London Dreams Movie Review

The highly anticipated musical London Dreams finally hit screens today. Directed by Vipul Shah of Namestey London fame, this rock band saga stars Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Asin Thottumkal in the lead. Salman and Ajay come together nearly a decade after Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

London Dreams draws inspiration from the legendary Mozart-Salieri rivalry and revolves around the theme of friendship, trust, passion, jealousy and sacrifice against the backdrop of music.

London Dreams revolves around two childhood friends – Arjun (Ajay Devgan) and Mannu (Salman Khan), who over the years become thick friends. Arjun is extremely passionate about music and his dream is to make it big and sing at the London’s Wembley Stadium with thousands of fans cheering for him. On the other hand, Mannu is lighthearted and capricious and does not realize his innate musical talent. Despite all the hurdles, Arjun’s dream slowly takes shape and he manages to form a band called London Dreams. Just when his fame starts spreading wider and across the borders, things take a new twist and Mannu begins to steal the show. Slowly jealousy creeps into Arjun’s path to victory and his strong faithful friendship takes an ugly shape. Who wins the musical battle to fame and success? Who does London Dreams belong too? This forms the rest of the story

London Dreams Review

Why London Dreams is a much watch in theater

  1. London Dreams is one of Vipul Shah’s best works. From the gigantic concerts to romance to the conspiracy, everything is well executed. The script ideally should have been crisper, especially the climax.
  2. With well-etched characters, Vipul has also managed to extract brilliant performances from both actors. Think ‘Wanted’ was Salman’s best? wait till you watch this. He emotes like never before,  effortlessly delivering one of his best performances to date. You easily relate and feel deeply for his character. This performance could well win him some awards this year.
  3. No other actor in Bollywood can be as intense as Ajay Devgan and he fits into Arjun’s skin with dexterity and precision. Although Ajay’s role takes a gray shade, his competency is unmatched and takes grounds equal as Salman Khan in making a place for himself in the minds of the audience. While he doesn’t really look like a rockstar, its his acting histrionics that does the trick.. although he should have worked harder on his dancing skills.
  4. Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan share amazing chemistry. Be it their confrontation at Ajay’s home or at the stadium or their happy times of friendship, their off screen comfort-level is clearly visible on screen.
  5. Salman Khan’s first flight to London is absolutely hilarious. His dialogues are funny and so are his expressions. Must watch!
  6. Asin looked very pretty and danced well, but in a movie dominated by Salman and Ajay Devgan, she doesn’t really get enough scope to exhibit her acting talent. Chennai Express is a cute name!
  7. Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is in fine tune with the tone of the movie and fits perfectly into the film. The gigantic concerts are shot amazingly well.

What’s not-so-good in London Dreams

  1. A few scenes do appear over the top and not so very convincing. Like Ajay giving away the most important moment of his life and confronting his friend in front of thousands. Also the on-stage dialogues were weak and lacked intensity.
  2. A little more drama, more rivalry would have made the movie an even better watch, perhaps more realistic. Forgiveness is allowed in friendship, but being too humble without even a pinch of anger is unacceptable, its too far fetched.

Overall, London Dreams is one of the best films of the year. The stretched climax is a bit of a disappointment but the fantastic performances by both Ajay and Salman more than makes up for it.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 3 and a half stars

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  • guys if u wana go to UK then contect to Vipul shah coz for vipul visa process is only for 1 hour
    just remember NAMASTE LONDON akki flew for uk very next day of his marraige
    n now salman flew within a week
    u dont need any passpord u dont need any documents and also u dont need any visa just go to airport and tell to the immigration officers that u r vipul’s friend they will allow u to sit in plane.
    just kidding
    it was only one negative point in namaste london that there was nothing abt visa process and same in london dreams as well
    ajay said to salman next week u will come to london and very next week he was there
    i m in sydney so i dont need vipul . so who is fedup with india just contect with vipul shah.
    but u shoud me punjabi coz akki n sallu both were punjabi.
    sorry vipul just kidding for little fun
    i love u so much u r my fav director .

  • indicine:
    when u gonna give me answer of my question that if u were writer of LD wht climax n dialogues wht would u write ????
    i m still waiting for fantaistic and mind blowing dialoguegs n climax

  • Amish: actually you’re repeating my words.. that we can’t force anyone to love or hate a movie.. but my point was that you were trying hard to convince ppl that the movie isn’t that good before the movie even releases in India! that’s my only pont.

    Ok.. let me ask u a question ( and I’ve asked this question some ppl and they couldn’t answer it for me)

    you loved the movie A Wednesday.. I saw it, not a bad movie.. I loved the scene when we find out that Naseeruddin Shah wants to revenge and not to help the criminals..but the question is: why those criminals tortured Naseeruddin Shah and he was a poor man, didn’t have any influence of any kind, didn’t have a big position in the country, wasn’t a gangster or whatever.. so why those criminals were after this poor man who was living as a normal guy in the country? What was their purpose? Can u answer this question? that’s a major point in the movie which I didn’t understand!

  • NAUMAN- ha ha ya dude… if i was der it would `ve got not even 0 but minus (-5). thanks for givin 0 atleast…;)

    Fathiya- wat r u tryin to prove? any person u or me `ll try to target some1 who s weaker than us.. thats the same case wit a wednesday..
    am tryin to repeat ur words bcoz seems lik u forgot ur own words. bcoz its u who s tryin to force ppl pls go n watch LD… n arguin its a gud movie bcoz u liked it..
    i did tell before its release in india that first half s entertainin n 2nd half was a bit borin bcoz one of my frnds told me so. ( i did tell `ve heard lik this n not that `ve watched it.. rt?)

    if u watch audience rection- some ppl say its very gud some say its terrible. r u gonna go n catch thier neck n say u shud n must lik this movie? come on… give a break.. every1 has his opinion yaar…

    i know each moviee has somethin gud or bad. in movies dey show somethin which in real life never happen.
    even a comedy movie- i may laugh at somethin but u may not so don force to lik a stuff which s liked by u/…
    in each site u can go n tell a movie s gud but i don lik makin false statements just to mak 1 happy..

    if a movie makes me happy i appreciate it or else not. i don go by its stars.(actors n ratin)

    u made akshay fans happy by tellin akshay would `ve fit the role ajay did. but does it mak any sense?
    none s perfect- just lik u said, ( nw don tel i copied ur dialogue);) ha ha

    i know u `ll be boiling n steam gettin out of ur ears nose etc.. he he bcoz am speakin lik dis… no hard feelin…:)

  • Amish: no dear Amish.. u can’t make me angry.. and noone in this world could.. I get angry just when I feel there’s no justice in this world.. that’s all.

    Anyways.. u didn’t answer my question about the movie a Wednesday which you loved and millions in india loved and was a hit movie! do I consider that you’ve (no answer!!).. so.. how can I consider this movie as a very good movie and deserved to be a hit and the story wasn’t convincing?!!!!!


  • LDs 2 days total is 10 cr and sunday is much batter then fri n sat.
    friday LD got 4.5 cr
    saturday 5.5 cr
    and i m hopefull sunday will be abt 6 cr n monday aswell abt 5 cr
    so 4 days week end abt 21 cr rest 3 days abt 9 cr
    so 1st week will be 30 cr
    2nd week 50 % drop even 60 % drop then 12 cr
    3rd week 75 % drop then 3 cr
    4th week 75 % drop 1 cr
    total abt 45 cr in india
    and may be 10 cr overseas if less then 10 cr may be 5 cr then movie will get 50 cr
    budget is abt 40 cr
    so in 2nd week LD will recover its budget and next 2 week profit for distributer
    it is a hit movie
    and dont give any bulshit comments plz.
    indicine dont post any shit comment. LD is hit and thats it
    final verdict hit total business in india abt 45-48 cr
    and it is challenge.
    inshallah it will be like this.

  • Fathiya- have u watched a wednesday? if yes hw many times? bcoz if u `ve watched don think u shud get any doubts..;) its a clean movie…

  • hey everyone thanks for good coments mostly naumam.good film is alaways verdict good , if not person is liar or bastard i hope rajeev masand has taken bribe of giving bad is there job to lie since they are media person for lie they can say there mother as bas…………..

  • ajay u rock! hey guyz ld s must watch movie,all the actors done well but ajay s xceptional….he s the soul f ld.

  • @ Indicine team,

    How can u say that Salman is in supporting role? when all other websites and critics r saying that both r in leads but Ajay’s was like a negative or supporting role. Many r also saying that SALMAN is the grace saviour of London Dreams. Whether they like the film or not all r appreciating Salman immensely. Then u r claiming his nomination in a supporting!! role. This is ridiculous. Hope u interact soon.

  • @ Nauman and @ Indicine team,
    What r u saying Man!
    Dont try to force others to believe that Salman is in Sopporting role in LD.
    Better watch again.
    U can also read some other reviews from glamsham, Times of India, chakpak, spicezee ( zee tv), buz18..etc..etc. U’ ll find who is in the leading role unanimously. It is SALMAN who is the heart of LONDON DREAMS. Go and check again. Dont say rubbish, please

  • The movie rocks, devGan just carry the all alone,salman made us laugh with cup of comedy, music was outstanding n barso re songs mad us go out of control, music rapchik hai, rght thing at rgt time, dnt miss it. 4 out of 5 star.jay hanuman

  • Hey guys mvie rocks….. Devgan is js fantabuls..asin luks vry sexy n dance wel…..slman acts as true crony…. N ya RODY ranvjy plys suprb rle….music is otstdin..again devgn is soul of mvie….. Js nw buk ur tkts n enjoy likd v had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Asin seriosly I bcam ur fan… I din notsd u b4 dis…

  • LD definetely gonna be a hit salman will surely get best actor award for this .I think his performance in wanted n LD is better than shahid in kaminey.salman was superb in LD

  • Amish: didn’t u read my previous comments.. talking to u about the movie a wednesday?!!!!!! how come u r asking me if I did watch it?!! ofcourse I did.. read the last 2 comments which I’ve posted to you and then get back to me.

  • Nauman or NOman u knw very well@: anyways i m darsheel thnx for tht compliment bcz he was an extraordinary and extrsintelligent child…so after ur tht comliment to me i think its waste of my time arguing with u bcz i need some one more intelligent,,,not dumbo like U,,,

  • Him@:anyways i m darsheel thnx for tht compliment bcz he was an extraordinary and extrsintelligent child…so after ur tht comliment to me i think its waste of my time arguing with u bcz i need some one more intelligent,,,not dumbo like U,,,

  • nauman or NOman dnt knw u knw very well@ anyways soeery my frst reply nt to u but for HIM@ anyways for u i will say u like a trade padnit,,,u predicted a ld future very well u said me nt to watch any movie but i will say you u watch only london dreams for years and years and always,,,show to ur childrens also tht movie…and let them also cooment on tht movie…bcz we need a man soory noman like u.all d best

  • LD is not a grt movie but salman was really awesome two many songs and dragging second half are the drawbacks watch it only for salman one of his best performances

  • Fathiya- better watch a wednesday once again den… ur doubt s senseless… none of the gangsters irritated naseruddin. u may `ve seen a theater print cd wer u couldnt hear the dialougues properly…;) he he. he says so many times he s a stupid common man… n wen anupam asks him wy he s doin it, he says its bcoz those terrorists target common man by plantin bombs n just spread terror. so nw its a common mans turn to fight agaist them.
    anupam den asks him wy he picked only 4 of them so he says i took a lottery n des 4 names came..
    this movie s about a common man fightin agaist terrorism. wat s so confusin in it.
    mainly bout mumbai train blast n some other terror act that took place in mumbai yrs ago.
    der wer some other movies in dis topic- black friday one among dem.
    one dialogue naseruddin says.- dey attacked us on friday n den again on monday, am just givin dem a reply on a wednesday.;)
    dialogues in dis movie r mind blowin…:)
    still got doubts watch the 9th part of that movie on youtube with english subtitles..;) he he


  • Both have the same space in this movie.. Ajay & Salman.. but Salman is everything in this movie.. true.. he’s the hero, the soul of London Dreams.. no one cany deny it.

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  • guyz lets not talk bad bout MNIK. we aint even seen da promo yet or anything so don’t be slagging da film or da cast off.
    but dis thread is for LD so lets stay on da topic plz coz MNIK iz 3 and half months away.

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