Most successful Bollywood actors 1990 – 1999

We finally have the analysis of the most successful actors between 1990 – 1999. It’s a decade that marked the rise of the three Khans, while Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar were growing their fanbase and delivering quite a few hits in between.

Salman Khan leads in every category – highest net collections, success ratio, hit ratio and the best average per film. He also has the highest grosser and the most watched film of the 90s in Sooraj Barjatya’s Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

Salman and Shah Rukh are the only two actors to average more than 10 crore plus per film.

Most number of films:

  • Akshay Kumar – 42 films
  • Ajay Devgn –  33 films
  • Salman Khan – 29 films
  • Shah Rukh Khan –  28 films
  • Aamir Khan – 23 films

Total Net Collections for each actor between 1990 - 1999:

  • Salman Khan – 375 crore
  • Shah Rukh Khan – 327 crore
  • Ajay Devgn –  221 crore
  • Akshay Kumar - 196 crore
  • Aamir Khan –  186 crore

Average net box office collections per film between 1990 - 1999

  • Salman Khan –  12.9 crore
  • Shah Rukh Khan –  11.7 crore
  • Aamir Khan –  8.1 crore
  • Ajay Devgn - 6.7 crore
  • Akshay Kumar – 4.7 crore

Success Ratio i.e Above Average or better

  • Salman Khan – 52%
  • Shah Rukh Khan – 39%
  • Ajay Devgn –  36%
  • Aamir Khan – 35%
  • Akshay Kumar - 24%

Hit Ratio i.e Hit or Better

  • Salman Khan – 45%
  • Shah Rukh Khan – 32%
  • Aamir Khan – 22%
  • Ajay Devgn – 18%
  • Akshay Kumar - 10%

Note: We haven’t included two prolific actors – Sunny Deol and Govinda – in the list. Deol was a superstar, even though he wasn’t very consistent at the box office. He had quite a few hugely successful films like Border, Darr, Zindi and Ghatak, just to name a few. Govinda delivered several hits with David Dhawan and was one of the most popular and successful actors of the 90s. We are currently in the process of retrieving data from old film magazines. We are also working with a well-known trade analyst to rectify the 90s data, which isn’t as accurate as we’d want it to be at the moment.



  • Clearly , Salman is no.1 … Now Salman leads (89-91) (94-99) & (10-16*) i.e. 16 years he has been on top ( delivering most. hits/blockbusters/superhits/better success ratio than any actor ) purely on the basis of stats all these years are his n only his…
    Then why sites like @indicine boxofficeindia kept showing srk as no.1 in 90s … and aamir as no.2 (who is even behind ajay in terms of success) Ridiculous isn’t this disrespectful to Salman who is real no.1 ?? Please clarify why u guys did this

  • Aur Jeet,dusmani,Ghayal,Damini,tridev,vishwatma,ajay,lootere,joshiley,khatron ke khiladi,aag ka gola,izzat ki roti,yoddha,kshatriya ye sari sunny paji ki super hit filme thi thik se dekh lo bhai..
    90’s me sirf sunny paji ka bolwala tha

  • No doubt SALMAN was, superstar of 90’s but after 2000s he has been in controversies like blackbuck poaching case,Hit&Run and many fights which affected his image a little bit 2004-2008 he gave many flops but he is back now & he isn’t richer than Srk and he does more charity than him he is known as Man With Golden Heart

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