London Dreams Movie Review

The highly anticipated musical London Dreams finally hit screens today. Directed by Vipul Shah of Namestey London fame, this rock band saga stars Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Asin Thottumkal in the lead. Salman and Ajay come together nearly a decade after Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

London Dreams draws inspiration from the legendary Mozart-Salieri rivalry and revolves around the theme of friendship, trust, passion, jealousy and sacrifice against the backdrop of music.

London Dreams revolves around two childhood friends – Arjun (Ajay Devgan) and Mannu (Salman Khan), who over the years become thick friends. Arjun is extremely passionate about music and his dream is to make it big and sing at the London’s Wembley Stadium with thousands of fans cheering for him. On the other hand, Mannu is lighthearted and capricious and does not realize his innate musical talent. Despite all the hurdles, Arjun’s dream slowly takes shape and he manages to form a band called London Dreams. Just when his fame starts spreading wider and across the borders, things take a new twist and Mannu begins to steal the show. Slowly jealousy creeps into Arjun’s path to victory and his strong faithful friendship takes an ugly shape. Who wins the musical battle to fame and success? Who does London Dreams belong too? This forms the rest of the story

London Dreams Review

Why London Dreams is a much watch in theater

  1. London Dreams is one of Vipul Shah’s best works. From the gigantic concerts to romance to the conspiracy, everything is well executed. The script ideally should have been crisper, especially the climax.
  2. With well-etched characters, Vipul has also managed to extract brilliant performances from both actors. Think ‘Wanted’ was Salman’s best? wait till you watch this. He emotes like never before,  effortlessly delivering one of his best performances to date. You easily relate and feel deeply for his character. This performance could well win him some awards this year.
  3. No other actor in Bollywood can be as intense as Ajay Devgan and he fits into Arjun’s skin with dexterity and precision. Although Ajay’s role takes a gray shade, his competency is unmatched and takes grounds equal as Salman Khan in making a place for himself in the minds of the audience. While he doesn’t really look like a rockstar, its his acting histrionics that does the trick.. although he should have worked harder on his dancing skills.
  4. Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan share amazing chemistry. Be it their confrontation at Ajay’s home or at the stadium or their happy times of friendship, their off screen comfort-level is clearly visible on screen.
  5. Salman Khan’s first flight to London is absolutely hilarious. His dialogues are funny and so are his expressions. Must watch!
  6. Asin looked very pretty and danced well, but in a movie dominated by Salman and Ajay Devgan, she doesn’t really get enough scope to exhibit her acting talent. Chennai Express is a cute name!
  7. Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is in fine tune with the tone of the movie and fits perfectly into the film. The gigantic concerts are shot amazingly well.

What’s not-so-good in London Dreams

  1. A few scenes do appear over the top and not so very convincing. Like Ajay giving away the most important moment of his life and confronting his friend in front of thousands. Also the on-stage dialogues were weak and lacked intensity.
  2. A little more drama, more rivalry would have made the movie an even better watch, perhaps more realistic. Forgiveness is allowed in friendship, but being too humble without even a pinch of anger is unacceptable, its too far fetched.

Overall, London Dreams is one of the best films of the year. The stretched climax is a bit of a disappointment but the fantastic performances by both Ajay and Salman more than makes up for it.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 3 and a half stars

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  • Well he most probably could end up being nominated in the supporting actor category. Let’s see, Bollywood awards are highly unpredictable. A lot would depend on how the movie does commercially. If its a huge hit, expect lots of awards. And as always stay tuned for all the box office updates.

  • INDICINE TEAM:you donot mention anything abt ASIN…How was she acting in the movie?????I know she have no scope in this movie but still How was her acting in the movie

  • yes sudeep salman will award showrly this year nobody near to salman 1 wanted 2landon dreams 2009 is salman khan year

  • And Next week He will have special cameo role in Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani!!!!!!!!in climax!!!!Look like Katrina will go with Salman khan in ending leaving ranbir kapoor ……..

  • INDICINE TEAM:I know it is not better to ask here but u were saying ur site is modifing but when????And also u r not answering our question in ask section

  • review:
    i hv seen the movie i just came 10 min ago n switched on my laptop n saw the review of taran n indicine taran gave 3 n indicini gave 3.5 stars
    every one knows abt story that when ajay saw that his best friend salman is grabing all his dreams like music , wembley live performance and asin then he dicided to fall him down.
    well script is fantastic even i didnt see any indian movie so far this kind of script so we can say that it is fresh n strong poerful script. even in all vipul’s movies script is powerful n good like ankhien totally diffrent kind of movie even in hollywood they didnt make any movie sofar like that kind of script . waqt’s story was old that fight between father n son and both amitabh n akki gave same story in Ek Rishta, but waqt was also well made n of cource namaste london how can we forget akki’s best performance ever n himesh’s romantic music.
    at this time much story was much better then previous movies and performances were also superb.
    i couldnt figure it out that between ajay n salman who is best i think both deserve film fare award ajay in best actor n salman is in supporting actor .
    salman’s role n performance is same old style but this time much better then old movies especially when he takes drugs n when i tries to protect hisself from drugs it is amazing . if u guys think wanted was salman’s best performance then this time he 10 times better then wanted.
    ajay is also mind blowing diffinately it was his best performance ever . in every single seen he did superb especially in last 20 min .
    asin is also very good better then ghajini n she looks very cute .
    i dont thing so is there any negative point in this movie .
    music is according to the script coz mostly songs are live stage performance in london so every song has english touch n last song of the movie is best song.
    2nd half is much batter then 1st half especially last 30 min is the soul of movie in last 30 min in every single sceen i had tears in my eyes i realy loved arjun n mannu ‘s chrectors.
    my star rating is 4 star and this movie realy deserve 4 stars.
    n i think after dostana i watched a complete best movie.
    i wana ask if you were writer of this movie wht dialogues u wrote plz tel me know
    when poeple dont wana listen ajay then wht should he do ??? people were crazy abt salman he was realy desprate so he did this.
    where was climx weak ?? wht do u want in climax ??? it was realy best climax n climax coudlnt batter then this . if it is possible then plz tel us know if u were writer wht climax did u write???
    i am waiting ur climax dialogues n situations plz write as soon as possible.
    audiance reaction is superbe there were not to much poeple i think 30- 35 % hall was full but it was friday evening show n last show always has good collection. but all people were very happy with the movie and very weeping n have a tears in thier eyes like me because of ajay n salman’s emotional performance n last couple of sceens.
    i didnt have enough time if i had i realy wanted to see this movie again in very next show coz as i said we need to take only one time ticket for cinema n u can watch whole the day.

  • hi all,
    i catched up some time in betn my wrk hrs n went to the nearest theatre 4 LD.
    the movie is based on Music n friendship.
    after watching the movie tis is wat i felt…pls dont do a reality check on this movie…
    the movie starts of prety OK moves on with too many songs…till the interval.
    Vipul Shah has already proven tat he is a good the pre interval euphoria wil
    make u come out to catch some popcorn or toilet in a good mood.
    post intervl has quite a few twist which u already know r gonna b thr…
    but still u wont mind..bcoz its moving quite OK considering the recent releases…
    n somhow u control urself for the climax which cud decide the fate of tis movie in theatres
    and tis is whr u get totally disappointed, very awful climax…
    thr was no need of extra melodrama at the end..
    So I had to get out of the theatre before the end credits roled…
    Acting..This is a Salman Khan movie..AD is same as in Dewangee, Asin eye candy

    Salman Khan fans wil hav a good time.
    Rating: 5/10 (-1.5 for climax)
    Verdict: Not very much recommended…

  • sudeep :
    london dreams is rock 4 star movie i hv to go alone for this movie dont care abt ur friends u can watch this movie again with ur frnds after 17 nov. dont waste ur time gooooooooooo asap.
    ASIN got “kalpana jadu ki chhadi” in ghajini n now she got ” chinai express” .
    she will be new ruler of bollywood after couple of yrs coz rani n preety has already retireded from bollywood n aish is also signing very less number of movies.
    u missed last sceen of the movie ok i will tell u what was in the last sceen u remebre interval sceen when salman jumped on crowd n ajay was very angree coz it was his dream that he will jump on crowd but in the last sceen both jumped on the crowd together n movie ends.
    it was my best feeling in whole movie i couldnt stand from my seat till 2 min coz i had alots of tears in my eyes even so many people were in same condition which i had.

  • report from
    The new releases of the week both of them which are big budget films started on a dull note.
    London Dreams had a 30-40% start in the morning shows and improved around 5-10% in the late morning shows. If the film can show bigger improvement in the late afternoon and evening shows then it would be a good sign for weekend business. London Dreams has a huge a single screen releases and around 8-10-12 show release at multiplex.
    as i mentioned last night that advance booking is low in india even in australia as well but dont very i m hopeful coz it is fantastic movie n world of mouth it will pic like all the best n it wont fall down like Blue.
    i realy want this movie hit.

  • klantu:
    main chrector is ajay devgan coz story belongs to him n salman is a frnd of main chrector n movie starts from ajay and first 30 min he has more screen appearence but later on till end both are same n salman has 2 solo songs n ajay has 3 solo songs n 3 sangs together who will get the girl i dont wana tell u coz it is suspence.
    if there is a award nominies abt this movie then ajay for best acter n salman for best supporting actor.

  • i want to give tham 3 star.i sow london is vary good movi and music start slow at morning but afternoon it take good curve.salman asin ajay done fantastic will easily get hit.vipul shaha diract vary well.

  • Guys salman khan is da lead actor in LD.If you dnt believe me check out most of da site!!!whether it is r taran adarsh r! Plz dnt waste ur tym

  • well…ajay is in top form this month…it wil b his second hit after all the best….both different roleeeees….bt he is the only actor who can do it all……..after all he is a national award wining actorrrrrrrr…ajay rocks as usualllll……….love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu…he is the man to watch out forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……… body can act as himmmmmm…..becoz he is 1 of the besttttttttttttt…………

  • If salman khan is sopporting roll for london dreams I will avoid this movie & i don’t understand why he signed this movie for supporting roll…i can’t belive…why salman why…?.:'(.

  • klanto:
    if salman can work in KKHH n ne entry n if he can get award in kkhh as supporting acter then why not LD coz this role is 100 time batter then which he did in kkhh n no entry .
    n dont forget babul , sawan , hello , heroes , phir milienge in all these movies he had very small n supporting roles.
    dont worry abt salman he did his best in this movie it was his finest performance.

  • No…Nt at all, Salman is the lead actor along wid Ajay…The movie is rockin………..Salman rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

  • well not fuuly convinced with indicine team review.
    review: musical flim with bit of luv triangle,,,london dreams…has some crushed dreams. a gud flim….has some flaws…which make this movie average,,,,
    wht not to watch london dreams.
    1. the story of two friends…nd then luv triangle….old story nothing new
    2. the main and biigest problem with london dreams is that it is musical flim with a bad music…. lots of songs…no song,,is a hit…and climax song will iritate you…bad compostion by shankar ehsaan loy till date
    after coming out of theatre no songs on ur tounge…
    3.villion of the movie is its own music….some songs can b cut.
    4.the director confuse between luv story and friends rivalry,,,so at the end in climax its slipss in both situation and makes very ordinary ending with climax,,,
    5. no gud dialouges,,,

    why to watch movie.
    1. SALMAN KHAN…..its his again best acting so far…comedy acyting was also awsume
    2, AJAY DEVGAN: At his best.
    3.Asin luks gud on screen …but her role was wasted.

    OVERALL: A musical movie…which music has no dum still go for two gr8 actors with some gr8 acting

    My rating 2.5/5

  • 4:00 PM IST update – Single screens are poor, business has picked up after a slow start this morning. Advance booking for evening shows are good. Critic reviews and audience reactions are pretty positive.

    7:15 PM IST update – Business has doubled for the evening and night shows. Few screens at select multiplexes in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai are sold out (shows are 9PM). For those curious, Aladin looks almost certain to be a disaster, unless it picks up on Saturday and Sunday.

  • @Karan: Could u name some of your fvr8 movies? Wanna know ur taste…Don’t put ur shit review in a site like his…There is always a similarity in da story line, dats wid every movie..can u suggest a movie which has a complete different story..a movie wid no story can be..
    As far as music of the movie is concerned, hats off to Prasoon Joshi for wonderful lyrics..I must say u’r coming closer to Gulzar. SEL has produced a gr8 music album..its nt like usula albums where u’r copyin words of english songs…U talk abt. genuine story which is a complete different..y aint u liking a complete different lovely music album, with wonderful Hindi wordings????

    I would rate LD, 4 out of 5…cheers LD team..


    WHAT a performance ..where were you since tere naam ?

    Fantabulous performance of the best in recent times. You deserve best actor award.

    Coming to the film ..its a film mixed with friendship and jealousness of a rock band. First half is well paced with good songs .. second half is more on the emotional side. Climax will bring you into tears. I haven’t cried so much since Taare zameen par. People seated 10mins after the film over to clear their tears.

    Salman as an actor deserves 5/5
    Ajay too was superb but he looses in histrionics 4/5
    asin played her part well 3.5 / 5

    My Rating 4.5/5 Its a must watch for everyone ..thanks for this vipul shah… you rock!!!!!!!

  • abhinav@: no need to knw my taste …..ur quesetion of movie with diffrent story…aqnqswer qis taare zameen par, black, swades, koi mil gya rock on nd many mnore…and the lyrics all are shit,,,of movie…agar itne he ache hote thn aaj is k songs chatbusters pe top mein hote…but thts nt the case is in this movie….seems u knw lot about music better cvompose ur own album and listen by ur own….gud luck

  • @ Karan- U’ve named many movies….out of all da movies hw many r blockbusters????Only one…Koi Mil Gaya…n dat was nt at all a moviewid a new fact it was a copy of an english movie..yeah I appreciate other movies u told..TZP, Swades and Black..dese wr so good..but these movies dint appeal da mass..u noe dat TZP is a super hit..Black is just a hit and Swades is a flop..Dey all dint a damn good kinda business…hmmm dey wr da landmarks of ‘indian cinema…damn good movies..but not commercialy successful.and to mk a movie a success..u’ve to go wid a formula..dats wot all film makers r doin..some don’t compromise wid art.lyk Shyam Benegal..some do…believe me…We can’t understand movies better thandese ‘film waale log’.

    As far as music of LD is concerned..listen it properly..u’ll definetely appreciate Prasoon 4 his wonderful lyrics..n u’ll find da music so different..dere is a kinda desi feeling in it…
    if da music isnt doin so good…den its sad wid bollywood..A good music is no more in demand…evey body fromLata to Alka to Sonu r sayin dis..which is really sad wid bollywood music..

  • huuuuuuu…….some ppls r telling just shit here… i m just clearing all the crap…..
    first thing this movie LD is the story of ajay devgan…..but he is not in the lead role….he got all the gray shade…in the movie ajay has negative role..n salmaan has positive.. so if u want 2 know who’s HERO in the film…..its salmaan itself….
    @nauman…..buddy u hv no idea wat ru writin here…..all the crap..plzz visit all the sites all r sayin salmaan in lead role…..
    @karan…..u r sayin “no good dialogs ” in the movie…..ohh cut the crap….movie got all the best dialogs n punches specially by salmaan…..nwazz u like taare zameen par …..may b ur mind is also working lyk darsheel the boy in TZP…..may be ur nt well in hindi… go and arrange a english version of LD so u cn undstnd the dialogs….


  • hehehe all bakwas its waste movie..i will give rating 1.5 only for ajay and asin action…
    climax is very is somthing movie is differnt…i know if salman is thr sure it willl be a bif crap…:D:D:D so better to watch other movies and enjy ur weekend

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