Why Dabangg is bigger than 3 Idiots

Indicine writer Abhishek Sharma on why the success of Dabangg was bigger than 3 Idiots.

The messiah of the masses, Salman Khan, has unleashed the first trailer of his home Production and arguably the most awaited movie of the year ‘Dabangg 2’. The phenomenal craze for Khan, who is on a dream run, with one blockbuster after another, has raised the expectations exponentially.

While we are all set to hear and read several predictions, reviews and forecasts for this movie from the so called ‘trade experts’, let us spare few moments to revisit the aura created by the original first film – Dabangg in 2010.

Right from Maine Pyaar Kiya, Salman has always been a huge star with a humungous fan following, but he never had an extended strong hold on the numero unospot. Dabangg changed it all. Released on 10th Sept 2010, the film created history by breaking the first day, first weekend and first week records of 3 Idiots which was released almost 9 months before. Although it fell well short of the final figure (202 c) which remains untouched even today, the unprecedented and unbelievable success of Dabangg cannot be ignored.

Below mentioned is a quick comparison with 3 Idiots, one that makes the unexpected success of Dabangg look much bigger.


  • Before 3 Idiots, Aamir Khan’s was enjoying probably the best phase of his career with Ghajini (All Time Blockbuster), Taare Zameen Par (Super Hit) and Fanaa (Super Hit) whereas Salman’s was on a horrid run before Dabangg – Veer (Below Average), London Dreams (Flop) and Main Aur Mrs Khanna (Disaster).
  • 3 Idiots was directed by Rajkumar Hirani, one of the most successful directors in the industry, with both commercial success and critical acclaim. The first two Munnabhai films were classic masterpieces. On the other hand Dabangg was directed by a rank newcomer Abhinav Kashyap.
  • 3 Idiots is a dream production of the established and reputed Vidhu Vinod Chopra banner while Dabangg marked the debut of Arbaaz Khan Productions.
  • Kareena Kapoor was a huge star and commands a fan following of her own, while the makers of Dabangg were taking a chance with debutant Sonakshi Sinha.
  • 3 Idiots, understandably, got exceptional reviews from critics all over the globe and the word-of-mouth was outstanding. Dabangg was panned by most critics as a loud movie without a storyline.
  • 3 Idiots was aimed at universal audience as the subject had a global appeal while Dabangg is a typical old fashioned single-screen targeted movie with a routine revenge saga and predictable storyline.

The Business of Indian Cinema has increased manifolds in the last 2 years since the release of Dabangg. But there are only two movies which have managed to cross it’s collections in India. And it goes without saying that both were Salman starrers.

Note: This article above is not to undermine or degrade the achievement of 3 Idiots, as it is one of the finest movies ever made. It deserves to be the biggest blockbuster of all time. The whole purpose of the comparison is just to showcase the magnitude of the stardom of a phenomenon known as ‘Salman Khan’, a man who carried Dabangg entirely on his shoulders with his charisma and made ‘Chulbul Pandey’ .

Article by Abhishek Sharma



  • though I am an arduant SRK fan but I completely agree with the above article. nyc comparison. and really well said. SALMAN TRULY CARRIED THE WHOLE FILM ON HIS SHOULDERS. HATS OFF. AND THREE KUDOS TO DABBANG TEAM

  • Yo Yo Sallu Bhai…….Inshaallah Dabangg2 Will Be Biggest Hit Of 2012 And Will Be The Biggest Grossing Movie Ever “Inshallah”

  • So what’s new in the D2 trailer??? For me it looked like some scenes which could have been added to Dabbang-1 DVD.. Salman might help the film cross 200 crores, but the excitement of watching something new and great is always missing when watching a Salman film.

  • simply outstanding article.. thats why salman is uncomparable with any other actor. Dabangg 2 is gonna rock more!

  • If salman khan does movie like Dabbang 2 it will surely be a hit but salman will slowly start losing audience which go for something new. Becoz upcoming movies like kick is a remake again and sher khan is sohail’s venture and v know wat quality of a director is he don’t expect anything new frm him. Masses don’t depend on one thing for long similar to khiladi kumar’s case 3 yrs back.

  • 3 idiots ticket price & dabbang 2 ticket price uncomparable zameen asmaan ka farak hai. Collections lagoge par Quality kaha se laoge.

  • Dabangg was totally on shoulders of salman but that does not mean it is bigger than 3 idiots… Its my opinion that alot of movies are better that others in some aspects. I mean in some aspects vicky donor was even bigger than dabangg. Every movie has something in favor of it. Dabangg was a tested genre after wanted. You could have said same things about Rowdy rathode or Singham. I think it was a tested genre with sure shot results where as 3 idiots was a movie explaining about public issues like aarakshan, raajneeti, cant remember but their are alot who did not do well.
    What you say???

  • it was the unexpected blockbuster of that year…salman was witnessing a dull phase till dabangg storm arrived..it was never expected to do well especially after the debacle of veer but all tables turned around when the theatrical trailer was released and we all know what followed next

  • Nicely written article Dabanng-2 gonna break all records, Salman has a huge fan following which other stars can’t even dream of.

  • an excellent article…..but i agree with noam…before wanted salman was reallly down and out…&his superstardom had got really low….wanted breathed a new lease of life…& we today see the most loved superstardom after rajesh khanna!

  • biggest difference between two movies.. star of 3idiots is the story and the star of Dabangg is Salman Khan. Name is enough to make an average flick into a blockbuster

  • Comparison of dabbang with 3 idiots is like insult of 3 idiots,its seems like writer is like all salman’s fan

  • We know Salman is a popular star. But if his film ETT or D2 cross the collection of 3 idiots than it will be a great disappointment. Because 3 idiots is film of moral, sense of humour, comedy, message to society and most importantly it shows drawbacks of indian education system and also it shows the way to get out from it. So it is film which was never made in bollywood and probably never be. So I personally want no film to break the record of 3 idiots .

  • Wattt the Hell !!

    The writer seems to be sallu fanatic…..Give me some air Abhishek Sharma
    All these views and facts are immaterial — > only thing which matters is 202cr

    Agreed that Aamir was in good form prior to 3 Idiots release but its true that sallu is in best phase of career since last 3 years but still he has not broken 3 Idiots record……. WHYYYYYY ??

    Is his fan following still short of Aamir’s????
    Dhoom 3 & krishh 3 have much bigger brand value than Dabangg in the market


  • Dabaang is easily one the best movies ever made in bollywood of its genre(masala,action,comedy,romance,drama) and without anydoubt 3 idiots is one of the best ever universally made movies in the glorious bollywood history. The kind of impact both these movies had in almost every aspect, is unlikely to be repeated again but as they say nothing is impossible, so lets wait for dabaang 2/3/4………. and 3 idiots 2/3/4……….(or 3 rascals/3 stupids/3fools….:)

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