London Dreams Movie Review

The highly anticipated musical London Dreams finally hit screens today. Directed by Vipul Shah of Namestey London fame, this rock band saga stars Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Asin Thottumkal in the lead. Salman and Ajay come together nearly a decade after Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

London Dreams draws inspiration from the legendary Mozart-Salieri rivalry and revolves around the theme of friendship, trust, passion, jealousy and sacrifice against the backdrop of music.

London Dreams revolves around two childhood friends – Arjun (Ajay Devgan) and Mannu (Salman Khan), who over the years become thick friends. Arjun is extremely passionate about music and his dream is to make it big and sing at the London’s Wembley Stadium with thousands of fans cheering for him. On the other hand, Mannu is lighthearted and capricious and does not realize his innate musical talent. Despite all the hurdles, Arjun’s dream slowly takes shape and he manages to form a band called London Dreams. Just when his fame starts spreading wider and across the borders, things take a new twist and Mannu begins to steal the show. Slowly jealousy creeps into Arjun’s path to victory and his strong faithful friendship takes an ugly shape. Who wins the musical battle to fame and success? Who does London Dreams belong too? This forms the rest of the story

London Dreams Review

Why London Dreams is a much watch in theater

  1. London Dreams is one of Vipul Shah’s best works. From the gigantic concerts to romance to the conspiracy, everything is well executed. The script ideally should have been crisper, especially the climax.
  2. With well-etched characters, Vipul has also managed to extract brilliant performances from both actors. Think ‘Wanted’ was Salman’s best? wait till you watch this. He emotes like never before,  effortlessly delivering one of his best performances to date. You easily relate and feel deeply for his character. This performance could well win him some awards this year.
  3. No other actor in Bollywood can be as intense as Ajay Devgan and he fits into Arjun’s skin with dexterity and precision. Although Ajay’s role takes a gray shade, his competency is unmatched and takes grounds equal as Salman Khan in making a place for himself in the minds of the audience. While he doesn’t really look like a rockstar, its his acting histrionics that does the trick.. although he should have worked harder on his dancing skills.
  4. Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan share amazing chemistry. Be it their confrontation at Ajay’s home or at the stadium or their happy times of friendship, their off screen comfort-level is clearly visible on screen.
  5. Salman Khan’s first flight to London is absolutely hilarious. His dialogues are funny and so are his expressions. Must watch!
  6. Asin looked very pretty and danced well, but in a movie dominated by Salman and Ajay Devgan, she doesn’t really get enough scope to exhibit her acting talent. Chennai Express is a cute name!
  7. Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is in fine tune with the tone of the movie and fits perfectly into the film. The gigantic concerts are shot amazingly well.

What’s not-so-good in London Dreams

  1. A few scenes do appear over the top and not so very convincing. Like Ajay giving away the most important moment of his life and confronting his friend in front of thousands. Also the on-stage dialogues were weak and lacked intensity.
  2. A little more drama, more rivalry would have made the movie an even better watch, perhaps more realistic. Forgiveness is allowed in friendship, but being too humble without even a pinch of anger is unacceptable, its too far fetched.

Overall, London Dreams is one of the best films of the year. The stretched climax is a bit of a disappointment but the fantastic performances by both Ajay and Salman more than makes up for it.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 3 and a half stars

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  • I’m from Pakistan and am a huge fan of quality cinema…I watchd the movie on Saturday night and I am awe-struck by the brilliance of performances by Salman and Ajay. Following is my humble review of the movie

    Rating: 4.5/5

    WOW…now this is one of those rare movies which become what they aer due to powerful performances. Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan make this film what it is. offcourse, the due credit does go to Vipul Shah for immaculate direction and interesting plot, but the film moves to the “bests of the year” category only because of the intense and amazing performance by Salam and Ajay.

    While Ajay is as good as was expected from him, it is Salman who actually springs up a pleasent surprise. Now this is one treat to watch…Salman’s performance clearly indicates the amount of trust he has had on this film and his role. If “Wanted” saw his graph moving up from 1 to 5, then London Dreams rasies it all the way up to 10. Such is his command on the role that he even gets the comedy right this time. Otherwise, as a Salman Khan fan, i always felt hopeless whenever he attempted to play a comic role, as he ususaly goes way over the top with his screechy dialogue delivery and his monotenous expressions…but amazingly, this time…he gets it spot-on and makes us laugh with his perfect delivery and timing. if his comedy is good…its the intense parts of his role that he is the most impressive in…the last hour or so displays what a wonderful actor he can become if he really gets involve in a role.

    Ajay is 100% convincing in his portrayal of jealousy, frustration and anger…we have seen ajay in such intense roles…and he doesn’t disappoint us this time as well. Asin is imressive in her short role.

    Music is EXCELLENT (except for the second last song). Khwab Jo…Mann ko Ati Bhaave and Barso are amazing compositions. and although people are illogically criticizing the music of the film…i truly found it perfectly in harmony with the mood and subject of the film.

    the chemistry between Salman and Ajay is truly catchy.

    hats-off to the cinematographer and production team for slick quality. people are quoting that the movie get dragged along in the last hour an hour…well its true that no body would’ve mind a few cuts…but i didn’t mind the dragging as well…i felt that it helped to give a smooth and calm end to this intense film. overall…

    I can confidently rate this movie in the top 3 of the year…with “Kaminey” and “Love Aaj Kal” being the other two. not to be missed…deffinitely worth multiple viewings.

    In the end, Salutes to all the people who love quality cinema…as you are the people who make or break a star by appreciating their hard work. I sincerely hope that LD turns out to be a success at the BO, as there deffinitely has been lots of efforts put in by everone involved and we need such products to be successful in order to get more quality cinema in Future.

  • Just came from the hall…I just watch only london dream


    *what work for the movie:
    1.Performance of salman khan.What a performance..Truely unbelievable.I have never seen the way he was acting in emotional scene .Light moment in punjab and plane scenes are best of the movie

    2>Another performance by ajay devgan in movie.Salman khan steal the show but ajay devgan was good in his role.everything was perfect

    3>The chemistry between ajay n salman khan.This one is highlight of the movie.

    4>Asin was ok/good in her role…I really love her nick name chennai express in the movie and Her dance with Salman in MAnn ko athi bhave

    5>Songs were nice especially mann ko athi bhavey,kamadosh,shola shola,jashan hai jit ki.concerts scenes were shot amazingly well

    6>two band member were ok to their roles

    What donot work for movie:

    1>The way ajay left his uncle and live his own life is hard to digest and after many year he went to his uncle resturant for eating food ..this one is biggest drawback

    2>The ending should have been completed after ajay ask for forgiveness in punjab..there was no need for extra song in ending ..and insult to injury last song was too pathic and irritating

    3>Om puri was completely wasted.

    Overall,except leaving ending song ,everything was nice and by the which two actor Salman khan n ajay devgan acts ,it was superb eventhough script could have been more better….

    Rating-I have given it 4 out of 5 for the movie but ending dissapointed me. It is 3.5/5

    Verdict:COmplete entertainer,Salman khan performs never like before.2 cheer for salman khan

    Just go n watch it!!!! Salman khan is back in form again!!!!hip hip hurray

  • sudeep:
    i was thinking that u will like end of the movie coz u r decent and intelligent guy . but i dont know why u didnt like the end like other people.
    last song mentioned that they are back and they can steel the hearts of the public and now they will live together , perform together. jump on the crowd was dream of ajay but at interval salman did and since then ajay started hate to salman . but in the end showed us that it was his mistake that he thought salman is stoping him.
    it was the end if i was instead of vipul shah then diffinateley it was my end.
    in childhood ajay ran away from airport and started to live alone . deffinately it doesnt digest but it proofes the madness of ajay abt music that he doesnt want any intruption in between him and music.
    abt om puri yes i know very less role not scop of performance , but director coudnt focus the camera on him for whole time so many people have only one guest appearance sceen in the movies. om puri atlease has 6,7 sceens.
    so when r u going for blue and did u go alone or with ur friends???

  • nauman:wht i feel,i said tht!!!!i went with my friends…I think i will not watch blue in cinema hall since many said me tht it is not good movie!!!!i brought up DVD of blue and was start watching it ,but y i donot know ,i didnot like it after watching london dreams..i just watched the blue upto tht Aaj dil ghustag hai..and i not feel watching it!!i will watch it some next time!!!!!This is first time i havenot watch movie after watching for 10-15 mins of it….London dreams swept BLue ….i think so!!!!! But i will put my review after watching it completely…so hope i like the movie ahead but have less chance…I think i would prefer London dream anyday over BLUE….but hope Akshay will not dissapoint me in de dana dan because i m going to see it first day first show with almost 15-20 of my friends going to watch it with me

  • sudeep:
    de dana dan is relseasing on 26 nov here is sydney and i will see 1st day 1st show aswell and i will put my comments of thursday inshallah.
    i wana be 1st person who will giv de dana dan’s review.
    diffinateley it is timepass comedy movie with good direction and good pritam’s music.
    we hv heard 3 songs so far and all are awesoms.
    London Dreams got 17 cr in weekend and today is also public holiday and it can reach 22 cr and 8 cr for rest of other days so 1st week 30 cr.
    movie is safe so now we dont need to worry abt that
    lest discuss this friday relseases
    i think apkgk will like wake up sid and it will get abt 20 cr 1st week like wakeup sid n bachna aae haseeno.
    jail se quiet boring movie i dont thing so it will work
    wht do u think ???

  • Nauman:i might go tosee APKGK because salman khan has special cameo role in climax….APKGK songs are very nice n it can get around 25 crs in 1 week if it is nice then

  • Ajay & Salman rocking movie … great job by ajay & salman.

    Plz don’t forget we are copying every day 80% of leaving standard from british, so plz don’t compare with akshay’s bakwas namaste london ….

    Ajay is always great in his variety role’s ! ajay , salman always done great job …. Srk akshay not capable in variety acting ok !

  • Nauman:U can see my review of Blue on its page..I m really big dissapointed from tht movie..My rating is just 1/5 …Nothing worth watching it…I just donot found anything nice..just 2 bikes scenes and sexy katrina kaif..nothing more than tht…..LONDON DREAM was far more better than blue!!!!Infact,ALL THE BEST was fun watching movie….I would prefer LONDON DREAM n ALL THE BEST over BLUE..Really dissapointed from Blue and Acting of akshay was so bad…just like tasveer….Hope DE DANA DAN rocks

  • I think this movie is the best movie of the year. Salman Khan should won awards for this movie. This was his one of the best performances of his career.

  • Salmaan ne Ajay Devgan se badla le hi liya bhale kuch saal baad hi sahi, HDDCS main heroin ajay ke saath end main jati hai is baar salman le ke jaa raha hai & hisaab bara bar hoo gaya.

    Movie was very good, specially ajay devgans acting & salman comic way.

    I think this movie makes salmaans second hit of the year.

  • u cant go on saying mera prah mera prah all the time and expect the movie to be a hit .. this asin irritates mea lot .. she thinks and acts like juhi chawla has a fat bottom and is completely unattractive not suited for indian movies she is better off as an air hostess s job

  • Its a Paisa Vasool Movie. After a long tym a very good movie with two actors has come up. Salman at his Best and Ajay-No Words to explain……… Simply the Best…… Asin is lookin beautiful……. VJs are good……………..Go Watch It!!!!!!!!!

  • London Dreams: Human beings unavoidable trait: Jealousy

    London Dreams was originally released in Pakistan in the last month at the main single screen cinemas and multiplexes. We wanted to see this long awaited movie on its premiere, but due to some reason we missed it, on its first run, since the movie has now been re-released in another regular theater in Karachi for a short term, so we did not want to miss opportunity to see our favorite stars.

    Arjun portrayed by Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan as Manu are childhood friends living in native rural suburbs. AJAY DEVGAN /ARJUN possesses deep passion for music and dreams of becoming a musical sensation and performs at London’s Wembley Stadium but his family has revulsion for music because it was the reason for his grand father’s demise.

    Vipul Amrutlal Shah has no doubt presented this musical film on a large canvass. The techniques are on higher side, but the emotions are relatively sparse, and this is the place where precise balance was required.

    Any how, Vipul Shah did extend appropriate time for character development and he captures the sensitive moments with confidence. Human beings unavoidable trait Jealousy bit by bit creeps in ARJUN /AJAY DEVGAN and Interweaved scheme devised solely aimed at destroying his best friend, turned contender; and events that unfold is the basis of the film.

    Indian Cinema has really progressed particularly during he last couple of years in the department of visuals and sound. In the London Dreams Cinematography / camera work is very good and at par with international standards.

    The back drop of the film blends prolific themes is clearly visible and if one is not appreciating then it would be injustice to the camera team. In musical films where a pinnacle is to be achieved the climax trek should be the best. There are majestic music shows in the world in which some times the middle presented songs are not that good but the last trek is best of all and if this pattern was followed then the London Dreams would have been memorable.

    Music composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loys’ has fairly well in opening number. The First trek of London Dreams filmed on AJAY DEVGAN is impressive with steel guitar sounds (Shadows type) with techno beat of synthesizers.

    Ajay Devgan is good while performing his part with dedication. The Character of Devgan is to a degree mystique, envisioned with a distant dream has shades of dark side, ominous in this film.

    Salman Khan is a fine star and with the passage of time he is getting better. Younger /new movie stars in Bollwood cannot hold candle against Salman and in our view he can perform low-tone/ semi romantic roles but he is a muscle guy and more suited in Action Films like the WANTED.

    Asin who portrayed the role of Kalpana in the last year action movie Ghajni is still remembered by us. Asin is one unique actress, who never indulges in vulgarity or crudeness like other young actresses, this is definitely a plus and a rare quality now days. She is a very decent actress and this reflects her good family background. She should be an inspiration for other female stars. In the recent venture the London Dreams, Asin holds a fragile equilibrium between the two lead artists; her role is in way limited as per the requirement of the film. Asin has innocent looks… she is a doll, a lovely doll.

    Mr Om Puri’s is a very senior artist but his role not that noticeable but impresses the cine-goers. The low light and night vision scenes in the Film are captured in a beautiful manner and the credit goes to the camera team of the Film.

    LONDON DREAMS is motivating and has a message and the way aversion has been patched up between AJAY DEVGAN and SALMAN is a feeling that comes right from the heart.

    LONDON DREAMS has evoked a musical concept, worth seeing in a proper/big cinema hall—–The vast set design and roaring audience at the Stadium can only be truly appreciated on a CINERAMA type, large and ultra wide curved screen. LONDON DREAMS is an expensive film, the project has been made with huge budget are prima facie evident in the vast / extensive sets. ***** Very Good

    Kind regards: Syed Ali, Natasha, Nadeem, Faisal Haider, Neha, Keishe
    and Ali Talha—–The Cinema Circle=Karachi-Pakistan.

  • LD does not rise up to the expectations.. a bit too over the top.. (Wembley stadium filled with people to watch a Hindi singing band which failed badly in Paris… C’mon.. Give the audience a break.. Its only possible if the singer is MJ and non-other..)
    Asin doesnt have much to offer.. The movie doesnt have any logical explaination..

    The Plus points:
    1. Ajay Devgan’s awesome acting skills..
    2. The story though over the top and ridiculous to believe has high emotional quotient.. Ajay and Salman did a very good job with emotions..

    Minus points:
    1. Music…. A big minus.. A supposedly musical entertainer doesnt rise to its expectations.. doesnt have a repetitive value..
    2. As mentioned before.. A lot of scenes make no sense and aren’t logical.. Like a small kid runs away from his uncle and turns out to be an awesome singer and plays on the road in London.. The 2 other guys come out of nowhere..
    3. Comedy of Salman was just okay.. It doesnt hold the movie together…

    Rating : 6(2 each for Salman and Ajay and 2 for emotions..)/ 10

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