My Name Is Khan Release Date – 2009 or 2010?

Will Shahrukh Khan’s My Name Is Khan release in 2009? If it does, nothing would make a SRK fan happier..! If it doesn’t SRK will have no full-fledged release this year, which would be disappointing for many. Billu and Dulha Mil Gaya, both extended special appearance, would be his only releases.

Unfortunately, according to some trustworthy sources My Name Is Khan will not release late 2009, but early 2010. Here is why..

1) Just 50% of the movie has been shot so far. My Name… is not a medium budget quickie like SRK’s last release Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Shooting should finish not before we hit the last quarter of the year.

2) Being a high-budget film, like most Karan Johar films, the post-production and promotion would take much longer.

3) The producer – multiplex strike has resulted in a lost of films being postponed. Hence due to the heavy flow of releases in the second half of the year, MNIK will be postponed to early next year. The last thing the industry, hit by the strike and recession would need, is for two biggies to clash and cut into each others business.

4) Lastly, a Karan Johar produced film Qurbaan directed by Rensil D’Silva starring Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi will release sometime in November. Will Karan Johar and Dharma Productions risk two back to back releases? We doubt!

So when will My Name Is Khan release? We think March 2010. Lets wait and watch. Post your comments below.



  • This is good news for me. I won’t be able to watch it in the thetre if it released at the end of this year because of my internship. I wish it’ll release after February next year by which time, my internship will be over.

  • Indicine Team: you’re so quiet lately.. you never answer my questions, even under (Ask us option!!)

    If this movie will be postponed till next year.. then I’d like to know which movie is going to be relased next month.. in June & July?
    Is it Kaminee or Kam baqkht eshq or Dulha Mil Gaya?

    Hope that you’d answer this time!

  • Dulha Mil Gaya is going to be release 18th of September dear. It was said my the maker of the movie himself.
    Kam baqkht eshq is June and Jaminey is June 9th

  • welcome Fathiya
    actually no I am not new here
    normally I post with my name being SRKFAN4LIFE:) instead of my real name
    I’ve been hanging around here…

  • wow what kind of a SRK fan is you. I know this film will not FLOP. So far what I know about what the film is about, this film will be HUGEEEEEE. we should keep in touch so that when the film release, I cause laugh and say seeee

  • i agree wiv u Meshanna…..dis film will definetly definetly NOT flop!!!!! hw can anyway? srk is da bst actor evr in da whole world n da univrse…..

  • yeh film flop hogi

    Becuaeof SRK cheap publicity at US airport

    US media claims that he was promoting My name is khan after that detention

    They did not hold him for 2 hrs .. he was waiting there for the baggage for 66 min ,., which is very normalk

    SRK dog …. because of You the country has to face bad name

    fucking bastard

  • Shahrukh what have u done .. I think My name is khan will be your first disaster with kajol

    Shani aa chuka hai teri kundli meh … dekh jitne galt kam karega uska 10 guna jooteh padegi

    My name is khan will flop in 2010

    yakeen nahi aata toh IPL ka result dekh leh

  • Indicine Team: why don’t u stop this (Raj) from barking on this website?!! He hates Shahrukh.. he hates me, he hates Kiran and always take advantages to swear and say bad words.. he never posts any valuable comments on this website.. he wishes if I die just because I defend shahrukh always.. and wishes if all his movies would flop? His job on this wesbsite is the following: either he’s following up my comments and waiting the chance to attack me – when some ppl don’t agree with my comment – so he rises and try to shoot, or he’s waiting for some negative comments posted about Shahrukh.. so he wakesup from his sleep and try to attack Shahrukh with his swords!! that’s this guy.. asleep for a month then suddently he wake up to do all this!!

    And how does this asshole knows that US ppl r saying the truth about what happened to Shahrukh and that they are not lyers?!

  • wow….superb you fathiya ….the great fan of srk….i also agree with u and this sucker is misusing the name of raj…so i would like to say go to hell u raj babu…

  • Hey raj u dog sala , u baster tune kisko dog kaha?? my name is khan will be rock and break all record and make a new history in bollywood.

    and Ranbir u donkey tune kya socha ipl mai jit nahi hui to kya huwa sabse badhi paisa kamane wala team to usiki hai na. or ipl ka film se kya sambandh?? dekhte rahena u both dog and donkey…

  • fathiya and other people

    Just be logical.. I am with raj .. Every country has the right to protect them

    i even think like KANK . My name is khan will be a disaster


  • Imran: well well well.. I don’t know who u r and which movies u like and who’s yr favourite actor..if u think that a movie like “My Name is Khan” will be a a disaster.. so could u tell me.. which of the upcoming movies u think will be outstanding?! Mention some movies and then I’ll tell u who you are!!

  • Amaan…
    well srks
    hum tumhare saath hain…and we know ur my name is going to break all the previous records from the history of indian film industry, no one can touch tht line of urs, u r born actor, u struggled in industry, u worked hard to find this no 1 position , so u r now here on top,.
    not like salman and aamir where there family members were there to support them to enter in industry and bag the film.
    u r the truely gentleman srk…………….Gud Luck

  • Fathiya i agree wiv u n Beeky…dis raj is jus a bloody bulshit………..who da HELL dos he dink he is colin SRK a fuckin bastard??????????? u knw wot wotevr he says abt srk n cols srk dats wot he xtualy rely is….idiot…i hpe dat indicine dosn let him on her if da only ding he cn say abt srk is bad dings n swear wrds……i 2 wish dat is raj, this sala wnt exist evr again !!!!

  • hello:-
    well m waitng fr my name is khan to b released …and is releaisng on 12 th feb, so
    m desperate to watch the movie..nd this vl b the valentines gift from srk to all the loveable couples..
    well done srk , u gonna rule.

  • Amaan Khan……is dat 2ru???? is it rily gonna relis on 12th feb????? wow!!! omg!!!!! i cnt bliev it!!!!! i thot dat it wud only relis nxt yr in spring……..der’s only 2 or 3 mnths 2 go 4 it 2 b relised…..yaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

  • hi
    u r most welcome dear
    and the news is true that my name is khan is releasing on 12th feb…
    so congrats…….and pray fr srk..
    well see u soon bye

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