Most successful Bollywood actors 1990 – 1999

We finally have the analysis of the most successful actors between 1990 – 1999. It’s a decade that marked the rise of the three Khans, while Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar were growing their fanbase and delivering quite a few hits in between.

Salman Khan leads in every category – highest net collections, success ratio, hit ratio and the best average per film. He also has the highest grosser and the most watched film of the 90s in Sooraj Barjatya’s Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

Salman and Shah Rukh are the only two actors to average more than 10 crore plus per film.

Most number of films:

  • Akshay Kumar – 42 films
  • Ajay Devgn –  33 films
  • Salman Khan – 29 films
  • Shah Rukh Khan –  28 films
  • Aamir Khan – 23 films

Total Net Collections for each actor between 1990 - 1999:

  • Salman Khan – 375 crore
  • Shah Rukh Khan – 327 crore
  • Ajay Devgn –  221 crore
  • Akshay Kumar - 196 crore
  • Aamir Khan –  186 crore

Average net box office collections per film between 1990 - 1999

  • Salman Khan –  12.9 crore
  • Shah Rukh Khan –  11.7 crore
  • Aamir Khan –  8.1 crore
  • Ajay Devgn - 6.7 crore
  • Akshay Kumar – 4.7 crore

Success Ratio i.e Above Average or better

  • Salman Khan – 52%
  • Shah Rukh Khan – 39%
  • Ajay Devgn –  36%
  • Aamir Khan – 35%
  • Akshay Kumar - 24%

Hit Ratio i.e Hit or Better

  • Salman Khan – 45%
  • Shah Rukh Khan – 32%
  • Aamir Khan – 22%
  • Ajay Devgn – 18%
  • Akshay Kumar - 10%

Note: We haven’t included two prolific actors – Sunny Deol and Govinda – in the list. Deol was a superstar, even though he wasn’t very consistent at the box office. He had quite a few hugely successful films like Border, Darr, Zindi and Ghatak, just to name a few. Govinda delivered several hits with David Dhawan and was one of the most popular and successful actors of the 90s. We are currently in the process of retrieving data from old film magazines. We are also working with a well-known trade analyst to rectify the 90s data, which isn’t as accurate as we’d want it to be at the moment.



  • Yo! At beginning of career Salman Delivered BlockBuster while rest had Avg n hits :P

    Blockbuster Khan

  • 1999 onwards srk gained momentum and delivered hits after hits and became king of bollywood while salman started losing and gave flops and disasters and went into controversies and started losing…

  • Whr r the Srkians???Srk the self proclaimed King of BoolyWood.Salman Ruled in 90’s(the whole decade),Salman ruling the the current Decade..How did srk became King of BollyWood?

  • So its a foregone conclusion that the The Megastar Salman Khan ruled over 2 decades out of his 3 decades old career. Its all about SALMANIA since the 90s…

  • According to me Aamir is all time ruler. He took maximum risks. SRK and salman mostly played safe by doing safer films. So this is unfair to put Aamir below srk and salman. Anyways no one cares about 1990s now. All that matters is who is biggest star at present. And Aamir is on top. Period. Biggest megastar ever. No one is even close to him.

  • @Indicine-Why the box office collection ‘GAP’ between Producer fig and Trade fig so minimal for Movie SULTAN?Do you think the box office collection of Sultan was also affected by the Censor Print leak of the movie,cosidering the students watch the movie on weekdays whn the ticket price is low as compared to Weekends,and the movie was leaked on internet soon after the release.

  • Thanks Indicine ,I have been pained when srkians called Salman 2010 born actor .As a fan since 1990 ,i know the truth but need such articles from respected sites like urs .to clarify the matter .How mad i was by then by mpk,saajan ,hahk,ka,jeet ,judwaa ,love etc .During the hahk days i was nearly ruined and beaten up by my brother for watching the movie twice a day multiple times

  • Salman was, Salman is and Salman will be ruling the Hindi cinema. He is the darling of the Indian people and millions of people outside India.

  • I hope people who keep saying Salman was born in 2010.. read this and shut up. Salman was, is and will always be the most loved star in the last 30 years.

    Compare him with Amitabh Bachchan or Rjanikanth.. not with anyone else.

  • He ruled the whole 90 decade but suffered a set back post 2000.
    Now, he has risen like never before. Similar like Sultan Kahani.

    But some chickenheads suffering from Ghajini disease will still call him a 2010 born star.
    Lol at them. It is just that either you guys born in or post 2010 or you started watching Hindi films in or post 2010.

  • Salman Rules 90’s and current decade (from 2010 onwards till date)…he is the true ruler of Bollywood….A Real SULTAN…

  • Still SRK is King ! Now slowly loosing interest in INDICINE coz you r constantly trying hard to upgrade Salman and downgrade SRK which is never possible.

    • @SRK the King of Bollywood, we are not powerful enough to upgrade or downgrade anyone. It’s always in the hands of the paying public. SRK was leading in quite a few categories between 2010 – 2015, a decade that is perceived to not be his best.

      End of the day, all the names that make it to the list are achievers and superstars who command a huge following.

  • @xyz-so srk declared himself King of Bollywood for giving Hit movies when his stars were shining working with hash Raj films(for few yrs,not even a decade).Salman rose and rose super strong ,after he was almost doomed.He has given Bollywood most no. Of hits,atbb,higest average collections per movie for all movies done,highest % of hit,blockbuster,superhit,atbb my question stands,how did srk became king of Bollywood?

  • Akki was a self-made star,hence he did whatever films that came to him,just to survive in the industry..he did many b-grade films in that era too which is why such low no.
    But even then many of his films used to take superb starts.

    Khiladiyon ka khiladi was the biggest opener of 1996.
    Mohra was a huge opener too.

    He gave many successful films with new directors.Many memorable songs.

    This era made him what we call him today — The KHILADI,An action superstar was born.

  • Thanks Indicine for this article…after a long time finally an Interesting article (Since you stop updating Sultan collection)…Maza Aa Gaya

  • Aamir’s average is twice of Akki in 1990s even though Aamir did only 23 films and Akki did 42 films. This is tight slap on all Akki fans who were barking against Aamir. Aamir is biggest megastar ever. Despite less films and most risky films he is on top 3 in 1990s. But still I will put him on top in 1990s as tip megastar because he has done most number of risks and still he is close to salman and SRK in 1990s. That proves that he is biggest megastar ever.

  • For me 3 superstars of 90s among the current ones are Salman Ajay Srk. To some extent in 90s I learnt Ajay was so powerful that he never played 2nd lead. Hddcs he and Salman bhai were both nominated best actor. Shah Rukh had the charm to draw crowds Salman popularity from mpk was very influential.

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