salman did it, Sunny deol did it but SRK cant. He has given us excellent movies like Lagaan, DCH, RDB and many more. All his movies have changed the face of bollywood. Why now go a step backward to reach SRK’s level. He should look forward to achieve more.

  • Thank you, Ronnie. You actually know what it means to be a ‘real’ man.
    Two sayings come to mind:
    1. “Empty vessels make the most noise”
    2. “Speech is silvern but silence is golden”

  • Spiderman seems to be one of those gunda log ~ Less brain, more brawn. LOL.
    ABD, so true about empty vessels making the most noise. We have one such vessel exemplified right above us :P

    I don’t believe a ‘real’ man is the one who fights back, but one who can assess a situation with his brains and act accordingly, that is to say, let barking dogs bark, let fools speak before they think and wise think before they speak.

    It demeans Aamir’s status to indulge SRK in his pettiness.

    So ABD, don’t listen to Spiderman. He’s just one of those types who thinks muscle is might and might is power. A typical chauvinist at that. Ugh, hate them types!

    Ronnie, you’re right on too. Aamir should take the high road.

  • thitli, you are obviously a chicken. if you were walking down the street with your mother and someone was to punch your mother, you would probably be too scared to do anything about it. you would probably run as fast as you can. and thats probably the sort of person you are. hiding behind your futile beliefs when the reality is you are too scared to do anything about it. because you wouldn’t know what to do or how to defend yourself. that is probably the sort of person you are. the chicken of society. people with any kind of moral values know how to defend themselves. and that is not being chauvinist but standing up for oneself and standing upto injustice.
    yes, the empty vessel does make the most noise, but not in every case. there is a time and place. if someone makes seriously vile insults at you in an ignorant way, you need to defend yourself. and iam glad iam one of those who values himself enough to be able to defend himself, so be it if others call me a chauvinist. at least i know how to defend myself and have the guts to do it and stand up for myself. not a low class chicken like the rest of you.
    amir doesn’t let his personal issues get in the way of his work either. he is too much of a proffessional. so him teaching shah rukh a few manners will not in any way affect his work. so your presumption that he should concentrate on his work, is dumbfounded.

  • Yeah we are friends faithya, I am glad we are!! Yeah I do love Shahrukh so much! Do you like Aamir Khan?

  • Billu Barbar was crap, That rab de movie was crap…………..When SKR cries, its looks like the freakin idiot is laughing. I feel like slapping the day lights out of him when he does that.

    Certain people on this forum should continue with their praise for SKR, someday they would probably say something intelligent about him………………….but they should not think to hard cos they might sparain their brains. chow chow

  • yes, MEELA i too write in an awful way not being too bothered about my english. as most people seem to be ignorant on this forum, and i dont care how i write or how i make people feel or whether it makes any sense or not., or if it is irritating to read. do you understand that ?? a, do you ?
    shah rukh khan laugh is so ugly that it gives me heart attack say i. in rab ne he like is a teenage annoying prick. a jerk of highesrt order. too ugly an irritating. i hate his hair and trying to look young but irritates the hell out of us. i vomit in cinema. he is getting worse by the day. was ok in the past. but now is becoming silly.

    bejul, you silly little man with pea brain and soup in brain.

  • Ronnie: All men r jealous of Shahrukh, not only in India, but even outside India.. even our people r jealous because girls, women love Shahrukh and because Shahrukh got a strong charisma on screen.. Bigb was a great actor but shahrukh is more attractive.. Akshay’s face, feature is more beautiful, handsome, but Shahrukh is more charming, Seif is handsome but is not loveable as shahrukh, Aamir is an excellent actor, but is not as popular globally as shahrukh and couldn’t (win) girl’s hearts.. therefore.. men are jealous coz they can’t be (shahrukh)! More to add, when I used to work with some guys and they were desperate as they couldn’t draw my attention, failed, and knew that I love Shahrukh and admire him.. they just wanted to “kill” him!!

    And Ronnie.. you’re a man.. therefore you’re jealous too.. because we, 90% of women, love him, adore him, and Rabne was a great great great movie and was much better than DDLJ.. I saw Rabne and enjoyed every minute of this movie, saw it 4 times in cinema but DDLJ I saw it only one time in cinema.

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