Most successful Bollywood actors 1990 – 1999

We finally have the analysis of the most successful actors between 1990 – 1999. It’s a decade that marked the rise of the three Khans, while Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar were growing their fanbase and delivering quite a few hits in between.

Salman Khan leads in every category – highest net collections, success ratio, hit ratio and the best average per film. He also has the highest grosser and the most watched film of the 90s in Sooraj Barjatya’s Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

Salman and Shah Rukh are the only two actors to average more than 10 crore plus per film.

Most number of films:

  • Akshay Kumar – 42 films
  • Ajay Devgn –  33 films
  • Salman Khan – 29 films
  • Shah Rukh Khan –  28 films
  • Aamir Khan – 23 films

Total Net Collections for each actor between 1990 – 1999:

  • Salman Khan – 375 crore
  • Shah Rukh Khan – 327 crore
  • Ajay Devgn –  221 crore
  • Akshay Kumar – 196 crore
  • Aamir Khan –  186 crore

Average net box office collections per film between 1990 – 1999

  • Salman Khan –  12.9 crore
  • Shah Rukh Khan –  11.7 crore
  • Aamir Khan –  8.1 crore
  • Ajay Devgn – 6.7 crore
  • Akshay Kumar – 4.7 crore

Success Ratio i.e Above Average or better

  • Salman Khan – 52%
  • Shah Rukh Khan – 39%
  • Ajay Devgn –  36%
  • Aamir Khan – 35%
  • Akshay Kumar – 24%

Hit Ratio i.e Hit or Better

  • Salman Khan – 45%
  • Shah Rukh Khan – 32%
  • Aamir Khan – 22%
  • Ajay Devgn – 18%
  • Akshay Kumar – 10%

Note: We haven’t included two prolific actors – Sunny Deol and Govinda – in the list. Deol was a superstar, even though he wasn’t very consistent at the box office. He had quite a few hugely successful films like Border, Darr, Zindi and Ghatak, just to name a few. Govinda delivered several hits with David Dhawan and was one of the most popular and successful actors of the 90s. We are currently in the process of retrieving data from old film magazines. We are also working with a well-known trade analyst to rectify the 90s data, which isn’t as accurate as we’d want it to be at the moment.



  • @Abhay, yes dude. Aamir took a lot of risk by doing films like Mela, Parampara, Daulat Ki Jung, Love Love Love, Tum Mere Ho aur Main Tumhara Hoon etc… Aab khush, stop crying babe.

  • Few Srk fans still giving excuses and blaming Indicine, but those Idiots these are facts and not imaginary figure like Srk fans give every time and even you can track this from Box Office list….

  • And also films in 90s used to work on the merit of content for months in cinemas and Boxoffice pull was not a big thing back then what it is now.

    HAHK worked not on Salman’s stardom but on its content while Ek tha tiger /Sultan worked bcoz of his stardom.

  • @babaji, similarly, I am doubtful about the verdicts that Indicine used for the films like Mohra, Waqt Humara Hai, Sabse Bada Khiladi etc..

  • Babaji do you know in 90s Akshay had more advantages to be on top more than Ajay devgn? Ajay only had acting,Director were scared to sign him because they were doubting while Akki had e everything but still could not beat any of the top actors.

  • Salman career was only down from 2002-2008 and we all know why….Important thing is from a huge career of 27 year, he was only down for 7 years and he ruled the Industry for 20 years…

    Salute To His Mega-Stardom…

  • This what BOI says about Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi opening:

    “The film could not beat overall Trimurti opening due to difference in prints but beat most of its opening day theatre records. Opening was historic.”

  • “Salman Khan leads in every category – highest net collections, success ratio, hit ratio and the best average per film. He also has the highest grosser and the most watched film of the 90s in Sooraj Barjatya’s Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”

    This para says it all….In Each and Every section he was way ahead from his competitors in 90’s and now in 2010’s…..Even in this decade the Most watch movie is Bajrangi Bhaijaan which is again a Salman movie…

  • Glad to know u r finally working on correcting d verdicts of old movies. Many old hits hv inaccurate verdicts. I hv been protesting about it for 2yrs. Finally some work on it. Thank u. As usual I was correct

  • Salman did just 1 extra movie than Srk but look at the difference in the Hit Ratio b/w the two…Salman leads with huge margin..

    Total Movies in 90’s
    Salman – 29
    Srk – 28

    Success Ratio
    Salman – 52%
    Srk – 39%

    Hit Ratio
    Salman – 45%
    Srk – 32%

    This tells us all, that who give more Hits and who gives more Flops…

  • When you get to know that Mohra’s opening day collections were more than HAHK,DDLJ and Raja Hindustani.

  • Indicine Ajay and Akshay fan base were bigger than Aamir Khan. Akshay was doing commercials movies with his gifted action while was doing all parallel cinema both art movies and commercials and a great fighter. Salman is the boss for that decade

  • Where r those srkian who were saying SRK was ahead of salman in 90s decade…. a big Lol for them…. this cleared the picture… even inducine were saying that srk was ahead of Salman… so indicine trolled themselves. …. any way this is the proof Salman ruled two decades while chota mota star star ruled only 2-3 years… hahahah

  • now my questions. … Salman ruled 20 years but nobody call him but SRK ruled only 2 years everyone say him King…. ohh wait… it’s not public it’s srk only who call himself King…

  • Shame on the Hyderabadi Pankha Repair Mekhanik who foolishly claimed Pluto King as the “90’s Decade Ruler…!”

  • Joker Boy was a newbie back then, an outsider hence he did many crapgiri movies just to survive according to his sokesperson kSHITij- well whats his excuse for doing Joker like movies this decade…? Survival…? Desperation…? Or is he just being the greedy gobbar we all know he is n has always been…?

  • What do u say SRK fans? How much u shout the Data in the database proves you Wrong…better know the now then just making assumptions and leaving in your fact less dreams!!!!! Thanks @indicine

  • Hahahahahahaha….. Proclaim global king fans r ranting 90 belongs to king khan…. Le ho baj gaya baja

  • Nice work Indicine. Yesterday at Twitter you committed to deliver this article today and so you did. As you said this can be further improved by adding the names of Govinda and Sunny Deol in the analysis which you can update later.

    Congrats to Salman fans as Salman leads here. So Salman is ahead followed by SRK and Ajay in the top 3 if we consider the success ratio as the barometer. Names of SRK and Salman I was expecting but am quite pleased to see Ajay’s name in the top 3 up there. Good info for those people who keep questioning his stardom and claim that he has been delivering hits just in last few years. His name above Aamir and Akshay (as far as succcess ratio is concerned) just shows he was always a top star right from his debut.

    Keeping in view the overall analysis (the 3 articles) of Indicine, following are the top 3 actors in success and hit ratio category:

    2010 – 2015

    Success ratio : (1) SRK, (2) Varun Dhawan and (3) Salman

    Hit ratio : (1) SRK, (2) Varun Dhawan and (3) Salman

    2000 – 2009:

    Success ratio : (1) Aamir, (2) SRK and (3) Hrithik

    Hit ratio : (1) Aamir, (2) SRK and (3) Hrithik

    1990 – 1999:

    Success ratio : (1) Salman, (2) SRK and (3) Ajay

    Hit ratio : (1) Salman, (2) SRK and (3) Aamir

    Except for Akshay (surprisingly) each of the top senior actor’s name can be found in one or another of those top 3 lists. Akshay had a great 2000-2009 period but just missed making to the top 3.

    But there is only one name which has been consistently making to the top 3 in those lists starting from 1990 till 2015. Not difficult to guess that name. There is a reason that he is called “King Khan” and if we keep in view the entire period of 1990-2015 (and not just last 7-8 years) I believe no one has been able to match his stardom consistently throughout that period. In some periods some have been ahead but for overall those 25 years I do not think any one beats him. This is my view only and not intending to start any fan war. To remain in top 3 consistently for such a long period of 25 years is simply unbelievable and incredible. Proud to be a SRKian !!!

    And finally love and respect for not just SRK but also for Salman, Ajay, Aamir and Akshay for entertaining and delivering for such a long 25 years and still continuing.

  • From 2000 to till wanted happened, that salman’s nine years period was wasted due to his love life and controversies, otherwise he would has been far ahead of amir and srk. Hopefully, he’d marching on this decade the way it is going on in extraordinary way. Love you Salman.

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