Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Ek Tha Tiger vs 3 Idiots: Detailed

Before the theatrical release of Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan, there was tremendous curiosity in the trade. Can Jab Tak Hai Jaan beat Ek Tha Tiger to be the year’s biggest grosser? If it does, can it go on to finally cross the 202 mark of 3 Idiots, thereby also joining the 200 crore club?

3 Idiots, currently holds the record for the highest grossing Hindi film in history. The record was set in 2009. Since then, every big ‘superstar’ release was expected to surpass the Aamir Khan classic. Ek Tha Tiger came close, but finished it’s record-smashing run 2 crores short of the 202 crore target.

Below, we track Jab Tak Hai Jaan’s box office figures day wise and compare it to Ek Tha Tiger and 3 Idiots. This page will also be updated everyday with predictions.

Note: Due to fewer screens and competition, the opening weekend of JTHJ is unlikely to come close to ETT. In the long run, with good word-of-mouth and family audience coming out in numbers to watch Yash Chopra’s last film.. who knows?

Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Ek Tha Tiger vs 3 Idiots

Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Ek Tha Tiger vs 3 Idiots


  • 13th November: Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan opens well on 2500 screens in India. Business at mass centres affected due to competition from Son Of Sardar. Also, the runtime of 3 hours has resulted in fewer shows at multiplexes. Diwali festivities in most parts of the country, considerably reduces occupancy for afternoon / evening shows. Day 1: 15.2 crore
  • 14th November: Picked up all over India by more than 30% to record a healthy two day total. Again, SOS affected collections in North India. Day 2: 19.54 crore
  • 15th November: Expected drop on Thursday. Nothing major. JTHJ continues to do well at multiplexes across India. Super strong in West Bengal, Nizam/Andhra and Mysore. At this point, after 3 days (considered to be the first weekend), Ek Tha Tiger leads with 60.34 cr, followed by Jab Tak Hai Jaan 49.22 cr and 3 Idiots with 40 cr (incl preview shows).
  • 16th November: Will be updated soon with official figures. Early estimates suggest a 30% drop.
  • 17th November: Business dropped on Saturday as theatres in Maharashtra were shut down after the passing away of Bal Thackeray.
  • 18th November (Sunday) : While the all India business picked up by 10%, all theatres in Maharashtra remained shut. The records of 3 Idiots and Ek Tha Tiger out of reach now.
  • 19th November: The film dropped considerably on it’s first weekend (Monday).
  • 20th November: Dropped again by 13%. Business in Maharashtra was back to normal, but didn’t help the total.
Day3 Idiots (Official)Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Official)Ek Tha Tiger (Official)
Preview2.5 crores----
Day 112.5 crores (Christmas)15.23 crores (Diwali)32.92 crores (Holiday)
Day 211.5 crores19.54 crores14.52 crores
Day 313.5 crores (Sunday)14.45 crores12.90 crores
Day 411 crores11.17 crores16.75 crores
Day 59.5 crores10.38 crores23.06 crores (Sunday)
Day 69 crores9.96 crore20.64 crores (EID)
Day 710 crores5.36 crore16.31 crores
First Week79.5 crores86.09 crore137.15 crores
Day 811 crores (New Year)4.66 crore10.45 crores
Day 910.5 crores6.61 crores
Day 1012.5 crores (Sunday)4.53 crores
Day 116 crores7.00 crores
Day 125.75 crores9.18 crores (Sunday)
Day 135.25 crores2.92 crores
Day 145 crores2.60 crores
Two Week Total136 crores180.44 crores
Day 154 crores2.39 crores
Day 167 crores1.97 crores
Day 178 crores (Sunday)1.25 crores
Day 183.25 crores2.11 crores
Day 193 crores3.15 crores (Sunday)
Day 202.75 crores0.88 crore
Day 212.5 crores0.86 crore
Three Week Total166.5 crores193.05 crores
Day 222.25 crores1.04 crore
Day 233.25 crores0.71 crore
Day 244 crores (Sunday)0.42 crore
Total till fourth weekend176 crores195.22 crores
Remaining weeks26.5 crores4.44 crores
Lifetime Collections202.5 crores90.75 crores approx (8 days)199.66 crores


  • People Says : Ek Tha Tiger Release with 3300 Screen and Earn 61-62 Cr. in 3 days
    and Jab Tak Hai Jaan 2600 Screen so Earn 45 Cr.

    My question is what about
    Bodyguard and Dabangg ??

    3days: Bodyuard 52cr (2250) Screens

    3days: Dabangg 49cr (1800) Screens

    3days: JTHJ 45 cr (2600) screens


  • @indicine opssss ek ta tiger 3 days total was 59 cr,,and jthj 4 days are 59 cr on 2700 screens its a shame cant even break bodyguard and dabang record of 1st 3 days which screens were 2200 and 1600 respectively its not about the competition its about the screens,isnt it


  • If there was no competition from son of sardaar the single halls would also be ruled by JAB TAK HAI JAAN.And considering 3 idiots that is a really very respectful total really.But ek tha tiger will never be considered in the run because it had 15% high ticket price which brings its total down to 185 cr.And the screen were 3500 as well.

    And 3 idiots scored 8.3 in idmb whereas JAB TAK HAI JAAN has recorded 8.4 and still growing.But ek tha tiger has just got 5.3!It really did not deserve to break the record.Now all eyes are surely on the business of jab tak hai jaan SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

    And anyways JAB TAK HAI JAAN has already collected 4.3 million$( 22 crores)overseas without counting countries like PAKISTAN.In pakistan the film is expected to shatter even the collections of the pakistani blockbuster BOL.And the lifetime expectations overseas can be said to be around 70-75 crores(at the least).And locally due to TALAASH coming up I donot think it will break the records but will go upto 175 crores margin which brings its total to 250 crores nett.And also it has the chances to break 3 idiots record of 270 crores nett.


  • Shahrukh Khan – The sexiest actor in the world
    ‎[Must Read] – One thing that very few people
    know or we can say more than 90%
    people are not aware about this.

    Ek Tha Tiger :- 3300 screens

    Running time – 2hr 10 min

    No of shows in 1 screen – minimum 7

    Total no of shows in 1 day in India:- 3300 x 7 =

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan :- 2500 screens

    Running time – 3hr

    No of shows in 1 screen is 5

    Total no of shows in 1 day in India :- 2500 x 5 = 12500

    Difference :- 23100 – 12500 = 10600

    So ETT had 10600 more shows than JTHJ in India

    In Overseas ETT released in 600 screens & JTHJ in
    650 screens

    ETT 600 x 7 = 4200
    JTHJ 650 x 5 = 3250

    Here also ETT got 950 shows more
    than JTHJ
    Worldwide 3 days collections

    ETT = 74 crores
    JTHJ = 72.5 crores…

    So ETT got 10600 + 950 shows more
    thn JTHJ and collection is just 1.5
    crore more than JTHJ.

    Now think before commenting on JTHJ, SRK & Yash Ji.



  • No chance to beat 3 Idiots it was a masterpiece. The repeat value of the film made it what it is today. 3idiots also released with 1500 prints almost half of ETT and 70% less then JTHJ. If ETT and JTHJ both have released with the same amount of prints i bet none of them would have crossed 125 crores because script is pretty weak. Dabangg 2 will beat Lifetime record of 3idiots bcoz of number of prints and marketing otherwise even it cant. I know its hard for srk fans to digest that after Om Shanti OM he hasnt been able to deliver a monster hit. Aamir and Salman have captured but massy and multiplex crowd. I am predicting a 140-145 crore lifetime for JTHJ bcoz of 6 day weekend otherwise a film like JTHJ would have not done more then 90+ business if released on a regular friday…


  • Ayushsrk.. .u people told that jthj wil crush sos and nw u saying sos eat jthj business in single screens . . . Have some self respect dude. . . Dnt give silly excuses . .


  • @ayush and sahir baap toh baap hota hai but let Grandfather come with his Talaash. Srk fans please stop giving lame excuses about screens , competiiton bcoz in the end content matters which is not their in JTHJ. 3 idiots lifetime both local and overseas is 379 crores not 270 crores lol


  • @ayan. plz get Ur maths correct. the 3 day total is 49 crores AND not 45
    and its released on 2500 screens and not 2600
    and it didn’t have solo release unlike the other2 movie s u mentioned .


  • And to all the mathematics wizards out there even if you release your movie with 30000000 prints it wont automatically generate revenues actually it will increase the cost of the movie but heaps and bounds. Secondly even if a movie releases with record prints that doesnt mean it will earn money bcoz you need people to go and watch movie. If nobody goes to these theatres then what will print count do?



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