London Dreams Movie Review

The highly anticipated musical London Dreams finally hit screens today. Directed by Vipul Shah of Namestey London fame, this rock band saga stars Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Asin Thottumkal in the lead. Salman and Ajay come together nearly a decade after Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

London Dreams draws inspiration from the legendary Mozart-Salieri rivalry and revolves around the theme of friendship, trust, passion, jealousy and sacrifice against the backdrop of music.

London Dreams revolves around two childhood friends – Arjun (Ajay Devgan) and Mannu (Salman Khan), who over the years become thick friends. Arjun is extremely passionate about music and his dream is to make it big and sing at the London’s Wembley Stadium with thousands of fans cheering for him. On the other hand, Mannu is lighthearted and capricious and does not realize his innate musical talent. Despite all the hurdles, Arjun’s dream slowly takes shape and he manages to form a band called London Dreams. Just when his fame starts spreading wider and across the borders, things take a new twist and Mannu begins to steal the show. Slowly jealousy creeps into Arjun’s path to victory and his strong faithful friendship takes an ugly shape. Who wins the musical battle to fame and success? Who does London Dreams belong too? This forms the rest of the story

London Dreams Review

Why London Dreams is a much watch in theater

  1. London Dreams is one of Vipul Shah’s best works. From the gigantic concerts to romance to the conspiracy, everything is well executed. The script ideally should have been crisper, especially the climax.
  2. With well-etched characters, Vipul has also managed to extract brilliant performances from both actors. Think ‘Wanted’ was Salman’s best? wait till you watch this. He emotes like never before,  effortlessly delivering one of his best performances to date. You easily relate and feel deeply for his character. This performance could well win him some awards this year.
  3. No other actor in Bollywood can be as intense as Ajay Devgan and he fits into Arjun’s skin with dexterity and precision. Although Ajay’s role takes a gray shade, his competency is unmatched and takes grounds equal as Salman Khan in making a place for himself in the minds of the audience. While he doesn’t really look like a rockstar, its his acting histrionics that does the trick.. although he should have worked harder on his dancing skills.
  4. Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan share amazing chemistry. Be it their confrontation at Ajay’s home or at the stadium or their happy times of friendship, their off screen comfort-level is clearly visible on screen.
  5. Salman Khan’s first flight to London is absolutely hilarious. His dialogues are funny and so are his expressions. Must watch!
  6. Asin looked very pretty and danced well, but in a movie dominated by Salman and Ajay Devgan, she doesn’t really get enough scope to exhibit her acting talent. Chennai Express is a cute name!
  7. Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is in fine tune with the tone of the movie and fits perfectly into the film. The gigantic concerts are shot amazingly well.

What’s not-so-good in London Dreams

  1. A few scenes do appear over the top and not so very convincing. Like Ajay giving away the most important moment of his life and confronting his friend in front of thousands. Also the on-stage dialogues were weak and lacked intensity.
  2. A little more drama, more rivalry would have made the movie an even better watch, perhaps more realistic. Forgiveness is allowed in friendship, but being too humble without even a pinch of anger is unacceptable, its too far fetched.

Overall, London Dreams is one of the best films of the year. The stretched climax is a bit of a disappointment but the fantastic performances by both Ajay and Salman more than makes up for it.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 3 and a half stars

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  • It’s a complete blockbluster!!!!!! & wortha a watch!!!!!!
    specially for salman’s brilliant acting and his superb chemistry with asin!!!!!
    the muvie deserves atleast 4/5 (truly it deserves)…

  • Guys check out new song from De Dana Dan – Rishte Naate….very cool song!!!!!good location+good voice of Rahat ali khan….music is not quite upto voice of singer but still rocksssss

  • Guyz ive just come back from watchin LD.
    it waz absolutely amazing, 1 ov da best films ive ever seen.
    Everything waz perfect, maybe da last song was not neccessary but da film certainly makes up for it.
    Salman, Ajay and Asin were fantastic especially Salman.
    he waz so funny and da scenes which required emotion wre also very good.
    da chemistry between him and Ajay was rocking way better dan HDDCS.
    he also looked very good wid da beautiful Asin.
    guyz watch it and ull know wat am on about.

    i dont wanna keep goin on bout da film but wat i do wanna say iz dat all da chracters complement each other extremely well and r beautifully directed by Vipul Shah.
    i realised by watching da promos dat Salman meant business in dis film like in WANTED after watchin da film my thoughts wre proved correct 100%.
    As a Salman fan i hope he haz dis same attitude in all hiz projects. Coz he really waz dat good.

    da plain scenes r a delight. people were in splits and the ending brought tears to my eyes, had to hide em from me friends got a reputation to protect. lol


    dis film and da actors r suerly gonna win awards. and any1 who is curious or worried bout salman being da main lead. him and Ajay have da same screen time but Salman shines IMO.

  • Indicine team: agree with yr review, I loved the movie and I’m going to cinema today again, to watch it for second time with my niece, as she wants me to accompany her for this movie.. the reason for me to watch it again and in a very short time – I watched it on Thrusday – because I’d love to see Salman Khan’s performance again specially in the flight scene, while he’s on board.. a very funny scene.

    What I loved in the last 5 minutes of the movie is the following: all the audience couldn’t predict what would be Salman Khan’s reaction.. we used to say: he might be so sad.. he might refuse to meet his friend.. he might.. he might.. but what happens! that’s what the audience could never predict!

    Anyways.. a word to all the readers: don’t hesitate to go and watch it.. you’ll enjoy it and Salman Khan is the “soul” of this movie and he made it interesting.

  • Too bad no real actors were available for this shopworn farce. Salman & Ajay are boring, no-talent old fossils, and Asin just another wide-bottom airhead. Give it a miss.

  • yes ajay in the lead role of london dreams……. i give 3 star only for ajay devgan………..
    ajay u rock in the movie

  • karan:
    i think now u dont need to watch any movie . the story line was 100 % diffrent then other movies i ll tell u again that wht was the story :
    ajay has a dream to be a great musician since his childhood. when he got the chance then he called his best friend to help him but unfortunatly people like his friend more then him n he feeld jalousy for his frnd that his friend grab his position his dream his music his name even his lover.
    tell me wht is old in this story line it is totally diffrent. LD is not a love story its abt dream of a man but love is a part of story like other action movies .
    n u said songs are not good. i wana tell u mostly songs are stage live performances like ajay’s first song when he met asin n other boys , 2nd audition , 3rd stage performance with salman , fourth again stage performance in wmbley , 6th the climax song . tell me one thing did u ever listen any english band songs ??? i think never coz all english songs are like this . they were singing songs for british people not for indian punjabi or gujrati or tamil poeple so according to scripts songs were good but it could be better but still avg . and climax song was best song of the movie and climax sceen the last sceen when they both jump on crowd it was fantastic . it said so many things but u idiot guys n critics never understand that wht was the meaning of that sceen .
    n u said dialogue were not good . so its challange for u could u plz writer a single dialogue ??? ever yesterday i said same thing to indicin n they didnt write a single sentence so far wht will u write???
    it is very easy to say but very difficult to do.
    guys LOndon dreams is a best movie of this year and ajay n salman’s performances are best performance of this yr n it will get more then 40 cr i m hopeful


  • London dreams-
    this movie shud be watched only for salman n ajay.
    Story- ajay narrates the story. he wants to be the no.1 singer. so to b`com that he `ll not mind losin his friendship either.
    from his childhood he wants to be a singer but his dad doesnt want him to bcoz ajays grandfather commits suicide bcoz he couldnt perform(singing) in front of big audience. salman s his frnd. he s funny n naughty but likes his frnd ajay a lot. suddenly ajays dad dies n nw he can be free so he goes to london.
    in no time he creates a band(LONDON DREAMS) n a company signs them. ( band includes 2 vj`s n asin). suddenly salman calls him to india tellin he s gettin married. but actually he lied bcoz he has to pay money to some ppl in village. der ajay listens to salmans singin n decides to join him in his band. salman comes to london. he meets asin n falls for her. but ajay s in lov with asin but doesnt tell bcoz his concentration s on singing. same time a concert takes place n ajay couldnt sing as his voice gets stuck on stage. salman sings nw n ppl just start lovin him more than ajay.
    nw jealousy starts. asin also falls for salman. double jealousy. so ajay makes a plan n makes salman a drug addict n makes him suffer. salman still believes in his frnd as he doesnt know ajay did all these.
    finally ajay performs his last concert without salman. but surprisingly ppl shout we want salman.. ajay shouts back tellin salman `ll not sing n al the truth he speaks out as salman walks into the stage. salman feels sad n goes back to india. Band LONDON dreams s shattered. after 3 months ajay realizes his mistak n goes back to india to ask sorrry. salman forgives him n again the band forms n performs.
    salman gets asin n ajay has his 2 guy frnds n they al happy performin.
    Performances- Salman s the best in this movie. ajays character s gud. (negative shade). asin s wasted. 2 vj`s r gud.
    Director- this s not vipuls best movie. his best was Waqt and namastey london.
    Music- was just average
    final verdict- movie s ok with best performance by salman. some emotional sequences r gud. movie s dragged a bit. dialogues r strictly ok.
    RATING- 2.5-3/5
    movie had a slow start n may b`com average in its full run.

  • London Dreams is better than all other movies released this year. Salman once again proves that He can deliver his best if He gets a good script and Ajay has done gr8 justice to his role as well. I really think that this movie will do good at the box office. The first day hasn’t been upto the expectations but the business will surely pick up with the positive word of mouth.
    Critics have liked the movie and most of them are giving 3-4 stars to this movie.

    It is a good movie and every one should go and watch it in theatre.

  • King- ya i gave my frank opinion. its not so great as some die hard fans r tellin. its a ok movie. one time watch. can even wait for dvd or so. but i must say salman has performed his best. have not seen him so natural in his emotions till nw. in this movie- as u watch u start hatin ajays character n start lovin salman`s character. usually salman`s act s artificial but in this its very natural. Wanted movie was his real life attitude;)

  • Masand’s movie review: London Dreams is a foolish film
    Rajeev Masand / CNN-IBN
    London Dreams, directed by Vipul Shah, is a frustratingly foolish film about foolish people.

    It’s the kind of film whose central conflict could be instantly resolved if the characters concerned simply sat down and had a chat. Ajay Devgan plays Arjun, an aspiring pop-artiste obsessed with performing before a cheering crowd at London’s Wembley Stadium. He becomes jealous of his devoted best friend and band-mate Manu, played by Salman Khan, who is evidently more talented than him, but nowhere near as focused or ambitious.

    Arjun decides to sabotage Manu when the latter’s popularity threatens to outshine his own. Now here’s where a heart-to-heart might have helped. Had Arjun explained what this Wembley fixation meant to him, Manu would have graciously backed off and let Arjun fulfill his childhood dream, and we’d have been spared the agony of watching the rest of this uninspiring drivel. But director Vipul Shah and his writers are in no mood to do us any favours.

    London Dreams is packed with unintentionally hilarious gems like that back-story involving Arjun’s grandpa who committed suicide out of shame for getting stage-fright at a packed Wembley concert. Or the ridiculous incident at a show where Manu must take over vocal responsibilities after a blast of confetti practically chokes Arjun into silence.

    The idiocy, however, doesn’t end there. In his attempts to shame Manu publicly, Arjun uses his connections to get Manu hooked onto drugs. A buxom groupie urges Manu to down a couple of tequila shots with her but replaces his salt with cocaine. Before you know it, Manu has acquired quite the appetite for the addictive white powder, practically chomping it down like dinner.

    If that isn’t silly enough, there’s a crude scene later in which Manu chases after the said girl to find out who she’s been taking orders from. The pursuit ends in a dark London alley where the girl gets down on her knees pretending to do the unmentionable so as to mislead Manu’s girlfriend who’s been secretly following after them.

    Wait, there’s more! Expect to howl hysterically when Arjun snaps off his belt and whips himself mercilessly to banish all thoughts of romance or lust towards the band’s lead dancer Priya (played by Asin) because nothing and no one must distract him from his musical goals.

    Too generously inspired by Milos Forman’s Amadeus for it to merit any comparison with last year’s Rock On!, Vipul Shah’s latest is a clunky melodrama that’s as loosely directed as it is scripted. The film goes for broad humor, over-the-top emotions, and basically chooses loudness over subtlety. That works for Manu’s character, with Salman Khan playing him all loutish and lovable, but in the case of Arjun, Ajay Devgan comes off too passive with a performance that is mostly internalised.

    When Arjun does reach boiling point however, it results in an awkward pre-climax scene in which he lectures a packed concert hall and is understandably pelted with plastic bottles as punishment. Of the remaining cast, there’s not a kind word I can say for Asin, who practically lit up Ghajini with her ebullient charm, but disappoints here with unnecessary over-acting in a thankless role.

    Ranvijay Singh and Aditya Roy Kapur, reduced to mere sidekicks in the band, show up at regular intervals, usually to utter some inane dialogue like, “We’ll rock it dude!”

    For its dim-witted writing and sloppy direction, London Dreams is ultimately a tiresome watch. I’m going with two out of five and at best an average rating for director Vipul Shah’s London Dreams.

    If you must, watch it for Salman Khan who’s turned buffoonery into a bonafide acting style. It’s the only thing that’ll make you smile in this sad, sad film.

    Rating: 2/5
    one of the worst reviews `ve read bout this movie.
    just wanted to post so that u ppl know hw a movie s criticised.

  • Amish: I’ve noticed, on other pages and before the movie LD releases in India.. that you’re trying very hard to convince everyone that LD is not a good movie.. started yr talk with the shows in Sydney?!!!! Why?! If this movie for you is a bad movie, and u didn’t like it.. could you tell me which are your favourite bollywood movies which u found good and with no flaws?! I don’t know you and can’t remember that I already read yr comments in the past! and u started talking bad about this movie only! are you Salman Khan’s or the director’s enemy or what?!!

  • Some inside info on Masand’s verdict. He is great friends with Sujoy Ghosh the director of Aladin and Masand was promoting Aladin on Twitter right from the time the trailer released.

    His review for Aladin, unsurprisingly, was positive. Take it with a pinch of salt.

  • Hey! wot to say abt these guys..assholes..dey r talkin abt Masand’s review of LD..nd they r writing in da blog of Indicine..can’t u c all silly blinds Indicine has given 3 and half stars to the movie..U guys suck big tym..Amish ,Karan , King n Rick Patel show their interest in Salman’s movie..n dey write long paragraphs abt Salman’s movie..Don’t these ppl hav ne other work to do…silly crap guys..Dey can’t help it ..dey r so insecure..can’t c good things abt Salman..Go 4 a mental check up..

    LD is complete rocking…n its being highly appreciated..we aint scared of fact APKGK should be scared of LD..but I wish the movie to b a hit too..cuz of Katrina..n Salman is there too ina guest appearance…

    But 4 the time being LD ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…..

  • well said Abhinav
    2 many insecure and foolish people here. LD is a very well made movie. every1 performs well especially Salman.

  • ppl u al r salman fans i know… and for ur kind informa.. i didnt tell anthin bout salman.. he has given a fantabulous performance in LD. i just told bout the movie. its a above average fare. thats all…

    Fathiya- u did tell in ur comments that wat a person feels he tells. am doin the same. salman s a very gud actor n am not against him at al.
    just lik u ppl r convincin ppl tellin its a blockbuster, am tryin to tell its not!
    using some bad words s not gonna mak any difference.
    if u r a die hard fan of some actor u try to tell his movie s the best thats obvious.
    I watch a movie that makes me feel gud. for eg- A WEDNESDAY, it didnt `ve any big stars but u just love it n come out of theater sayin wow!
    Waqt-the race against time. u cant complain bout it.
    I feel vipul shah`s best work is Waqt n namastey london.
    salmans wanted was a very gud movie, SRK`s rab ne bana de jodi was very sweet.
    der r many more movies which wer perfect but didnt bcom a hit.
    in LD emotions wer gud n salman s wow in those scenes but many flaws in the script wer der.
    hope u ppl agree wit me.
    THank u:)

  • i agree wid u dat no Salman fan should say dat LD is gonna be ablockbuster, it haz da potential to be 1 though.

    every film has flaws and da flaws of LD r covered up by da performances and da crucial moments in da film.

  • Amish: believe me or not.. I’m not a Salman Khan’s fan.. I was never ( and everyone knows this on this website.. that I’m a Shahrukh’s fan) I always found Salman asa good looking indian actor, but I didn’t like his acting, now he’s improved in his latest movies, specially this one.. London Dreams.. I don’t think that the movie deserves to be criticized.. the movie was good, entertaining, with a nice story and much much better than those crappppppp crappppp comedy movies which were some super hit at the box office, whether they were Salman’s or Akshay’s movies.. some points were noticed in this movie, but it didn’t affect the movie at all.. I didn’t find Ajay Devgan suitable for the role he played, I didn’t like those scenes which he was punishing himself, I didn’t like his earings he was wearing but he did a good job in the movie.. so we shouldn’t “raise” the minor points which doesn’t affect a good movie as, 5 or 10% negative will not affect 80 or 85% possitive. In fact, there’s no “perfect” movie, neither in hollywood or bollywood.. we always find some negative points.. not only in movies.. in everything in this life.. you’ll enter a mansion, or a beautiful house but for sure.. you’ll find some accessories which you didn’t like.. so we’ve to concentrate on the script, direction, the climax and the performance of the cast in any movie.. some ppl said: this movie didn’t hv a very good music.. so what?!! If the movie was interesting and was not boring, so the music is not that important.

    You’ve mentioned the movie A Wednesday..the movie was good but what I didn’t like one big point in that movie.

    The movie “Rock On” was such a nice movie which I loved and saw it twice but it was “slow” there4 many ppl in my family didn’t enjoy it.. some also didn’t finish watching it on a dvd although it had some nice songs!

  • am new to dis site but ive realised dat dis person named Fathiya talks a lot ov sense.
    i so agree wen u say dat dis film iz better dan da rubbish Bollywood produces week in week out and miraculously some ov dese films turn out to be big hits.

  • Fathiya- just lik every movie this movie has some drawbacks but not just 5-10%. more than that. every person has his own taste rt.. am tellin somethin which i didnt lik. u r just promotin this movie from day 1. i can underst hw desperate u r.. but realize its a above average fare.
    any person can give his opinion if its gud or bad. but not tel the other u shud n must lik the movie bcoz i `ve liked it.;)
    der r some more who `ve not seen the movie n just keep promotin the movie bcoz they r so called die hard fans…;)
    i know u r SRK fan. i do know u speak sensibly but changin one`s opinion s not ur cup of tea.. rt..;)
    so be bindas.
    one more thing.. if every1 gives gud review bout every movie then der s no place n value for critics.. lik taran adarsh gives gud reviews for those movies associa with bollywood hungama so nw ppl wait for others to give thier opinion..;)
    so natures rule- wen der s gud der `ll be bad also. EG- if akshay was in dis movie this would `ve got 1.5/5;)
    he he. thank u…..

  • those poeple who are giving fake n bad reviews for LD i wana say only one thing that
    u shouldnt watch any movie coz u dont know the sense of movie that what was in this movie u guys only like ur fav actors movies n promote that bulshit movies like RNBDJ. u know 1st wanted n now london dreams , SRK’s fans is not sleeping now that wht is going here after 13 flops why salman is giving a 2 blockbuster movies. i dont wana give a damn shit to u guys .
    one thing is clear that london dreams is best movie of this year and this is vipul’s finest direction so far and it was ajay’s best performance ever as well doesnt matter he suits for this role or not but he did hard work and best job .
    and who are thinking that salman is main hero then i wana say that u r wrong main charecter is ajay but he did negative role it doeant matter LD is about Ajay not salman coz it was ajay’s dream he was trying to fulfil his dream . it wasnt salman’s dream and salman was part of this movie .
    just remember DARR who was the main charector ? shahrukh or sunny ??? that movie belongs to srk but he was negative and main hero was sunny.
    u should understand the diffrence between hero and main charector.
    ajay is main charector and salman is hero. thats it
    like SRK was main charector and sunny was hero
    in anjam, SRK was main charector but hero was i think atul or some one i forgot his name
    same like kabhi haa kabhi naa
    let me explain diffrence between main charector and hero
    main charector mean who is running the show . and hero main a person who has best qualities and who is winner of the show .

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